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  1. Yep, that was why I was particularly interested in it
  2. There was a silver one for around that amount in Oct - Dec last year. If we're thinking about the same car, the CS photos had it in an underground car park, but it didn't have all the headlight tinting etc. I was going to have a look at it, but the car was supposedly at the bodyworks having a couple of things fixed when I was going to be able to look at it. It was disclosed as being on the RWOVR, but not the level of detail the Gumtree advert has. Just thinking the detail given doesn;t in the GT add really match that car though...
  3. Mate has a very valuable racing P car held overseas in his SMSF. Great investment, but I'd find it incredibly frustrating not to be able to drive such a magnificent beast 😥
  4. Hmmm, hope his superfund auditor doesn't know about that then.....
  5. TwoHeadsTas

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Perhaps they aspire to better things. The number plate would be the cheapest part...
  6. Mate, as long as you've gone into it with your eyes open, and have a deal that you're happy with, get into it and drive. Don't be anal about the IMS, you'll very soon mostly forget about it. Drive it, maintain it (and change the oil at least annually), and get the filter checked when you do change the oil. Probably do the IMS when you do a clutch, keep a few $$ in the kitty for that eventuality. Develop a relationship with a good independent, (possibly the guy that did your PPI?) and get to know James at Autohaus Hamilton in Sydney for your parts, which will usually be heaps cheaper than a Porsche Centre, and on par usually with Pelican Parts, FCP Euro etc, or not far away, and they're Australian and hugely knowledgeable.
  7. TwoHeadsTas

    The 996 Inspiration Gallery

    We would have had a white 981 last week at a great price if my wife liked white. Seeing as it will be her car we continue to look....... 😕
  8. TwoHeadsTas

    The 996 Inspiration Gallery

    I like White!!!
  9. Who was the external mechanic? If you have read the results of the searches there appears to be a workshop that may be somewhat tied into Lorbeks..... However, other people who appear to use that workshop seem to be otherwise quite satisfied... Again, as has been noted by others, if you are otherwise concerned about the car, can the deal and look at the (quite a few) other cars out there.
  10. TwoHeadsTas

    Where did you drive your Porsche today?

    Bring it on a trailer then ☺ but perhaps that wouldn't be a good look......
  11. Shows listing has ended. Sold??
  12. TwoHeadsTas

    Where did you drive your Porsche today?

    Adam, your target needs to be the Tassie 70th get together and display on the 13th October. We need to find those 70 cars needed...
  13. TwoHeadsTas

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Tassie's first (and probably only) GT2RS just been delivered to Porsche Centre Hobart. Otherwise reported owner also has an R.......
  14. Kevvie, welcome. Who is doing the work and supplying the parts? If you do a search through the Forum on Lorbeks you might find some posts which may lead you to seeking further info, and may give you some insight into whether such aftermarket warranties are value or not. Search function is at the top of the page😋 And, might I add, once you've driven it a little, you'll want to drive it a whole lot more than 2,000kms for the year 🙂 (says he who has driven his "new" 996 12,000kms in 6 months...
  15. TwoHeadsTas

    Hi from WA: Proud 987.1 owner

    What do you mean 99%????? I'm sure you will come to realise it is 100% 😊 And welcome!! We have an 05 987.1 Boxster S manual, have had this for almost 5 years, and have done nearly 50000kms in that period (car is wife's daily drive). As far as we can tell, the car is still on it's original clutch, and hasn't had the IMS done. Whilst I had some concerns about this initially, I've come to the realisation that such a small % of engines had a problem, so I've followed the "be alerted but not alarmed" principle. Each time we have a service our mechanic has cut open the oil filter and checked for any metal fragments (none so far), and when the clutch needs to be changed, we'll change the IMS at that time as a precaution. We are tossing up whether we keep the car at the end of the novated lease (at Christmas time) or upgrade to a 981, but the IMS is not necessarily a major part of that decision. Just get out and enjoy the car, and keep the maintenance up - work on yearly oil changes rather than dictated by KMs travelled. cheers Peter