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  1. Eibach springs and bilstien b6 have served me very well on road and some track!
  2. No fear. the only arena red gt3 CS lives in Sydney Andre paint is fine..........
  3. Thanks patrick this will get me going on fixing that annoying sag in the pocket cheers
  4. Haha.....Some of the panel gaps look ......inconsistent! tyres 4 years old already.....typical top end collector car great model glwts...
  5. I think you will find that it’s the door light reflecting on the seat leather, ......... sorry to push the value back up!.....
  6. Asyd

    993 suspension

    Hey bru using b12 HD bilstens with eubacteria pro sport lowering springs and new new bushes will give you most of what you will ever need the key after that is alignment and developing your own skills AH in SYDNEY have done mine over May years and the handling is very sweet on 17s or 18s could have committed to pss10s at close to double Price , but track results have proved unnecessary in the end Cheers
  7. There’s a joke about “unmarked notes “ in there somewhere!
  8. Cavaco’s now down at Kirrawee david runs the show now same quality service
  9. Photos I recall are of a car for sale about 2 years ago I think.... not sure if it sold then
  10. Not many takers today nice answer LeeM my answer is Hyundai Getz! played this game as spot the Bentley continental ,with my 9 year old son a couple of years ago, and got bored at 87 in 5 days. Then realized no Hyundai’s or kias about cheers
  11. Quick quiz. whats the rarest car in Knightsbridge? .................
  12. Having run in the PCNSW super sprint and Motorkhanas for awhile now, a leader in both disciplines drives a cayman S pdk for the performance gains the car is seriously fast and capable ( with a great driver) and some suspension work you won’t go wrong down this path cheers

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