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  1. Zelrik911

    911 Hotrod Review 2018 (video)

    Thanks for listing this. I can see that in US 'collectors' are moving into the 911 HotRod market If this trend follows in OZ - , well maybe, drivability and pleasure of ownership will be diminished - with a trade off of higher 'collector' level prices??? Dirty stinking HotRods (like mine) will be emasculated to become garage queens. My neighbors will be happy. My wifey wont ride in mine (hmmm good !!!!) but I reckon she thinks it's still my previous 911, as they are both red.
  2. Hmmm Is 3.6 & 3.8 bore scoring and ovality the same as/related to the 'D Chunk' problem? These low standard engines scare me, I love my 911's but in the water cooled 996/997 series (non Turbo) , Porsche has many competitors with first class engineering & good looks. UK reports are that the 991 motor has bore scoring too on their 'new' motor.
  3. I admit I have done a 'few' stupid brain fade things working on cars. One of the dumbest things I ever did was working on the petrol tank in the vast boot of a 450 SEL MB and letting the bootlid close on me while i was inside. Nobody else around, and if I waited for my wife I would still be there. Would be very hard to do this on an old 911 !!! I cannot claim youthful inexperience as I had over 40 years working on cars.
  4. My guess is the IMS let go but it was caught before it totally screwed the motor - that rebuild would have cost a packet & owner wants out. Didnt think Targas sold new here at that time? Be interesting to see how quick it sells.
  5. Zelrik911

    Conversion to RHD

    The logical place for RHD stuff would be UK. Suggest you sign up on : www.impactbumpers.com However, most LHD to RHD things have been previously sorted out by resourceful locals, so do your research. Have fun 😀
  6. Zelrik911

    Recommendations for wheel bearings

    For rears - do some research first Porsche part # 99905302001 BMW part # 33411133124 - for 5,6,7 series (an example not a recommendation) https://runautoparts.com.au/bmw-rear-wheel-bearing.html
  7. Yeah - dob him into CarSales and PayPal. Next you will get the "I am in Antartica " email.
  8. Has anyone ever completed a Convertible-back-to-Targa exercise? I have seen a few projects where the backdate has started, but it never seems to finish as the old targa bits are extremely hard to find & super expensive to ship.
  9. Zelrik911

    US shipping costs?

    "shipping" costs in US are a big scam. A relative in US who works in Distribution told me his firm makes as much money from shipping as they do from selling their product. They get a special low low rate from UPS, but you are charged the full whack & the firm pockets the difference. Its worse now that we have to pay GST on the total amount.
  10. Zelrik911

    996 GT3 Purchase

    If you are a seller, and you have an interested buyer from interstate - then that is a very good reason for a hesitant local buyer to make a decision. So this is a bargaining tool in the sellers favour: "buy it right now or the rich guy from the Gold Coast will get it instead of you".
  11. Yes - this is a GOOD thing. These engines have a bad failure rate, (probably 40% as Sean suggests) so the newer engine the better. Two close friends bought new Boxsters and both blew up for no reason. They were driven harder than the wife's Corolla, but by experienced and skilful drivers. Porsche gave them both super good trade-in deals & they both have/had subsequent newer 911s. Prestige wins over dodgy engineering. I dont think Boxsters will ever be 'matching numbers' collectable, but in my all-makes car club the number of Box's is growing quickly.
  12. Zelrik911

    Check Your P

    "collostomy bags can be used for self bleeding of brakes/clutch, long tube and hanging hole are handy" Thanks for that handy tip - I dont think I will forget this! Seriously; thankyou again for openly discussing this.
  13. Zelrik911

    911 Turbo Hotrod V3.6ltr

    Ray Uncle, people will come Ray Uncle. They'll come to Iowa your Farm for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your door as innocent as children, longing for the past. Of course, we won't mind if you look around, you'll say. It's only $20 $100 per person. They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it: for it is money they have and peace excitement they lack. The Voice: If you build it, he will come.
  14. Zelrik911

    Car positioning jacks

    They are great to have a couple of sets - only if you have a solid flat floor. The cheapest ones will fold up on the corners if they hit a bump or tool on the floor, so recommend you inspect before you buy

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