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  1. Thanks, toughness ... time will tell. It's a race car so it's going to get more than stone chips and UV issues. The materials have a 5yr warranty. Workmanship 1 Yr. As for other pics ... I'll get onto that soon enough but she'll be in the garage for a few days first so best I can do is another garage pic for now.
  2. There are many vehicle wrapping specialists out there. I provided a concept design brief to the wrap company and then worked with one of their designers for about 3 weeks to sort the design. The car was then stripped and wrapped over about 4 days. Given the nature of my design the wrap was applied in sections, i..e white base, black base, stripes, graphics, logos etc. I engaged a separate designer to re-create my sponsors logo as vector files and I already had my own logo created as vector graphics by a designer last year.
  3. What did I do to my Porsche today ? ... changed from yellow to this.
  4. Hey Sean, Thanks for that very significant tip. I'd have been pretty unhappy to discover that the hard way. Cheers Kelly
  5. I have a Weltmeister adjustable front sway bar (like attached pic) which I have been running on my car for ages. I'm contemplating selling it to offset the $1300 cost of bringing in a light weight Tarret front sway bar.
  6. Yes, these are nicely made things but I can't wait for them to be on the car where they can be exploited! Thanks Greg
  7. Did you end up sorting a sway bar?
  8. Sure thing. You can see them in PET but might have difficulty spotting them if not seen before. No noise.
  9. Last year was a good year for getting my 951 back on track. I addressed a couple of things I wanted to do (944S2 Ring & Pinion, LSD rebuild, CAMS certified roll cage, short shift, Adjustable bias valve) and couple of things I hadn't planned on doing (Turbo rebuild, Torque tube rebuild) I introduced an understeer issue by using the wheels off my 911 (narrow front & wide rear). So the new projects for this year are about to get underway with billet control arms, Giro discs, followed by new spring rates, and aero and new wheels/tyres of course. The mail man has already started delivering and other things are in the midst of being made (wheels, wing) and shipped, (slicks).
  10. I expect I have one or two in my collection of proportioning valves.
  11. I expect I'll do a few supersprints again this year, trying to convince my girlfriend to get involved in Motorkhana too.
  12. Hi Pauly, I'm well thanks, same for you I hope. Karma is playing it's role and one of the guys who I gave a set of wheels to recently has offered me a spare set of underbody panels. Gotta love it when the forum works like that. None the less, thanks for the tip re Porsche stock. Cheers, Kelly Anne

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