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  1. And be prepared for a looooong wait for him to work on your car too...….
  2. In my 11 year Porsche ownership on the Sunshine Coast, I have found NO ONE that I would trust close by…..and not many in Brisbane either. A lot (most) independent's in Brisbane quote the same or more $$ that the OPC Brisbane, give no guaranty on workmanship and treat you like a milk cow. After saying that, I did use Blitz in Kunda Park (between the Bruce hwy and Maroochydore) to swap out the shock absorbers on my 996 Boxster S about 8 years ago, but as for their expertise on air cooled cars ???. Brisbane OPC have worked on my cars exclusively for the last 7 years, I drive and leave the car @ their workshop then walk 5 min. to the nearest train station and home from there. And they give a 2 year warranty on the job. A schlep I know, but that's a cost of living where we live.....
  3. There are short shifter kits and there are short shifter kits - some are good and others not so good. The best for your 996 is the Porsche 997 shifter which reduces the throw only by about 15% - I thought it was a good mod for my 996 Boxster S. As Peter M says, check the throttle body and also the MAF, as the oil in the K&N can compromise the MAF which is expensive to replace and robs the engine of power if its contaminated with the K&N oil....
  4. So what's it going to cost here in the Land Of Plenty …?
  5. Another Arctic Silver GT3 in Queensland - good buying Jason. Did you buy it locally? Why the wheel replacement? And more pictures required too.....
  6. C'mon guys, get real - its two hundred thousand dollars + ORC, (so + / - two ten thousand dollars) - you must be mad to spend that on a 30 year old Frankenstein piece of not a very well thought of car..... Pretty tragic if you think its a good buy in the current economic climate!!
  7. I've just checked my spare drop links - unfortunately they are 200mm long which is standard 996 length links, so I cant help you, unless GT3.1 (356993??? above detail) are different lengths to GT3.2. Don't forget that the drop links are left / right oriented and if you are going to have one made up, I would seriously consider replacing both at the same time and have 2 made....
  8. What's the length difference between the GT3 drop links and the standard Carrera / 986 version??
  9. ^^^^^ re price premium over a standard GT3 ^^^^^ I certainly wouldn't pay that kind of money for a 996 RS, its (maybe) 10% better than the standard GT3, but not double @ $150,000..... imagine what you could buy for that differential !!
  10. If the owner can supply service invoices to "prove" that the car has been serviced (but the books failed to get stamped), then I'd say that's OK, but no receipts / records / stamps in the book could mean it aint happened....
  11. Sorry James, I disagree - a good 997 GT3 is quite a lot more than "a bit more $$" for an A/C car. Probably the thick end of $190K + for a 997 GT3....
  12. In hindsight, was it a good move buying the GT4 instead if the 997.1 GT3 from Rob?
  13. I'm guessing, but if you collared it for $300k, you then have an additional $30k in rego / tax etc to get it on your driveway - yes. What would the owner have bought this optioned up GT3 for last year from the OPC??
  14. By crikey - she'd never get a boyfriend..... Those bloody shoes thought !! just waiting to scar the rear bumper.
  15. Have a look at SJL's PDK problems in "All Other technical Issues" a little lower down.....

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