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  1. Hi All, Still researching and through recommendations in this thread I see that Albins can supply the dog rings/gear teeth. Has anyone used these and do you know if they have the 9deg backcut? (the Rauch & Spiegel brand have the required backcut) If not does anyone know of anyone who can do the backcut in Brisbane? Cheers Ray
  2. Hi Zelrik911, Thanks for the tip, when purchasing time comes I will look at them!! They seem to have some great prices! Cheers Ray
  3. Hi Mike, Great pics....I just hope that I don't see that inside my box....I think I will feel much better once I get it opened...
  4. Hi Coaster, I will try and keep this site updated, but I am in no rush so it will take a while. Hi Mike, I am still in the phase of looking for suppliers/parts. I really appreciate the offer of support, and look forward to meeting! 😁 Hi 81SC Thanks for the reply, and for the videos, I also just found these. They motivated me to look further into a rebuild, now with the forums support I feel very confidant. Hi Fishcop, I love the motivational pics!! Cheers all!
  5. Hi Fishcop, Thanks for the reply, Yes I am going to pull the box down for a full inspection prior to ordering. I was just seeing if there was a local supplier (wishful thinking). Esp thanks for your advice and budget expectation. Strangely your comment "915 boxes are super easy" gives me more confidence, and no, I won't scrimp. Cheers Ray
  6. Aus911

    Oil check

    I use this in my 3.2, 👍
  7. Hi All, I am finally biting the bullet and am going to do a long needed transmission re-build. My first task is to find a source of parts. Where are members sourcing their transmission parts here, in Australia? Cheers Ray
  8. Hi All, The time has come for me to look into a transmission rebuild. Has anyone had a rebuild done recently, preferably in Brisbane and can recommend the repairer? Any advice and guesstimate would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. A quick update....I have not been able to find a replacement manifold except from the USA, and I am keen to get it fixed ASAP so I took it to a welder to assess. He seems confident that he can fix it, it is a very professional workshop so I am as happy as I can be. He thinks it should be done for tomorrow... I will post an update when it is done. Note to self don't over torque...do it by feel.
  10. I know what your saying, but the paper gasket seemed to show it sitting correct, when I replace it I will double...no triple check. I will also inspect the spacer, make sure it is not damaged...
  11. Hi Neill, The worst part of the fix is the time....and it is always hit and miss with an unknown repairer, I appreciate you taking the time to check if your contact can repair it, IMO much better that walking into an unknown shop. Also it looks like Pelican have the manifold for $360 +$76 freight USD so that may be a viable option.... Cheers
  12. Hi All, I have been replacing the gaskets and spacers on my 3.2 engine. I Torqued them to the recommended 18flb, let it settle then re-torqued. All was going well till I re-torqued the last nut, the front most right hand nut.....snap...the lug broke off!!! see pics. Yes I swore....but now I am in the process of organizing a fix. Has anyone seen this before?? Any suggestions for a fix, or maybe some good soul may have a spare laying around that I could have ;-) All comments are appreciated. BTW I live in Brisbane!
  13. Just a thought, have you checked the ignition timing??
  14. Aus911

    What Tyres?

    Hey Russ, Have you put new tyres on your car yet? I'm looking for 195/65 15 on 7" and 215/60 15 on 8", There does not seem to be many options for these sizes, I am considering Falken ZE912. Any comments? I was considering Toyo TEO plus until I spoke to the rep and he said that you risk side wall damage on a 911. Cheers Ray

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