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  1. That's brilliant …. My wife's brother and his family live in the UK and asked this week regarding the fire damage which Australian charity to donate to. Seem like there are quite a few campaign's in Europe to help out Aussies in dire need of help - God bless 'em.
  2. You'll hear his dummy spit all the way from Gympie to Victoria....🙊
  3. That really looks the goods, considering it's, what, 50 years old.... What colour is that ???
  4. Is that a scrape already on the door or a reflection of the (cough) chromed shoe heel …….??
  5. As Dan says above. 1) Disconnect battery for a couple of min. 2) After reconnecting battery switch on ignition so all dash lights illuminate (do not start engine) for +/- 30 seconds. You will hear fuel pump run & throttle body module resetting. 3) Switch off ignition and remove key. This should reset your throttle body and ECU parameters, though (I think) the car has to go through several start / stop and heat cycles to complete the stabilisation.
  6. Brilliant looking GT3, congratulations - what are the details - km, service records, mods etc etc.... Why replace the shocks / springs - high mileage or aftermarket? Give us the details 😋
  7. But if the vibration is road speed sensitive (110 km / hr) as you say, then engine speed is not the problem. If the vibration occurs @ a certain rpm in any gear, then the problem would probably within the engine / transmission itself.
  8. With a tubular chassis & minimum suspension travel, can you imagine the bump steer and frame flex when that thing landed ?? Their gonads must have been so big I'm surprised the drivers of the day could actually sit inside the cockpit - respect !!
  9. Hey Lee, if your pictures are good enough, we can manage without you for a couple of weeks while we - cough, cough - peruse them.....😜
  10. Anybody have any experience with fitting Ohlins Road & Track coilovers to their car? I'm considering buying and installing them for my GT3 to improve the low speed damping quality & high speed stability of the car over our rough rural roads here in Qld. But looking at the specs, the spring rates as supplied with the new shocks are much stiffer than the standard GT3 springs, so I'm not too sure if I'm heading in the right direction. I realise that the R&T's have probably better damping characteristics than the originals, which can equal out the higher spring rates, but I don't want to pile a load of cash into something that feels like a mobile buckboard. Also to be considered is if non standard suspension is fitted to the car, would it impact $$ value trade in time? Your thought would be appreciated....
  11. What happens in America and what happens in the rest of the world are two very different things...
  12. Sounds cheap, BUT... In 1983 I paid $57k for my 3 bedroom house in Nunawading (Melbourne) because I couldn't afford $85K for a really nice house ( needing some repair) in Glen Iris.... I think the Melbourne property has outstripped the Porsche market by some degree!!
  13. ???? What do you mean ???? All 996's did not get their engines changed out - what lawsuit are you referring to?
  14. From what I remember, the 986 Boxster & Cayman Air / Oil Separators don't have a coolant passageway, but the Carreras do.

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