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  1. Fishcop

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    To be clear @Joz, you're chasing numbers perfect Turbo Twists (not also correct Sport Technos) and not the non-hollow but visually identical C4S versions? Happy to keep an eye out, but won't throw you ideas/ads with anything other than the TTs
  2. Fishcop

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    The correct Turbo Twists are hollow too. But the C4S wheels are physically identical from the front , so it confuses some people (flip them around and you can see the reinforcing ribs and the fact they aren't hollow). The Russian ones I posted above are proper hollow spoke Turbo Twists. Your mate's are nice, but they need to be repainted for the anoraks... They didn't come in charcoal. And FWIW I love those Sport Technos - they were an option for the C4S, but alas mine didn't have them.
  3. Looks a bit like a copy of the Wevo design - but comes in a housing. Can you still pull a boot over it for the OEM look?
  4. Fishcop

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    You could take your chances with a comrade in Russia... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224408200758?hash=item343fc56636:g:BLcAAOSwE1dgfppd&frcectupt=true
  5. Fishcop

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    They were a rarer option for Turbos - they are a legit original wheel for a turbo.
  6. $65k on cars is going to capture nearly anyone buying a new car... That's getting harder though - all cash is tracked at a banking point and anything over $10k is referred to Austrac for prosperity. And you can see the writing on the wall - eventually they'll legislate against using cash for any purchases over a few thousand bucks.
  7. Seems to be a bit "too reasonable" for a manual at $115k? WOVR, import? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2001-porsche-911-turbo-996-manual-awd-my01/SSE-AD-7332324
  8. @Peter M Yes I was also informed we're looking at at-least a couple years before we see full counterflow. The soil type is highly erosive and the steep slope combined with rainfall means it will probably continue to slip randomly. I think they will reinforce and pin some of the really dangerous sections, but otherwise they'll wait and see. I might try and find a few hours to do a bit of a mid-week recce and coffee at Gingers
  9. Interested to understand its full history... It seems a bit too reasonable.
  10. Oxley is now open with single lanes and lights. That's the 'get it open' obligations met... But I wonder how long before we have a functioning counter-flow highway? The other good news is the Gingers Creek Roadhouse opened this week also! That's a business that's been smashed in the last two years - will be good to offer it a bit of patronage.
  11. I installed my LEDs this arvo, definitely brighter and whiter - I did the lot, parkers, fogs, low and high beams using the kit mentioned in my last post. Very easy and relatively cheap - a couple of comparative photos supplied. But watch out for the old brittle wiring, my right hand side wires were crumbling - I fixed them using shrink wrap, but may end up replacing the wire for peace of mind.
  12. What about colour coding the centre console to exterior green (Jungle Green?), OEM carbon fascia around the centre dash, keep the carbon gear knob but with a black alacantera boot, and upgrade the wheel to an alacantera GT3 look (keep all the original bits for the anoraks)? You could get a bit fancy with a seating upgrade to GT3 replicas or getting the centres reupholstered in something interesting (tartan?). Seeing a speedo in miles would drive me nuts, so I'd also be on the look out for a KPH unit and have it re-flashed to correct mileage. The more I look at this interior, the more I think it's the walnut burl option package... Would have been flash as a rat with a gold tooth in in the day, but has aged poorly now. I could live with this car - but now buy-in would have to be (a perhaps unrealistic ) $55k, as no matter what it's still an import with 175,000kms on the clock.
  13. Setting aside the import status, the car has a bucket-load of potential, it's purely the buy-in price. Wheels would have to be the simplest thing in the world to rectify (I think a darker shade or a bronze would work too). Get rid of the taco on the tail for a standard lid it's not a GT3. You're either okay with savanna or you're not (I like it and prefer it to the hilux grey that came out), but you could tidy it a bit with a 3-spoke wheel and perhaps a leather knob and handbrake rather than the incongruous carbon fiber look (or is it wallnut?). It is currently a $65k car if you can live with it as is, and a $60k car if you need to tidy it up. But prices are really all over the place.

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