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  1. OBRUT

    Vehicle Hoists

    Pm sent.
  2. OBRUT

    Vehicle Hoists

    First hoist test today! Hydro Park. 4937mm wide for a pair.
  3. I used to stalk this a little every time I went back to Gero’ to visit my folks.
  4. OBRUT

    Vehicle Hoists

    I’ve just had 4 tuff lift hydro packs installed. Should have some pics next week. They have 2 legs with load spreading feet and a full width tray. You can also gang them together so they share a central post, saving a lot of installation width. The two trays still operate independently. Mine are set up in 2 linked pairs. 2x2x2 = 8 spots! https://tufflift.com.au/product/tl2-7hp/
  5. OBRUT

    Momo steering wheel hub to suit 964

    Ha! Close, except the much disliked PD wheel is period for a six fo’
  6. I know a very well respected Melbourne Porsche mechanic who spents months trying to tune the pinging out of his C3.0 - until his son noticed the loose bolt and washer on one of the rear seat belt mounts...
  7. The title says it all.
  8. Next project is well into the planning stage. Fun and usefulness being the key themes.
  9. Bang on. Though I doubt we will see RallyCab clones anytime soon...
  10. Fun trip that Fishy. Pity RS itself was a bit shite...
  11. OBRUT

    Building a garage in Bronte

    Who would know - they all look the same!
  12. OBRUT

    Building a garage in Bronte

    Can you line the table up with the kitchen island pls - you’re killing me...
  13. The new owner of the yellow targa might get a surprise when they open the door and see only two pedals... No upfront disclosure it was a sporto (they did give the VIN, engine number so you could work it out but really). The blue targa also had a bunch of UK service stamps. Well travelled car.
  14. OBRUT

    Building a garage in Bronte

    Board formed concrete?
  15. OBRUT

    964 Market Watch

    Simple, they are really pretty. And fun to drive too.