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  1. With respect, there is no need to be concerned with whether or not he appreciates your offer. He can only say no.
  2. OBRUT

    964 Market Watch

    I just did exactly this - loving it. Haven’t driven the family suv since. But I do have a manual on standby...
  3. OBRUT

    Tyres 7/8 15 inch recommendation

    215/60 R and 195/65 F is a good combo. That was the original rear size (front was 185/70).
  4. OBRUT

    Vehicle Hoists

    I’ve used go jacks before. Good on flat ground but they take a fair bit of time to position and then individually raise. Ok for mid to long term storage, not for regular use.
  5. OBRUT

    WTB 964 tip tip tipper tiptronic OR C4 manual

    The car was too good to pass up. I know I know....
  6. OBRUT

    WTB 964 tip tip tipper tiptronic OR C4 manual

    Update : new whip found, bought and driven home. Dead stock down to the tape deck. 1990, Aussie, flags, D90’s. Much fun and proving to be an entertaining daily. Firsto moddo.
  7. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1192491452?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms good bunch of parts for someone correcting a forward or back dated 911 G car
  8. OBRUT

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    And every Group S 911 being punted around a race track.
  9. Cabs trade at a deeeep discount to coupes, but most cab sellers just don’t believe it. Hence, there are so many carsales cabs that sit forever and don’t sell. Pity, I like them - epscecially the simple manual roof SC’s and the G50 widebody’s (whale tail delete...). Ps. That one needs a good de-bling session.
  10. Why bother? They are pretty obvious to see.
  11. OBRUT

    GT3 Touring Time

    Yep. Next week?
  12. OBRUT

    Exterior door handles

    Yep, 99% sure they do.
  13. OBRUT

    Vehicle Hoists

    Pm sent.