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  1. Well, got the muffler fitted.. they didn't quite get it right. Going back next week. Seems to be the never ending story. I'm surprised the car even runs.
  2. does it? I didn't realise you had to be pro one or the other. I'm not sure I was waving the Brewer flag up the top either!
  3. I knew my comments would be contrary to almost everyone else's opinion. I like everything about Ed when he was on wheeler dealers. I disliked most of his videos talking about how he was hard done by. And there are a few; one is too many. I saw he started a series but only saw 1 episode which is a shame, cos it was brilliant!
  4. Sorry, I know there are a lot of Edd lovers, but these videos he made about being stiffed by Brewer, are annoying. To me, he sounds like someone who cannot get over a relationship after being dumped. If he just kept to the spannering and made those videos instead of the whingy complainy ones, my nett promoter score for Ed would go up.
  5. Intersting thread. Here is the exhaust I have been experimenting with... Dynomax 17231 with internal crossover (google it for images). Was recommended by William Knight in the usa.. he hadn't used it himself but we thought it would work out.. and I was willing to experiment. My engine is a 3.0 with cams, compression, and itbs. The airflow as seen from my VE numbers in the tune is quite high, however I am experimenting some resonance around 2400rpm.. it presents itself as a "flat spot" and the VE numbers are very low. PLus the engine vibrates a little around that RPM point. I opened the muffler to see that the crossover was not 100% perfect so I had it welded up. It made the car smoother and reduced the vibration, but it still was not a great match for my motor. I have another style to go on later this week.
  6. I know who I would rather use if the cost is the same. Usatoaus dont actually insure anything... you pay it to them and they keep it as a slush fund... and hope nothing goes wrong.
  7. This fellow has a good wrap. https://www.personalimport.com.au/ Apparently usatoaus are not freight fowarders/customs broker like him... they import American cars and offer shipping as a side line.
  8. Wondering if anyone has a set of nice condition, black, front seats fora 1977 911? please pm me or email me details... mikedsilva at optusnet.com.au i'm in Brisbane but don't mind paying for freight. Cheers
  9. Mike D'Silva

    Swap muffler

    I have a M&K if interested in swapping?
  10. haha.. I thought I was the only one that found reversing weird.. I am so used to looking over my left shoulder when reversing but in my LHD, it feels so weird to be looking over my right shoulder... I really like driving my car though. For me it is about the overall experience, and being on the other side, adds to it.

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