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  1. Mike D'Silva

    WTB 964 Crankcase or full engine

    I'd imagine the next one should be the 2.7 case -
  2. Mike D'Silva

    The Impostor - 3.0L Rebuild

    So... what's the update on this engine build?
  3. Mike D'Silva

    Buying a 986

    A pound or two is nothing to worry about.
  4. Mike D'Silva

    Engine resurrection photo thread.

    yes, at first I thought the low voltage reading had to be the idle value and the high voltage the WOT value.. but when I mounted the TPS on the other side of the engine, in order to get the correct orientation, the wires were smooshed into the engine shroud.. so that's why I ended up ordering parts to make an extension.
  5. Mike D'Silva

    Engine resurrection photo thread.

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bosch-Throttle-Position-Sensor-TPS-0280122001/172902811295?epid=1409519677&hash=item2841cf869f:g:EN8AAOSwIINZ02sm Pete this is the one I ended up using.. reason it was confusing me is I didn't realise they only operation over 90 degree rotation and that you have to buy the one that rotates the way you need it to! And then of course, when you describe clockwise or counter clockwise, is that when looking at the throttle shaft? or looking at the sensor? In the end, I bought some connectors from efi hardware in VIC and will make an extension so my current sensor which is mounted on the left side of car, will reach the harness which was designed to fit a TPS on the right side of car.. I wasn't paying full attention to the instructions in the kit
  6. Mike D'Silva

    -6 AN fuel lines - how to connect to fuel filter?

    So that means each time I change the filter, I have to pull the brass out and thread seal the AN adapter in again... you'd think there would be an easily available adapter.... ??
  7. I'm installing a new fuel system in my car and it has a set of -6AN fuel lines and connectors.. but I'm not sure how to get them to mate to the Mahle fuel filter or the return line to the tank. So, here is a photo showing 2 AN fittings I was supplied; 1 is apparently metric:AN adapter.. and the other is AN:AN but the threads look identical to me. I got the impression I was meant to install the metric : AN into the end of the filter, but that brass fitting is in there with loctite!! Here is a shot of the connector on the top of the filter that I need to connect to... Is there a fitting which screws on to this and takes an -6AN fitting ? This is all very new to me..
  8. Mike D'Silva

    Engine resurrection photo thread.

    Anybody need a 3.2?? Waiting in the background...
  9. Mike D'Silva

    Engine resurrection photo thread.

    TPS mount doing my head in Rear bumper off.. god what a pain.. Oil lines and other junk disconnected... Gnarly shift coupler.. Slowly slowly, catchy monkey
  10. Mike D'Silva

    964 Starting Woes - DME? Alarm? Ignition Switch? Ghosts?

    I just ordered a new ignition switch, however I have a feeling this thread might be onto something too.. https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/339453-porsche-alarm-module-where-is-it-on-a-90-c4.html
  11. Mike D'Silva

    Engine resurrection photo thread.

    Thanks Pete.. I've decided to junk the existing connections anyway, and since I will be using an aftermarket ECU, I will use different point for power and ground etc.