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  1. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Good read if you are a 996 owner or desire to be ❤️ _ evo test, Porsche 911 GT3 996 vs GT3 991: old vs new hardcore Porsches https://www.evo.co.uk/porsche/911-gt3/21310/porsche-911-gt3-996-vs-gt3-991-old-vs-new-hardcore-porsches
  2. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    The 996 GT3 appears to be getting a lot of love in the US from the "comments", RE: attached GT3 recently sold on BAT (Bring A Trailer), nice pictures also. ❤️ https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2005-porsche-911-gt3-3/
  3. Waiting on episode 12 to be released, came across the following RS 1600 Spa video with Porsche content:
  4. Windsor289

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    Looks from a 2013 Sydney Morning Herald article stolen: Judge puts brakes on pursuit of lost Porsches By Steve Butcher 1 January 2013 — 3:00am A FORMER international racing driver's multimillion-dollar damages action - mostly to recover three classic Porsche cars - has failed, with a judge dismissing each of his claims. Retired Melbourne managing director James Rolfe alleged Investec Bank (Australia) was responsible for his seven shipping containers he said held the cars, valuable parts and personal items. James Rolfe: claims dismissed. Mr Rolfe, who had owned a Yarraville container business, claimed Investec took possession of the containers when it seized the land in 2003 to help recover an $11.8 million loan to his company. The County Court heard in 2012 Mr Rolfe had raced Porsches at international and Australian rallies. His transport logistics company, started in the early 1970s, allowed him to assemble a collection that included a 924 Carrera GTS, a 911 rally car - once just one in Australia of 50 worldwide - and a 924 GTR. But the assets of companies Mr Rolfe controlled were seized and sold, including two properties in Port Douglas, the Verandahs and the Boathouse. (A judge in 2007 awarded him $2.7 million damages against Investec for its sale method that undervalued the properties.) But not the three Porsches, or the thousands of ''very special'' nuts and bolts - many titanium - and hand-polished parts Mr Rolfe said he stored in the containers. He claimed Investec took possession of the containers when it seized the land and so had a responsibility to care for and protect them. Investec and co-defendants to the action, Gadens Lawyers and real estate agent Sutherland Farrelly, denied liability. In her recent decision, Judge Kathryn Kings said she accepted the evidence of a Gadens' solicitor that there was no conversation with Mr Rolfe or agreement that allowed him to store the containers on site. She said Mr Rolfe's evidence was ''confused, uncertain, inconsistent and unreliable''. Judge Kings found Investec did not know or consent to him storing the containers at the premises and dismissed his claims of negligence and misleading and deceptive conduct. Judge Kings accepted that Mr Rolfe owned containers and stored them at the premises and that the vehicles existed and were stored there ''at some point''. But he gave inconsistent evidence about ownership of the cars and parts and there was no written documentation to support his claim he had paid for them, she said. ''I am not satisfied that Mr Rolfe has discharged the onus to prove ownership of the vehicles,'' Judge Kings said.
  5. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    1 less 996 GT3 😯: (World Wide)
  6. Windsor289

    the New 992 911!

    Nick Murray (love or hate his reviews) gives an overview of the US configurator:
  7. 996 Quality ❤️ In this month’s issue of Porsche Panorama, you can read about our 1,400-mile winter road trip in a 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo, which started in Easton, Pennsylvania, paused in Québec City, and ended in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While reporting on that story, Nathan Merz takes a moment in this video to give us his take on the all-wheel-drive 996 Turbo, a worthy companion, even in snowy weather.
  8. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Bit of a long stretch of the bow, this particular GT3 (with red GT3 rear badge), looks very similar to the car sold at Shannon's 2010 winter auction: https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2010-shannons-melbourne-winter-classic-auction/S8D3Q9AZ3W5V3709/ p.s I had to check my garage, I thought my car had been stolen, very similar spec: 1 off 13 Touring 996 Mk1 GT3s, A1A1 Black, Leather Recaros, Tequipment cage and red Schroth driver harness. 😉
  9. Windsor289

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Only ever rains on (my) annual service day (@ PC Melbourne)
  10. Windsor289

    What kinda hose you got ?

    #MeToo X 1 30 Mtr hose & reel (you should have organised a commission or rebate program before your recommendation) ?
  11. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Touring, no 003 option on bonnet sticker. (same motor, gearbox, suspension & brakes as Clubsport) Good looking photo & setting ?
  12. Gordon Murray's Mk1 Escort - Retropower Build Episode 11
  13. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Dutton's have just released a short clip for their 996 GT3 RS currently for sale❤️
  14. Windsor289

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Few models are more coveted in the rarefied world of Porsche collecting than the track-destined RS models. Part of the allure is because arguably the most important of the batch, the 996, the first GT3 to have a designated RS model, didn’t come to America. Here’s how a group of collectors brought one over anyway. https://jalopnik.com/these-heroes-imported-the-only-porsche-911-gt3-rs-never-1828791836

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