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  1. Mike D'Silva

    964 Market Watch

    Very interesting.. I missed out on one for $70k a few years ago.. from memory, it had oil leaks, a non working sunroof, half the car had been painted, and the odometer had "just stopped working"... They look cool though. And I thought they were all C4 not C2? I could be wrong.
  2. Thanks for chiming in.. no I do not have a contactless TPS at this stage.. but have just purchased one and will aim to get it mounted this weekend. Did mine wear a spot on the resistive track? It is not very old and the car has only travelled maybe 1000 kms total with the itbs... Or maybe I got a faulty sensor that didn't last long? Either way, no point messing about.. without an accurate tps, I think data logging is pretty pointless. Of course, I have it mounted at the bank of cylinder 3, so removing and re-fitting will involve mirrors, double joints, dropped bolts, magnets and cursing.
  3. no video... unfortunately. My TPS is giving me varying numbers for idle position.. sometimes, 0, sometimes, -5, sometimes plus 5 or plus 7.... Seems to be completely random. Sensor is bolted on firmly and it is a genuine bosch. Ideas?
  4. Yeah, I dunno.. seeing numbers like that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but I'm probably never going to rev it that high anyway. It does feel strong though Just waiting for my other gearbox to come back from being reassembled.. in the mean time, just putting some more miles on it to get, then will pull it and do an engine out service, valve check and swap boxes over. Then back in for the long haul...
  5. Celebrity owned = quick sale! Such an awesome colour.
  6. I think that output at the wheels is OK. Dynos are subjective.. only good for comparisons on the same engine. To give it some sort of perspective, a stock Toyota 86, which is supposed to have 200hp at the engine, puts down 150-160hp on this dyno.
  7. Mike D'Silva

    Monty Muffler Required - Dyno Testing

    You'd think he would. Asked him the question, he said that his mufflers make more than stock and that was it. No dyno info etc He has enough people in the usa buying them and he is retiring and getting out of it. So, no, he had no data and was happy to sell me one if I wanted to test it myself. Peter I'm not looking to see which muffler produces more hp than stock.. I'm trying to find which one 'reduces' power the least. With open pipes, I am seeing 170kw ATW. With the muffler, 156kw ATW and a 20-30hp gap from 3500. I'm talking with a fellow in the USA, who is claims to have a muffler that is bearable and doesn't cut power at all. Sound too good to be true? This is another fellow..
  8. Does anyone have a Monty 2 in, 2 out, that I can borrow to get tested on the dyno? Happy to pay a refundable deposit. I'd like to find out the difference, if any, between open pipes, and the monty muffler, to see if it impedes flow at all. Mike Brisbane.
  9. Mike D'Silva

    964 Market Watch

    I put a hold on the advert. Have a couple of interested parties. If they don't follow through I'll just hang onto it a bit longer while I finish my carrera 3.
  10. Mike D'Silva

    Brisbane unusual/track ppi

    I wish all those things you just mentioned WERE part of a normal ppi.
  11. Mike D'Silva

    964 Market Watch

    yeah, pretty amazing isn't it.
  12. Mike D'Silva

    WA based 987 on Carsales

    Nice Boxster S badge... if this car is as good as the history suggests, then yes, I reckon that's a bargain. I am FAR from an expert, but I thought these motors needed the case split to change the IMS bearing?

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