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  1. Digital World Premiere for the youngest member of the 911 GT family - YouTube 27.34 min into video, the 996 GT3 looks sensational😉
  2. ebay has a steady supply if you keep a lookout. e.g. no affiliation: 2004 2005 PORSCHE 911 997 CARRERA S HARDCOVER PRESTIGE NEW BROCHURE | eBay
  3. Looks a great car/bargain if all checks out, p.s. same price ($125K) as last time listed Nov 2019, travelled only 1500KM since. p.s. last MK1 to sell (on carsales) was a NSW dealer black 996.1 GT3 for $179,000.
  4. Think this may be the same car? (56K KMs): 2015 PORSCHE CAYMAN GT4 (981) (collectingcars.com)
  5. What's the Ultimate GT3? Porsche 996 vs Porsche 991 | MotorTrend - YouTube My vote (obviously) 996 GT3 Mk1.
  6. Following quote about Chris Harris comments on the 996 GT3 back in 2012 from PistonHead (UK) forum, pretty well sum up my thoughts: What a strange argument: generally subsequent versions of a model are better - the manufacturer has time to improve on most aspects of the design with the benefit of time and customer feedback. The something that Monkey can't put his finger on is the originality; the first of a breed; the raison d'etre of such a car. The Mk1 996 GT3 is such a beast: - produced to homologate the model for GT racing. - the last to be hand built by Porsche Motorsport rather than on the main 996 line. - limited numbers. - non-Americanised compromises - they are lower & meaner than the later cars. So objectively - yes, Monkey is correct. But using this argument you'd simply buy a 997 GT3RS4.0 and be done with it, knowing that you had the best of a long model development. wink However, subjectively and yes, romantically, you are wrong. They are bought, owned and cherished for what they are and what they represent.
  7. The Porsche 996 GT3 RS Is the Only *Truly* Special 996 - One Take - YouTube 996 GT3 Mk1 are more special to some! (not that I would pass up the opportunity to own an RS e.g. Hugh & Edgy)
  8. Looks good in the speed yellow..... 400BHP Porsche 911 996 GT3 Clubsport by Manthey Racing Review - YouTube
  9. The Ultimate GT3 Clubsport Buyer's Guide - RPM Technik - YouTube
  10. If it's the GT3 Autohaus (Sydney) had in Sep for sale (which I think it is) then no it's not WM car. The Autohaus car VIN was WP0ZZZ99ZYS690373 - WM GT3 1028
  11. GTP911

    GT3 Bits

    They had both in Feb (had to go to Porsche Germany to fulfill my order), their part numbers were as follow: (p.s. they are genuine H&R with Porsche Part numbers) Here is the latest status of the items in your order. Stock code Description Qty to be sent Qty in stock Qty on order Stock status 99633353191504 COIL SPRINGS 1 1 1 FULL 99634353191504 FRONT SUSPENSION DAMPER SPRINGS (PAIR) 996 GT3 MKI 1 1 1 FULL
  12. GTP911

    GT3 Bits

    Hi Cam, You can still buy them new through Design911 (who are currently having a black Friday sale). Expensive but the option I took rather than trying to find 20 Year old ones in usable condition. (price was Ok, Aus tax & duty was BS) In retrospect PCM may have been the best option. 996.1 GT3 Front PART NUMBER: 996 343 531 91 SPRING RATE: 35N/mm 200lbs/in 996.1 GT3 Rear PART NUMBER: 996 333 531 91 SPRING RATE: 65N/mm 370 lbs/in
  13. I would say Touring (door airbags), wrong fire ext and no battery cutoff (electric or cable) 85K KM is only 4,250 Yr _ not that up there compared to some aircooled's listed.
  14. Hi Jason (you know your GT3's), but why do your numbers differ to Porsche Australia build numbers that have been floating around the WEB for ~15Yrs?
  15. With VIN ending in 0241 = the earliest Aus delivered 996 GT3 I have seen for sale. p.s front console option is 581👍

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