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  1. And the classic Ferrari guys, classic Lambo guys, 356 guys etc etc. Commodore peeps etc next level too. Question - has anyone ever seen a 997 in Aust in an interesting or unusual colour? A mate has a brown one, can’t recall seeing anything else like it.
  2. Early 911 Spyder. Red bumpers are an acquired taste but otherwise very nicely done https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-porsche-911-29/
  3. 3 piece mesh BBS - but with the big hexagonal centre caps missing.
  4. Brightening up a dull day. So good to drive.
  5. It has a VIN on the compliance plate - looks like a police issued job. Can make rego tricky depending on the where’s how’s and when’s.
  6. Make a fun safari car if lifted and you rolled in grinning like a loon that has no f$&@s left to give… Wonder what caused the VIN reissue?
  7. They have their own VIN and a Giocattolo Motori P/L compliance plate etc. They had full manufacturers status. Fuel tanks in the middle and some very impressive engineering for the rear subframe, shock mounts etc. The judge car was circa 1000hp and hit the wall at very high speed - I doubt many sport cars of that era would have fared much differently.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdfCa7Xp2Hs/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  9. You are about the 20th person to ask that! I was chatting to a mate in Victoria a couple of months back about slant nose Porsches and 80’s era cars etc and somehow these came up in conversation. I mentioned I had always been fascinated by them - they were in all the magazines about the time I got into cars and always reviewed very highly. He then mentioned his mate had one! I told him that if his mate ever wanted to move it on I’d love to have a look. About a month later I get a call saying it could be available. I went down and test drove it (loved how it drove) did a deal and drove it back to Sydney a week or so later. I haven’t seen one publicly available for at least a decade. There are 14 left between 11 owners.
  10. Rear wing is stock turbo look. Wheels should be separated and scattered across the earth, never to be reunited a set - kinda like Infinity stones…
  11. He recently sold it - it is highly modified now (conpetizione!) with a 427! No, Alfa built a group B prototype with a busso V6 in the middle. That was the original plan for Giocattolo until Alfa refused to supply them engines (and then later bodies).

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