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  1. Yep that was Rainshadow , also with Rachel Ward. And they set fire to a (hopefully) mock- up body as well!!
  2. Porsche Design did the engineering for the new Harley Davidson engines a few years ago.
  3. There are going to be different answers to this question, but I'm thinking old era and carbs here and Porsche set compression ratios for reliability and world-wide distribution. I haven't seen whether Jeff will use carbs or fuel injection. Jeff is estimating about 11.34:1 compression ratio and dependent on tuning I'd say he will have to run 98 octane or better. (In the "old days" 10:1 gave good horsepower. and we often used 100 race or aviation fuels or added methyl benzine to pump fuels, but this is last century stuff). Sure Jeff has given this much thought in his careful calculations. BP Ultimate is the go IMHO. Open to other opinions. Cheers Paul M
  4. Bring back the old days. Touring cars (that you can buy), sports cars , F5000 and other F2/F3 open wheelers, and thundering Sports Sedans. Want to see real excitement , go to an Historic meeting where you can feel the cars, talk to the drivers and crews and get back to grass roots fun!! Paul M
  5. Not trying to cause any embarrassment here, but keep asking myself "why would you go to the USA when there are many great engine builders in Australia". I am also concerned that this engine is going to have a higher compression ratio than is needed for a road car. Anyway wishing that this turns out all good for Jeff and that it turns up soon. Paul M
  6. Engine, engine where are you ? Your engine builders are not going to win any time management awards. You must be pretty frustrated by now. Paul M
  7. A thought bubble about your advertising. Who supplied your garage? How about some sponsorship from them by making an episode on how to lift your roof above the hoist (add in some small vertical windows in the side and pitch of the roof maybe) ? Your garage is a main feature in all episodes, so might be worth an on-going pitch. Cheers Paul M
  8. If you have the disposable money, you buy the asset.When he sells his existing asset ( how disposable is it really) , you sell to him at cost. Minimal risk and you have control.
  9. Hope you recover quickly Mrs Jeff, we miss your cheery face. Chicken broth will help. Paul M
  10. If a Porsche, or any car for that matter, is a Statutory Write Off but has been repaired/can pass a roadworthy why can't it be registered (in Victoria in particular) ? Insured ?
  11. No windscreen in yet Jeff? If it is still slippery cover it in Talcum Powder (baby powder) to absorb the WD40, then wipe it clean. Come on don't freak out you can do it. Paul M
  12. Hi Mr and Mrs Jeff, I have also been watching your infinite patience and determination to do it yourself. I agree with Caledonian's comments above re checking the aperture dimensions etc and suggest you see that the dash pad is not holding the screen seal up. All I can add is that I had my screen fitted by a guy who has refitted many Carrera Cup cars of differing vintages. Fitted the trims first. no lubricant or sealer (not needed he said the seal should do its job) and with an assistant on the inside gently fitted the screen in five minutes. Good Luck. Cheers Paul M
  13. Why all the louvres in the frunk, water cooled engine in the rear, GT3 engine perhaps
  14. If depth is not a problem, why not move your back fence inwards by whatever distance will give you enough turning room, in effect widening your part of the laneway. alternatively as someone else has suggested angle park it (angle the carport?) Paul M
  15. Did a 70k round trip to get one today. Quite pleased, as it has excellent photography and print quality, informative but not over technical articles and well written. Besides, it is a local magazine and that has to be a good thing. If you want digital that's available too. Deserves our support I reckon, so I'll be a subscriber. Paul M

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