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  1. Planning on testing this theory tomorrow. 5 days couped up is more enough!!!
  2. At an insane knockdown price because a couple of months earlier the company was denied access to the chinese market, causing it's share price to drop significantly. Seems a little too coincidental....... Caused some consternation here seeing as this where that company was headquartered.... One of the former main shareholders is also about to make an appearance in court with ASIC over non-disclosure of interests........
  3. If you don;t sell, you haven't lost anything!!! Time is your friend, just ride it out....
  4. Just old hobbies resurfacing Hugh πŸ™‚ Ones that we no longer have time to do after getting involved with Porsches!!! I've also got one of the Tamiya Anniversary re-releases of the R/C Jaegermeister 934 to put together, and the smaller 996.1GT3 model kit to build as a proper replica of the LHD GT3 I owned. Unfortunately still to busy with real work to be able to do any of this 😞
  5. It has been reported to me by an owner who has his car on a "consignment" arrangement with another large, flashy Melbourne dealer that Duttons / CTS do own all their cars and don't flout the consignment / ownership rules, at least in Vic. Presume that would also apply to CTS, but I think does also probably reflect in lower prices they'll pay to buy outright......
  6. Multiplex stuff is good, but I can also recommend the Parkzone Radian as far as electric gliders. Multiplex Twinstar is also a great deal of fun as a "normal" R/C plane. Brushed 400s were great, but imagine what it would be like with brushless!!!
  7. Ha Ha, probably good point. I can't start the day properly unless I've checked out Gratuitous Porsche Pics and Butt Shots threads (wait, you mean you haven't seen Butt Shots yet???) That's another good few hours, reckon you can lose yourself for a good 2 days with these 2 threads πŸ™‚ @Raven, @tomo & @Niko have a lot to answer for.......
  8. We've got a bloody big moat, but no, definitely not allowed to party. Even going for a drive by yourself seems to be a no no....... We had a last hurrah at Symmons Plains on Saturday, that might have to tide me over for a few months. GT3 was f*cking awesome πŸ™‚
  9. Niko probably needs to come to the party here......
  10. I've ended up with A - D rigs for the 95, 25-30kts would be D rig weather I reckon!! All quite cheap compared to IOM prices, and the standard HWH / factory sails are more than adequate I reckon. Good resources on the https://dfracing.world/ site. Enjoy the build and enjoy sailing. Building from scratch is a something I'd like to do, but haven't the time, even during CV lockdown - doing 4 days WFH and 1 day on site, so still working I'm afraid 😞 Also have A1 and A-D rigs on the 65, but if the 95 was available first, I wouldn't have bothered with the 65.....
  11. What are you building / assembling Deano? I've got a DF65 and 95 currently, getting back into it in a small way after a big past in IOMs, RMs, R10Rs etc
  12. Good to see you out and about last Friday Adam, pity you couldn't stay in Bicheno or come to Symmons. As the guys have probably told you, we had a ball at Symmons on Saturday, and I think our mainland visitors were very happy they changed plans to include this.
  13. My 996 had bonnet sticker, '05 987S didn't, so I reckon the **7 model change was the cessation

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