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  1. Check with Zags, they might have some.
  2. Technically not a backdate, I think they were almost all built on G series cars. I’ll go get my anorak and leave now...
  3. I’m there too. There are so many other options available to mod an IB that doesn’t involve backdating or faux Singering.
  4. Brah - I found you a Murci, can’t find you another!
  5. It’s a bike off!
  6. Wonder if the current owner could bring it back here? Depends how it got to NZ in the first place. Did you catch what year It was Lee? I looked at a couple of very early Aussie Lambo before I bought the QV. might be the first Aussie example of that model or something???
  7. Rhino roof basket - small size - mounted using some 90’s roof racks I found on eBay or gumtree.
  8. Here is my former 964’s setup. Very useful.
  9. That sounds correct, but I would double check VIC stamp duty. It’s not payable in NSW when registering a historic plate car but I thought it may be in VIC.
  10. I’m liking the Interceptor FF!
  11. Its a period correct Yes to the script fabric from me. I strongly dislike dull interiors...
  12. My best to date was a Porsche purchase on the Swedish version of gumtree.
  13. A little motivation for the Lambo fence sitters...

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