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  1. Good suggestion on Greg. For the other parts of your query, talk to this guy in WA about costs etc:: Geoff Risbey Manager ~ Prestige Motorsport Phone:0418 944 253 Email:sales@prestigemotorsport.com.au The import rules are evolving so its hard to keep up with what makes sense to import/or not.
  2. Didnt sell at CC Auction. So now back on CarSales for 100 grand. I am watching as it looks a lot like my 911 (mine - without the corrosion!!!!!)
  3. Yep best idea so far. If your 911 qualifies as a personal import and you wont get much money if you sell it there - then bring it in to a NT ( or WA?) address then you can sort out what to do (LHD to RHD or not) at a future time.
  4. As your LHD 911 is a very recent model, I think a conversion to RHD would have such unimaginable problems to make it quite unpractical. BUT maybe you could send it to a low-wage country for conversion ??? Maybe someplace like Philippines (or China). But even then we dont know how the Virus will end up affecting our fuure relationship with 3rd world countries, let alone the standard of workmanship there.
  5. I think you could get any 3.8 bar FPR that fits - from a local Holden? - for not much money' to use as a test tool. This assumes that its easy to get to on your 996 but if its difficult to change over then get a OEM one & be done. Have you tested Fuel tank venting?
  6. That is a good blog diary - I will look through it tonight. Lucky you have a Nissan for when the P cars go on strike !!! 😀
  7. If you are checking a LHD to RHD conversion. have a look in frunk around the smugglers box flap and the steering column path under the back of the instruments. The welding in the photo looks like a cover, but most of it looks proper RHD to me. If its a UK car could be just some amateurish rust repair work ????
  8. A friend bought a 73 2.7 RS new, tourist delivery from factory. It was pampered and, even then, he was "going to keep it forever". He had a lot of fun out of it, but I heard he sold it about a decade later for $100K, which was big money in those days. I suppose if he put it all into the Melbourne property market he would probably still be in front?
  9. This SC Coupe didn't last long at $100K. Good looking UK car & he said he wanted a quick sale !!! I wonder if its going to pop up again at a higher price? He probably thought because it was a 'dirty import' there wouldn't be much interest - & then got stampeded.
  10. Your auction bid sets a G series 911 ' benchmark price' at the low end - as none of its faults are hidden; yet it still is worth 50K to a knowledgeable person. I think your Project must be to make it original, otherwise you wont ever be close to recovering the level of funding put into the car. You should try and track down some local history - it might have been a tourist delivery purchase (which was quite common then) and might explain that rust. Even in this poor state, I reckon its a good looking car.
  11. A nice original SC selling for close to $120K . Private sale too ( I presume ), well done James ! Now this sets the bar for valuing A/C 911 "G series" in good driving condition.
  12. Reasonably priced for a good looking car???? Fog lights from a later model, but no engine photos, perhaps it does have a delicate 2.7 motor. Maybe A/C prices are stabilising or falling. I had better go & check this one out. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1982-porsche-911-sc-manual/SSE-AD-7031963
  13. Very good idea. My advice is to NOT buy a cheap one (Kogan & the like), like I first did. I then got a very good one which was about $190 & it has been great. It recently started 2 neighbours cars that had sat in street for 7 months as the owners couldn't get back home because of Pandemic.
  14. Hard to say - but if its as described "barnfind/storage find, shabby"; it would sell in a few minutes at $80K. Guess it mainly depends on how quickly (& who to ) he wants to sell it.
  15. What was the advertised asking price? ( asking for a friend!!!!! 😀 ) This sale moved so fast that I missed the original post. Fingers crossed for Cam that its a 'tidy' sale.

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