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  1. This might suit someone - the kms are astonishing and I love the colour combo... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2970322466397897/
  2. Looks like this one is probably going to get its $60k...
  3. I agree. Just the tone of the ad puts me off. But if I was looking, it initially ticks a few boxes for me, maybe enough to phone him
  4. This Boxster S has popped up in my home town of Port Macquarie. Interesting ad (shit in every way) but this could be a gem if it Aus delivered and maybe had the IMS done... though I have my doubts. Nice colour and interior combo, manual and lowish kms, and has a hard roof priced at $25k. Posted here with no affiliation just in case it's the one you've been looking for. Would love to hear how you go if there's a buyer here. I'm committed to my 944 search https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/port-macquarie/cars-vans-utes/porsche-boxster-s-/1248728257
  5. Not me sadly. For me a 944 Turbo really has to have some quality providence given the cost of getting one rebuilt if something goes wrong. This one was a superb colour combo and looked the goods, but I couldn't see it in the flesh because of recent travel issues and I think the seller thought I was tyre kicking and didn't take my request for some better service history documents beyond the UK books which stopped in 1999 - so that's 20 years of vague "looked after by a Porsche tech" gambling I couldn't accept. I'm please for who ever has bought it and hope their pre-purchase homework checked out.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. @$60k it's too rich for my blood - and I do think given how long a few of the Turbos on CS have been sitting around, the market is getting weaker. This is possibly the first time I've been in the market when it hasn't been raging and cars selling in hours. It's nice
  7. Crazy. You're paying for an ad - might as well use up all the photo opportunities and 'compare the market' If this is all the effort you're going to make, use Gumtree.
  8. Despite asking, the seller cannot/has not provided some recent evidence of maintenance - only stating that it was owned by a local Porsche tech - but no name is provided. Plus he's highlighting 157k in kilometers, and as we all know the speedo must have been in miles originally. NSW is starting to be a bit easier to move around in now, so I may go and have a look. QLD and SA cars are still off the table. I thought someone here may know it/viewed it/driven it.
  9. It's certainly on my radar - great looking car. But Queensland is "closed" And also, because Turbo.
  10. Looking to dip a toe back into a Pcar. I'm aware of some nice 944s (Turbo and S2) available off-market, but this one has been around a while and I love the colour combo (I know it's an import and the KM speedo has to have been replaced thus throwing shade on that 159k odometer). Really just trying to educate myself - anyone know much about this 944 Turbo https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lane-cove-west/cars-vans-utes/1987-porsche-944-turbo-immaculate-5-speed-all-books/1240174250
  11. Because it drew air for the LHD European and North American webasto heated cars.
  12. No not for me... No restorations in my immediate future I couldn't get the FB ad to link here, adding the photo was as good as it got.

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