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  1. Mike D'Silva

    Door Striker Plate - rusty bolts - help!

    bought some new bolts.. interestingly, they appear to be micro-encapsulated... I don't think I want that.
  2. Mike D'Silva

    How life can change

    gee... really sorry to hear.
  3. Mike D'Silva

    Wheel Bearing part number/supply Question

    cool,. thank you.
  4. So I am looking to buy rear wheel bearings and I'd like to have them before I pull the current ones out. According to Pelican, the part number for a 964 is 999-053-042-06 $41.50USD and the part number for a SC is 999-053-020-01 $41.50USD and obviously, shipping on top. Has anyone bought a bearing from a local distributor to see what the price difference is? I tried called SKF here in Brisbane, but of course the part numbers didn't mean much to them, and I did not know the exact dimensions for what do ask. Just curious if bearings from a bearing shop are better value than buying from a car parts distributor.
  5. Mike D'Silva

    WTB Tired 3.2 Carrera

    If you find a car you like with NO engine, I have a 3.2 taking up space.
  6. Mike D'Silva

    911 RSi

    Why is that weird?
  7. Mike D'Silva

    911 RSi

  8. Mike D'Silva

    Door Striker Plate - rusty bolts - help!

    Thanks for the suggestions.. The easy outs were not budging the bolt at all.. and because the nuts are not rigidly mounted it felt like the retaining plate might twist or tear. Drilling the bolt out was the only option and I opted to cut the plate out with a dremel tool and finish on the bench. Even with the captive nut plate in the bench vice, it took quite a lot to free the threads..
  9. Mike D'Silva

    Door Striker Plate - rusty bolts - help!

    thanks for that... my bolts are rusted in solid though, so not sure these are ideal?
  10. So I felt the need to remove the door striker plate to try and adjust the alignment when closed. However the triple square bolts, started to turn.. then broke. yay me. Upon cleaning all the gunk in the wheel well, it seems that the plate is spot welded from factory and it is not easy to get the retaining plate out, which leads me to needing to find a way to remove the rusted stuck studs. I have put a drill bit through them now.. about 3mm. And have left to soak overnight with PB blaster. Should I try an "easy out"? Or heat? I was also contemplating trying to tap another smaller screw or bolt in from the front, and with heat and penetrating oil, trying to "tighten" in to push the bolt all the way through? or might that damage the retaining plates threads?
  11. Mike D'Silva

    looking at purchasing an import 912e

    If you can get Stu to bring it to Brisbane, I could have a look through it and take a tonne of photos if he lets me.
  12. Mike D'Silva

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i