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  1. Dont wait 2 years !!! You could buy my project rod - which has 3/4 of the expensive goodies in this car - and save yourself well over $100k as well. Seriously; in this climate, I think he will be lucky to get his original asking price. Fantastic example though.
  2. Get the MacanS. Late model Cayennes are good but they have been around forevever and used prices are going to stay low. Macans will hold value for a while longer.
  3. What rubbish. If there was such a thing, it would have mentioned in the Porsche USA class action legalities. This car has supposedly only done 77K & its already needed an IMS replacement.
  4. Hmmm - yes, & there are a few other things that made me think that this is maybe an import SC with a '72 ID rather than the other way round. ( NOT that there's wrong with that: apart from legal perhaps☺️), and its still quite cheap either way. Looks like the seller is a bit of a trader too, so one would want to be a tad careful.
  5. That blue car does look vaguely familiar - it might have been passed around the Motor Trade in Melbourne for quite a while. Perhaps I saw it sitting at MaxOuzas in Balwyn about 10 months ago??? Car looks OK - I reckon there is a high level of mistrust for these Dealers & this is holding it back. It could be an end of FY bargain.
  6. Just a long-shot guess - Take the petrol cap off & see if it runs OK, it might be build up of vacuum in the fuel tank ????
  7. The 911 might be parked outside in the driveway - while the engine is in your garage being refurbished (thats what I am afraid of).
  8. Careful - this is a Sporto, so you have to add 10K if you ever want a 5 speed.
  9. More Serious trouble for Tesla! Subsidies for buying EVs slashed & US gov not allowing cheap Chinese parts. ***** U.S. denies Tesla, GM, Uber 25% Chinese tariff relief WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration is expanding efforts to block the use of Chinese technology in advanced vehicles, denying additional requests by Tesla Inc for tariff relief on key components of its electric vehicles, and rejecting ride-hailing company Uber’s petition to waive tariffs on electric scooters and at least 50 separate requests by General Motors Co. Government documents show the USTR rejected requests to exempt Tesla’s Model 3 car computer and center screen in May 29 letters, saying they both concern “a product strategically important or related to ‘Made in China 2025,’ or other Chinese industrial programs.” In May, Reuters reported that USTR had rejected a separate request by Tesla to exempt the company’s Autopilot “brain” from the tariffs. The more than 50 requests by GM rejected by USTR were for exemptions from Chinese-made parts used in vehicles including electronic controllers used for high voltage battery controls in hybrid and electric vehicles. It also rejected GM requests for high frequency antennas, push-button ignition switches, battery cables, electric motor parts and brake parts.GM declined to comment. In filings it said that some parts were not available outside China or that it would be cost prohibitive to shift production elsewhere. ' ' ' The denials of relief for more than 7,000 products to date out of 13,000 requests illustrate a systematic approach by the Trump administration to thwart China’s efforts to develop high-technology industries that Washington alleges benefited from theft and forced transfer of U.S. intellectual property. Tesla had warned that increased tariffs on the car computer it has dubbed the “brains” of the Model 3 causes “economic harm to Tesla, through the increase of costs and impact to profitability.” Tesla had also urged the office to approve a request by its supplier SAS Automotive USA Inc, builder of the touchscreen control screen for the Model 3, which displays navigation, media, audio and other functions. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but said in an April 29 securities filing that “costs for producing our vehicles in the U.S. have also been affected by import duties on certain components sourced from China.” Shares of Tesla were off earlier highs after Reuters first reported the decisions, but closed up 2.2% at $213.91 on the Nasdaq. Tesla said in its tariff exemption request that “choosing any other supplier would have delayed the (Model 3) program by 18 months with clean room setup, line validation and staff training.” China’s “Made in China 2025” strategy is focused on 10 strategic advanced manufacturing industries including new energy vehicles, where it aims to be a global leader.
  10. The following is for historical background discussion only - on what they sometimes did with JDM cars to get them past RAWS compliance. The original HID globe was taken out and carefully stored. Then they modified the frame of a cheap standard H7 globe so it could fit into the same spot as the D2S HID. They then used a standard H7 socket plug temporarily spliced straight from the original power before the ballasts. The D2S socket & ballast remained in place, just tucked out of the way. This complied to the letter of the law but was a little bit naughty. Very few original bits were fiddled with, in making these alterations.
  11. Welcome to the Forum. Was your 996 registered in another State before SA - if yes, then that ruling for your lights is a super high level of nitpicking by inspectors. I imported a nearly new car from Japan with HIDs & it didnt have headlight washers. It was a pain to put ordinary globes in and then put the HIDs back in later. My suggestion is to see if you can borrow some correct headlights to get you through the test.
  12. If the engine is rooted (highly likely !!!) - then there wouldn't be $20k's worth of parts in that car.
  13. Yellow carpets ?????? I wonder who bought this 930 new in 1977 - it must have been a Sydney car as it would have been too way-out for conservative Melbourne.
  14. The guy that cleaned my fuel injectors said Stabil was 'good stuff'.
  15. Ebay & Facebook to get the advertising ball rolling, then CarSales. Actually you must have been partially succesful - as a friend ( non P car) recently asked my advice about your 73 993, so people are talking about it. Congratulations on buying a house. I take this as another sign that things are returning to "normal".

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