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  1. Yep, first car. 1800 with big Weber’s, then 2000.
  2. Market for both existed. Some buyers wanted rhd given the road rules, and others wanted the status thing.
  3. Not quite right - Porsche supplied both lhd and rhd to Japan. There are 2 different Japan country codes, one for lhd and one for rhd.
  4. OBRUT

    I want a cassis red Porsche

    Buy a guards red one and repaint it.
  5. OBRUT

    WTB; Show me your T's

    Nope. A stock fendered original 914:6 does if still 2 litre. You can also run a 914:4 at stock capacity.
  6. A mate of mine is driving it home as we speak. Having a blast.
  7. And check the dash arrangement - the ignition switch, ventilation controls etc will be in the proper rhd location in a good conversion.
  8. BMW Baur TC. I think they will ultimately be sought after/collectable cars.
  9. More magazine article teasers...
  10. Where did I drive my Porsche? The Bend? (Aka Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, which will be world class when finished) Nice chatting with @LeeM and @Cam Arnott some of the other SA lads.
  11. OBRUT

    When to settle???

    An alternative view is that espoused by, I think, the Collier collection. When they decide to add a particular car they buy what is available and when a better one comes along they buy that/sell the first. Admittedly they are looking at the ultra rare segment of the market but the same logic can apply here. Drive a 915 3.2 whilst waiting for your G50 car. Drive a guards red whilst waiting for anything else... Drive a Targa (or even a cab!) whilst waiting for the right coupe. Sporto/tip then manual. Cayman/Boxster then 996/997. Etc etc Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. You are also kinda hedged against market moves and any fancy parts or the like that you acquire can be swapped from A to B prior to selling on A.
  12. A few mates and I have been getting some miles on this car - it is so enjoyable to drive. Hard to explain but it is just fun the way it cruises down the road. Gets odd looks from other drivers though - especially dudes in 4wd’s.