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  1. Went to a house auction yesterday. There was a big crowd and the house sold way above expectations for ~ $4m. The feeling around was like pre-downturn days. I think a family bought it (not the 'investor') , so we may be getting back to normal soon?
  2. Just read through your thread. I havent ever had a 944 but I had a similar problem on my Mercedes SL. It had high fuel pressure and this was traced to the return fuel line into the tank which was blocked by rust in the tank. That caused flooding in the cylinders & rich running. You could test for this by undoing the return line, after the FPR, and blowing air back into the tank. Make sure you take the petrol cap off & listen for 'gurgling' There should be no restriction for return fuel. Otherwise it maybe a bad FPR.
  3. Lovely picture of you, your son & the 911 in the garage. Also, I am glad you did this thread as I have learned a lot from it.
  4. OK - this is totally more complicated than you imagined, when you are just trying to buy a car. If it was me, I would go ahead (based on the advice above) and pay the remainder by handing over a bank cheque so I could drive away in the car with its clear title. Good luck in someone elses sheetstorm!!!
  5. Maybe this is an InsuranceJob?
  6. My wifes cousin in Vancouver has just finished a very professional EV conversion to a VW beetle, 1963. You would never pick it from outside. Imteresting thing is he basically used Tesla parts from wrecked Teslas. Seems you cant just put in any used parts into a going Tesla as the computer says NO - and you cant buy new parts for a wecked Tesla to rebuild as its not allowed & computer says NO NO NO. So there are lots of Tesla mechanical bits selling cheap in US He might do an EV on a Boxster next - as 911s of any era are now too valuable to play around with. .
  7. Hi Damien Only 2 headstuds??? In a way you are lucky as this is a very common problem - but SCs are good & a DIY can handle it. Suggest you first speak to Mike D'Silva in Brisbane who has recent relevant experience with an SC rebuild - and was (I think) seeking work. 0418 316 203
  8. Seller (James) is now actively looking for a GT3. I presume he is confident its a done deal & he has money in the bank, soon.
  9. Here is an alternative idea. I have a low end CTek clone, its good but I hardly use it now. This my new favorite tool, it is the XP 10 battery pack I use on low & flat batteries. Its small, light & very powerfull even on an old school diesel engine.
  10. Both look very similar, 993 body kits, wheels & such. Were they done by the same person?
  11. Zelrik911

    Over Charging !

    I reckon these figures for 'having' a full electric car are why all the Tesla owners around here have leased them. I havent heard of anybody who has outright bought one new and paid the full whack. Next door guy is now driving an odd looking BMW electric, he has lots of solar panels on his roof but he & his car are at work when his solar system is charging!. Buying a hybrid jap car is as far as I would dare go, if I caved into wifeys current eco craze, but then it would have to be charged in the garage and my toys would have to live outside - hmmmmm that aint gunna happen!
  12. Back-in-the-day they were nice driving, but slow, car - compared to a later model Aussie built VW beetle (was it the Superbug???) and 1500. 356s had a following, but my sports-car mates moved on from them to MGs, Austin-Healeys & Jaguars. My surfie mates moved onto Kombi Vans. I think it was easier to pull chics in these other cars. My oldest friend had a bright yellow 356 A, so a few road trip memories have been revived. Now they bring huge prices & I think they mostly sit in collections - a shame really.
  13. Were 356 gearboxes worth lots of money in the old days? It looks like a big lump to steal - taking a couple of guys to sneak it out of a garage down the drive or over the back fence!!!. More likely was sold & the badges were pinched by the local juvenile deliquents - the little rich bustards do that around here.
  14. Zelrik911

    Nice weekend's work

    No gearbox & many years of sitting in a carport near the water - so maybe that $$ estimate isnt too far off?? This could probably be exported back to UK for a fare old profit, without doing anything. This is like the starting point for many cars that get restored in UK - not so much here.
  15. Here is a solenoid from the Fatherland (via china?) for about 50 USD delivered. Looks like also for MB W114 & W115 V8. However, I doubt it will be this - my bet is wear in the bushes & brushes which is a cheap easy DIY fix. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Monark-MAGNETIC-SWITCH-FOR-MERCEDES-8-W114-W115-Starter-Solenoid-Switch-/222569091163

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