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  1. https://au.yahoo.com/news/driver-celebrates-after-overtaking-porsche-hit-by-crane-in-ivanhoe-010005741.html
  2. jobs still there https://www.thebarrelmakers.co.uk/😉
  3. And yet Magnus Walker is treated like the messiah around here... I'm confused🤔
  4. go and check the dealers,especially used car dept we used to have a pile of them at pcm back in the day. owners would never pick them up(didn't have room to store them)became a bit annoying
  5. we used to use holden washer reservoirs(small rectangular)from bursons in tarmac/rally cars we snapped a balljoint in the wynns safari..good idea to replace
  6. no,the next time though the factory sent out a "dummy car" ahead of the race alan hamilton was deadset on getting it going,i had to try and open the battery box which they had sealed with a heated w/screen sealant..she was a no go
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Porsche-356A-356B-Fuel-Tank-Level-Sending-Unit-JP-Group-Dansk-1615800100-/361954209873
  8. WUR can be adjusted,was common when they were new always reminds me of "risky business" when the 928 was hard to start,he needed his done too

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