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  1. If anyone else is chasing a CTEK on special, the 5amp is $109, this bundle is probably the pick at $129... https://www.edisons.com.au/ctek-mxs-5-0-12v-5a-battery-charger-bundle-comfort-indicator-bumper-protector/
  2. I don't know that it wasn't an Aussie option. I've seen a couple of AU delivered 997 with that (now pointless) option. The speedo is in kilometers, so probably not a UK import - but I might go take a look on the weekend and have a proper look.
  3. Fishcop

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    If you're okay with a cab and/or tiptronic then it's not outrageous... It's the AU delivered, manual coupes pulling the bigger coin. The basalt black tipper-cab near me (Port Macquarie) is actually pretty nice... The blue coupe with the terracotta interior is pretty nice and the engine has only 60k - that might be able to be snaffled for <$70k by now.
  4. Fishcop

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    Started at $98k and was dropped to $95k a day later. Went on hold within 36 hours of that... Are you still looking or did you buy as per your signature?
  5. A friend of friend is interested in this car and contacted me... Anything to know if I kick its tyres (its a dealer so I don't expect much). How does the price seem for manual Cayman S?
  6. I've built/owned an early hotrod 911 - it took up nearly 20 years of my life; and there is something incredibly special about them. BUT I'm in a 996 now and wouldn't go back... There's lots of reasons for this of course, and my reasons are different to other people's reasons. But as a 50+ old man I am loving the comfort, driveability, access to resources (repairs) and sociability (neighbours ) of the modern 911. Comparing them is barely apples and apples, for all intents and purpose it's a pointless argument. You'll know when you're ready to change, I did
  7. That's true - but the price difference is significant enough that (for me at least) I accept the hindrance.
  8. I had a very good experience with Enthusiast insuring my C4S. The guy doing the underwriting was coincidently the same guy formerly of Ryno who used to do my early cars a few years ago.
  9. As a debutante to 996 C4S ownership I obviously have a completely biased perspective But Dreamr is very close on the money when discussing the current values. Are 996 C4S cars worth $100k? I dunno - bought mine to enjoy, but that was why I bought my 911t back in the day. Does anyone know what the production numbers were relevant to AU delivery and manual gearboxes? It is the AU/Coupe/Manual triumvirate the buyers are chasing...
  10. Fishcop

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    If any lurkers are okay with a tippy, the midnight blue/terracotta car in Sydney seems to be quite a good car - I had some communication with the owner and it's complete providence is well documented. Including the factory replacement engine (IMS failure), but the plus is there's only 60k on that engine. And I love the terracotta interior!
  11. Fishcop

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    Well this is starting to get a bit crazy... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2003/sse-ad-7010028/?utm_campaign=interest-alert&utm_source=notification-centre&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=dd287605-bae9-4f62-92da-1a2548a2d883
  12. Well a quick morning flight to Sydney and drive home in my new (to me) 996 C4S. I've coveted this model ever since seeing a new one in the showrooms 18 years ago when I was tooling around in my old 911t... Finally got to own one today. Big thanks to a few on here that took the time to give me a run-down on the model and "adjust down" my expectations of what I'd end up with if I didn't "adjust up" my budget - and in the end one person even agreed to sell me their own C4S. @disco I honestly couldn't have asked for a better owner-seller to deal with, who even sent me off with full tank and some cold water for my 5 hour drive home
  13. Owner's response on FB It's not stolen at all . The long story short, I traded him an r23 GTR plus another car and cash for the Porsche, he then killed the engine a month after trading the r32 GTR with me. He then expected me to pay 20K for an engine rebuild (which I obviously said no to doing). Only he knows how far he turned the boost controller up. There is no dispute with ownership at all mate, it is entirely my car figuratively, literally and legally as per the legal contract (Bartering agreement) we both signed. He thinks that I have now ripped him off 20k so he thinks I have "pretty much stolen it off him". He is also a bit upset because I politely turned down the offer he presented to me wanting to buy the Porsche back for an absolute low ball offer, just prior to him making this post.

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