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  1. yeah, plenty of sight unseen no ppi sales going on. I'm sure some not so nice surprises lay in store on top of the high buy in price for some of these.
  2. Yellow 993 with what looked like an rs kit driving on dynon rd
  3. I honestly would never pay current asking prices for these cars having owned one. They are certainly nice cars.. They are just over priced right now. They were a nice proposition a couple years ago.
  4. RSR has had a few bites of that 3.2 cherry. I owned that 3.2 a couple years ago bought from RSR for less than $50k.
  5. the dealers are taking major advantage of this craze and private sellers ride off the back of it. Problem is people are in some sort of panic mode and buying up whatever is out there at whatever price. It's a shame it's turned out this way. Prohibits people buying in at a reasonable price and enjoying these older cars and not treating them as just investments. Not saying people don't drive and enjoy these cars but once they start getting to lofty heights in price, then it may relegate them to the garage. I'm quite happy to venture into water cooled once I'm ready to buy again so it doesn't bother me so much, but it's too bad for those wishing to get into air cooled.
  6. I remember that purple one being for sale a while ago with the same pics and same description. It was basically for sale at that price too. Nobody wanted to touch it back then. I guess the seller hasn't kept up with the current state of the market.
  7. yes, not so long ago they could be had for 70-80k. It's too bad they have sky rocketed along with anything air cooled
  8. http://carsales.mobi/cars/details/2007-Porsche-Cayman-No-Badge-987/SSE-AD-3515753 $33k.. Don't know what with the k's but quite cheap. Something wrong with it I guess
  9. Nice 997.2 c4 cab over the west gate city bound
  10. Congrats Niko, they look great in black. Great choice in the S
  11. No that's not the one I had. Mine had burgundy interior. I miss that car. Should not have let it go.

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