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  1. give sasha a call...fastidious and very reasonably priced http://www.deluxkustoms.com/
  2. reprisal like the cohen brothers meets tarantino
  3. this clown also sped past my daughter in same location a while ago seemed to be a regular occurrence between 5-6pm
  4. there used to be a red/white 2 tone in melbourne like this
  5. they're great gearboxes,i remember changing ratios on a gt while the customer waited
  6. this reminds me of a ppi I did on an "award winning" 356,went on a road test at the end of a ppi and checked the heater operation.well a mountain of sand filled the cabin.out of the heater vents .demister vents and into my eyes..when reported the owner was furious and had a go at me "why did you use the heater ?" btw I did vacuum it out before it was handed back
  7. when a tech gets given a job card that says ppi.he doesn't know the price for sale,the buyers/sellers expectations or any other nuances of the eventual deal.he can only report on the cars condition.that is up to the buyer/seller to work out. all i know that when I do them ,if in about 10 minutes you realise the car is a dog/fishy/previously smashed etc I check that that ppi requestee still wants to proceed before going through the whole process. as previously stated you have to have a baseline,and that is how it left the factory. at my 3 previous Porsche workshops I was the go to guy for ppi's so I have had a bit of experience in this field and you definitely can't please everyone.
  8. so you ask for a ppi and anything wrong with the car is reported(as compared to how it came off the production line) what were you expecting?..i am I missing something here ?
  9. and then there's this SAVE HOLDEN HERITAGE NOWAt GMH there’s a special collection of Holden cars, special models and prototypes (CHMC shared photos of some of these in our Photos or Post of 20 Oct 2019) AND the unique Holden archives - design, engineering, manufacturing records and advertising documents and photos going back over 100 years. You can SAVE these cars and archives from GM taking them overseas (GM has an American archivist coming over) The export of the cars and archives can be easily stopped by our Government - significant Australian heritage can’t be exported under the Protection of Moveable Heritage Act - and the cars and archives at Holden have got to be significant and unique to Australia. So WHAT DO YOU DO - 1. call, email write to your local Federal MP - tell them to get the Minister to refuse export licenses for any GMH heritage fleet vehicles or GMH archives; 2. call, email or write to the Minister - The Hon Paul Fletcher MP, PO Box 6022 House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: + 61 2 6277 7480 paul.fletcher.mp@aph.gov.au 3. Call, email or write to the Department that is charged with protecting our Moveable heritage - Cultural Property Section Department of Communications and the Arts, GPO Box 2154, Canberra ACT 2601 Email: movable.heritage@arts.gov.au Phone: 1800 819 461

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