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  1. Add says: EVEN PENSIONERS CAN AFFORD THIS ONE. I reckon you would have to be a rich pensioner.
  2. I have dealt with Len Cummings for fuel fittings in the past and his stuff is first class. Top bloke. Highly recommended - HOWEVER it was very hard to get payment to him if your outside of USA (for example, no PayPal ). If you are pressed for time, use Jeff's method and/or make friends with your Enzed guys & check out their high spec truck hose stuff.
  3. Fix your clock easily by replacing the 2 old/faulty capacitors. I have done two 911 clocks over the years, and its an easy soldering job _ both still work 100% !!! http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/913721-vdo-clock-repair-incl-pictures.html Love seeing your A/C 911 driven fast.
  4. The Rennlist 993 forum has lots of relevant information on this subject. Here is an example: "The advantage of the Vram comes from having a variable intake runner system that maintains intake flow velocities, thereby enhancing the momentum effects of the intake charge pulse. The Varioram plenum / intake stacks have three modes, 2 plenums and has a 2 throttle plate progressive throttle body. It works along the same premise as a progressive 2 BBL carburettor back in the "good 'ol days"... To really appreciate the Vram, you have to want better midrange torque. From an overall max. power aspect, there is not much gain. However, the torque increase at 3800 RPM is almost 50 ft. lbs. of torque. If you think about how that effects the torque curve and how that torque would be valuable to the driver at the RPM, then the value of the Vram can be appreciated."
  5. 993 Varioram and Wong chip. ECU rejig to suit. 993 exhaust with mini muffler.
  6. I have had 3 close friends whose IMS's have collapsed in the last 20 years. Two of these were when the 911/Boxts were near new & Porsche replaced/traded-in the blow ups. So that was fortunate for the owners. But in the case of an older car, the repairs cost nearly as much as the car. So I dont trust those 1% ??? "statistics" at all. My friends drive quickly but carefully. Two still have Porsches in their families - but not for 'sports car' reasons.
  7. Very nice local car GLWS. Who would have thought that, in a few short years, above average SCs would be selling in the 100K range!!!! ?
  8. thanks - that gave me goosebumps. Memories - when I was young/single, I had a red 3.8 E Type Coupe like his. Happy days. But now I a going down to my garage to "warm up" my widebody 3.6 - my neighbours in other apartments hate it (OK it does shake the windows in the building a bit) but fook it because I will wear a mask & gloves; so thats OK isnt it? I am also going to tune up my VelSolex 50cc Moped before the hysterical Karens arrive.
  9. They must have run out of JB Weld !!!!!! Or money or both.
  10. YES YES YES I used to work in the GPS anklet area & its so easy to do and very cheap these days. They are about as intrusive as current mobile phones. small and efficient. Some bureaucracies hate them because they replace a whole range of gov. employees who mind and check people. Victoria is having manpower problems trying to find police/army to check people are at home, ankle monitors would cut this task back to nearly nothing. Checkers could concentrate on the real problems.
  11. No Sunroof !! This is slightly questionable to me, perhaps indicating some 'aftermarket' work. Good to see IB G series 911's rising in price/value ... finally.
  12. People in UK / USA buy the 4WD version so they can drive & not get caught in the snow; which = salt and slush = mega corrosion compared to here. Facebook is the perfect site for selling this 911 (or trying to sell!).

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