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  1. Interesting. It's a great colour combo, lots of nice bits, and a longhood too. At some point, the 3.2 CS I represent, must be getting to be a fair value!
  2. I think buying a box that needs rebuilding, is not a great idea, if you already have one that needs rebuilding. Why do you say your mag case box is not worth rebuilding? My understanding is that the mag case boxes, have a steel plate moulded in the bell housing, to house the pinion and input shaft bearings, so they don't "oval' out with use like the alloy case boxes. I think a mag case transmission is much more "rebuildable" than a mag case engine. disclosure: I've not rebuilt a mag case box before but have done a few alloy boxes now.
  3. Frame Number - ZDM3AA3L7FB000510 (This frame corresponds to a 1985 750 F1) Walt Siegl is an Austrian-born designer and fabricator of motorcycles internationally recognized for their timeless design, expert craftsmanship, and forward thinking technology and materials. Every motorcycle is hand built to order by Walt in his workshop, in a converted historic textile mill in rural New Hampshire. This bike is not a bike built by local shops using some Walt Siegl parts; this bike was actually built by Walt himself. The Leggero is arguably one of the most famous of his models and here for sale, is the No.1 bike; the Prototype. This bike was hand built by Walt and he confirmed by email, that this was the first Leggero. The last photo is a screen shot of the email I received. An opportunity to own something rare, collectible, beautiful and timeless... not to mention a piece of motorcyling history. The engine is a 900SS unit which has a 944cc big bore kit, built by Bruce Meyers. The carburettors are Keihin FCR flatslides that sound fantastic and really make the bike come a around 4000rpm. The frame is crafted from 4120 chrome moly steel and the design is a nod to the Verlicchis built for racking.. in fact it has the same weight as the Verlicchi TT1 and TT2 frames of only 19 pounds. The exhaust was fashioned in stainless steel by Walt and pays homage to the Conti systems that all the big bevel motors used of the time. Front suspension is Showa forks and rears are Ohlins... Bodywork is kevlar and carbon fibre. (Walt) “I built the original tank and tail, then Matt Tanner [of Tannermatic], used my prototypes to create molds for this and future builds.” This bike is part of a small collection of vehicles and is being sold only to make space for new items. It is located in Brisbane and viewing can be arranged by appointment. Test rides are not available. Suit Collector $50k.
  4. awesome, would like to learn more about the kit you used?
  5. I'm gathering parts for my personal 3.2 rebuild. Aiming for 3.5 litres. I've not built a turbo motor before, let alone converted one, so perhaps when I get bored of the 3.5 a turbo might find its way. I've read a few threads but wasnt able to find one complete enough, for a turbo novice like myself.
  6. Glad this worked out well for you
  7. Costly? not in retrospect... Will the motor have to come out? absolutely.. feel free to PM or call for a chat 0418316203
  8. I just completed another engine rebuild and also replaced some syncros in the gearbox. Not a bad engine, but it did have broken headstuds. Hit me up if you'd like to know more. The video has some pics of the progress, 1st start and some drive by vids. (I'm not a great photographer or editor!) Don't be afraid to like and subscribe either..
  9. Yeah, I haven't even looked at my pads yet.. I figured everyone said these things are 'unbreakable' so why bother?
  10. HI Jason, glad you are looking at one of these. I wouldn't mind one too. We both know that @Rob needs to christen his new shed/hoist with a couple of jobs.. pretty sure we could knock out - clutch - ims (find tools to borrow) - rms - air-oil separator I've got a Durametric pro to help trouble shoot.. Roof not tucking in is an easy job with some elastic and needle and thread (i've done 2 now and am almost ready to progress to fixing holes in my socks)
  11. gorgeous car.. are those bumpers the ones Ben sold?
  12. overpriced and looks damaged.
  13. Anyone have a 964 or perhaps 993 crankshaft they are willing to part with? Pls let me know. Thanks Mike

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