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  1. And as you're in Adelaide, you've got a fantastic toyshop on your doorstep, Richmonds if you haven;t been there yet....
  2. TwoHeadsTas

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    I can't make the trip over, planets aren't aligning as far as available time vs work to do (proper + household) 😞 Have a great time guys & gals!!!! Now, for HB3, if that happens next year and happens to be on the same weekend as the tennis, that would be fantastic, as Mrs can go to tennis and I'll do Porsche things - perfect solution for someone who has no interest at all in tennis.
  3. You could do a search on both Forum and Google with key words Lorbek, Panamera and brakes which may give you some info
  4. Wouldn't have thought many PFAers would associate with Lorbeks???? Can't say I recognised any of the number plates from PFA photos....
  5. TwoHeadsTas

    Boxster Bargains

    Lotta work and $ gone into that mod, just wondering why you'd do it....
  6. Been staying at my daughters unit in essendon, right across the road from a hand car wash . Gee these guys have been busy over last couple of days a constant stream of cars (plenty of black ones😀) in and out. Just finished a Macan and look like they're about to start on a pretty tricked out 991 Cabrio S. Must be good business over here in Melb!!!!
  7. TwoHeadsTas

    My Gundo Hack

    Probably easier to get the plasma cutter in from the side I would think too, and also the tig/ mig I guess
  8. TwoHeadsTas

    My Gundo Hack

    @TINGY996, is the reason you went for the curved pipes rather than a shorter, straight bypass pipe just because you were given the curved ones? It looks as though the hack is achieved by whichever option, do you think one is better than the other?
  9. Niko / Edgy etc, I'd be very happy to have one as an only Porsche, in fact ours was for the first 4 years or P ownership for us. The hoods are so good I never thought of it as having any drawbacks - the folding mechanism is fantastic (superb bit of German engineering to watch it folding / unfolding), well insulated (for Tassie's winter weather no problems), no leaks etc - million miles ahead of our old MGB hood 🙂 and also a bit ahead our MX-5, which was also Dianne's daily driver for a number of years before the 987. The hood on 981 is even further ahead that the 987.... Having said that, with no proof of any kind of deficiencies otherwise, I wasn't prepared to look at a Cabrio when I was looking for a 996, as we already had the Boxster. I think the mid-engine layout of the 2 seater Boxster suits a soft top much better than a 4 seater. Whenever I see a Saab, Merc or Beemer 4 seater I just think they look wrong... PDK/Tip - I loved the 6 speed manual of the 987S, but am mightily impressed with the PDK in the 981. Whilst the engine note of the 3.2 in the 987 S is fantastic, and probably sounds better than the 2.7 981, I think the 2.7 feels to have more power than the 3.2, although that may because the PDK probably makes better use of the power I wonder?? I just wish my 996 had PDK rather than 5 sp Tip.....
  10. TwoHeadsTas

    997 GT3 Market Watch

    Certainly is Rick. PM me to discuss 🙂 Starting to get some traction with enquiries now, hasn't helped we've been away from home last 2 weeks with patchy internet access....
  11. TwoHeadsTas

    Cayman in Hobart

    3 NW members with Caymans, I'm sure we can arrange something with at least one of them. PM me as I have to discuss a couple of things with one of the owners in next couple of days, so can raise this with him if you'd like
  12. TwoHeadsTas


    Sorry Lee, fairly last minute decision when he offered to act as Taxi. Ended up expensive still though as my wife went shopping with his wife....
  13. TwoHeadsTas

    Pickles Auction 991 GT3

    Think someone mentioned underbody damage??
  14. Lost track of this thread as I've been out of the loop for most of the week. Good looking earlier .1 manual silver at Richmonds, not sure if it has been mentioned before. $58,900 http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1998-porsche-911-carrera/
  15. TwoHeadsTas

    997 GT3 Market Watch

    Like too. 2008 car at Richmonds in Adelaide, $235k....

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