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  1. a bit of both....I have most of my family over there. I go over at least once a year for a holiday. When the dollar was good i was bringing back a few cars very time i went over. Ive made plenty of good contacts and friends over the years, If i see smoothing that i like, or can sell to pay for my holiday, i will pick up a car or bike, ride or drive it around, then bring it back. save on car rental as well
  2. Ive imported over 15 cars from the US. its a pretty simple process. call Greg at Geezers. 0412 754947 They do everything except import application, you can get one from department of infrastructure, which is easy and will cost a couple hundred bucks
  3. Cool... is that your desmosedici i the profile pic? still got it? Unfortunately, I sold my race bikes a few years ago.... still got 2 ducatis in the shed... i wished i never sold my 996 sps fogarty replica (No 55/150) or my 998s race bike.... The bend looks great now. I might have to trek over there for a track day some time I love your GT3...cracking car!
  4. I love those C4s.... i would almost swap my porsche for one.
  5. you certainly bought the right 911 for your first one.... I used to race bikes as well.... take it to the Bend , you will have as much fun as riding your desmosedici
  6. get it wrapped... pick your own colour... what ever one you decide , you will love it. I have 997.1 S and love it. I wouldn't be worried at all about IMS, its a myth. If you want to keep your engine in top shape, use good oil, and rev it like its built for. these engines love to rev and that keeps good oil all through out engine. they hold like 9 litres of oil.
  7. thanks guys, ill check out all the options
  8. Hi all, has anyone installed a mesh grill to protect radiators from stones etc? if so, where can i buy some mesh to suit. I dont mind fabricating my own to save a few bucks, just not sure were to purchase some stainless mesh thanks
  9. I just purchased a 997s 05 model. i never bothered with a PPI, as the car i purchased had an exceptional history and all the maintenance records. All i done was contact the last porsche centre that the service was conducted, and they gave me the all clear. its a very rare occurrence for the bores to be damaged, or IMS problems.. I was also told, that if the car is driven properly and not treated like a baby, the engine will run almost forever..i don't mistreat my ride, but i certainly make sure i rev it plenty and it gets the oil to ALL of the engine. some guys in the USA have over 200,000 miles on their cars and never had any issues. all i can recommend is that the car your looking at has a great service record. When you do decide on the right car, especially if your buying an S model, is that you will love every minute of your time behind the wheel. they are fantastic cars!!
  10. i didn't buy a Cab, but i purchased a 997s 05 tip model in mint condition, full porsche service, 2 owners with 60,000km for 80k. I think i got a great deal...
  11. just got back......Cann river road, snowy mts highway..... Best roads in australia for a porsche (and motorcycles..)
  12. i agree, I've owned a SC, 996 and now 997s...its only my opinion, buy very easy to live with..
  13. thanks for your imput guys.. as soon as i can i will get the gearbox serviced. do i have to take to porsche or can a automatic shop be able to change oil and filter? is this done in regular servicing?
  14. thank you! I'm no tech guru so can auto electrician fit it up? Im so useless with tech sh!t , i have trouble even posting a pic of my new car... If u have the funds.... buy it. the S model is soooo much better than standard carrera. I almost bought a standard 911 that was in top nick but this one came up with camel interior and i couldn't say no... as i said, incredible car for 80k. i got it up to 200km\h on the cann river road and it was effortless. just as much fun as hooning on my bikes..but i don't get cold!!
  15. Hi... I just bought a 997.1 S.....with 65,000km. What a machine! few questions, Does the so called IMS issues affect 3.8 motors? 2005 model Can u convert standard factory music system to take bluetooth for playing music or do u have to buy an upgraded deck. It has BOSE speakers that sound amazing with CDs but would like to listen to iTunes.. Can u tune auto gearbox to change quicker? (yes, I'm a hoon) Has anyone gained more power with exults and airbox mods? is there a cheaper exuast system other than spending mega bucks on fabspeed? can you tune the standard ECU when u add open airbox ? super happy with the standard suspension, and the magic button works well and stiffens the car up fine. One thing for sure is that you get one hell of a car for 80k.

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