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  1. Diamond911

    Butt Shot

    Here are my butts
  2. Diamond911

    Tyres 7/8 15 inch recommendation

    I'm after tyres for my Carrera 3.2 as well, 15" x 7"/8". I'm currently running the factory sizes in Pirelli P6000s 195/65-15 for the 7's and 215/60-15 for the 8's (I think). I'd be happy with 205/55R15 fronts and 225/50R15 rears but struggling to find anything in stock. The Toyo T1Rs and Falken ZE912 in those sizes are all sold out at tyresales. Any thoughts on the best place to source these from in these sizes or preferred sizes?
  3. Diamond911

    928 Market Watch

    Here's what 250 big ones buys you (Canadian $ that is) http://www.autotrader.ca/a/Porsche/928+S4/Mont-Royal/Quebec/5_38545600_20150812092118987/
  4. Diamond911

    Hi from WA: Proud 987.1 owner

    Great story and welcome the forum. Lovely Cayman as well. It's always good to see another Perth forum member. Hopefully will see you around or at Cars and Coffee one day. I can't make Cars & Coffee this Sunday (daughters birthday) but here are the details in case you are interested: 8:30-10:30am Sunday Sep 9th, No.3 Carpark University of WA, Hackett Drive, Crawley. $10 entry to charity. and this weeks special......."Fifty Aston Martins will be the special feature among the hundreds of classic cars at Classic Cars & Coffee as a part of the AMOC national rally. Twenty of the cars are on their way already, driving across the Nullarbor! They will range from a 1954 DB2/4 to new DB11 with some of the most glamorous cars ever made."
  5. +1 but UK heritage aside, how many 3.2 Carrera's are sitting around with only 37,000km's on the clock. Not many I don't think. Yeah, yeah GT3 territory and all that......
  6. I'm thinking of sending both my cars to NZ and back as it looks like it adds a fair bit of value. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-930-1980/SSE-AD-5624616/?gts=SSE-AD-5624616&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-5624616&rankingType=Spotlight
  7. Diamond911

    Who repairs classic car radios in Australia

    Merv, I had an original 80s Eurovox serviced by Vas in Burwood Victoria, Vas (0419) 300 340. Not cheap but an expert at what he does. I'm in Perth so did it all by email, phone and post and all worked out well. He's an ex Eurovox tech but not sure if he services other brands as well. May be worth a shot. Best of luck
  8. Diamond911

    1989 Cab in Cairns

    and those wheels. I had to put on my sunglasses to check out the ad
  9. Nice car Andy. And that Ronin looks the goods. Now you've got me wanting a new toy!!
  10. Diamond911

    Buying a 986

    @Fishcop @Daly87 I'm assuming you guys have seen this one: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/fremantle/cars-vans-utes/2002-porsche-boxster-s-3-2-manual-6-speed/1189845642
  11. Diamond911

    WTB Tired 3.2 Carrera

  12. sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I've noticed people hosting photos through PB again (or still) and they seem to be working. Has this issue been resolved with hosting from PB? I changed my photo hosting site but just wondered.......
  13. Looks like a stack load of fun. I wonder what's hiding under those seat , dash and steering wheel covers? Oh and that gear knob, I won't even go there......All easy fixes though.
  14. For those like me that missed the 968 ad and are/were curious. Here are the cached pages. If under a cover for 22 years (and therefore since 1996), that's 140,000km's in 4yrs or 35,000km's/yr. Crikey!