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  1. I havent got the exact figure either, but I heard the aggrieved partner (the Turbo was in her name) got over $50K back from the sale and we believe that there was over 40K owing. If you take out fees for everybody - that guess of 95 to 100K is probably right. I suppose this is a little less than the trade price.
  2. There is a lot of weight to be saved by eliminating the factory washer reservoir 😄 Seriously, a good friend in the HRA rallied a 911 SC for a few years, based on the Tuthill example. He broke a torsion bar (snapped like a carrot ) I had never seen that before.
  3. Dont cut up your washer bottle, save it. Easy substitute is this bag for about $20 " Windscreen Universal Washer Bottle Bag Kit With 12V Pump for Classic Cars Black" https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Windscreen-Universal-Washer-Bottle-Bag-Kit-With-12V-Pump-for-Classic-Cars-Black/273668046044?epid=2299383860&hash=item3fb7e2fcdc:g:XPsAAOSwTxJcRtQH
  4. LHD to RHD conversion planned ?????
  5. 997 Turbo for a 996 Turbo price? This 997 Turbo is up for auction on Thursday. It is a repossession and signs are that it could be sold off cheaply. https://www.manheim.com.au/passenger-vehicles/5495201/2010-porsche-911--997--turbo-2d-coupé?referringPage=SearchResults
  6. I think there are also some brake lines above the engine that should be inspected for rot if the motor ever comes out. This is very important on an ex-UK 996, but less of an issue on local cars.
  7. Yes, and there is the issue of a super pissed-off previous owner whose ex got the better of him. People around here all know the story and are too scared concerned to take it on.
  8. Any ideas of how much this repossessed 997 Turbo will sell for these days??? Asking for a friend 😔! Was a local car before a relationship bust up. The Ex wifey got the repo guys to snatch it - paybacks a bitch! https://www.manheim.com.au/passenger-vehicles/000000000005495201/2010-porsche-911--997--turbo-2d-coupé?referringPage=AuctionListing
  9. Would the wear on the Variocam Tensioner seals have affected the valve timing between the 2 banks? I recall that a difference in timing between the banks has been used as a sign that the IMS is wearing out.
  10. "warranty, it can and probably will turn to shit pretty quickly, and people are left with an expensive flat battery in their garage" (Lee's perfect comment above) If you look at the giveaway price of a Toyota Prius with a fooked battery - I reckon this will be Tesla's future too for the 2nd &/or 3rd owner. Tesla's computer wont let you retrofit 2nd hand or recycled parts into the car.
  11. Those swaybar rubbers are rooted & need replacement too. Thats a bustard of a job. If there is an easy way to do it - I would love to know!
  12. Tesla - The bitcoin of cars...... (quote stolen from another Forum) Only lease one, never buy. These cars will be a modern day DeLorean pretty soon. Like the DeLorean they rely on political subsidies to sell, every sweet subsidy could all be reversed tomorrow. They are unprofitable for the maker & Musk is his own worst enemy.
  13. Does the Roll Cage mean it couldn't be registered in Victoria, or other states?
  14. Now look here you riff raff - that's Lord March driving ; so show a hunk of respect for your betters 😃 There is an old Italian saying that "God gives apples to people with no teeth" . Think it applies in this case.

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