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  1. Pretty nasty, don;t think it's running at present. Supposed to have been sold 6 months ago (it was from the same owner we bought a couple of 986s from), suspect it didn't finally sell, like the Roller that is also listed. So it is an SC forward dated to 993. Happy to take more photos / inspect for anyone interested, let me know
  2. Here's the link to the rear toe arm https://www.rennline.com/Adjustable-Rear-Toe-Arm/productinfo/S62/ and the bolts https://www.rennline.com/Rennline-Eccentric-Lock-Kit/productinfo/S40/ I'm not 100% on the settings (I can check at home later), but I think they were pretty close to the Kussmaul settings (I remember comparing them to what had been printed about them), so probably close to what Stephen has said. I've found them pretty good for both road and track use
  3. I got the ones via Rennline (not Porsche Cup ones), but tell you what, they transformed the steering of my car. We just couldn;t get it right, tramlining etc, but put these in and had alignment redone to specs we'd been trying to get to, and it was like, WOW, this is perfect!!! Had it done just before Cars & Coffee at Winton, and when I rang my mechanic on the Saturday morning to tell him how good it was, he was almost afraid to answer in case it had gone horribly wrong ๐Ÿ™‚. If you get the Rennline ones you need to make sure you get the bolts with the fixed position to replace the concentric adjustable ones
  4. Think I saw it in parked in Elizabeth Street, North Hobart at about 9.30 this morning actually...... ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Mmm, can't say I ever found it to be funny at all, so I never watched it..... Then again, about the only really funny US show for me was Big Bang Theory, not nearly as old as All In The Family or whatever it was called ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. No affiliation, one just listed on Porsche Buy Swap Sell Australia FB site. Believe these are rare as hens teeth, I think one of our members bought the rack first and then bought a car!!!
  7. Don't think you guys have mentioned this yet: https://www.manheim.com.au/passenger-vehicles/000000000006170767/2016-porsche-911--991--gt3-rs-2d-coupรฉ?referringPage=AuctionListing&saleid=MPBN21 Sitting at $280k by the look of it, 3 days to go
  8. My 2013 Touareg has the full panoramic roof (not my choice, we purchased car pre-owned), which I imagine would be close to identical to the unit in the Macan, and I've never had a leak. I'd be interested to hear what the issues are???
  9. Our 981 is my wife's every day drive, so she is not interested in driving it in Sports or Sports+ all the time. Therefore, it is superb in it's current role. Interesting re interior layout, I couldn't see much difference actually. Will see what transpires in the future, and how long it takes me to get sick of changing gears in the GT3 ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Took a 718 S PDK Boxster for a test drive this morning. Rare that one our local dealerships had one for sale, and the novated lease on our 981 comes up shortly, so deliberating whether to just payout and keep (2013 PDK, standard, will have 60,000kms on it ) so it was a good opportunity to see whether an upgrade now would be a good idea. Got to say it was a quite a disappointment. Noise aside, the thing is undoubtedly quick when you get properly into it, but the driveability for normal driving isn't a patch on the 981. It seemed to want to get into as high a gear as possible, as soon as possible, so there is very poor immediate throttle response at 60 -70 kmh (it would be at 1500rpm in 6th at that speed). I think you would probably need to drive it is Sport mode as a default to get an acceptably responsive drive. Chassis dynamics and handling seemed very similar (neither car has PASM). So, I think we'll be longer term 981 owners as this really is a ripper car, even in standard format. It is an everyday car for my wife, with a bit of spirited country driving when required. It won't be a track car (we have the GT3 for that), so I reckon we'll stick with it for quite a few years, perhaps until we sell both cars to get into a late model 991 or 992 Targa ???.......
  11. Gonna do that tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Greg Bailey BSP Autosport (Melbourne) may be able to assist or make recommendations. He is South African with family still there in the Porsche / Motorsport world

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