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  1. Perhaps you're right. I'll look into it I guess... Just a bit worried about finding a decent local tradie.
  2. Yep, that's what I worked out - but the Millie Miglia don't have the exit pipe pivot like original. I have a welder and can weld etc... but I was hoping for just a straight bolt on change over There are many more C2s than C4Ss so I'll try to move these and recover my costs. Then I may think about the gundo/fister thing.
  3. Porsche now offers "Classic Pricing" but unfortunately not all stealerships have a Classic Service Department (technician) - I think it's just Willoughby and Melbourne? I'm hoping the new Newcastle dealership may offer it.
  4. Originals have an articulation point which I suspect either adjusts or allows for different tips depending on the model and fister/gundo will make no difference. But the C2 exit point is definitely wider than the C4 on the bumpers, so adjustment is necessary. Easy on originals. I am already going to have a pretty full car, but I could bring them if someone commits to buying...
  5. So today I learned that the 996 C4S exhaust is 'just a bit different' from the C2 😕 I grabbed this pair of s/h Millie Miglia stainless steel cans from Daniel at DParts. I cleaned them up this week with some steel wool and polish ready to install today - but after pulling my originals out, I find that the tips are in the wrong spot for the C4S/Turbo rear bumper (and are not adjustable). FML. They are in good used condition - heat blemished and have a little rattle (like there is a small amount of gravel in them). Tips are lovely and highly polished. I have not run them, can't tell you how loud or obnoxious they are - but on the few Youtube vids I could find, they seemed civilised. I know I could get them adjusted etc... but CBF. So offered up here first - Asking $1k which is what I just paid - plus a heap of elbow grease. Located in Port Macquarie but can freight (to give you an idea, I just paid $80 for freight from Melbourne). Thanks for looking.
  6. There is the Aussie Bubble to consider here too... Despite 175000 built, only a very small proportion are RHD and complianced in Australia - and we know there is a deep aversion to 'imported cars' by buyers. Ditch the cab autos (and I mean no offence to those owners) and you have a relatively rarer 996. Pick some of the paint to sample or unpopular-at-the-time colours (remember Coffee Brown in the G series?) for some more kudos, or the factory specials, or the C4S; and you're now potentially swimming in cream as time rolls on. A search of 996 manual coupes for sale quickly brings some perspective. But I tend to agree that they won't reach the automotive iconography of the air cooled, small bumper cars.
  7. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    I suspect they'll be shit but you never know
  8. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    For reference I've taken a punt on these at $17 delivered for four and apparently locally stocked... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174576827201?ViewItem=&item=174576827201&v=1&utm_source=unp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=RT000090&utm_unptid=&ppid=RT000090&cnac=AU&rsta=en_AU(en-AU)&cust=&unptid=&calc=7d747ac8f593e&unp_tpcid=null&page=main:email:RT000090&pgrp=main:email&e=cl&mchn=em&s=ci&mail=sys&appVersion=1.31.0&xt=104038
  9. No I was referring to the 56k mileage - price points both in the mid $70s. One car is clearly more desirable than the other
  10. Well he's up against this 56k manual coupe in that price point... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual-my02/SSE-AD-7053596/?Cr=0
  11. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    Yep these would certainly be the go if I was using a car hoist. With just the floor jack I can take my time - though having that locating lug makes life a lot easier.
  12. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    Unfortunately Clark Rubber went tits up here a couple of years ago - it was my go to for all this stuff. The 996 jack points are slightly recessed below the side skirt profile and my floor jack's plate diameter doesn't safely clear. A vulcanised rubber hockey puck is 3"x1" (giving me the tiny bit of clearance I need) and only $3.75 when bought as pack of 5 - I reckon that's what I'll do. I just wondered if anyone else had taken the fancy route
  13. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    Yeah I saw those - but everything is overseas based. Just thought there might have been a local supplier. Rubber hockey pucks are cheap and easy - I'll probably go with them. I like being fancy
  14. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    Or do I just order some hockey pucks (pack of 5 for $30)?
  15. Fishcop

    Jack Pads

    Anyone know if there is a local supplier of the Porsche specific jack pads/pucks that fit the modern Porsche lifting points (like the Powerflex PF57-560) https://flat6motorsports.com/products/powerflex-polyurethane-jack-pad-adapter I'm just looking to be able to jack my 996 up without doing any underbody damage...
  16. This C4S has popped up again - if you're okay with tip, this has low kms and IMS done. Seems nice? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2002/sse-ad-3418429/?utm_campaign=price-alert&utm_source=notification-centre&utm_medium=browser-push-notification&csn_atid=570f382a-869a-4d72-a00e-3b37fa41e716
  17. I say we pass a hat around. $10 from each member here could see us with enough to buy and crush...
  18. I've built/set up a few home garages now... Lighting - lots of options now in LED strip lighting, but also consider a strip at 1' level for when you've got cars on a hoist. Have your sparky add a lighting circuit with plugs so you can constantly update/upgrade lighting as it gets better and to facilitate easy replacement. Also add switched options for less/more light as needed. Don't forget light over work benches. 15amp power points! Small expense for added draw items like a welder and compressor. You can also run caravans etc... 3 phase if you're feeling exotic or running a plasma cutter Retractable power lead (on a spring coil) so you can run power outside easily. Ceiling fans (for comfort) and a powered wall exhaust/extractor fan so you can run cars briefly without NOX poisoning (you can box the area and use as a fume cabinet). Really consider ventilation overall! I used to add plumbed air, but as Jeff suggests, it can be a bit superfluous with the battery gear available now. But it's great for blowing out the work space (though I now use my 32v garden blower most of the time). A single air source on a retracting coil is probably all that's really needed these days. Slab drainage as others have suggested Seal the slab with quality 2-pac to enable cleaning and in a lighter colour to reflect light up and under your cars. Big TV and fridge. Also a bluetooth speaker for tunes etc... If you're getting exotic, a lift embedded into the slab would be sweet AF! Smoke alarms (but make up covers for times when you're making smoke such as welding) Plumbed water/sink. Toilet and shower is a genuine bonus! Wall mounted whiteboard for 'lists' (helpful for when you're servicing or got multiple projects on the boil) Shop laptop and internet
  19. Cheers - I may end up taking you up on them if I don't have any luck.
  20. Hey All. Rather than cut up perfect low km exhausts for Gundo/Fister etc... I'm checking to see if anyone has a pair of aftermarket post-cat mufflers to fit 996.2 they'd part with? Something like Cargraphic etc... Not looking for loud/race type 'silencing' but a nice step up from stock. Cheers John *Sorry - I realised this is in the wrong spot - can admin move to wanted?*
  21. These any good? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-martha/wheels-tyres-rims/porshe-wheels/1262105639

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