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  1. The guy that sold it to me has possibly misrepresented items for sale on here previously. I should have been more careful as a buyer! Anyone want to by some a new 964 carpet set?
  2. Hi Folks, Long time, no post. I bought the carpet set pictured below from a member on here a couple of years ago. It was advertised as a 964 carpet set, which I was told by the seller would also fit my 1976 Targa. Guess what? It doesn't fit. Note that I tried to lay it out looking from the rear of the car but got lost with the bits at the far end, see second pick for close up of those items. Can anyone identify what it might fit so that I can try to sell it on and buy something that does fit? Thanks in advance.
  3. I drove a new S for 3 hours with PDK on the autobahn. Like many of you, I was a manual gearbox only man, but the new car is just so fast that it just seems "right" with that lightning fast PDK shift going on. Click it into Sport + mode and the experience is one to be remembered. The incredible sound as it instantly drops back to 3rd gear with sport exhaust engaged is highly addictive!
  4. SteveT

    718 Engine Sound

    I know it's got 2 more spark plugs, but I drove the new 991.2 S with its new turbo engine last week and it sounded brilliant!
  5. Pics from Porsche Museum yesterday. This is too bloody hard on my iPad. I'm going to wait until I get home and do it on the iMac next week.
  6. SteveT

    Wevo WTB

    I have a Wevo short shifter in my 76. The long version, it changed my shifting experience from woeful to delightful simply because of the spring loading towards the 3-4 plane and the reverse lockout. Nothing destroys an engine quicker than downshifting from 4th to 1st! The other thing I've done is had my 915 rebuilt, now that was a great investment. Drives like a 40 year old Porsche would have done around 30 years ago. I would recommend the long stick Wevo any day. Not sure how those gate shifters would go unless your shift linkage was perfectly set up and stayed that way?
  7. I was lucky enough to be there for the race and was in the grandstand directly opposite the Toyota pit garages. Which is also about 60 meters past the finish line. The leading Toyota actually braked and slowed on his second last lap going in to the Dunlop chicane at the end of the pit straight. I thought he was slowing for a formation finish with the other car but in hindsight maybe not. Then, as we all now know, he just stopped with 1 lap less about 50 metres to go. And the rest is now history. What an awesome experience to be there for the race. I didn't manage 24 hours at the track but around 14 in 3 shifts. Got the start for a few hours, came back for some night action which was just great to watch, pity their isn't more night racing, and then for the last 6 hours. The event itself is just incredible, hard to describe how good it is. My suggestion to you all is to make the effort to go, just pick a year that Porsche is going to win because that was the icing on a very nice cake. I will post pics when I het an hour to spare as there are many. Just waiting to head out after breakfast to the Porsche factory now for my Tuesday after Le Mans 3 hours hire of a 911 before the factory tour early afternoon followed by a wander through the museum. i drove past the Porsche museum yesterday just 27 hours after the race finished and the winning car was there proudly on public display out the front, still on a trailer. Will take pics today also.
  8. I use T & D for all my P mechanical work. Never had any problems with them, in fact I would heartily recommend them as good mechanics and nice people.
  9. Welcome to you and Brian. Nice looking gent from the pics. Re pics, most of us use photobucket. Copy your pics into the photobucket site once you set up a free account and they have a link generator for each pic which you copy and paste into your post. Magic pictures appear! There is a whole thread on just that topic on here if you need any more detailed assistance.
  10. Keep clear of 993 Targas as the roof glass was not made by Porsche and if it goes wrong you will need to sell at least one kidney to replace it.
  11. A 74 Targa Sporto that needs a "bit of work" after sitting for around 15 years would, in my opinion, be worth $20k. Not a popular combo, Targa AND Sporto, plus add in engine strip down and probably a couple of thousand bucks worth of brake rebuild and tyres etc.
  12. There's nothing like Cup wheels on a 964. They just look good.
  13. Once upon a time I had to start a 12 volt truck. Long story short hooked up 24 volts and it went straight away.
  14. I'm not a fan of that front bar. Too busy or something but I like that rear wing. Enjoy it whatever you decide.

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