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  1. Some will balk at the olive interior - not me as like interesting (non black) interiors - but a good description and some half decent photos and it should sell pretty easily around the 130/140 mark mentioned above. Maybe even go to the trouble of giving it to a good detailer / paint correction guy/gal first. As an aside, olive was quite a popular pairing with granite green back in the day...
  2. Give Alastair a call - great service and nice bloke. https://www.classicandperformancestorage.com.au
  3. With respect, you’re comparing Apples to Pears. The earlier and rarer the car, the more of its value is due to it being a collectable per se. They are also generally sought by very different buyer groups, who are after totally different experiences from their cars. And it’s not just Porsche, the price gap of vintage/classic to new is even bigger in Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston etc etc
  4. Sold for $72500+bp Smashed by the write off disclosure I’m guessing.
  5. I suspect that BaT can barely keep up with their home market. I heard the founder interviewed a while back and I think he mentioned they were selling 300+ cars a week! The knowledge in their community base is off the charts.
  6. Yeah nah - just can’t get excited about them. Although, I have requested a fang in a mates Gen 1 GT3...
  7. Sticking with RHD, doing a left to right swap is a complication I’d like to avoid. Couple of panel shops I’ve spoken to have also mentioned increasing scarcity of RHD conversion parts.
  8. Looking for a RHD small bumper 6 cyl targa. Orig 911 or 912 with a six fitted ok. Factory RHD or converted ok. Modded or project-y ok. For the sake of completeness, stock and nice ok too.
  9. There is at least a couple of Aust alternatives, they just aren’t getting much traction.
  10. A mate of mine inspected it - declared it “rough” and didn’t bid.
  11. I think PRT in Sydney have done the swap a few times. ps. Tippers can be cool, but you have to own it... https://zoll.haus/z22-1990-964-coupe-kid-hauler-daily-driver-aka-dadtronic/ Pps. I never found any tip software upgrades for cars earlier than 996.
  12. The 68 was registered to the incorrect VIN, which happened to correspond to a factory 2.8 RSR...

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