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  1. Perhaps a 5 point harness would be even more dangerous...... Did I hear someone mention cameltoe??????
  2. Dunno Niko, can't see the adams apple, and who can tell what body parts are real or "enhanced" these days..... But I think you're probably pretty safe this time πŸ™‚
  3. If you find the ride really hard it's probably the 19" rims. See if you can get a ride in on with 17" or 18" and you might find it a bit more comfortable...
  4. Can also come on if you lift a front wheel coming out of, for example, a service station driveway - for some reason the different wheel rotation speeds can fool the ABS. Turn off and restart and should go away
  5. Nick, you'd get a 981 for that price. Strongly suggest you drive both for comparison. My Mrs went from an '05 987.1 S manual to a '13 981 PDK - both used as daily drive. Quite different cars, I like driving the 981 more, love PDK. 987 actually feels a bit agricultural compared to the 981, although still pleasurable to drive πŸ™‚ And standard 981 engine feels more powerful than the 3.2S, haven't driven a 3.4 to compare to the 3.2 though.
  6. Just trying to get permission to post some photos and details of a Tuttle 911 restoration / rebuild being done over here in prep for SE African Rally and Round the World Cup next year. Bright orange, very impressive so far. Hopefully owner approval won't be far away.... I guess you could call this a "teaser" πŸ˜‰
  7. BUMP!!!! Price reduced to $51,000 neg. Now has 4 brand new Pilot Sport 2's, Variocam solenoid replaced. GT3 now occupying my allocated slot in our garage so I need to sell the 996.2!!!
  8. We were quite happy with them - they were good to deal with, we screwed them pretty hard as the car had been there for something like 3 months, but it was the colour Dianne wanted (dark blue, believe me it is almost as bad as black....), and they came to the party to stop us looking further. Got @Dave Brennan to do the PPI for us - NT were quite happy for him to do his thing out in the area next to the show room
  9. They tried to flog it to us when we got the 981 from them. Our local gun detailer just quoted me $1300 for paint correction and coating, from memory the Nick T price was something like $2800?? Peter
  10. Quite possibly, bloody felt like it was snowing!!!! One of my mates from the car club is there this weekend, he arrives back in Tassie Wednesday morning, will go to our motor museum directors meeting Weds night, and then drive to Baskerville Raceway Thursday morning with his Renmax for the Historics next weekend!!
  11. At least it isn't raining!! We went on the Friday 2 years ago and it was absolutely pissing down, with rain blowing horizontally. Not a very pleasant day to be sure, and it kind of made the day very disappointing....
  12. But if nobody pays, there would be no forum anyway!!! As has been mentioned, $25 is a small price to pay for the info and cameraderie of this forum - hell, I've even spent a few hours helping plan a flying tour of Tassie and offered a few night's accommodation for someone I've never even met apart from on this forum!!!! Very happy to do this for the fun and enjoyment of our cars πŸ™‚
  13. As this 1/2 hour from where I live, I'm happy to volunteer to test drive for anyone looking πŸ™‚ Could also con a couple of mates who own 930's to come with me for an opinion by someone who actually knows something about these....
  14. NBTRV8's car now up on CarSales. Would be great to keep it in Tassie!! Have seen this out and about a few times, great to see one being driven!! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-porsche-911-gt3-991-auto-my15/SSE-AD-6273790/?Cr=14
  15. Thought it was HOT901???? Anyway, very fortunate people, damage limited to their fence and deck

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