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  1. Out and about in our rental car on the Fleurieu Peninsula SA yesterday passed a heap of sports cars of various breeds out and about. Especially saw a white flat nose cab which looked like it had speedster humps (964?) closely followed by a metallic green(?) SC or 930. Looked like they were enjoying themselves....
  2. I got an Arctic Silver from Dr Colourchip a couple of weeks ago. pretty sure I ordered L92U, haven't tried it yet though.....
  3. I was thinking $95ish, a Tip Coupe is probably $120k so discount back for cab. I know of the lowish price paid at auction for a car needing a lot of work, which would probably support a $90-$95 price for a good one
  4. My update says it was sold (rather than "on hold"), but I guess it remains to be seen whether it was just withdrawn........
  5. Just heard from a very good source that Tony Quinn has just purchased a Jagermeister livery 962 that will be bought to Australia. Anybody know him? That would be a great car to see and hear at Stutt'fest!!!!
  6. Think I know where there may be a 6.2 engine. Would that be a possible fit?
  7. We have a Shannon's rep in Tassie, and he's usually at events run by the motor museum that I'm a director of, as they're a sponsor. I'll check with our manager when his next visit is, and perhaps pay him a visit with the car....
  8. I'm coming up to that discussion with them shortly, would appreciate you posting the final result
  9. Common as muck Symsy, 22 out of 90 were Speed Yellow, although no colour split of the supposed 17 comfort / tourings. Well there's at least 1 Speed Yellow and 1 Artic Silver ""comfort"..... Price, NFI, but at that price I'd say my car's discounted about $1.30 for every km 🙂
  10. Thx. Will PM you later today when I have a proper opportunity time-wise

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