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  1. Finally after persevering without a working fuel gauge I decided to pull the sender unit out for a look. The thin wire that sensors the level was broken so I soldered about 20mm of thin copper wire to it and then soldered that to the terminal and now it’s all working as it should. I see this as a temporary repair as I’m sure the joint will fail in time. What I am wanting to know is if I replace the wire completely what can I use in its place as I assume it has to be a certain resistance. Anyone ever done this?
  2. I changed to the power clutch kit and it made a huge difference, the car revs so much easier than the standard. After researching the lightened flywheel option I decided it wasn’t really that suitable for street use
  3. I feel very lucky in Queensland we can forgo the classic plate for a normal personalised plate and the rules have been relaxed so you can use the car a lot more than before by just posting your trip on the car club Facebook page which makes it a club event, only one car required. social club membership $10 p/a
  4. I have had the same problem lately occasionally not starting but finally cranking and the other day it wouldn’t come right so I put it in gear and rocked it and when I tried it it started. I think rocking it just rotated the starter a little to get away from the dead spot. I remember doing this as a teenager a million years ago.....does his mean I need a new starter?
  5. So just a thought about the next meeting. There was some talk about organising it around the Noosa car show so was thinking of maybe an early morning meet up at Landsborough and heading to Montville via some back roads where we can grab coffee etc and then those wanting to go to Noosa can head up there. There are a few decent hills so I may bring the 911 in case some of the 944's need a push up them.
  6. I was thinking of bringing the 911 to try and educate you lot ?? but maybe I had better have a rethink
  7. Never been to the Hinze dam is there an obvious meeting spot, looking on maps there appears to be a car park next to the dam but not sure if there's any coffee etc there
  8. Is the Hinze dam meet up still on next Saturday and if so what is the agenda, I'll will be there if we get a few cars along
  9. Yeah I looked at your username after I posted and thought what an idiot. Sounds like an idea maybe next weekend and Coastr is not far from you as well
  10. I'm in the Mooloolaba area Brian we're are you based
  11. I will make the effort to bring the old 928 along to the August meet
  12. Injection Labs in the USA Scott they came highly recommended through rennlist Kevin is the man you want. cant really be sure Bruce but my gut feeling is the MAF because it was so far out of calibration
  13. I have just got my car on the road after sending off my MAF to the US for a rebuild My car an 84 928 was running ok but idled a bit low sometimes cutting out and got around 21 l/100k on my last trip cruising around 100k i just got back from a trip to the Gold Coast driving just the same and I was pretty impressed that I got just over 11 l/100k, the car idles nicely and generally runs a lot nicer. I thought my fuel gauge was stuck. it wasn't cheap at around $600 oz all up but it will pay itself off in no time. When they checked it it measured at 100 and the service limit was 40. I don't know what the numbers mean but it was obviously way out so if you have similar issues it might be worth getting yours checked
  14. I just used normal fuel injection hose with clamps, more as a stop gap because the existing lines were pretty bad until I decide on the best way to do it as it only takes a couple of hours. I didn't do up the clamps to tightly. i think I will go the same way as Bear924 so if there is any more info on that it would be appreciated

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