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  1. Obviously not used to driving a LHD car. Seriously there are some stupid rich (& plain stupid) chinese in Vancouver - even worse than Sydney or Melbourne. They go crazy buying & land-banking property there that they hardly use. Driver was probably in a hurry to park her new car in the garage & fly out-of-town.
  2. Hmmm - I remember living in UK in early '70s when the Aussie $ was equal value to the UK Pound, briefly. I was young & stupid and actually bought money back to Australia; that money was lost when we had to pay 18% on our home loan!!!! It was also when my mate bought his new 911RS from Hamiltons on Tourist Delivery & picked it up from the Factory. Happy days as he charged through the low-countries like the Wehrmacht in 1940 - being chased by lesser Police vehicles as he "ran the borders" to get to safe haven in UK. Money wise, he wasnt stupid like me. Edit: Back in Melbourne he bought a 944 to run around in (instead of the 911 RS). So now I realise that he must have been wealthier than I thought, or maybe he just leased the 944.
  3. Yes higher end cars just aren't selling and neither is middle to high end Real Estate - couple of friends have taken their houses off the market. Australia has entered ELECTION Mode and things will stay quiet until that is over. We
  4. Yes - the stupid modern cruise control software is for girls who are texting/ on-the-phone all the time. I bought an Infiniti (Nissan) in from Tokyo & chose that particular car because it didnt have that cruise feature. When it got here I got an old fashioned cruise control module fitted. Perfect. But I am still too scared to play with the "black box" entertainment system in case I Brick the whole car. Brother has one of those cars that turns itself off & restarts to save a thimbleful of petrol. Salesman told him he could turn that feature off himself, but he was lied to.
  5. I had posted this in another Topic: With Porsche Cayenne 4.8 engines (early ones), they had chocolate Aluminium bolts holding the variable timing mechanism & cam chain sprocket to the camshaft; & Possibly V6s as well? Usually resulted in a catastrophic engine failure. In the beginning, there was a Recall - but only in China ??? Seems that in China the people driving Cayennes & Panameras were big Party bosses & Porsche was sheet scared that they would be totally banned if they treated Chinese customers like they do in Australia & elsewhere.
  6. On the early years 4.8 engines, Ali bolts hold the variable timing mechanism & cam chain sprocket to the camshaft. Possibly V6s as well? "The bolts in questions are 4 relatively small aluminum screws with a steel pin inside them, 4 screws for each adjuster. For some 2011 models, the steel pin wasn't long enough, and the screws would break off right where they ended." Fun fact with this was that, in the beginning, there was a Recall - but only in China ??? Seems that in China the people driving Cayennes & Panameras were big Party bosses & P. was sheet scared that they would be totally banned if they treated Chinese customers like they do in Australia & elsewhere.
  7. The catastrophic Cayenne V8 engine issue for those years was the camshaft bolts made of soft aluminium. Those bolts snap & engine stuffed. In the US, Porsche tried very hard to avoid a Formal Recall by setting up a "Project" to fix some cars they couldnt ignore. But I think they eventually got sprung. I doubt Porsche in Australia had a recall. If you look at how VW treated Aussie Tiguan diesel owners, when in US they were forced to buy them back, I reckon P. has just toughed it out. They can sell every car & SUV they bring in based on prestige.
  8. The Malvern East car looks to have had a major IMS engine blow up - needing new pistons & liners. IMO the value of that car is totally dependant on the skill & experience of the engine re-builder.
  9. In Victoria - Absolutely NO. In the past in Vic. if your RWC guy was blind & his seeing-eye dog liked you, there may have been a chance. These days the RWC guy has to submit photos with the documentation & nobody will risk loosing their meal-ticket. If the car has to go into Motor Registration Branch for Inspection; forget it. It seems that the girls who work in the Vic. Motor Registration Branch, who are in charge of RWCs, have an ongoing Jihad against performance (& interesting) cars. A mate just had a 2 hour tussle in the Motor Reg office over an older performance car not requiring a RWC for a Club Permit. When he challenged them, they made him wait hours to punish him even though he was right.
  10. How can you check headstuds on a SC without taking the valve covers off? Or check the gearbox without driving it? On a car like this you just have to take a punt & if something big is broken then fix it yourself, like Jeff is doing. If you have to pay someone to do it - it cant be worth it.
  11. Looks great - If it was mine, yes I would do the IMS & get the timing exactly right, especially for those Ks. The shimmy is probably a worn suspension bushing. Find an experienced 996 expert who can pick it straight off. Coffin Arms maybe? Haha with the neighbours & noise. I thought my neighbours would get used to my 911 but they havent & they still hate it. Snide comments about "when are you going to sell that tractor". We live near a kindergarten and the young boys seem interested, sometimes stop & look; before their mothers snatch them away from the noisy BAD influence.
  12. Allow for 1 hour or hour & half if they are not used to where to look for things on a Boxster (do they need instructions ?) They take photos & do a little write up. Good luck & I hope your tester had a good weekend & a loving partner to get an OK result.
  13. 2 friends with nice LHD cars (SM Citroen & Ferrari BB) - after the initial excitement wears off, they never drive them. Wife wont go 😀 and grandkids not allowed 😢. Funny story - friend with SM was driving V fast on highway with mate & pulled into a servo to use toilet. He didnt realise that cops were chasing from a long way back & they swooped into the servo and dragged the LHD passenger door open & grabbed the passenger, who swore he wasnt driving!!!! Took a minute or so for the cops to notice there was no steering wheel on that side. Hefty fines & loss of points resulted, but his Licence was saved luckily.
  14. Yes sitting is the answer. I notice that there are lots of A/C 911's sitting in garages in the suburbs around me that are rarely driven. They are waiting for the owner to divorce or die or move O/S - then they may end up at Duttons for an unbelievable price (& then its back to rest/storage if it didnt sell). It used to be this way with Vintage cars when I was a teenager & the old man down the street had an old Bentley or Duesenberg in the garage covered in cardboard boxes. Also there is a lot of extra cash in the economy which is the spin-off from soaring real estate prices. The $1M profit from selling the family home has allowed you to get the car you always dreamed about, but are now to old to get in & out of it - good example is the E Type Jag ( which is making Chiropractors rich!) I delude myself that I am giving my 911 to my son, but he's not really interested, until he catches onto the advertised price for 911 s at Duttons.
  15. Zelrik911

    Gosford kaput

    yes the stuff left is very patchy, there seems to be some 'unbelievable' bids. Perhaps this is a chance to find that Trabant &/or Velorex that I have been looking for.. ...

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