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  1. Although I don't often contribute to this Forum, I do enjoy many of the topics discussed. As I missed HangarBanger#1, I was determined not to miss #2. It was a bit of a hike for the old girl, but she kept up with the parade on the way down, but didn't fare too well on the way home unfortunately. The event was epic and the location with all surprises around every corner was a delight to experience. I have been to numerous local 'Porsche' events over the years and this one trumps the lot. It also helps when the members of the PFA are second-to-none top people and share a common passion while enjoying a good chat. Thanks to the organisers for setting the bar high - great effort!
  2. I’m in Balwyn and as long as the weather holds up happy to join you
  3. Wasn't McRae's business dissolved and everything sold off? If the car has never been registered before, it would need to be compliant to 2013 ADRs - good luck!
  4. If it was only made of aluminium It has a lot of original parts on it and I am currently fabricating some internal panels similar to the originals. As it has a straight through exhaust, you can definitely here it coming!
  5. Great to meet some of you guys on Sunday - perfect weather. We were supposed to have about 5 spyders come down, but unfortunately due to problems like Hawthorn's win and a dodgey fuel pump we only got two. My white Spyder runs a 356 SC engine which was fitted a couple of years ago - there is still a lot to do to make it period correct, but it is getting there Andrew
  6. My spyder was originally registered as a 1970 VW roadster when I bought it. VicRoads audited the Frankston branch where it was registered and found it was not done properly. After a 2.5 year paper war with VicRoads, they won and now my car is a 2004 ICV which was the first time it was registered in NZ. It is currently on club plates. I can assure you that Beck was not building spyders in 1968! I think there was less that a dozen Chamonix cars sold by Peter - as they had to make them fully compliant, all the fun and looks were taken away, and they were expensive to for what they were - cheaper to buy a MX5
  7. Unfortunately you cannot import it in as it was not built pre 1989
  8. Hi All, I live in Melbourne and a newbee to this forum. I was alerted to this topic as I have a 550 myself. I know this car well, which was previously owned by Kevin Pedder (owner of Pedder's Suspension) in SA. It is a nice McRae Spyder and is road registered, which is the biggest hurdle these days with this kind of car. They are limited in numbers in Oz, probably around 30 in total, maybe less, so they are highly sought after as you cannot import them in. Personally I think it is over priced considering what the dealer bought it for, but it would be great for me if he got the dollars he is asking! thanks Andrew

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