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  1. Interesting discussion today on how some Melb luxury car dealers get around the Vic ban on consignment selling with someone who has a car in the system at present. Apparently the owner signs an agreement to sell the car to the dealer at X price, and the dealer doesn't countersign or enact the agreement until the car is sold to a customer. Dealer's profit is then the difference between the sale price and the agreed price with the customer , less the GST component obviously. Presume they must be pretty sure this arrangement gets around the law. Apparently though the dealer with high end show rooms in different states does own all their cars, but presumably price appropriately when buying......
  2. Decided on the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z3s, I can get a better deal on them than the AD08Rs, and I have known the dealer for 30 + years. Probably going against the general advice here, but I can get good local backup, and the dealer is interested in seeing how well they suit a 911, as he has them fitted on other premium sports cars that are reporting good results. As they are overall a very similar tyre to the AD08R I reckon they will perform very similarly. Will get them put on while car is getting it's once over week after next....
  3. At Nick Theodossi in Melb by the look of it...
  4. Spied a small part of something interesting in the background of a photo I was looking at during the week with Tullochs Auctions in Launceston, so I wandered in today to check it out. Surprised that it wasn't one of the 2 x 930s I have heard will be auctioned by them at some stage, but instead what I had seen was the front guard and wheel of a 993 Targa, and lo and behold there was also a 993 Cab and a 97 or 98 Boxster (under a cover but I could see the orange of the front indicator and feel the air intake in the side). They are claiming the Targa is super rare but I have no idea on that front, but it looks very much unloved and would need a heap of rubbers and seals replacing, and a repaint job (lots of peeling paint patches). They aren't ready for listing yet, but I am happy to check back in over the coming weeks to take photos and check out other details of either car for anyone that is interested. Sorry, was also in a rush to get to another appointment and didn't even take note of whether they were manual or tip, although the Targa did look to be a wide body.....
  5. Thought photo was familiar, but yes, well worth a second look.....
  6. Would expect so. Thats what I did, lined my workshop with "Strandboard", much cheaper (and lighter) than plywood, but I used particle board for the area I wanted to hang cupboards on.
  7. First 2 photos I reckon might be front number plate mounts. My 996 has 2 small square holes in front bumper, these clip in (mounted the right way so you get a flat plane across the tops) with screws from the number plate into the mounts helping to spread the clips, holding the mount into the hole. You might have a different arrangement already fitted though
  8. Haven't got the full detail with me, but it was over 50hrs ago... actually probably now 55 hours 🙂
  9. Forgot to post that I have had contact with the PO, and it appears the car was only seriously tracked through PCV club days during 2003-06 era, with a few track days since. Overrev occurred during a down change for a corner a couple of years ago at Sandown, as I surmised might have happened. Thinking need for short term rebuild much less likely now, but still to have my mechanic do the fluid changes and inspection as he's flat out preparing cars for the Poatina Road Race in a couple of weeks... And that one at AH looks pretty good, and I think confirms Burgerman's comment on price for good .2s
  10. And then there was one......... White 2nd gen from Sydney now marked as sold. Must just leave the AH one now.....
  11. Is it my imagination, or a trick of the photograph, that the bonnet slopes UP to the radiator???
  12. OK, will give that a try for a longer trip this Sunday

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