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  1. That's "PVX". It was built for the owner by Hayden Burvill (WEVO) - an expat Aussie.
  2. It's great stuff. I imported a gallon jug of it years ago and am still quietly working my way through it. Good to know I can get it locally now
  3. A few of us on here visited Canepa's in northern California after Rennsport in 2015. It's well worth the sojourn
  4. I bought the car without - I'm actually not a fan of them. This wheel is a '88 and to my eye is a bit more period correct.
  5. The number plate and parking just make what they say about Porsche drivers true...
  6. Fishcop

    Wheel Kicking...

    Ha ha - pretty sure I can't get them to fit on the late offset 944 hubs (ET52/47)
  7. Fishcop

    Wheel Kicking...

    Hi Rob, definitley interested in Cup II wheels... Are they available?
  8. Fishcop

    Wheel Kicking...

    Yes I really like the look of Cup I or Cup II on the 944/968 too. I know Cameron at Classic Wheels Australia has a nice replica of the Cup I available which I'll possibly look at if I have no luck seeing what members here might have gathering dust in the shed There's actually some options out there for the earlier offset, but it gets trickier with the later S2/Turbo offsets. And obviously you pay for what you get and the really nice wheels are pricey... Especially if you have to factor in new rubber too.
  9. You can also speak with your insurance company to get a cover-note in advance - they'll soon flag any anomalies if the details don't check out. They may even be able to cover you for any fraud?
  10. I think it's the old adage, "You buy the owner"... Trust just has to come into play. I've bought two cars sight unseen and interstate in the last year (Amarok and 944), and both were a case of being happy with the communication and good photos, do REVS and PPSR checks (REVS for crash/insurance history, and PPSR to check for financial ownership) they're only a few dollars for the peace of mind. If you can find an independent person (or friend) to take a look and just be sure it is what it is, then do that too. In Porsche world it's pretty easy to find someone happy to eyeball a car for you (and I've usually sent a Dan Murphy's gift car their way ) Payment wise, that's a trust thing, but using eft means there are electronic and account records should you have to chase it. Transport wise there used to be options (fly in and drive, drive down with a trailer etc...), but at the moment it often falls to using a transport company.
  11. Fishcop

    Wheel Kicking...

    I believe mine was the very 944 that they spent time on I'm trying to keep a little more 'period correct' if I can. I'm surprised you've still got them - they're good looking wheel on 911s and Boxsters of the era.
  12. Fishcop

    Wheel Kicking...

    Hi Jason, I did consider yours, but they are essentially the same as my D90s in size/ET/tyre options. My move to 17"+ is for both looks and improved tyre availability. Cheers John Yes I saw those also and thought they looked good. I just don't think by budget stretches into the more exotic rim/tyre options - otherwise I'd be buying the RUF 17" on Gumtree.

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