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  1. €850.000 RUF CTR ‘Yellowbird’ | REVIEW on Autobahn [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL - YouTube WOW this is unreal😍
  2. Be interesting what CH wrote back in 1999/2000, as EVO awarded the 996.1 GT3 car of the year in 1999: 1999: Porsche 911 GT3 (996.1) To the Scottish Highlands, and a second 911 victory. And who could argue with that? Except maybe Ferrari, whose 360 Modena finishes second. A people’s champion, the Subaru Impreza RB5, takes third. evo Car of the Year: the winners 1998 to 2019 | evo
  3. I think we were discussing CH view about the 6.1 five years ago; anyway my view is the 6.1 was developed/built by the Porsche racing division, 6.2 and all subsequent GT3s have been built by Preuninger and the marketing department and CH has been bullshitting the same *lame theory since 2004. Which isn't *lame, just reinforces each GT3 is better than the last (which is no doubt true) but in the end there will only ever be one model that can claim to be the FIRST of the evolution of the GT3s! (6.1)
  4. Like putting a V8 in boxer or even crazier fitting a V12 in an Alfa 😁 Piston Head guys seemed to think it's worth the investment: 996 GT3 LWFW - Page 1 - 911/Carrera GT - PistonHeads UK
  5. Item Desciption: Single mass flywheel involves new flywheel, ring gear, clutch plate, thrust bearing and gear box nose. No labour parts include, Single Flywheel RS and cup, (9) Pan head screws, Grooved ball bearing, Ring gear, (9 more) pan head screws, clutch plate, Guide tube, (2) oval head screws & release bearing. Note: Mk1 GT3's dont need harmonic balancer change (single mass, standard clutch on Club Sport, e.g. same engine) 996.2 and all others need harmonic balance change.
  6. PCM are quoting OEM parts only for my 996 GT3 (single flywheel RS and cup P/N 96410223931 etc etc) ~$4,600 all parts (excluding GST) and 9.5 hours labour. I checked "part by part" and Porsche Melbourne landed prices, including freight/taxes are better than Pelican/Design911 (US/UK) What price are you looking at for the mentioned "lightweight flywheel kits"
  7. AUCTION ENDED _ RESERVE NOT MET Last BID _ $240,000 (+$10K buyer premium) BIDS _ 66
  8. 996 one Gearknob 996 Carrera Turbo GT3 & Boxster S 6 speed in Black & Silver 1998-2004 (porshop.co.uk)
  9. Split screen GT4 RS vs 992 GT3 - YouTube This is interesting to watch.
  10. THE ULTIMATE DRIVER's CAR: 996 GT3 Clubsport (POV) - YouTube Top Gear - Porsche 996 911 GT3 power lap by the Stig - YouTube Always looking for new 996 GT3 (Mk1) video content 👍
  11. 15 min into this video he discusses missing vents? Legit? Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Nürburgring Laptime. - YouTube
  12. The new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS sits final tests - YouTube More outside car views.
  13. Love this story and also the Aussie 1963 effort. The story of Red Terror - the VW Beetle that conquered Antarctica - YouTube Polar Bug: When the Volkswagen Beetle Conquered Antarctica • Petrolicious In 1963, the humble Volkswagen Beetle became the first production car to explore the Antarctic under the auspices of ANARE, the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions. Dubbed Antarctica 1 and painted ruby red so as to stand out in the snow, the car was provided free of charge by VW’s marketing division—which was keen to demonstrate the vehicle’s capabilities in all weather conditions.
  14. Yanks are continuing to catch the 996 GT3 bug: "Headline: Porsche 996 GT3: One of the last analog supercars. | Buyers Guide" Porsche 996 GT3: One of the last analog supercars. | Buyers Guide | Articles | Classic Motorsports

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