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  1. Pretty much as the Title specifies - Left side Litronic Headlight for 996.2 (came out of my 2002 C2). Very small chip on the corner - per photo - only on outside of headlight unit, hasn't impacted trhe integrity of the light units them selves. Not sure why insurance co agreed to replace it, but they did!!! Smattering of very minor stone ships in surface as will any headlight that had done 100,000kms, but none serious. Over $2k for a new one, have seen other second hand ones for $1000+ $850 + postage / freight from Tassie for Forum members. I'll put it on FB too, but at a higher price. May consider serious offers.
  2. Finished off install of Continental 7412 stereo in the GT3 today. Couldn't work the new-fangled Kenwood thing that was in the car when I got it, and it didn't look right, even when I managed to find out how to change the display colour to orange. I was trying to make the install more complicated than it had to be by working out what what wires I'd have to change and all that, when I realised the car plugs that went into the old harness, would plug straight into the back of the Continetal. Dooh!! All I had to do then was run the wire for the remote microphone (which was the hardest part, requiring removal of the side vent unit - thanks YouTube), plug it all in and it worked. Easy Peasy in the end. Also "101 Projects for a 996" was also a useful publication to refer to.
  3. Didn't get that far, I stopped at the legs.....
  4. And also a 1979 Datsun Sunny GL with 612kms on the clock 🙂 Doesn't quite compare to Rusty French's 996.1 GT3 CS with 125kms though.......
  5. Talking to PO yesterday, seems it sold a little sooner than he'd planned 🙂 Going to Melbourne apparently.
  6. Both dark colours, the Targa was in very poor light, don;t think it was black but was either dark blue or dark gray I think, so probably either Blue Pearl Metallic, Ocean Blue Metallic or Black Pearl Metallic. Anyway I'll take a photo of the Vin plate next time and you can see if you can dig up something from that
  7. Not yet Jason, it's all locked up and they won't open the doors until it goes up for auction. Possibly will be back in there Wednesday so will will see if I can get some exterior shots
  8. No, don't possess such toys. Not sure who the owner is / was, believe it might have been a deceased estate. The Targa I looked at this morning needed a heap of new body rubbers, and the clearcoat on the bonnet was flaking. + was a Tip. Few $$$ to be spent I reckon before it would be a nice car. Believe the Cab is away having some work done, no idea what is being done though.
  9. There will be both a Targa and Cab coming up at auction in Tassie in a little while. Had another look over the Targa this morning, will try to find out likely auction timing. I will post on the forum when they come up in any case.
  10. 4 of us GT3s got together for a quick little run this morning - 4 different GT3 models - 996.1, 996.2, 996.2 RS and 997.1. Very enjoyable little 120kms jaunt in Northern Tassie, including Targa stages and a couple of other great country roads.
  11. 4 GT3 butts from a quick run this morning - 997 GT3, 996.1 GT3, 996.2 GT3 RS, 996.2 GT3
  12. If it wasn't a Tip it would almost be worth taking a shot....

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