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  1. Owner actually has a C4S wreck and has offered me the parts - without having gone too deeply into it I would image we're talking rack & dash mainly, although there is a different capacity fuel tank for the LH v RH, it may be the C4S one is the right one too....
  2. Probably not a big issue to get another issued as I understand - really only required for specific rego purposes - Our class B SI rego requires owner to have CAMS Rally licence (club level is OK which I obtained), be member of a CAMS club, and for car to have CAMS logbook, as well as the usual rego inspection check. We have letter with import approval no which is other thing our rego authorities require, interesting that this will be the first time the car will be registered in Australia
  3. Will take delivery of my LHD Speed Yellow '00 GT3 CS Friday next week πŸ™‚ Couple of little cosmetic things have been fixed, bonnet and rear bumper being re-installed today. Owner has had some fun and games sorting out some ignition switch and associated issues, seems there's some tricky things that are on CS and RS only, including a fuse under the LH seat that can blow (which had happened). Apparently info not included in the handbook or normal instructions/ guides. He's eternally grateful (as I am) for the resources available through the interweb.... At least he'll know where to look if he has similar problems with his RS..... Then on to try to register - have my mechanic and his brother lined up to sort (good combo, David has done a number of Rally import regos, and his brother is the registered inspection station πŸ™‚ Then sort out CAMS logbook, although I'm a little surprised that it doesn't have one given the amount of track time the Perrini's gave it.... Once all those 3 ducks are lined up, then try for Special Interest Class B road rego.....
  4. My understanding is that Autohaus Hamilton just put in the standard bearing with the inside seal removed??? I'd have thought that they would have enough expertise to decide that this was an effective fix compared to the LN / EPS etc options??? Anyone able to confirm??
  5. Looks expensive compared to the Continental.........
  6. As a further alternative, a number of us have had very good service from David Brennan who is a mobile Porsche mechanic - Melbourne based - he will go to where the car is located
  7. THQ, PM me with your email address. I can scan and email the article for you as I especially got that issue due to the GT3 content
  8. Yep, the ones we replaced were the OE ones too. Never really had a good run with Pirellis, but admittedly these were 5 years old when we got the car....
  9. Haven't pushed the car seriously since we got them on, but on casual driving handling seems a lot more positive, but the old P Zeros were getting on for 6 years old and I think they were getting a bit hard. Wife has noticed that they don't rub on the wheel well lining on full lock like the P Zeros did, so she's happy about that πŸ™‚ I think the stock problems on the other brands were only temporary, as I'm pretty sure the wholesalers were expecting shipments late this month / early next month. When you're ready see what is available at the time, and being in Melburg, the larger tyre centres there may well have stock anyway....
  10. Wonder if the umbrella with the yellow calipers is way more expensive πŸ˜‰
  11. Anyone ponying up for this on Thursday night??? https://www.manheim.com.au/passenger-vehicles/5495201/2010-porsche-911--997--turbo-2d-coupΓ©?referringPage=SearchResults (apologies if it has otherwise been mentioned before)
  12. Enjoying the whole build Jeff, and have subscribed to your Youtube channel. Especially enjoy Mrs Jeff's info segments, sorry mate but she upstages you every time πŸ™‚
  13. Sorry, don't get this whole Drifting thing........ Perhaps I'm too old.....
  14. Perfect, work already done, fixed price under your $20k estimate πŸ™‚ and you can probably sell your old engine on too πŸ™‚

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