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  1. So a surname of Black or Brown would be OK though?
  2. Does this elephant also fly Niko? He could be named Dumbo too if that's the case......
  3. Talk to @dan_189 at dparts.com.au. I'm sure he could fix you up very nicely with something🙂
  4. I have some mufflers you can do the fister / gundo hack and keep your original ones intact for 'ron. I was going to do this for my 996.2C2, but ended up getting the GT3, so mufflers are just sitting there (albeit in Tassie)...
  5. He was running one as his service vehicle, so I expect so 🙂
  6. Welcome NineEightOne, glad the thread has helped, it's what this forum is all about. So you got the V105's or another Yoko?
  7. Ouch!!! makes the $1300 or so for Symmons Plains seem so much more reasonable 🙂 Thanks to Skidmarks and all the guys for their efforts in organising !!!!!! Perhaps the new to Vic red RS will make an appearance????
  8. Yes, as you would have noted in the Tassie trip earlier in the year that thing is indecently quick in the twisty bits!!! Mind you, mad driver might help too 🙂
  9. So it would appear our red one may be off to the Covid State. Does this mean another PFA member will be out of the closet soon too? (Registration still interesting, I understand it may have actually been fully Vic registered at some stage, in which case does that mean it is able to go back on to full reg????)
  10. Essendon supporter....... Can't abide by the red inside, looks hideous
  11. Can't even park in a straight line.....

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