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  1. Thanks yes it's been well looked after. The seats have been restored, but done very well. It's travelled just over 60000 in total and came with all the service books to confirm this.
  2. Thanks for the info. I thought the numbers might be low around that time for all the reasons you mentioned, but not quite that low! I assume there's probably been one or two others imported here in the past. If anyone knows of any let me know.
  3. Anyone know if any 944 Turbo Cabriolets were originally sold into Australia back in 1991/1992? I recently aquired this one which is a UK import, never seen any others here. I understand they only made around 100 in RHD. It's basically a 944 Turbo S without a roof plus extra weight!
  4. Ossie

    924 CGT Copy

    Lots of optimistic comments there. For starters it is not a 944 body kit, it must be a CGT kit. Genuine CGT's sell for a lot more than $90K now, but that's irrelevant as this is nothing more than a no-Turbo 924 auto with some plastic boy racer parts stuck on it. Might have been worth $7-10K before it was modified, but now not even worth that
  5. Ha ha, yes we're a bit greedy! Yes they have built 5 in total, although the first 4 are not really considered replicas as they were commissioned in period by owners who intended to race them, although only #1 (Peter Fitzgerald's Falken race car) and #4 (Graham Lloyd's Targa rally car) were extensively used in competition to my knowledge. The latest car #5 was built more recently and is an accurate replica of the original #1 factory car, with the exception that it's RHD. it was commissioned by the owner of Peter's Falken car. Of course all of this is subject to your own interpretation, but I don't really consider my car (#4) a replica of the factory cars as it wasn't built for that purpose, and has it's own history and specification.
  6. No they only made 4 of those and in LHD only. These are two of the RHD cars built by Fitzgerald Racing Services. See www.turbors.com
  7. Fitzgerald #4 and #5 968 Turbo RS's together this morning. All 5 cars are now in Melbourne so we'll have to try and organise a gathering.
  8. Depends on what floats your boat. If you want outright straight line performance then a later 944 Turbo will be quicker, but the CS definitely feels lighter and has loads more low down torque. But if you're talking about values then the 968 CS will be more collectable because of the rarity, although you could argue a 944 Turbo S Silver Rose would be up there. Or if you want to go all out you can pay a *lot* more for a 968 Turbo or Turbo RS, 944 Turbo Cup, 924 Carrera GT or GTS. I've sunk my $ into several of the above over the past few years because I do think these rarer transaxle models from the 80's and 90's are underrated and overshadowed by 911 mania. But fundamentally it was also because the transaxle models are great cars to drive from that era of Porsche production (but I did also add a 930 just in case I am wrong!) In terms of looks I find myself always admiring the front of the 924 Carrera GT and the rear of the 968's. The 944 Turbo.... not so much. I terms of driving I enjoy driving the Carrera GT the most as it just feels so light, nimble and the engine revs much more freely (reminds me of an mid 90's WRX). In comparison the 968 Turbo RS is scary fast, the 944 Turbo feels heavy, and the 968 CS more like the Carrera GT but less smiles....
  9. I was offered close to that for mine from a person in NZ a couple of months back who was following my restoration. I'm not selling by the way, it was just a discussion. They really are an awesome car, best combination of handling and power from any of the transaxle models, and many 911's until recently. Only criticism is the ride which is very hard on the road.
  10. If anyone is interested the other black 968 Turbo RS has appeared on carsales today. Asking price is $130K. This is #2 of the 4 original cars Fitzgeralds built in the 1990's, but not to be confused with #4 discussed previously in this thread (my car). See https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-968-1993/SSE-AD-5641887/?Cr=2 This was considered the best of the 4 cars because of it's originality and relatively low miles. Current owner has swapped out the CS seats but has the originals. Be quick if you're interested as mine attracted considerable interest from overseas when it was last up for sale.
  11. Thanks, looks better in the photo than it really is, but it's an original car that will clean up well. No I wouldn't mess with a 924 Turbo now, it will be worth more in the long run if left original.
  12. Just bought myself a Carrera GT, it's sailing here on the ship now. Magnus's video was a big inspiration!
