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  1. On the subject of 997’s, did anyone order a car in an interesting colour? Black, grey, silver. Repeat until bored to death...
  2. Nah, you’re safely in the ironic zone now.
  3. How bizarre, yellow is my only NO colour for cars. Except for bahama yellow, which is really baby poo brown ish.
  4. Didn’t go all the way. Edges and centre caps too.
  5. The correct setup of course being colour matching the D90’s to the car...
  6. Good looking car, dreaming on price. Link please?
  7. Who was the early bird that got this worm? Aussie tipper with awesome not black interior. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1991-porsche-911-carrera-2-964-auto/SSE-AD-3408284?utm_campaign=sold-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&recommendation_id=6ed4a795-b9a3-4b24-a9fb-e083f4997dc9
  8. Backdates with SC/3.2 rear guards always look a little odd to me - ditto for the later interior. But I’m mostly an early car fan. There are several cool ways to visually hot rod an SC/3.2 without backdating it. SCRS bumpers are the first thing that springs to mind. The removal of the accordions is a big change to the look of an SC/3.2. Lightening, interior changes etc are all fairly simple and reversible. My 2c would be hotrod but without backdating. Ps. And let’s not forget slant nosing!
  9. Ask and ye shall receive. Interesting drive to workshop this morning... Needs a bit of lowering too.
  10. I’ll take a shot with the MooseGoose in frame just to really hook you in @hugh

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