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  1. haha Youtube videos are not able to accurately convey how "loud" something is. They can give you a feeling for the type of sound but not the volume. If I were to get a sound level meter on all the different exhausts, it would be more helpful... This system, with 997 centre muffler and 2 resonators, is VERY tame. You can only hear a feint rasp of the exhaust.. the rest is just muffled. It is NOT loud at all. It's almost as quiet as a stock rear muffler. No joke. Your M&K 2 in , 1 out, is going to be MUCH louder.
  2. Selling a brand new, unused, MPL clutch slave to suit a 964. With conversion rates and postage, it owes me around $350. Asking $300 and will include postage. Here is the wording from MPL. Clutch-Slave-Cylinder With our newest development, a clutch slave cylinder for Porsche 911, the expended energy for using the clutch will decrease at about 30%.The driving comfort will rise clearly, because the intervention of the clutch will be noticeably more pleasant.In addition the durability of the slave cylinder will be optimized. Please phone Michael 0418 316 203 email mikedsilva@optusnet.com.au
  3. sold I had it on my 77 3.0. Should fit any aircooled 911 with SSI style heat exchangers or headers.
  4. I am selling my near new, GT3 style, 2 in, M&K muffler. This version has removable tips and comes with a second set of tips with baffles if you wish to tame the note a little. Condition is near perfect. Comes with mounting straps of course. For those that have seen these mufflers in person, they are beautiful and LIGHT. The welds are brilliant. Will fit any car with traditional style headers like SSI etc. Cost to me with both sets of tips was around $1600 AUD... I am asking $SOLD. Pickup in Brisbane or I can post/courier to you at your cost, in the original box! Ph Mike o418 3i6 2o3 mikedsilva @ optusnet dot com dot au Second set of tips with bafles
  5. No, it is actually pretty obnoxious . Youtube makes it sound nice, but in person it is crazy loud. The above video, is without resonators.. just the rear muffler. Resonators are now fitted... but I am not so crazy about the sound now.. They have taken the rasp away unfortunately.
  6. Here is a real short clip... going in for resonators to knock off the harshness at higher rpm.
  7. I wouldn't waste the money on a PPI. Sounds right. And you ride a Ducati, so you have above average intellect. Go with your gut
  8. Damien feel free to PM me with your outlook for your motor. Happy to assist if possible. Mike
  9. Here is a short clip.. got the stock 997 muffler fitted up.. seems to flow well. But just a tad loud!
  10. After a set of these if anyone has a couple they no longer need/want? Mike 0418 316 203

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