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  1. Good point Flaming, that's why I always drive at 9 or 23 KM over posted speed limits (except for schools and built up area's) refer below for my logic 😉 Exceeding the speed limit Penalty (as at 1 November 2018) Automatic licence suspension By less than 10 km/h $201 10 km/h–24 km/h $322 25 km/h–29 km/h $443 3 months 30 km/h–34 km/h $524 3 months
  2. 2nd row, looks like a nice RS 3100 Capri.
  3. Agree, especially when you consider the same dealer has a (sensational) white 997 GT3 CS for $225K https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2008/OAG-AD-16749478/?Cr=3
  4. Hi GUT, they are actually Recaro (GT3) seats leather trimmed ILO of Nomex (same seat) Aus (996) GT3 appear to have been delivered with 3 seat options: 1) Recaro, Nomex (fire retardant) covered, no height or rake adjustment _ no cost in Clubsport equipment = Option code 003, 2) Recaro, Leather covered (Porsche crest ) no height or rake adjustment (same seat as above) = No Option code on build ID , or 3) Cost option electric adjustable seat (normal 996 sport seat) _ option code 375/378 + height adjust 539/540 p.s. Did anyone order a 996 GT3 in 1999/2000?. And were the leather Recaro seats really a no cost option in Aus.?
  5. Checkout the following UK trend: Litchfield's spray on PPF https://www.litchfieldmotors.com/paint-protection-spray
  6. Interesting in condition report**: I wonder what this means? ** Engine & Mechanical: Oil warning light
  7. FYI: I got my copy (the last in the shop) the day I posted, in Vic.
  8. This may be of interest to some? (says world wide release, so you would assume Aus also) Porsche Classic has reprinted more than 700 original driver’s manuals. In doing so, Porsche has provided first-hand documentation for virtually all its early models, starting with the 356 from model year 1952 right the way through to the 911 type 996. https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/2019/history/porsche-classic-reprint-original-drivers-manuals-17526.html
  9. Good watch on the process of keeping V8 supercar engines in race condition. Not Porsche but good engineering (bit of an add for Nulon also)
  10. For all us GT3 admires (tragic's), good read at the newsagents currently: 20 Years of GT3s (996.1 included 😀)

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