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  1. It really depends on how big the "holes" are and who did the servicing between the gaps.... And I'm sure the dealer says its not an issue , but I bet he dropped his trade in price to the previous owner because of the missing stamps - after all, he just wants a sale and your money!!
  2. Am I reading that correctly Steve - $10-15K for a service and "pamper" ??? What the hell are you having done?
  3. Vehicle specific information only. Current $$ costs are too high for me at the moment so gathering as much detailed info as I can.....
  4. Thanks for the info - so if you were to inspect a 991.1 car, does the engine number literally have an "E, F or G" suffix / prefix letter included in the engine number so giving you a clue to what you are buying??
  5. ^^^^ Are these the 2014 models with the problematic engines that Porsche has given a 10 year warranty on??
  6. Could you imagine her shrugging off the stud encrusted leather jacket after the photo shoot and it slides down the bonnet ….. Probably wouldn't give a monkeys 'cos she's looking @ her iPhone twitter account!!
  7. Bugger me, you lot make Poirot look like an amateur ….. So what's the verdict on this car - correct $$$ considering its history if an everyday enthusiast wanted to sink some money into it ??
  8. I'm assuming that you mean "conrod" and not aircon rads….. Best of luck if you need 1 x conrod!
  9. I know which would be cheaper to own - …….
  10. My word, it does look good though..... I'm not an A/C type or profess to know much about them, but I would love to own it, and that colour really suits the multiple rounded shapes of the bodywork. Was Stone Grey a standard colour or a PTS?? I wonder what $$ it will sell for??
  11. It would be interesting to know who did the engine rebuild on that second 996 - looks like a serious update with pistons / sleeves and bearings...…. It would have cost a big chunk of money if it was done properly, though I don't know much about Darton cylinder sleeves compared to the Alusil / Lockasil / Nikisil coated sleeves.
  12. I was thinking the same - looks very good in the piccies.....dropped in price too over the last few months.
  13. Looks like the white Martini liveried GT3 @ AH in Sydney has gone. Down to just one 996 GT3 Mk I listed on Carsales which is the blue WA car mentioned above. You know, @ $125k for the WA genuine Mk I car, I would take a punt on buying it than the several 2006/7 Carrera 997 Carrera 4S's listed on Carsales at approximately the same $$ costs. And yes I realise the GT3 could have expensive issues if it has been abused, but so could a poorly serviced 4S engines which could experience bore scoring / IMS issues. The GT3 "should" hold its price better too, everything being equal ! I think buying either a GT3 or a 997 Carrera would necessitate a very accurate PPI...... I wonder what the vendor would take in cash now that its been sitting for sale for a few weeks ?
  14. Great looking CS - but is it really worth $100k more than the equivalent 996 GT3??. To be honest, I don't think I would pay the difference even though it may be a "better" GT car to some people.....
  15. I don't think so Dan - my Bentley manual has lots of info regarding removal of the ancillaries from the M96 block but very little detail of the actual stripping and rebuilding of the motor or cylinder head. Unless of course the latest edition has the detail, but my version (2009 IIRC) is very light on in helping a rebuild......

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