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  1. most of melbournes traffic woes are the result of the brumby regime where all traffic lights were taken out of sequence,apparently to slow us all down...which is great ,because traffic is all released in "blocks"..eg try getting from left lane to right line on a 3 or 4 lane road(of course other road users will let you in ...NOT) this same regime also decided to eliminate bus stop bays and give buses one entire lane to them on major arterials..no consultation with the public,just done...also bus lane rules were never explained to drivers (the smart thing to do would have been at least a leaflet with rego renewal) now they wonder why congestion has gone through the roof and don't get me started on divers with international licenses...reported daily on the radio are crashes on doncaster rd..i'll let you work it out
  2. some memories in those pics ..thanks dennis bath? in the orange car
  3. spotto last friday silver 964(euro plates?) parked on southbound side eastlink and a green g series 911s parked on nepean hwy rye
  4. i remember being in the back of a pantec at winton trying to fit an enormous waste gate spring to that..spencer harrison was standing on top of the waste gate bobbling all over the joint while i did up the nuts..hilarious..eddie hackels nephew and i drove the car up to that meet and witnessed one of the most astonishing drives i've ever seen from the back of the grid(by alan hamilton,he was only there for a bit of fun)on slick tyres in the wet to 3rd place,if i remember correctly
  5. mmmmm.that's strange...maybe try another internet provider
  6. got a pile of shots from 84 wec at sandown,they're probably the best ones i have..and some stories to go with
  7. i did the 911engine/944 intro course in 82 and the gearbox course in 85 at pca the factory course in germany in 89 with ralph,carlos, ted,(from t&d) & len some later courses with the above and clive from act worked with peter holland , warwick mckenzie & gordon heane (who's still there)
  8. it was still registered in it's gtr configuration..it did one round of porsche cup at winton..too tight a track..huge lag..poor steerer..would have been much more competitive in it's original guise
  9. 1987..i was in race dept late 86-early 88 it wasn't alans and pretty sure it was an 82 model that premises was pca ,and was also the bond store so every car went through there alan always had cream 928's(yearly ),the red 944 cup car in 88.white 911cs in 88,purple 964 cup car 90 we also built the 911 spyder in 87 and the 911(959 4wd) factory protoype(lindsay foxes now) only a handful of people had access to some of his cars and "goodies",i like to think i was one of them i wouldn't trust that article too much...polished titanium??..i know he did have a short wheel based 911 with turbo running gear i don't know if you recall,but before the gtr engine went in ,it was on pallet racking(as you walked in from service dept to race dept) with a spare 908 engine above it
  10. i never said the 944 engine i said gtr ,that would be 924gtr there was only 1 r/h/d gts,this was it..sacraligious nowadays..and jim wasn't the best steerer i think your confusing the sale in 92(when the recession came to being and alan sold off his collection to keep the company afloat)for the 944 cup car with the big rear wing
  11. yes james ,after it was upgraded to gtr the last pic was at calder after the work was done i did drive it on the road(mulgrave freeway)in this configuration ,horrendus turbo lag..definetly built for mulsanne. that engine never had cooling fans originally,managed to squeeze in thermo's
  12. don't get me wrong klaus was a nice guy and a wizz with electronics to say i'm making things up is a cop out must have imagined this
  13. believe what you like, i don't need to make things up. you can ask peter h,ralph ,clive or carlos

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