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  1. Count me in Hugh. Been to long since my P car has seen a track Cheers, Nick
  2. Fantastic day - thanks for all involved in the organising, we'll run as always, good to catch up & meet some new members. Unfortunately I did the clutch in the second session, look forward to seeing the footage captured from the drone.
  3. Unfortunatelty im not going to make it gents, enjoy the the great breakfast they provide.. Catch up soon, Nick
  4. P/car hasn't seen the light of day for many months, the battery charger saw the light last night. Upside for the weather forecast, saves a trip to the car wash on the way ?
  5. Count me in Niko.. Long overdue for a catch-up & some bacon. Look forward to it.
  6. I bet you were drawn to the yellow one Niko!! Not sure about the tradie grey...
  7. I recall talking to Jim in regards to this, he had it done on his Turbo Niko.
  8. Congrats Niko, Great color & low K"s, well done!!
  9. NiX

    WTB: '05/6 Carrera S 997

    Cheers T-Man, No mate, the VF SSV is out the door!
  10. On the look out for a 2005 > 06, 911 Carrera S 997 - Manual a Must. Preferred - Black on black.. or be a Black interior - Navy or Tan, just doesn't do it for me! Flick me a PM if you know of any. Cheers, Nick
  11. Great ad mate - photo # 4 is a cracker, where did you take that?
  12. All the best with the sale mate, good work getting Mrs Niko on side - that's usally the hardest part!! Now the fun part begins.
  13. NiX

    Malaysian GP

    + 1, Foxtels/BBC coverage is faultless, focuses totally on the sport - from all practice sessions, quals, race & interviews. Unlike CH10's coverage from the Qatas club filled with C grade celbs flogging their upcoming TV shows.

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