  13. I heard a rumour today suggesting my 968 Turbo RS may have been "reborn" from another 968, so I want to clarify this is not correct. As the previous photos I have posted here show the car was stripped down to a bare shell and all previous accident damaged repaired or replaced with new parts wherever possible, but the majority of the car is still original. But I can understand why there may be some confusion around this because I do currently own 2 other 968’s, which I did originally buy with the intent of using parts to repair the RS, but fate intervened. Grab a beer and read on as this story is sillier than fiction! Roll back to May 2015 when the 968 RS and myself were involved in the accident that eventually led to its restoration. After the accident I considered parting the car out as there was considerable interest from buyers in Australia and overseas for many of its unique RS parts. But that made me realise it was probably more valuable if restored, and by this point 968 prices had also started to rise, especially for CS models on which this car is based. So knowing I was going to need quite a few parts to restore it I decided to buy another damaged or worn out 968 as a donor. I started watching Carsales and quickly found one advertised in country Victoria that looked unloved and was a low price. I spoke to the owner who explained he'd had it for 10+ years and driven into the ground. It was now sitting in his barn (no joke) alongside an equally trashed 944. He didn't know much about its history but wanted to make sure I understood it didn't have a sunroof as that was obviously something that had put other buyers off. No sunroof I thought.... hmmm so that means it was either a special order 968 with sunroof delete option, or...... a CS in disguise! It wasn’t advertised or badged as a CS so curiosity got the better of me and I checked the VIN and bingo, it was an Aus delivered 1994 968 CS. Needless to say I went to inspect the car the next day (a 3 hour drive to Timboon) and purchased it on the spot. But it really is in sad condition, having been resprayed badly at some point in time, plus engine did not sound good and the interior is pretty trashed. It also had a rats nest in the engine bay, yuck! I managed to get it going and drove it back to Melbourne, it is now in storage awaiting a future restoration. Below is a photo of the RS and CS together today to dispel any reborn rumors. On the right is the restored RS Turbo (#815299), car on the left is the CS (#815252). But wait, there’s more! After the CS “disaster” I decided to look for another 968 and found a regular 1992 model in Sydney for a good price. It was a pretty drab grey car that had been imported from the UK and didn't seem all that special, so I didn’t feel guilty about parting it out to fix the RS and CS. So I flew to Sydney to inspect and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked in the flesh and how well it drove. It also came with all the tools, books, records and receipts dating back to when it was sold new. The wife and I drove it back and by the time we reached Melbourne I had already decided the car was too good to destroy so turned it into my daily driver instead. So end of story you think….. no not quite! In June this year while on a business trip to the UK and I went to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. I arrived early as the museum opened and one of the cars I noticed immediately was a 968 CS cabriolet prototype that had just been added to the display that day. There were a couple of museum people there wiping it down who I spoke with and they were very interested in my 968 RS. They had heard about the 4 RS’s built in Australia but knew less than I did about the history, so we exchange email addresses and I followed up with what I knew which they were able to confirm. Always nice when the factory checks your facts! They also checked the history of the other 2 968’s and to my surprise the 1992 car turned out to be a 1991 show car, and was resold “new” in 1992. It was built in July 1991, which is well before production of RHD 968’s commenced and was sent to Japan, before coming back to the factory for (presumably) a clean up, before being sold to its first owner in the UK in 1992 along with a 10 year warranty. Upon closer inspection it is very original and does have traces of what appear to be “trial and error” fitting of some parts and cryptic hand-written scribbles on various internals of the chassis and trim. All very interesting but not sure it will really mean much in terms of value the long run. The second photo below shows the 3 cars together, the 1991 968 is on the right (#800084). Hope you enjoyed my tale of 968 ownership! Oh and here is a photo of the 968 CS Cab at the Porsche Museum.
  14. Thanks, been a lot of work. Yes the shark fin was my only real modification, got sick of catching the stick antenna on the car cover. Yes funny you should mention those rims. Those are replicas and very similar to the original Speedlines used on the factory 968 RS's. In the accident I had in 2015 one of the black wheels that the car came with was damaged. I was looking around for a set of replicas and then realised I had some on a 930 I own. Total fluke they were the right size and offset! I still also have 3 of the original wheels the car was delivered with in 1995 which are a Technomagesio wheel, but I've yet to find the missing one for the front.

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