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  1. What about Crocs & socks? (Asking for a friend )
  2. Are you using a 993 motor now? Tinware looks great & I like the heater boxes. Suggest you put 12 brand new sparkplugs in beforehand, as it will be hard to do in the car.
  3. Get some Numberplate frames (curved with frosted glass). There was a guy on NZ ebay that could make anything for you - that you couldn't get here. But anyway it doesnt look too bad IMO.
  4. Quick pic - now running a 3.6 from a 993. (signage & decals removed as wife didn't like the Feral look)
  5. Ahh gosh - you young guys !!!! Didnt you ever have an early MGB ?? You could impress your girlfriend with your skill in erecting the soft top in the rain.
  6. The CarSales add now says "Not Available". So maybe its been sold or withdrawn from sale???? If anybody knows what, please advise us, as I would seriously consider selling my "Tribute Outlaw Rocket" for that sort of money!!!
  7. @DJM Your description is pretty much correct. (Although things may have changed since I last did it.) You will have to get a usual Victorian RWC unless the car is before 1948 (??). With your query about stamp duty; remember the Club permit is a PERMIT - not club "registration" so presently, you will not have to pay any transfer of Rego duty. There are two areas of complication. First may be with your Club as they might require some qualifying rules before they accept you & your car. Clubs seem to be cracking down on any modifications from standard. Second may be VicRoads counter staff who range from helpful to hopeless - so I hope you get a goodun.
  8. What a fantastic car GLWS. Showed it to wifey - but she still wants a Mustang. (She spent many young adult years in USA; so i am a bit suspicious of why.)
  9. The issue with these (especially in the UK) is bore scoring rather than IMS.
  10. Reseat all the fuses & round relays after you have done the battery posts. My old SC had trouble with the relays working loose.
  11. The Clifton Hill railway station & Victoria Park railway station (next to old Collingwood football ground) at the start of the Eastern Freeway are major drug dealing spots for Melbourne junkies. My guess is that this speeding lunatic was doing deals around there & then took off down the Eastern freeway in the black car. I was wrong, seems he is a white-collar criminal who acts like a junkie drug dealer, so probably no jail time for him!!! The next outward freeway entrance is at the Guide Dogs centre in Kew and its well known that the Highway Patrol waits at that spot for speeders ( I live near there & we know this trap well!). I suspect the Patrol was waiting for him & had extra personnel for the apprehension. Maybe this was a mini "training" exercise for the cadets from the academy?
  12. Insurance is another aspect of this. If you carry passengers & are involved in an accident, that would be a way for an Insurance Co. to weasel out of paying. A bit like drunk driving.
  13. How much would a seller have to pay, if they accepted the $44,609 bid?
  14. The way this flimsy rule is bypassed is that a shell company buys the house in a nice suburb (all cash no mortgage). They then demolish the house and build to the wealthy Asians specifications. Then the new house is "sold" to the wealthy Asians. The next day the new owners are down at the local bank getting a mortgage on the new house they can show they own 100%. And there are slight variations on this common theme. Its like an invasion in the Inner East of Melbourne. The millionaire chinese neighbours who are popping up around us in new houses are all quite nice when you meet them. Some of their adolescent kids are a..holes (the ones who are not doing Medicine at our Universities).
  15. I wonder if Porsche and any other luxury manufacturer will survive as we come out of the recession/depression. I think conspicuous consumption will be set back a generation or two. We are in a "war-time" scenario and most of us have no experience to draw on, so any extreme guess of the future is as good any other guess. Our personal safety is threatened by the virus not just our financial safety. The VIPs in Europe & US (as well as those rich pricks in Toorak, who wont isolate) but are catching/spreading the virus; well they are the ones who would have been potential Porsche customers so long as they haven't died. If a lot of people have to make sacrifices I cant see them allowing the "winners" to flaunt it.

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