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  1. Hi Ash, We spoke about your car and you know my thoughts regarding what the Aust delivered buyers pool want. If I were you I would keep it and build in into the hot rod you want, but maybe stay away from lots of welding or metal work. Perhaps look to 911R or other narrow body hotrod themes. I think the red could work with say contrasting bumpers or other less drastic changes than a full colour change (and if you’re still not happy then you don’t have much to undo or redo if you did decide on a full recolour). Happy to discuss ideas in more detail over the phone. As you know, I hotrodded my Aussie delivered 73E (which had also lost its original engine prior to me getting hold of it) and have never looked back.
  2. Even more reason to liven things up.
  3. I respectfully disagree - it would look awesome on a black over black car. I guarantee you will smile every time you drive it. 100% period correct too. Ps. Get the matching shift knob to really go for the win.
  4. From my experience, it’s difficult to be in a bad mood when driving a car with a Benetton wheel.
  5. Thanks, they left a big impression for such a small number of cars.
  6. No, I have been making a few changes (cool seats and bumpers and new oil cooler to sort an annoying drip) will be putting it back on the market shortly. Tell your friends, slants are back baby.
  7. The rise of the slant! No wing looks good. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-porsche-911sc-20/
  8. Just tried sending you a message but couldn’t? Can you pls PM me.
  9. Drill holes in the plate to suit the existing holes in the car. Alt, double sided tape is surprisingly effective.
  10. OBRUT

    WTB 964 widebody

    In my defence, I have now introduced a (strictish) 1 out 1 in policy. Sometimes 2 out 1 in... Sub policy - no more freakin’ resto projects.
  11. OBRUT

    WTB 964 widebody

    It never hurts to ask... Anyone have a widebody 964 they would like to sell? Coupe, targa or cab ok. Running or project or ex-racer or track beast ok. Factory widebody (aka turbo look) or aftermarket jobbie ok. Must be RHD delivery, but can be Aust or import. Cheers, Ryan ps. Ok with Tipper or manual
  12. Can I ask why text instead of calling?
  13. Agree with 9er. My 2c. It’s very hard to gauge the seriousness of offers by text. I normally just ignore them or ring the sender back (in which case the sender rarely picks up). Much better to negotiate in person or at the very least by telephone conversation if interstate. Also, what was to be gained by responding to his message declining your offer? Why not just move on to another car? It all went down downhill from there.

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