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  1. Totally agree with you on the cam. But I'm led to understand that if you compared just the bore vs stroke argument, stroke rewards you down low, and bore rewards you up top. These are not my claims at all..
  2. This is the age-old question that women have been asking for centuries... what is more important.. Girth or Length??? Or in our engine case, stroke or bore. I'm being educated as I go along.. but I'm told that bore tends to favour a higher rpm situation.. where stroke tends to produce more torque down low. If budget is not a constraint, then I'd do both. But if money is a limit and the car is mainly a street car, and the goal is not to produce a dyno sheet to impress your mates, then stroke will give real world performance (I think). Yes, I am planning to use stock 993 rods with the 993 crank. We will get a custom piston from CP that uses the same pin as the 993 rod. Not sure how high compression to target just yet. 10.5 seems to be maybe a tad too much.. probably get it down to 10.2 or 10.3 to be safe? For capacity calculation, I am just using an online calculator.. https://spicerparts.com/calculators/engine-displacement-calculator haha, just saw that. Your wife sounds funny!
  3. I'm no expert and have not done this... yet! My understanding is the 3.0 crank is 70.4mm stroke.. the 3.2 has a 74.4mm stroke which is where it gets the 3.2 litres. (or 3.15 i think to be more accurate) The 964, 993 and 996 GT3 all have a 76.4mm stroke.. 964 crank is not favoured. But these cranks get you another 100cc with a stock 95mm piston. Upgrade to a 98mm piston and you can then get to 3.45 litres. Cannot modify 3.0 cylinders due to groove for head gasket/flame ring, but can use 3.2 cylinders, have them bored and then re-coated. Or you can buy some expensive slip fit cylinders from LN Engineering and probably go even bigger. 993 crank is better but lacks cooling/oiling mods necessary for a hard run motor. It can be modified or you can buy a ....GT3 crank which has same stroke but is well designed to already flow plenty of oil to rods 2 & 5.. which are the last ones to get oil. The GT3 4.0 crank has an 80.4mm stroke.. with 95mm cylinders you are up to 3.42litres. or with 98 up to 3.64l. I am hoping to do an 'in between' motor in the coming weeks.. 3.0 with a 993 crank and some higher compression 95mm pistons. With a decent cam, headers and itbs, I am hoping to make a VERY strong street car.
  4. Pretty sure that 987 and 997 stopped having them under the bonnet but had them in the service book instead.
  5. A friend has this 2.7 Aus delivered manual coupe with steel widebody done years ago. Freshly repainted. Totally bone dry and rust free. Stock engine and trans.. but has not been run since sitting for a couple years. Just been serviced, all head studs intact, valves set, all common seals replaced. Lots of new parts. Probably not quite ready for sale, but someone who appreciates a very nicely finished car, will totally LOVE this. Car is in Brisbane.. he isn't on this forum but if you are interested, pls PM me and I can put you in touch.
  6. Before I go overseas, does anyone have any leads on a good used 2nd gear set and 1st gear for a 915 transmission? Below are some example pics of what I am looking for..
  7. https://racegearwa.com.au/products/swepco-201-multi-purpose-gear-oil-90w-1-gal-90w
  8. Ryan I can DEFINATELY help you rebuild the motor for a lot less than 30k!!! www.aircooledporsches.com.au has my email and phone numbers
  9. I think that Targa had the most enquiries of any Porsche over the last 2 years!
  10. It's a cool looking car. I'm waiting for someone to ask me to turn their 3.2 into a 3.4 with high compression, efi, itbs, coil on plug, etc.. Hopefully the person that buys this, will want to build the motor too
  11. Has Terry left? I didn't realise. This guy makes it look easy. Would kill for a setup and location like his!
  12. Yes, agree. I car that I helped sell for a friend last year, was a converted sporto.. and he had receipts for approx 15-16k for the conversion. I do have a spare 915 sitting in the garage... hmmm... but even if that targa was a manual, I really dont think it would be worth 50k.

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