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  1. Not many takers today nice answer LeeM my answer is Hyundai Getz! played this game as spot the Bentley continental ,with my 9 year old son a couple of years ago, and got bored at 87 in 5 days. Then realized no Hyundai’s or kias about cheers
  2. Quick quiz. whats the rarest car in Knightsbridge? .................
  3. Having run in the PCNSW super sprint and Motorkhanas for awhile now, a leader in both disciplines drives a cayman S pdk for the performance gains the car is seriously fast and capable ( with a great driver) and some suspension work you won’t go wrong down this path cheers
  4. Like Webber before him, when Red Bull decide who’s number one ( and it’s not you) it’s time to get creative and a bit brave with your career. good luck to him!!!
  5. Been for a quick tyre kick on this one. Current interior does not make it a 28k km car! Crinkle paint finish over rubber and metal bumpers that’s ,about 20 grit smooth, says something. nice polish and stripe. Concour car money?
  6. Hi crsedge, looking forward to this build with interest. Newbie question, why the copper plating? cheers
  7. Check your messages im interested cheers
  8. Asyd

    Luddenham Raceway

    Yep Ian Luffs team managing the circuit now. check the website
  9. Agree with edgy i also believe they pay for their own transport there.
  10. Heaps of work been done to it. seller is a good guy and meticulous.
  11. In NSW there will be a Porsche Cars long weekend of events. sprints, motorkhana, concours and drive day. 7-9 the September so plenty of time cheers
  12. That’s why he’s gripping so hard. Could he grip any harder on the wheel.? Drive action is definitely PlayStation learnt; no reality or real feel.
  13. Just Sunday driving in the country with the Porsche clubs at Bathurst
  14. Agree great topic. For me it was reading sports car world in the 70’s, in my early teans. i read Jeff Carter ‘s (australian photographer and writers chronicles about his many Porsche down around Fox Ground, south of Sydney. his description of sliding his 356 around the bends of the Coast road just intrigued me. that someone could describe such joy at handling a car sold me on the spot. ........30 years later it was my joy (not that I slide ...much!)

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