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  1. I recently had to replace just the pressure line in an aircooled 911 - the line that runs down through the centre tunnel, and Len Cummings in the USA makes a great product, which I ordered. However, due to shipping delays, I ended up having to make do with a Genuine Porsche product, that was a massive pain in the arse to fit. The beauty of the line from Len Cummins, is that he makes it so the front part of the line, that connects to the pump itself, is made detachable. For some reason, the gen Porsche item is a 1 piece affair, and you have to get it to run through the car and manouvre it above the steering rack etc.. or if you like, you can lower the steering rack!! The 2 piece line from Len means you can fit it much more easily. I've attached some photos.. Len supplied the line with new copper crush washers, new rubber grommets for where the line passes through the chassis, and also a nice little female coupler that allows you to attach the new line to the rear of the old line, then draw the old line through the front of the car and at the same time, draw the new line through the tunnel perfectly. Also, the line from Len utilises the same fitting at the rear to connect to your stock hard lines that feed into the engine bay. The Gen Porsche line, has a totally different fitting, that requires adapters be made to your hard lines.. ask me how I know.. Anyhow, these lines owe me $280 USD which is approx 380 AUD but I am obviously open to offers. Mike
  2. Welcome back Amanda! I remember you being fairly active on the forum when I first joined and bought my first Porsche:)
  3. Looking for a simple breather filter for the oil tank without feeding a line to the intakes. Also trying to avoid fitting an oil breather/catch can. Cannot just have a filter by itself as the oil vapour condenses in the filter and then drips.... but if the bottom half of the filter was solid, then the drips would just run back down the pipe into the tank. This filter kinda shows what I am thinking, but it's just a heat shield and not sealed to the perimeter of the filter. Any ideas?
  4. The line I had made by Pirtek, is not a fuel line.. it was more a 'dummy' line that I could use instead of a piece of string or rope. Yes, the dummy line with coupling is flexible. The original line in the car is plastic and 'hard' but still flexible. The new line from Porsche is the same material.
  5. OK update to this thread. This is easily doable with the engine/trans and tank still in the car. Gotta drain the tank of course. The gearbox needs to be supported so that you can remove the trans mount though... Getting the fuel lines/banjo over the steering rack is also easy to do. A little fiddly but done in minute. I had the local pirtek make me a line with a coupler on it, that would attach to the original line in the car.. pulled the old line out through the front and pulled the coupler through the front.. detached it... then fitted the new genuine Porsche line to the coupler, and pulled it back through. Getting it through was the tricky bit.. there were some areas that it got caught on and 2 of us needed to jiggle the line a bit to get it to clear. Incidentally, there is only 1 bendable metal tab in the tunnel, toward the front of the car to keep the lines away from the accelerator pushrod. The majority of the tunnel is a square section welded to the top left corner of the trans tunnel.
  6. Car is a 1980 3.0 SC I saw a video where they use a newly made line, and attach it to the old line at the rear using a threading coupler.. then pull the old line out the front and draw the new line in after it. Problem is, you need a perfectly made line, ready to go!
  7. It would be good if there was an easy way to order what I need from someone like enzed. I have zero knowledge of fuel lines or fittings..
  8. I just found this video which makes it look very doable, however it uses a kit made by a fellow in the usa... and I cannot wait that long for parts.
  9. When I had my 964, I ran a cup pipe on the rear and bought a chip from Steve Wong. Yes, it is noticeable.. especially in the mid range.
  10. Has anyone replaced fuel lines in the centre tunnel before? Can it be done with engine and trans in place? What lines do you use to replace the centre ones with? Hoping for a solution this week if possible...
  11. On sale for $58 for 5 litres. I'm going to get a couple of bottles.
  12. maybe https://eldensautobahn.com.au/porsche/ or check this older thread for a couple of potentials? for a

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