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  1. Mmm, my first reply must have got lost, or I didn't press the right button.... mc, you mightn't have seen these before, but here are the Roland Kussmaul settings that have been reproduced here a couple of times, most recently by @spiller a few months back. I'm running pretty close to these, with Dunlop Direzza ZIII hybrid Road / Track tyres, and I'm very happy with the handling, especially after fitting the adjustable length rear toe arms, which transformed my steering.
  2. Was just thinking it's a while since I've seen an elephant...... Good call
  3. About to order one now, as Mrs Two Heads didn't get out today to visit the shops.....
  4. Makes sense to me, says he who has a nice understated, common as muck (well almost) Arctic Silver 996 GT3. Quite a few silver Caymans around here, "officer are you sure it was this car being reported........" πŸ˜‰
  5. No, no CGT on privately owned, personal vehicles. If you ever got a query you would show it was personally owned, and the proceeds were reinvested in another higher value vehicle if appropriate, or could show it was a personal car owned for a long time that has just increased in value until over their reporting threshold. However, this is not tax advice, consult your own Tax Agent for specific advice relating to your own circumstances πŸ™‚
  6. Mmmm, I could talk to our boys at work here about one of these. We have a Laser profile cutter that would do this very nicely. I like too..... Just spoke to the boss, he's going to get one of the guys to draw it up. Reckon he'd like one too (has an early Cayenne and recent Macan...)
  7. Yep, have a mate with something very very very desireable in Porscheland owned within his super fund (even more so than an RS @edgy!!!!!). He hasn't touched in for quite a while and it isn't even stored in the same state as he lives, but he is making plans to liberate it. Interesting thing will be to arrive at a market value.....
  8. Here you go everyone, hope you haven't been spending hidden cash: Gazette notice: Commissioner of Taxation – Notice of lifestyle assets data-matching program 14 July 2021 The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will acquire lifestyle assets data from insurance policies for 2020-21 through to 2022-23 for the following assets where the value is equal to or exceeds nominated thresholds. Asset class Minimum asset value threshold Marine vessels $100,000 Motor vehicles including caravans $65,000 Thoroughbred horses $65,000 Fine art $100,000 per item Aircraft $150,000 The data items include: β–  Client identification details (names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, Australian business number, email address) β–  Policy details (policy number, policy inception date, start date of current policy, end date of current policy, total value insured, purchase price of the property insured, registration or identification number of the property, insurance category, policy cost, description of the property insured, primary use type). We estimate that records relating to approximately 300,000 individuals will be obtained each financial year. The data will be acquired and matched improve our compliance risk profiling of taxpayers and provide a holistic view of their assets and accumulated wealth. The lifestyle assets data-matching program will allow us to identify and address a number of taxation risks, including: β–  taxpayers accumulating or improving assets with insufficient income reported in their tax returns to show the financial means to pay for them β–  income tax and capital gains tax (CGT) - taxpayers disposing of assets and not declaring the revenue and/or capital gains on those disposals β–  goods and services tax (GST) - taxpayers may be purchasing assets for personal use through their business or related entities and claiming GST credits they are not entitled to β–  fringe benefits tax (FBT) - taxpayers may be purchasing assets through their business entities with no apparent nexus with their business activities, but rather applying those assets to the personal enjoyment of an associate or employee giving rise to a fringe benefits tax liability β–  self-managed super funds (SMSFs) may be acquiring assets but applying them to the benefit of the fund's trustee or beneficiaries. The objectives of this program are to: β–  promote voluntary compliance and increase community confidence in the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems β–  assist with profiling to provide compliance staff with a holistic view of a taxpayer's wealth β–  identify possible compliance issues with income tax, CGT, FBT, GST and superannuation obligations β–  determine avenues available to assist in debt management activities β–  gain insights from the data to help develop and implement treatment strategies to improve voluntary compliance; which may include educational or compliance activities as appropriate β–  identify and educate those individuals and businesses who may be failing to meet their registration and/or lodgment obligations and assist them to comply β–  help ensure that individuals and businesses are fulfilling their tax and superannuation reporting obligations
  9. I wonder too, he seems to know who all these models are πŸ™‚
  10. Anti-bonking move apparently, bed will collapse with the weight of more than 1 person......... πŸ™‚
  11. That is what my mechanic has used following my recent clutch change and engine out stuff. Of course a complete flush is required to remove all traces of the pink stuff in case of any potential incompatibility....
  12. Like the gold, works well with the green. In fact I'm thinking of repainting my black track wheels gold, which should still look OK on my Arctic Silver
  13. we've already owned our one and only black car...... πŸ™‚
  14. Replaced my front splitter, and did a bit of a (bad) repaint job on the lower part of the cover, which had been previously repaired a bit. Thinking if I got hold of another fairly good one I could refurb at my leisure and get properly painted. BTW most of the scrapes and stuff came from mainland sites, particularly at Wodonga Quest and around Vic πŸ™‚

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