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  1. Trying to drum up interest in the four cylinder motor?
  2. I’d have agree on heading south to tassie. On my list. Depending on time of year you could stop off on the Sapphire Coast for a bit of whale watching. http://www.visiteden.com.au/things-to-do/whale-watching-eden/ Plenty to do a bit more inland as well. Again time of year depending the Snowy mountains have some good driving & plenty to do. https://www.visitnsw.com/destinations/snowy-mountains
  3. I used these guys a couple of years ago for the seats & dash in my 911. They ordered the hide in to match it. Very happy with the work. http://prostitch.com.au/default.asp
  4. You need to get professional quotes done in order to make a decision that’s based on all the facts. It maybe cheaper to fix then you think, unlikely but if the plan was a paint job anyway do some man math. Take away the cost of the planned paint job from the total repair then it’s much cheaper to fix. ?
  5. The lights actually turn on so the switch seems to be fine but will check it out in the morning. Like bear924 said it might be something out of adjustment making them think they are already up or something like that.
  6. They don’t go up when you flick the lights on but I can disconnect the power & raise them manually. I have them up at the moment just so I can drive at night. If I turn the knob with the power connected they pop up then go straight back down. If I have them up & turned on & reconnect the power they just go straight back down with lights staying on. It all seems to be work perfectly otherwise.
  7. I wish it was that simple. I tried all that I have even disconnected the power then manually wound them up, turned the lights on & reconnected the power to watch them go straight down by themselves. The motor works & they move freely, just don’t want to come up & stay up.
  8. I’ve lost the pop in my pop up lights on the 924! The lights still come on but don’t come up so the switch appears to be fine. I’ve changed the relay & the motor cycles when you turn the knob on top so there’s power & the motor hasn’t died. Is there something else that I’m missing? Any ideas/help appreciated.
  9. Cheer for the info gents. That sounds simple Bear might just give it a crack myself. That might work.
  10. Cheers. I’ll check them out.
  11. Thanks tk i’ll look into those options. The basic stuff I’ll try do myself but the main thing I’m after is some help tuning the 924. She’s running a bit rich. I might just have to do a bit more research & have a go myself. PS, I’m keen for a tour of some local twisty if you’re ever heading out.
  12. I’ve not long been in the nations capital & i’m looking for a workshop to take my little front engine rocket to. (& the air cooled one) Any recommendations from the locals?
  13. The 924s would be the car I’d chose out of those two. I think they’d be a fun weekend or even daily drive with he bigger brakes & engine compared to the 924. (Maintenance aside). I’m sure it’s not a surprise to anyone that the car built 15 or 20 years later drives ‘better’. The Boxster wouldn’t be that hard to live with though.
  14. 996tt everyday of the week for me. It's pretty much a super car & will always be. One of my all time favourites. The 997 C4S, whilst a great car in its own right, in my opinion won't be as special in the future.

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