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  1. Nice 2 hour drive today with PC Tas Northern members and ring in @Dalai πŸ™‚ Good selection of 911s, Boxsters, Caymans and 928 - 16 cars all up. A few air-cooled 911s too. Finished for coffee and cake at Loira Vines between Exeter and Beaconsfield
  2. In Tassie for those not familiar with Symmons Plains. John Youl gets a good mention in Geoff Smedley's Book "It's a Smedley Thing". Geoff was John's race mechanic for a number of years, who also worked with many of Australia's motor Racing Who's Who from that era.
  3. Now that you're working again I thought that may be the case πŸ™‚ Will PM you late next week to make arrangements....
  4. OK, we'll see what works for everyone πŸ™‚
  5. Hoping to get the chance to catch up with @LeeM either Friday or Saturday at Richmonds, if I can't arrange a meetup with you I'll perhaps pass on to Lee to get to you....
  6. Rob, I have one from a 996.1 GT3. Mounts to seat base mounts. By chance I will be in Radelaide next weekend. say $25?
  7. So @Kerry etal, are there plans afoot for a HB#3 this coming January????? Need to start plotting out what I hope to do next year.....
  8. Was just discussing this with a mate last night, who had to do a refurb on his 996 GT3 front wheel bearing and carrier. Import cost was I think about USD$650. He checked with PCM and price all up incl freight to Tassie was $650!! Apparently there was a discussion at a recent Oz Porsche club Presidents get together, and they were advised Porsche Aust has had a rethink about parts costing as they started to get concerned about the number of aftermarket parts being imported, and, particularly for 10+ yo models, have revised their pricing significantly lower. So, this ensures James and dealers are now much more price competitive, so well worth checking for local cost before even considering overseas.....
  9. Saw some FB photos today from Keith & Pete in the black 996 Turbo (well from Pete's partner) - think there's a few thinking it's much better indoors.....
  10. Actually had no idea who she is, indeed, who is she? Shows the level of interest I have in American politics.....
  11. PCNSW over in Tassie this weekend, not sure when they are arriving (are you with them @mhh?). Dinner on Saturday night with them and then a few are joining us at Baskerville on Sunday for our Hillclimb.
  12. Come to Tassie guys πŸ™‚ On our GT3 anniversary run at the weekend we didn't see one cop car or camera during our 2 hour drive πŸ™‚

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