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  1. They only need one uninformed, desperate, cashed up sucker.......
  2. It sounded very nice in TT30
  3. Strange how there is variance within the Porsche / VW / Audi group, and also within Porsche - my 2013 Toerag is exactly the same - can't turn it off permanently, whereas our 2013 981 Boxster is a straight on / off permanently - in fact turning it off was the first thing the salesman showed my wife!! But, just you @JLD, you learn to live with it...... Perhaps it is a diesel thing???
  4. My mechanic is well into a restoration of a Tuthill Rally car, which the owner intends to run in things like the East Africa Safari etc. Some nice looking kit on this. Some photos were posted quite a while ago, but lots more stuff now done - engine back in car, nice looking brakes installed etc. Thick bash plate!!!
  5. Service yesterday for my GT3 before she goes properly on the market. In good company at my mechanics. There's also a Tuthill Rally Porsche restoration on one of the hoists inside, I'll post photos separately for progress on that
  6. tomo is an extremely important member of this Forum, I can't start the day without viewing his daily upload of semi-porn judiciously and carefully selected Porsche inspired pictures 🙂
  7. Still think you guys should investigate the Dunlop Direzza Z3s. A hybrid track / road tyre that I have been really impressed with, although I probably can't / don't drive at your level. Only available through Dunlop Motorsport dealers as I understand.....
  8. Nice one Richard, but you'll have the Mods on your tail if you don't become a Financial Member, as this should be listed in the For Sale section 🙂

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