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  1. No decision as yet - my question is hypothetical as to what others have done when transferring large amounts of money to someone you don't know. When I bought my GT3 from Rob Rymer, I flew from Brisbane to Melbourne to inspect the car and to meet Rob (who turned out to be a genuine good guy). But of course with all the restrictions now in place, the world is a totally different place. Buying from (say) Autohause Hamilton in Sydney would not be a problem as they are a bona fide business with a good rep, but Joe Citizen in Thomastown is a completely different scenario....
  2. Thanks everyone - some good advice, though sending (say) $150k interstate to a seller (genuine or not) makes me feel apprehensive to say the least.... Listening to the high percentage of genuine d1ckheads who ring regarding the sale of your car leads me to believe that there are some serious malfunctioning people out there - and they are not all from a Nigerian royal family!
  3. I know lots of you have bought cars from out of your home state from private sellers (and some sight unseen), but how do you pay the money for a car to someone you haven't even met - or more importantly - don't know if they will send you the car after they have received your money. In this scenario, the interstate "seller" can both hold the car AND have your money in their nominated account. Buying from a reputable known dealer is usually a pretty safe transaction, but buying from a private individual seems to be fraught with danger if the seller is a dodgy individual - and who would know if he is. Is there a way of paying for the goods that can lessen the risk factor of losing the car and your money to someone in another state?
  4. Perhaps, when I sold my 996.2 GT3 last week it was too soon and too cheaply....?
  5. That's my car that sold this week luzzo. I didn't advertise nationally - apart from passing the word round at the local coffee get together we have on the Sunshine Coast every week. First guy who came to look at it bought it without even driving the car. I think both parties are happy with the outcome, although I have a big problem in what I replace it with....
  6. Yes - but damn you have to be seriously wealthy to buy something like this @ $320k + shipping + O/R costs (what is it in Vic, something like 9%) + rego and insurance costs = too rich for the majority of us (which includes me) 😬
  7. You're right tomo, I had a seniors moment there - I should have said I would have preferred a mid range Rolex instead of that Porsche Design watch....
  8. I would hope that for $17k you would be getting a Patek Philippe movement (which you won't) that does not need batteries.... One of the most overrated watch ripoffs in modern horological history.
  9. Ahhhh - sorry, looks like the 997 version is different to what I have.
  10. Never..... You have to push down, across and forward to select reverse - have you driven a manual car before...???
  11. And don't forget the looks - the 996 4S stands out like dogs nuts in comparison to the BM and MB...... Who goes down to the garage just to look at their C-class? Not many I would guess.
  12. I just checked and the standard GT3 front top mounts are monoball type, not rubber. Still not sure if 996 the same as 997.1, only the part number will tell the true story.
  13. Good on yer edgy - why doesn't an early sale surprise me? Great ad and piccies.....😁
  14. Do you have the part number for your 997? What's wrong with them? I "think" the standard top mounts are rubber composite bushes, though the Porsche Rennsport competition parts have spherical monoball bearings. Most of the Rennlist guys in the USA say these Porsche competition parts are better than the big advertising aftermarket brands, but who knows? I have a new pair of monoball top mounts - never fitted - which are stamped MWK Germany #996 343 181 9R for my 996 GT3. The Porsche box they come in are marked Stutzlager #996 343 011 91P which is the correct part number. I would think they are the same or similar fitment to your 997.1 GT3
  15. So you have a couple of options edgy... Plan A = go and have a good talk face to face with AH, with the car and all maintenance records and information, get a feel of saleability, pricing, fees and expected timing. You don't have to take them up on their offer and it might just give you an insight to the current market for 997 GT3's. OR Plan B = put up with selling on Carsales and all the deviates who troll through its "for sale" ads. You are looking at a quite large $$ cost between selling privately or through the "trade" but there are downsides to both plans too.....

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