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  1. A few years ago I sold a pair of Stomski 964 Chain Tensioner tools.. cannot remember who bought them but wondering if anyone has a set they woud like to part with now? Mike
  2. Looks very good. Who did you end up using for paint? Body work and paint is the 1 thing I have no skill.. always good to know who is recommended.
  3. I wonder if any changes were made to the tune between dyno runs too? I remember some videos where Jeff was watching things being changed live.. by the Link guys I think.. but not sure if that continued at all, after the first dyno tune was performed. I still say, time to get a decent set of performance header, and run open pipes on the dyno, to see what the motor can really do.. then muffle it to make it livable. And yes, with the current exchange rate, the USA definately get more HP than we do.. they claim 250hp atw with a 3.0 sC motor with nothing but a 964 cam and a noisy muffler.. yah, right.
  4. nice one Peter. I thought all the same as you and was halfway through typing... you beat me to it and explained it better than I could.
  5. interior looks amazing... do mine pls?
  6. Curious what that cylinder is from?
  7. Has to be Targa? I think there is a 912 LHD coupe with 6 cyl that might be coming up for sale soon in qld...
  8. Targas are brilliant. And this one in silver looks fab. Last one of the C3 in targa I think sold for 100k plus
  9. No, but I wish I did. That is a gorgeous car. I have a LHD C3 coupe for sale.. it should be a little quicker than the silver one.
  10. I'm looking for a set of heads to suit a 964... must have good condition ceramics in the ports. Pls contact me directly if you can assist. Thank you Michael 0418 316 2o3

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