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  1. Good price for a manual if everything checks out, except it is black....
  2. TwoHeadsTas

    Flappy Paddle Conversion 996

    I had seen the 911uk one, but thanks for the Rennlist link
  3. TwoHeadsTas

    Flappy Paddle Conversion 996

    OK, considering flappy paddle conversion for 996.2 Tip. Looks like the go is to use AMG SLK55 paddles, p/n A 171 267 0046. Anyone done this out here, and availability of parts in Oz? Several s/hand Merc wheels on Ebay, end up slightly more $ than importing parts only , but would give me a look at the socket where the Paddles fit in order to replicate on a Porsche wheel. May have access to a P wheel which would allow me to keep my original wheel intact. Thoughts?
  4. TwoHeadsTas

    987 S Cayman in Manual

    Nic, here is current club program (assume it is up to date, but August dates look like what we have). https://cms.porsche-clubs.com/PorscheClubs/pc_tasmania/pc_main.nsf/web/BA47F5FD52C2018FC125821D003ED3DE. While you're on the site check out latest Newsletter, quite lengthy and a good read, also membership form there too. When more info comes out re Economy Run I can send on to you - perhaps PM me with your email address? I'll also get your email address added for event details cheers Peter
  5. TwoHeadsTas

    987 S Cayman in Manual

    Sorry, I meant that in a nice way 🙂 Thought it looked like the area opposite the Police Academy, near where our erstwhile ex-Senate President lives. Perhaps catch up at PCT event, Economy Run / AGM coming up next month, Campbell Town to Swansea?
  6. Good job Dave, looked like an awesome car - perhaps I'll keep my ammo dry with the Mrs until next opportunity....
  7. TwoHeadsTas

    987 S Cayman in Manual

    @dangero, that looks like down Rokeby way????? (from a Northerner)
  8. TwoHeadsTas

    Posting pics?

    @Orlando, so to clarify, is that 5mb (for Financial Members) in total for all photos uploaded in total to the site all up, or total for uploads in a posting (composed of several photos), or 5mb each photo?
  9. Nah, not the car for you.... Trying to work out the best way to broach the topic of me buying this with the Mrs so that I don't get a resounding no.. If successful I might have an 02 C2 tip for sale.....
  10. TwoHeadsTas

    New Aston Cygnet

    most likely... Now let me get back to work. Working from home today, lots of distractions...🙂
  11. TwoHeadsTas

    New Aston Cygnet

    State school, so no Roman numerals for me, but I've got II on you😕
  12. TwoHeadsTas

    New Aston Cygnet

    That's it!!!!! yes, Tazzie, I'm probably even older than you 😁 I think it might have been that Nordstadt was based in Wolfsburg?? If I remember the title of the article was "Sleeper from Wolfsburg"
  13. Just read in one of the UK P mags that Saga's green 911 was being auctioned (at Goodwwod I think) as there's obviously not going to be a 5th series of The Bridge. Proceeds going to charity....
  14. TwoHeadsTas

    New Aston Cygnet

    I remember many, many years ago reading a story in Wheels I think it was of a Golf body on a 928 floorplan, lengthened bonnet required. Wolfsburg springs to mind as the modifier??? Not sure I really see the purpose, other than "we built it because we could" 🙂
  15. TwoHeadsTas

    Portable 2 Post Hoist

    https://garageequipment.com.au/product/maxjax-standard-package/ Just saw these referred to in a UK Facebook group, and checked to see if available in Oz. Wouldn't be low enough for my garage, but could be a great option for anyone desperate for a hoist, but without space for a permanent installation. Anyone got one??