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  1. I must have missed this review back in Jan 2020, reasonable read on 996 GT3. https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/porsche-996-911-gt3-vs-porsche-991-911-gt3-rs-comparison
  2. Is that driver licensed? (ride height looks sensational)
  3. My mistake........... Mk2 not Mk1 😡 ps where is the photo gallery on the 996 GT3 RS.
  4. Strap in for 7:29.81 minutes of record-breaking driving. Join Lars Kern as he seamlessly navigates around the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife in the new, slightly camouflaged Panamera, successfully setting the world lap record within the 'executive cars' category. The comments section is worth a read ☺
  5. Happy with my 996 interior; forward and rear view.
  6. Long winded but worth the watch for 996 GT3 ♥️ers
  7. Sell your car and buy the 996 GT3 @ Autohaus: then add recaros/harness bar enjoy and sell in the future for hopefully little loss or possible profit.
  8. Not Porsche content, but I forgot how good the XU1 Torana (inline 6) in race trim sounded (@ 46min).
  9. Thanks MR for the response, not on Touring (mine anyway, MK1 build # 1003)
  10. Back to normal transmission, ♥️ for the 996 GT3:
  11. Don't disagree on sales in the last 10 years on CS Vs Touring. My only comment is don't forget ~ 20 996.1 CS would have been "consumed" in the original Nations cup series. p.s. CS was a no cost (trim) option, so any new GT3 buyer would have felt ripped off without seats and cage in a Touring?

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