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  1. when you removed the flywheel, did you see oil leaks around the rear main seal? Or did you think that oil was from the top that had leaked down? Has your seal started walking out of the case?
  2. Does the engine actually die when you change gears and take your foot off the pedal? Perhaps he has the decel fuel cut set incorrectly. When I first got my car back from a tuner, I found that every time I would try to take off from a standstill, it would virtually stall.. Squeezing the accelerator and letting out the clutch simultaneously, would result in a stall, but I managed to alter my fuel settings sufficiently to fix this. If it is backfiring when you back off the throttle, I'm guessing it must be either very lean or very rich (I'm not smart enough to know which one)... I bet if you posted some of the tables here, someone would be able to help out.
  3. Was this one discussed? 77 2.7 Targa, converted from LHD (going by headlights) Burnt valves and apparently needing a rebuild. Was listed I think, at $55k? Only on market for a week or so I think and now listed as sold.
  4. You wont regret the Carnewal GT mod ... some try to copy his, but they are no where near as good.
  5. It was a good 5 or 6 years ago I did mine, and I think the exchange rate was much more favorable too. I did not send mine back but bought a set that he had in stock. I still have my original Cayman S mufflers . If you email Gert, he will happily tell you postage prices now.
  6. mako doesn't (will not) remove the cats. I asked them to do it last year but because they would not do it, I didn't go ahead. Here is a pic from rennlist showing the internals of your stock muffler. Gert didn't elaborate on exactly what he does understandably!
  7. I have a set of Cayman S (987.1) stock mufflers I would sell, if you want to try cutting a set open yourself. I believe Gert removes the cat converters in the muffler (but you still have a set in your headers) and mods the porting a little in the muffler. I would do it myself, but my welding leaves MUCH to be desired. You can look up Mako exhausts in sydney. He mods them too, but only for sound.
  8. Arnie the Carnewal modification is excellent. I did this on my 987 Cayman. The sound is very exotic and zero drone at any rpm. There is a place in sydney who also mods the stock mufflers, but they do not do it anything at all as well as Carnewal (but they are cheap). Reach out to Gert through the website. Very helpful. http://www.carnewal.com/products/987/p87007/987-1-Carnewal-GT-Exhaust
  9. It's a good thing I work for pennies on the dollar!
  10. Possibly all the above. The owner said 5th gear would whine a bit.. and some of the shifting was a little 'reluctant'. Turns out 5th gear was all chewed up. The hardening surface seems to be all gone. And metal burrs were actually being ground off the tips of the teeth; they were sharp and could cut you. I suspect that it was run for too long with a low oil level.. 5th gear is the gearset that seems to suffer first and it seems it ran hot and started doing a lot of damage. The needle roller was pretty much carboned up and was very difficult to remove from the gearset. Turns out, the inside bore of the gear was out of round ever so slightly. The roller and gearset needed replacing. The 5th gear dog teeth were ground down to be assymetrical! and the 5th/rev slider was also ruined. So that needed replacing too. 3/4 slider was worn and 1st @ 2nd gear dog teeth were also worn. These were all replaced with new parts, and new syncro bands too. We also tried a different gear oil at the suggestion of a freind. He shared a compilation of specifications of gear oils and we tried a penrite product which is supposed to have very similar specs to swepco 201. I have only driven the car 20 minutes or so, but have to say, it works extremely well !
  11. Motor was installed yesterday, running and driving great! Forgot to take photos... But will get some details when I see the owner next. Also did a little work on his gearbox.. See if you can tell what was wrong...
  12. I know this isn't what you were asking, but I have been buying my clutch kits from James at Autohaus.. really competitive when you included overseas shipping and conversion rates.

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