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  1. Anyone have a spare they don’t need. Part no is 911 107 04100 This type has the push on fitting (not screw thread).
  2. And for many the B is the least desirable 356 too. Not as pretty as the A and not as good a drive as the C.
  3. FJ cruiser, single axle tilta trailer. Barely know it’s there with my group S (960kg) 911 on it. Fuel, spare wheels/tyres and tools fit easily in the back with the rear seats folded down. It’s a 4.0 litre petrol engine so magic for hills etc but uses a fair bit of fuel given the brick like aero. Cheap to buy and run and I think it’s still a cool looking truck. Really short too which makes inner city parking easier.
  4. Hi Tony, Do you still have the following . GT Racing IROC rear bumper, suit wide body, some damage, easy repair, $300  · GT Racing IROC front bumper, suit wide body, good condition, $600 · Spring loaded tow hook to suit IROC front bumper, Rennline, $60.00, never used! Cheers, Ryan
  5. I admit to being an enabler in this transaction. I answered a firm Yes to the question regarding accessory purchase before car purchase. This thing is beyond mint, it’s basically brand new. I humbly offer my garage for RTS install.
  6. I visited Gosford a fortnight ago. They won’t advise which cars are no reserve and which aren’t. They will sell cars already under bid at a public auction. The auctioneers don’t have possession of the cars. All very odd. I left wondering if it is just part of a show of good faith to the ATO
  7. Hard to say given the possible variations, maybe circa 120-150? I’d be looking for club and track type cars with good mechanicals. Easier to pull a cage out and fit nice seats/carpet than chase rust for an eternity. Suspension is pretty easy and the workable combos are pretty well known. Torsion bars are fine. Brakes need very little work. Even a cis 2.7 or 3.0 will push an early car along very well. Add carbies for look, sound and a little throttle response down the track. Another option is a 74/75 narrow body IB car. I think you could make a clean little hot rod out of one of these and they are still on the simpler, lighter side. And not yet really valued by most.
  8. Another thought - If you convert it to manual you will likely lose the collector segment of the market, small as that may be for a sporto, come time to sell. Most folk I know with a sporto either 1. bought it solely due to price (cheap air cooled 911 entry) or 2. have a few 911’s and wanted a sporto for the novelty factor. If it’s a good deal, then buy it and drive it. If you ultimately don’t like the sporto, sell it on and buy a manual. At least you get to drive something an old 911 in the meantime.
  9. Thanks Hugh - here is some motivation: this is 7’s with a 205/60 with stock skinny rear guards.
  10. Yep, pretty much every colour. Ever! smiley face...

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