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  1. and then there's this SAVE HOLDEN HERITAGE NOWAt GMH there’s a special collection of Holden cars, special models and prototypes (CHMC shared photos of some of these in our Photos or Post of 20 Oct 2019) AND the unique Holden archives - design, engineering, manufacturing records and advertising documents and photos going back over 100 years. You can SAVE these cars and archives from GM taking them overseas (GM has an American archivist coming over) The export of the cars and archives can be easily stopped by our Government - significant Australian heritage can’t be exported under the Protection of Moveable Heritage Act - and the cars and archives at Holden have got to be significant and unique to Australia. So WHAT DO YOU DO - 1. call, email write to your local Federal MP - tell them to get the Minister to refuse export licenses for any GMH heritage fleet vehicles or GMH archives; 2. call, email or write to the Minister - The Hon Paul Fletcher MP, PO Box 6022 House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: + 61 2 6277 7480 paul.fletcher.mp@aph.gov.au 3. Call, email or write to the Department that is charged with protecting our Moveable heritage - Cultural Property Section Department of Communications and the Arts, GPO Box 2154, Canberra ACT 2601 Email: movable.heritage@arts.gov.au Phone: 1800 819 461
  2. yes I know him well,we built some cool stuff together
  3. yes he bought it in 77..he's still wrenching away,building engines
  4. this is my old man and his business partner he still has 2,his 1st one and a last of series in pearl white with mahle wheels
  5. a fantastic man whom I had the pleasure of working alongside
  6. my mate will contact you through facebook message,so you can combine police investigations
  7. the ad is removed as soon as the deposit is made..this particular ad was up for 10 minutes
  8. mate of mine got scammed last week for $500 for deposit on a vw split bus on gumtree..guy went by name of Mark Jacobs..spoke an elaborate game of how he's restoring an old 911 and needed $$ to finish it off...said he's from glen waverly,bank account in broady... betcha it's the same guy weird for $500 go to the cops and do the paperwork
  9. jnr356

    Wurth Silver Wheel Paint

    https://eshop.wurth.com.au/en/GB/AUD/ https://eshop.wurth.com.au/Paint-spray-special-PNTSPR-RIMSILVER-400ML/0893351900.sku/en/GB/AUD/?CampaignName=SR001&SelectedFilterAttribut=%5B%5D
  10. painting is the easy part,it's the preparation that is difficult to master for the inexperienced
  11. I am in Kilsyth south,i have some smaller 2nd hand parts..happy to give some advice if needed.. my fb page https://www.facebook.com/ACME-Aircooled-1521417118117988/
  12. picked up this little beauty from woolies for my grandson

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