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  1. Price dropped to 11,000 complete. 8000 for long motor. See first post.
  2. Selling my Intercomp Corner Weight Scale System. Everything you need to corner weight your car and get the perfect setup. Includes SW500 E-Z Scales Roll on- roll off adjustable height Scale Pads Scale Pad Laser Levelling System High Quality, Heavy Duty, Billet Aluminium, will last forever! All working perfectly. $1500 the lot. Pick up Sunshine Coast or I will ship at your cost.
  3. Yes CCW 11 inch fronts and 12 inch rears. And yes, you don't really need spacers, they fill the guards out quite well...lol
  4. Pauly, Looking good! I guess you know that the fronts on the 944 picture you posted below ARE your wheels..? Actually those are the 10 inch rears, which I had to use on the front that day because only two of my new CCWs turned up in the shipping (the front's, which are on the rear in that photo..lol)
  5. This was a comment made in a race report about my car a few years back…still makes me laugh. "Time for a stroll down the line-up of exotica awaiting scrutineering. Some of the cars are less exotic than others but no less interesting. Most interesting of all for those who like a good underdog story is the ancient Porsche 944 of Australian, Steve Adams. Finished in battleship grey, with shutlines you could send small boys down to recover lost footballs, and exaggerated bolted-on wheel arches, it looks like it took a wrong turn at La Sarthe circa 1991 and slipped through a rip in the time-space continuum to end up in Dubai 2011." And a comment by some guy watching me load the car on the trailer after the first time I had it out at Lakeside: "Mate, I have no idea what that is, but it's a f%#king rocket!" lol
  6. I have been travelling back and forth to Middle East every couple of months for years and plenty of other places in between. Things I hate: - Business Class Seats that aren't lie flat. I need to be horizontal! - Cabins that are kept too warm to sleep properly. You can add clothes and blankets to stay warm, but nothing worse than a hot stuffy cabin. - Delays on departure after you have already boarded. Nothing worse than spending two hours on a plane and you haven't gone anywhere! - Having your headset taken off you 30 minutes before landing so you can't hear the end of your movie. That one really pisses me off! - Being on a fourteen hour direct flight to Dubai and realising I have already seen all the movies. Aargh. - The fact that my bladder seems to shrink to the size of a pea when I fly meaning 20 trip to the toilet per flight.Or maybe I drink too much on flights? - Too many people in the lounges. I'm not a people person when i travel. - People who don't bother pulling their cabin bags out of the rack until everyone else starts to try and move off the plane, then stuff around holding everyone up. - Any form of economy travel. It's a human rights violation on any flight over 3 hours in my opinion. Thankfully I don't do that hardly anymore! Things I like: - Hot flight attendants who want to chat! - Free upgrades to Emirates or Etihad First Class. Doesn't happen too often, but when it does I do a little dance.
  7. Sorry, I find the sellers second comments amusing. All the comments were made before you even posted, they weren't directed at you personally or even for your benefit so you don't need to thank anyone, or be offended by them. Nobody made any very negative comments. I personally think your car is overpriced but that doesn't mean I don't think it's a nice car. The reason I personally wouldn't buy it if I was looking to have a Turbo 968 is simply that I don't place particular value on factory parts just because they are 'genuine' when there are better engineered aftermarket parts available these days, or do I care much about the 'historical' value of something built by Fitzgeralds just because he has an established name in Australia. But then I'm not a purist, and I think that the 944/968 series is not a purists car anyway. Bottom line is I'm confident that I could personally build a faster car that handles better for much less money starting with any good 968. No, I'm not jealous of your car, and it has nothing to do with not being able to afford it. That's just my opinion, but it doesn't mean I don't wish you good luck with your sale.
  8. Can't wait to see how they turn out!
  9. They were wide enough and strong enough that i could get the trolley jack under each side and put the car on jack stands, so not really a problem.
  10. Yes I had those made in Dubai for just under $1000. Very handy 1m clearance under the car and i ended up removing a few pavers from the driveway and dug another half meter pit, so quite comfortable to work under. I wish I could have brought them home, but didn't have enough room in the container!
  11. For those worried about fitment. They should fit a 944 with standard bodywork without any problems unless you try to run tires which are too big for the rims. This is my S2 with unmodified bodywork when I ran these wheels. In these pictures bear in mind the car is very lowered. I also used to use 6mm spacers behind the rears to widen the track out and they still fit fine. I can't remember whether these pics are with or without the spacers but either way they should be fine on a standard car depending on what tires you run. Front: Rear:

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