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  1. Sounds like a faulty warm up regulator. It’s separate to the rest of the injection system and can be rebuilt in isolation.
  2. Update: hotrod seats spoken for, race seats still available.
  3. Starting to clear out my parts stash with a pair of seat pairs... First set are OMP race seats with correct side mount brackets included. Very similar in style to Recaro Pole Position. In really nice condition aside from a little tear (~ 1 cm) on the back of one seat. Note: these are FIA rated. $1200 for the pair (incl brackets). Second set are Cobra buckets, perfect size and style for an outlaw 356 or early 911 hot rod. Vinyl outer in great shape, ditto seat bases, but the foam on the sides has gone a little soft. Simple repair. $600 for the pair. Located in inner city Sydney. Pickup preferred.
  4. You’re not alone. The guy that just bought my 79 911SC was replacing his 991. Too fast and too boring! He had a SC which he sold it 2 or 3 years and missed the raw drive.
  5. I’ve got Tufflift hydro park x 4 - ganged together in 2 pairs.
  6. Props for not going full street machine / speed boat interior.
  7. Thanks. I saw that and really like it - just feels a bit over cooked in the price department. Interested. PM sent
  8. Hi all, Looking for 1 or 2 sport seats to suit an early 911 hotrod project. Something like a BF Torino, GTS Classic or other replica brand bucket or sports seat, early style Scheel or Recaro etc. Happy to buy or, depending on what you have, I may have some really nice 70T factory comfort seats to trade. Black with stock basket weave centres.
  9. Can the next owner please make the front match the back. Drives me nuts.

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