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  1. that's a bloody nice looking car. Wonder how much they are asking? Here is mine for sale.. not as original as that one, but I guarantee mine performs just a tad better https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-1977/sse-ad-6626209/
  2. So while this one is done, I feel this one has turned out really well. I have not driven one of these with a 964 cam or a 20/21 (both common go to options for a stockish motor) but with this custom camshaft, it really does feel good. Bottom end is possibly just a little softer, but from 3500 it really wants to keep going. Obviously, we have not done many kms yet so don't want to rev it too hard but initial impressions are VERY good. Would love to get it on a dyno when it has done some kms. This motor runs very very smooth. It is fitted with a set of SSi heat exchangers and a Dansk sport muffler.. exhaust note is very sweet.. not obnoxious. Definately has a deeper growl to it which I believe is due to the extra duration of the camshafts. Blipping the throttle has the tacho needle swinging VERY quickly
  3. Where is the washer and the c clip? Did they come out with the oil seal?
  4. cheers, the case was ultrasonically cleaned.. and then copious amounts of elbow grease and brake cleaner..
  5. Starting to finish this.. I don't really want to add all the CIS parts back to it.. but it won't run without them! What do you think of the black and gold ?
  6. So today I spent a long time double checking cam timing, valve clearances, then fitting valve covers etc.. And those bloody SSi's.. I hate them! What a pain to have to refit them (I now remember the joys of taking them off!!) At least now they are clean. If you scroll up, you can see the state they were in with so much crud baking on them. Hoping these will last a little longer this time around
  7. Cannot remember the engine type, but it is a big port From this TO this New Headstuds installed Upgrade to 9.8:1 CIS pistons... Cylinders recoated to suit. Time to set cam timing! Bah.. I didn't take any photos of the cam timing process.. it's pretty boring and there are tonnes of cool videos on youtube showing how. but, it is done. Here is something interesting to examine... notice how far the chain tensioner is extended in this pre-disassembly photo... And then compare to how far it is extended in the bottom, new chain photo.
  8. I usually keep a few on hand. Can spare one if you are in a hurry.
  9. None. It looked like a couple had been replaced though.. I'm guessing that a previous owner might have had some bandaid work done to replace a couple studs (only the broken ones). The top end had been off before, but I don't think the case had been apart before. They marked the cylinder positions incorrectly too.. The silicone was used during assembly last time around. Is it wrong?? Well, it is not something I would do.
  10. thanks for the interest! Some interesting efforts to curb the rocker shafts from leaking... see the "home made rsr seals"????!! Someone made this spacer for the chain tensioner upgrade.. I guess it worked... just a tad grimy in there...
  11. Thought I'd post a few pics of an engine I am currently refreshing... not sure if many are interested in this stuff... ?? Pics will basically form a timeline.. Had a few delays waiting for parts but we are on the final stretch now. Engine ran well, but was leaking a fair amount of oil. We are replacing the stock 8.5:1 pistons for 9.8:1 and also upgrading camshafts with a custom grind sourced through William Knight in the USA, who has designed these and has them manufactured by Webcamshafts.com. It will be interesting to see how this motor performs, as the cam is "more" than a 964 or 20/21 that is commonly used, but the claim is that it will outperform them, even using the CIS. Time will tell. Check out the before pics...! yummy!! See how far the plunger in the chain tensioner is extended?
  12. No, pretty sure they are not. I've had cup 1 and cup 2 wheels.. but I think these are something else...

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