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  1. for the porsche owner who has everything very cool **no affiliation** HEEL TREAD - German Cars Socks - Heel Tread
  2. dave belford not sure of his contact details
  3. my recent slot car purchases of some of my favourite race cars the foley 911 is a bit special as i had a hand in the restoration of the original car an older purchase of another favourite in 1/43 ? scale
  4. yep,with australian supplement
  5. he also had a couple of drives in the ex-foley 911 until it jammed on full throttle this is from a photoshoot at sandown in 2012 after the resto
  6. i've used h/d velcro a few times
  7. give sasha a call...fastidious and very reasonably priced http://www.deluxkustoms.com/
  8. reprisal like the cohen brothers meets tarantino
  9. this clown also sped past my daughter in same location a while ago seemed to be a regular occurrence between 5-6pm
  10. there used to be a red/white 2 tone in melbourne like this

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