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  1. Following matrix has been on the WEB a number of years! Accuracy recently been questioned (996) ? Comfort/Clubsport not shown/known. Source - Courtesy of Porsche Cars Australia 2011
  2. Hi Hugh, is this your old car? 1999 Porsche 911 996 GT3 CS Black | Classic Throttle Shop Black | Coupé | 6 Speed Manual | 3.6 litre | 52,750 kms | AU$259,995
  3. I think this guy has it about right! (Off)Road and Track: Owning an E1 Porsche Cayenne S and 996 GT3 - YouTube
  4. Hi OBRUT, is this your car? Get Deeper Inside Freiburger’s 1971 Road Runner! - Roadkill Extra - YouTube Sensational car, imagine its value if it was a Monaro or 2 door Falcon......
  5. Henry Catchpole gets his first close-up look at Singer's $1.8m DLS Porsche 911 restomod and soaks in the screaming 9000rpm flat-six at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021. Subscribe for more Carfection videos Porsche 911 DLS Reimagined By Singer: On-Board & Up-Close With The $1.8m Ultimate 911 | Carfection - YouTube ps at 2.45min looks like it has a screw in the tyre!
  6. Interesting result? Supercar races against Superbike | Supercars 2021 - YouTube
  7. Keep your 997 (or 6) GT3: Porsche 911 GT3 (997) vs. 911 Carrera S (992) | PistonHeads - YouTube
  8. Interesting; My MK1 (non 003), leather recaro's also has red seat belts. From the Aus Porsche 911 GT3 "Product Information" booklet, there is no mention of "seat belt colour" as being an option?
  9. OK, I wont tell you _ BUT I have owned a 1984 XE ESP ex FMC exec vehicle since 1986 and never broken a handle. (OK it's been in the garage since 1991, but still true)
  10. Checkout this sad chase of a 996 GT3 Mk1: Watching Police Chase Down a Stolen 996 GT3 Is Hilarious and Sad (roadandtrack.com)
  11. Recent US article on father & son's 996 GT3 (Mk2s) _ They look good in the black with the mountain background. Father-Son Duo With Two of the Rawest Porsche 911s (roadandtrack.com)
  12. Digital World Premiere for the youngest member of the 911 GT family - YouTube 27.34 min into video, the 996 GT3 looks sensational😉
  13. ebay has a steady supply if you keep a lookout. e.g. no affiliation: 2004 2005 PORSCHE 911 997 CARRERA S HARDCOVER PRESTIGE NEW BROCHURE | eBay
  14. Looks a great car/bargain if all checks out, p.s. same price ($125K) as last time listed Nov 2019, travelled only 1500KM since. p.s. last MK1 to sell (on carsales) was a NSW dealer black 996.1 GT3 for $179,000.

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