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  1. Thanks JB, I'll do on Sunday if I get the chance
  2. Yes, big day (if you have bank shares), but unfortunately bypassed most of the techies I own 😞 Anyway, will give it a couple more days, might be an opportunity to top up on same of them, as I took some profits a couple of weeks ago at their peak, nice to buy back lower....
  3. @JB and other gurus. How can you definitively tell if a car has previously been ceramic coated? I suspect our 981 Boxster may well have been done in the past, but am unsure if there is any definitive way to tell. If it was, I would expect it would have been done by the P dealer from new 5 1/2 years ago). I haven't done a full clay or polish (doesn't seem to need it) but have been using Meguiars Quick Wax after I have washed the car. thanks
  4. Good job ScoMo. P car price expectations back to normality now I wonder???
  5. He's probably thinking he's going to learn to drive in it...... πŸ™‚
  6. Who'd be game to take that on, even for only, say, $5-10k??? Looks like another rustier one next to it, and a 996 or 7 Cab on the other side??
  7. Looks like it's been on tour in Tassie - photos in Glengarry, Paper Beach (where we had a shack as a kid) and looks like Baskerville. Nice looking car but, love the yellow πŸ™‚
  8. Usual start time and place - 9.00am, Goodyear carpark, cnr Margaret and Frederick Streets, head down the West Tamar, meet NW members at Frankford 9.45am, then a bit of twisty stuff (probably a Targa stage or two), over the Batman Bridge to finish at Hillwood Berry Farm cafe 10.30 or so Organised by Graeme this time, let me know if you're coming and I'll pass on cheers Peter
  9. I can't get the 12th, only last week's episode. Does everyone else see the 12th as an option? (they may be proving that we're a week behind in Tassie.......) πŸ™‚
  10. Think they're talking $120K on these????? That's what the salesman that delivered my 180TDI indicated.......
  11. Took delivery of Toerag yesterday. Little bit slow on the uptake (Terry was definitely faster to accelerate), perhaps I just need to get used to putting the boot in a bit more.... Will be looking for a 20" wheel to keep as full sized spare for when we are towing........ Had OE towbar and module installed as the OE stuff does some nice stuff re transmission change up points, trailer stability control etc compared to Hayman Reese option. Decided the +$900 cost over the HR was warranted in this case. And of course, 2 hours after I had signed the purchase contract for the car, the perfect alternative came up on Carsales - OE towbar + module, lesser mileage, newer, UHF etc for same price, only problem it was in Yepoon.........
  12. There speaks the man that knows πŸ™‚
  13. Arthur, I got a pre-cut kit for the 996 from these guys in Melbourne: www.grafico.com.au (I'm in Tassie and opted to self install) I've seen some other wraps and PPF installations they've done, would be worth contacting them before deciding....

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