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  1. I have a new, unopened 5 litre bottle of this stuff.. https://www.motul.com/sg/en/products/motylgear-75w90 Was going to try it in my 964 but sold the car.
  2. I am a bit surprised too that it is still sitting. Don't worry. It will still sell.
  3. Not a bad car.. come take a look and a drive. All welcome! Can probably make it even cheaper if you are happy with fake fuch rims and a NON lsd gearbox that needs a rebuild.
  4. This is a local Brisbane car.. 1976 Targa with a very late 3.0 engine upgrade. Also running a rebuilt 915 (by T&D) with LSD. Genuine Fuch 7s and 8s. Ex HK car original RHD. Original colour was Lime Green but has been painted black many years ago. No rust. Under body inspection shows it to be very solid. Front compartment has no rust and all panels are original. Can still see the green pain on the battery tray. Drives really well, but paint has some scratches. Seats are GTS Classics Nurburgring and wheel is a Momo Prototipo. WEVO short shifter. Feel free to call me on 0418 316 203. Viewing in Greenslopes, Brisbane. 49500 ono
  5. There is this too.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-carrera-1994/SSE-AD-6171837/
  6. .......I had a really in depth reply to this post.. it was cutting and to the point. But I deleted it. I'm trying not to be too much of a 'keyboard warrior' these days.
  7. I think maybe 75% of the aircooled cars, are driving around using project engines for propulsion..
  8. Here is one I am doing now... broken headstuds...

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