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  1. Mike D'Silva

    US shipping costs?

  2. Has anyone received a "web Certificate" from Pelican Parts recently that they are not looking to use? Would appreciate one if you don't need. thanks.
  3. Mike D'Silva

    Brake Cleaner on engine bearings - bad?

    http://www.superstreetonline.com/how-to/project-car/0510-porsche-911-sc-carrera-engine-assembly/ might be a handy read
  4. Mike D'Silva

    lhd to rhd sc 1980.

    I'm in Brisbane and a DIYer at heart. Not a mechanic by trade, but like to do my own work. You can hit me up via PM or phone and I will assist where I am able. o418 3i6 2o3
  5. Mike D'Silva

    Aircooled engine rebuild DIY guide

    what's the update to this thread? Has anyone been involved in having cylinders re coated with nikasil?
  6. That's a decent return. Can I ask which fund? This is probably my favorite thread on PFA at the moment.
  7. Mike D'Silva

    Brake Cleaner on engine bearings - bad?

    they should be fine.
  8. Mike D'Silva

    I smell a rat

    I've already bought them all.. transferred all my money last week!
  9. Mike D'Silva

    Garage Find

    Looks great Bruce
  10. Mike D'Silva

    964 Market Watch

    some of the 964s seem to be moving..
  11. Mike D'Silva

    Boxster Bargains

    wow, if you have another friend looking to do similar, please let me know.. 60k is a good deal for a 981
  12. Gee, that looks really nice. Are you selling it or trying to buy it?
  13. Mike D'Silva

    Phones on planes

    Forget about the phones on planes.. we need to get everyone to use MOUTHWASH and DEODORANT on planes.. and the farts.. OMG the farts...