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  1. Up for offers on this package... It's only going to sit around otherwise.
  2. This sale fell through a while ago so the engine is back up for sale @$7k. Description in first post has not changed. But I've since managed to find a few odds and sods to go with the engine including a choice of 2 engine shrouds (T (painted S-red) and a later ducted version also in S-red), the Marelli distributor, some orphan intake manifolds and some linkage (I have to double check sizes) and a complete set of engine tinware powdercoated in satin black (really nice). I can also think about including a pair of near new block-off plates for the shroud to delete heat, you may also be able to talk me into including a pair of lower Turbo valve covers with full silicone gaskets . I think I may also have a 915 flywheel that could go with it - it's a bit crusty and would need a hone... Engine turns and I believe it would start. But I do think you have to consider it a rebuild core. I can put the engine on a pallet and drop off at a transport depot.
  3. Offered up is a complete package to go circuit racing or rallying... Bell KF3 helmet in medium (size 59) with literally 35 minutes use HANS 650 with zero hours use Sparco driving suit - done one Targa Tasmania (size 58) Sparco driving Shoes (size 9.5-10) - done one Targa Tasmania Sparco driving gloves - done one Targa Tasmania I'll split the helmet/hans combo from the driving gear for $650. Located Port Macquarie NSW. Advertised on other sites
  4. So there's a couple of statutory write-off 986 S cars floating about for around $20k. I don't think Boxters will ever be that special in general (certainly not compared to air-cooled cars), but I reckon a cheapish 3.2/6-speed Boxster should be a fun toy with no view to a long term "investment". Presuming a cherry 986 S with some options is around $30k, and there are a couple of tired 986 S cars available for around $20k. What is the 'wisdom of the people' discount price for a written-off and presumably properly repaired 986S?
  5. Fishcop

    Buying a 986

    Odo recordings come from any punter who pays the coin for the check... So if I do an enquiry, it'll ask me the year, odometer and rego - the software records the odo I put in. The next day someone else does a check and somehow they transpose a number or "from memory" put in an odo number that's 5k out, the software records it. So the 5k difference could just be two punters doing checks back in May 2010 when it was for sale previously. Or it could just be one awesome road trip in May 2010
  6. I've got one I'm happy to part with - I think it's era correct for a 77. I would call the exterior average, but I think the interior/underside, and in particular the rubbers and seals are in particularly good condition having been stored in the dark for many a year... well worth restoring. I'd be chasing $1k Shoot me a PM with an email for photos.
  7. Fishcop

    Buying a 986

    Don't tell me that
  8. Fishcop

    Buying a 986

    Stop it! Things are car-quiet here with the final part of my (wife's) house reno underway. When she's done spending I'll definitely look at how far I can stretch...
  9. Fishcop

    Buying a 986

    Yes saw it yesterday. Ticks all my boxes (and I really like the GT3 wheels on a Boxster), but when I add in transport and registration changeover it creeps back up... If it was in my backyard I'd be all over it
  10. Not sure if this has been spotted. Asking more than the sum of its parts, but it would make a different track day car https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/porsche-917-596253
  11. She is really lovely. Don't know what Trivago is thinking ditching her I also have a thing for the Ford AND Toyota girls Toyota girl (Lidia Sark) is actually from here in Port Macquarie...

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