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  1. Looking for a set of 4 16” Fuchs for a mate’s turbo. I’ve counselled him to keep the tasty Borbets currently on the car but some people just won’t listen...
  2. OBRUT

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    In times like this it’s best to turn to Depeche Mode... ”People are people so why should it beYou and I should get along so awfully?”
  3. Yep. In the privacy of my own garage. Actually pretty effective. I’d be checking those door struts!
  4. I’m hoping to employ one of these guys part time for all reverse parking situations.
  5. Thanks. It has pretty ordinary vision, everything else great. Easier clutch than my old 3.3 930, fantastic steering at anything other than walking pace, gated shifter (which rocks), excellent ride. Can get a little hot in the cabin as the windows don’t come down far, but mine has cold a/c. A mate came with me this morning and constantly remarked how much better it was than he had expected, especially from a ride, comfort and handling perspective. Ps. I’m hoping to improve the forward vision a little but dropping the seat a little lower. The rearward vision I’ll just have to live with...
  6. RFS cars n coffee fund raiser and decent fang this morning. Yes, I will drive it in the rain...
  7. Pm me your mobile and I’ll send it over.
  8. I’ve got the Aussie delivery brochure I can scan and send you.
  9. Define “well”? They drive differently to later cars, but the simplicity and the resulting lightness is both evident and joyous. 64’s and 65’s are also required for some of the better historic racing classes and events. Disclaimer: I have a 65 and also race a 69 2.0 litre.
  10. A mate of mine is selling that - it’s very cool in the metal. Plus, of course, The Purple.
  11. They get that it’s a special car - low, loud, fast, crazy doors and the massive wing etc helps. They don’t get why people stop and take photos of it though.

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