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  1. I took my 2.8 litre 911st tarmac rally car to Huntley Hill Climb years ago. 27.8 was my best.
  2. OBRUT

    LHD to RHD conversions

    356’s are easier to do than 911’s, and it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal to the 356 crowd. That said, I doubt it makes financial sense anymore. Wait for brexit and bring one in from the uk?
  3. Yep, the only other Lambo I’d even consider is the Espada. Ha - Haven’t had that one yet.
  4. Took the Countach out to World Time Attack Challenge the other week for a little display. Hilarious reactions from fellow motorists as your cruise down the freeway. Another drive in the Countach this morning. The more I drive it the more I love it. NOS plug wires and the correct plugs have brought it to life. And they are not as difficult or uncomfortable as the inter web would suggest. Crap visibility yes, but you can’t have everything. Ps. Thanks to @itsujackfor the detailing lesson yesterday.
  5. Try transdirect.com.au for an alternative quote. I’ve sued them for several wheel sets over the years. Be careful when filing in the forms in terms of number of items and weight per item etc.
  6. You need the colour matched D90’s to pull off the stock ride height...
  7. I also have a hard top that can be packaged into the sale of the car.
  8. My 2c: its a combo of factors - C4, import, odd interior colour, ugly wheels & bad photos.
  9. And fancy having a quick look at a car (not a Porsche) for me in exchange for a bottle of red? Cheers, Ryan
  10. I’ve driven my tarmac rally car on the road for years with similar 911ST bodywork with no issues.
  11. Don’t fit in tin top classes (group s and n) and not competitive (and possible also not eligible) in race car classes.
  12. The other issue holding these old race cars back is there aren’t any good events to run them in down here.

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