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  1. There is a complete lockdown in the UK - this mean you don't (cannot) leave your house unless work related, emergency, etc. The BBC has been showing a couple walking their dog on the top of the moors taken by a police drone - literally miles from habitation - castigating them for defying the police warnings....
  2. 16 hours is only one bowel movement - unless you've been out on a curry night & a six pack of VB, then it not worth the risk 🥵
  3. This Press car is a legend in the UK - affectionately known as Heebee after the rego number. Every lead foot in Europe has flogged it, its so good that Porsche UK has still kept it on their books AFAIK......
  4. EDIT : Ahhh - Dan has beaten me to it..... Be careful about removing / blanking off the resonator, called the Helmholtz Resonator as it not only changes the sound (which is minimal) but also affects the volumetric efficiency of cylinder filling.
  5. My birthday present every year is a paddock pass for World Superbikes. Because of the cancellation of the racing, WorldSBK is showing some of the greatest Superbike races from over the last 30 years or so. That's what I'm doing - trying to get away from the mass media hysteria for a while and watch Foggarty, Slight, Bayliss, Gobert, Bostrom etc, etc. in some of those epic races of a few years ago. Try logging on to www.worldsbk.com and see if its available free.
  6. I tell you what, it would be hard to go past that colour if you were fortunate to be able to order a new Porsche....🎯
  7. Pulled the pin as in buying the car or as in pulled the pin in cancelling the purchase?
  8. Hey Jeff - a quick question... Before trying to remove the bearing, you punched the slotted centre retaining bolt through into the IMS shaft - how did you pull it back into the bearing? I was under the impression that once the bolt was "floating loose" in hollow shaft you wouldn't be able to fish it out again.... I believe its the steel retaining spring stopping the bearing from being pulled out - it goes with quite a loud snap when using the (expensive) puller supplied by LN Engineering.
  9. That picture was taken many moons ago - she must be close to 80 years old now - but what a stunner.....
  10. ^^^^ What he said ^^^^ I wondered how long it would take for more (expensive) 996 GT3's that would come wriggling out of the woodwork - when last week there was only one car available on Carsales....
  11. I would have thought that an extra 10 year warranty on a "questionable" engine was proof enough ... I cannot bring to mind another manufacturer who has committed to such a long guarantee on one of its products. Aaahhh - sleazius just beat me to it!!
  12. But it maybe not as easy depending on mileage and servicing records....

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