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  1. Carrera T potential buyers may enjoy this video:
  2. WOW: 1976 video I had never heard of (Ferrari's has just done a Rendezvous Remake), but I now know where Magnus got his early LA run idea from!
  3. Official Porsche Centre sale, 1 owner (17 Years), < 50 KMs, full service history = What's not to get excited about (except it's a MK2 ILO MK1 GT3 😉)
  4. In Australia N1N1 Orange Pearl Metallic (6 off) is Zanzibar to my knowledge.
  5. Is that the Rusty French super low KM MK1 currently discussed on the 997 GT3 thread? Back 2013 when I was searching for my 996 GT3, I found these photos on the WEB of an Aussie 996 MK1 GT3 with 111 KM on the clock and kept them for reference. Is this the Rusty French GT3?
  6. Noting only 308 RHD. "1858 Mk1 built total: Of those 308 in right hand drive of which 106 went to the UK, 90 to Australia and the rest to South Africa and Japan"
  7. My only add: Is Aircon & Radio/CD were No Cost options. Have seen a few MK1 GT3 with No Air, had rotary control buttons similar to an XF Falcon. Genuine GT3 (No RS in Mk1 GT3s)
  8. We discussed this car back in April 2019 _ Ex Nations Cup GT3 (I checked the build number with my records), ps notice the battery cutoff cable in video.

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