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  1. TwoHeadsTas

    Falken FK510

    Anybody with experience of the Falken Azenis FK510 tyres? Looking to put a couple of 265/35/19s on rear of our 987.1 thanks Peter
  2. TwoHeadsTas

    Insurance agreed value 986 S

    Great result, well worth the effort then.
  3. TwoHeadsTas

    Insurance agreed value 986 S

    What did Shannon's say? I've been able to keep the insured value of our 987S higher than the usual reducing value their system automatically spits out each renewal. I say a figure, they check it (perhaps against Car Sales????) and usually been OK. Think we have the car at around $38k which I think is probably pretty accurate. Mate has a mint 911T. After a mint one sold at Autoclassica a couple of years ago for an extraordinary amount he rang up and they increased it to within $20k of the auction value over the phone, with a further increase in value if he produced detail on condition to support the higher figure. Wife decided to let him drive it again after insured value was increased 😊
  4. TwoHeadsTas

    All things insurance

    Suspect so, Bodyworks was organising it
  5. At least they're being honest. No rose coloured glasses here....
  6. TwoHeadsTas

    All things insurance

    Apparently new under bonnet decals can be obtained from Germany, so we have 2 on the way, extra one to go in service book which was a replacement. Picked up car friday 5 mins before body shop closed. Shithouse bonnet fit and paint issues so it's going back!!! Will check on brakes and probably change fluids
  7. TwoHeadsTas

    Where did you drive your Porsche today?

    Porsche Club Tas Northern members run this morning 997.1, 997.2S, 996GT3RS, 987.1 Boxster, 981 Boxster, 987.2 Cayman, 996.2 C2, 911SC, 911 2.7, 964 - almost as many cars as Brisbane CnC 🙂 Pretty good turnout for our monthly get together, ending up at Entally House (old Rutherglen complex) for Coffee. Need to get this photo posting stuff sorted out, will try later
  8. My wife did her 987 through a Novated Lease, she is Midwife / Lactation Consultant working for a public hospital. Car was around 8 years old at the time (2005 car). Macquarie Leasing was happy to lease a car that old at that time, 5 year lease on a $48k car. I know the Boxster is a depreciating asset, but the value at the end of the lease (December this year) will be probably $30ishk, but Residual Payout is about $12k from memory. We are debating whether we keep the car or do it all over again, probably will keep at this stage. Whilst I haven't had a chance to pull out my CCH Master Tax Guide yet (I am a bean counter...), I think there is still a provision which potentially taxes the difference between sale value and payout value if sold, so we will need to tread carefully around that one. OK had a look at this - this appears to be more a problem where the person with the car is an associate of the taxpayer paying for the car, eg director or shareholder of company, so this would appear to be more of a problem for those in private enterprise...... Moto - talk with your accountant.... Our Novated Lease has a fairly generous maintenance & tyre component, which I hoped would cover an IMS bearing and clutch replacement near the end of the lease, but we have had a fairly regular tyre bill, and a secondary airpump replacement via the dealer consumed a heap of what I hoped we could keep up our sleeve. Lesson to self, shouldn't have waited so long to move to an independent for servicing, may have been a much smaller bill...) But, looking back, I realise that the Macquarie interest rate is pretty high, next time I will try to source my own finance and see if Maxxia will work with that, and next time will look carefully at the add-on insurances they manage to sneak in - i.e. I don't think we need payout shortfall insurance when buying a 2nd hand Porsche, that was a shitload....
  9. I know someone who has a Kremer 934 in his super fund. It's not even in the country and I don't think he's ever driven it, that is a real shame... But bloody good asset to have though!!!
  10. TwoHeadsTas

    All things insurance

    No probs Dan, just a little roundabout oops - new bumper, bonnet LH Headlight unit ($2100 would you believe!!) + now the radiator + a few other clips etc. ABS failure light had come on earlier that morning as I left a servo after a fillup, brakes tested OK, but looks like there may have been a problem, as I'd almost stopped and then it was if I'd hit a patch of ice, and ran into the back of car in front (who had stopped early for another car rather than keeping going as I had anticipated, I was stopping for the other car - my bad....). Only good thing is I have arranged to keep the old headlight (minor chip out of one corner), centre radiator (crushed fins in a small area) and bonnet crest. Interesting though, talking to my mechanic yesterday about it, he said he had heard similar circumstances called "Porsche Ice Pedal", although he hadn't heard of it happening to a 996. He was aware of an identical description of circumstances from one of his Targa Tasmania Cayman customers, with the driver saying he had to take his foot off the brake and re-apply and it went away. He's just spent 4 days doing measurements and calibrations for a custom ABS system for that car. Anyway, when I get the car back he's going to do my oil change and check it all out.
  11. He's finally dropped the price. Has been $46500 for a good 6-9 months
  12. No 2 daughter just rang to say she and boyfriend had bought a unit in Essendon, and dad, can you help us out a little with the deposit........ Now will just wait for the wailings of no 1 daughter who is 3 years older and doesn;t have a cent to her name. sigh......... Silver lining to this is that settlement on the unit is the Thursday before Porsches on the Pier. Might have to come over to help move on the Saturday......
  13. TwoHeadsTas

    All things insurance

    Just going through a claim with Shannons at the moment. All good so far, no issues when repairer wanted to replace the centre radiator when he pulled everything off the car. Hopefully car ready for pickup tomorrow. This one my fault (only accident I've ever had where I hit someone else in 40 years of driving....), hopefully premium increase won't be too bad next year - $10500k + repair 😞