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  1. I didn't realise that Steve Wong did this for stock 3.2 and provides a modded chip too. Maybe send him an email direct, he was pretty good when I bought a chip for my 964. http://www.911chips.com/engine.htm
  2. I've been trying out different systems on my car over the last year and consequently, am running out of room. Each system was built to mate up to the headers on my car, which are from GT Racing in the USA, originally called George's European Headers. If you don't have those headers, I am sure your local exhaust shop would be able to mate them up fairly easily. magnaflow xpipe muffler $550 997 Carrera S $400 991 Muffler - not modified or tested yet . $250 Dynomax 17231 $400 Feel free to contact me 0418 316 203 Michael
  3. I really like their presentation. Very well spoken, easy to understand (sort of). So you think you would use Haltech next time?
  4. Brilliant. Bet you cannot wait. Safe to say you didn't use usatoaus this time?
  5. How much was that? Would be interested in a sound clip..
  6. No, doesn't drone. If you want, I have another 997 muffler you can have for $50 (no pipe work though)
  7. Curious why you need to speak to the previous owner?
  8. Here is my 997 Muffler setup... it's a tad loud!
  9. I have used him to repair rear speakers in my old 964. Really nice fellow.. and one of those quiet genius types. His work is impeccable.
  10. I would contact Dominic Bonasia at https://www.personalimport.com.au/ Give him a call..
  11. curious, why did the cylinders need to be re-done?

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