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  1. I definitely noticed the harder ride on 20's with non adaptive suspension... Fortunately the SA car has the base wheel with the column mounted wand to change info display. A simple retro fit with the sports design wheel should be straight forward.
  2. Warren - I looked at the car and it is in excellent condition, a credit to the owner. I seem to recall that Porsche won't extend the warranty if the tires are 6 years old - they are as made mid 2013 and cracked on the edges... I think you are correct re NSW car...
  3. Hi nytelfer, Thank you, yes, that is the one. I have obtained more info and the car is very basic, with none of the options you mentioned listed above - I did factor in at some stage installing the sports design wheel and some twin exhaust tips. It also probably explains why it hasn't sold - as it has no options and extended warranty included. I'm sure he has it priced based on km and what a dealer would retail it for. I agree with you, those options are desirable, and the NSW car does also provide me with a bit of bargaining power on the the local car (I'm in SA) - its a buyers market at the moment.
  4. Hi all, I'm in the market for a Cayman and noticed that many on them a fairly light on options, probably given the fact they were more expensive compared to comparable Boxsters. I'm currently looking at a very low km 2014 base Cayman PDK and with no options other than larger alloys. The car is via private sale and I have been informed by Porsche, that its eligible for an extended warranty renewal. However that will cost me $3,500 on top of the purchase price if I desire a extended warranty - being the lapsed warranty extension cost and a service to bring it up to date ( due the low kms travelled the owner only did a supplementary service and not the full 4 year one) Obviously there are many opinions as to whether it is worth getting an extended warranty, but to me its like an insurance policy and provides me with piece of mind. My question is even though its got very low km, how much lower are these cars priced against those with the desirable options (Sports Chrono, Sports exhaust, PASM etc) and extended warranty? Cheers
  5. Porsche dealer had $94k drive away....presume they are trying to make $15k plus on the car...
  6. They have $91k on it before on roads. Figure they would have traded it mid $70k. Do you have link to yours?
  7. Hi all, I'm finally in a position to purchase my first Porsche (long time fan). I have been looking for a nice Cayman that will be my daily driver for a year or so. There are a few Black Edition floating around, effectively a base 2.7 with a few extras. BTW I'm happy with the base model so I won't be looking at an S. They all seem to hover around the $90k mark, some with extended factory warranty. There is one at Porsche Brisbane that ticks all the boxes for me. Does anyone know of its history? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-porsche-cayman-black-edition-981-auto-my16/OAG-AD-16955121/?_ga=2.15972402.501966146.1556061567-1100530725.1556061567

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