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  1. A few years ago I was driving on the Bruce Highway near Gympie when I saw what looked like a desert mirage in front of me. As I got closer, the "mirage" turned out to be the scruffiest, most battered and scraped mushroom coloured E Type Jaguar I have ever seen. Attached to its roof was 3 or 4 lengths of 4 x 4 timber beams - and I mean attached to its roof, not to a roof rack - it looked like a yacht with its rigging dropped down. The timber was fixed to the car by two leather belts passed through each of the side windows and through the cabin - one belt in front of the drivers head , the other belt behind his head. A length of orange string was tied to the front of the timber and then attached to the front bumper (extra security??). But the driver (probably in his 70's) with a mop of silver hair and a big bushie blowing in the wind looked as happy as Larry - one hand on the wheel and his arm casually draped over the drivers window (he couldn't raise the windows 'cos the tie down belts were in the way). I mentioned this E Type to a co-worker who lived in Gympie and it appears the driver is a bit of a local celeb who had owned the Jaguar for nearly 50 years and cared not a damn about appearances and values. BUT, I was told he was a retired engineer who kept the mechanicals in tip top condition. He also owned a Vincent Rapide that looked like crap but it went like a rocket with Shadow cams and heads. A happy, couldn't give a sh!t type of bloke by all accounts......
  2. I think he has got the decimal point in the wrong place in the asking price - even then its a questionable ask.....
  3. I measure 250mm from the ground to the bottom of the door. My car's ride height is set & the max for GT3 road use, so I imagine that a Cup Car will be substantially lower by at least 50mm.... Hope this helps.
  4. Ha, that brings back memories.... I was (voluntarily) working at Kyalami for that 9 hour race. I don't think it finished in the top 3 but my memory is getting dim....
  5. Pffft - fat chance. To add insult to injury, she discovered an oil drip on the wooded parquetry floor. So my stocks went even lower and I spent quite a lot of time & elbow grease with turps and Cobra wood polish to try & conceal the mark. The smell of raw Castrol R always seemed to linger though......
  6. This reminds me of the late night fettling of my AJS 7R outside undercover of my flat. My wife went to bed and because it was late I parked the 7R in the lounge passageway - I was too bushed to push it round to the lockup 100 meters away. I thought I could get up early and load the bike into the trailer without 'er indoors knowing the bike was parked on the parquet floor. About 3.00am I was woken by an ungodly yell and much cursing - my wife had gone to the loo and tripped over the bike in the dark.... The serrated footrest barked her shin something awful and I spent the next hour (and no sleep after) dressing the wound and consoling her. Hot tongue and cold shoulder followed immediately after.
  7. March 2035. "Hey Dad", cough, cough " can I borrow the Porsche tonight? Just picking up a couple of mates and going into town…" "Course you can son, keys are in your mothers bag" !!
  8. ^^^^^^^ She's not bad looking - for a girl.... ^^^^^^ 😋
  9. Its covered as long as the car has been serviced and confirms to Porsche maintenance dictates. If not.... big, big dollar signs will appear on the horizon!!
  10. If you had supposedly "lost" a 356 gearbox and some body emblems, wouldn't you have lodged a police report? That's assuming that Shannon's are not gilding the lily and using poetic licence regarding the missing bits....
  11. But the price of the 997 is beautiful compared with that particular 964 pricing - whether we can afford either is not so beautiful JLD......
  12. If the old gearbox was "discovered" in some ones car, would they have to give it up and return it back to the original (or new) owner?? If the story of thieves stealing the 'box is true, then it becomes stolen property doesn't it….
  13. Pheeew... That well into and past 996 GT3 territory. Its virtually up against that beautiful red 997 GT3 posted on the forum a couple of days ago by Mafia 88 for $198 k IIRC - and I know where my money would go if I was in the market...
  14. If you want to quickly check where the parasitic draw is coming from and you have a half decent multi meter (MM), 1} Disconnect the + battery cable, select A or mA on your MM and connect the MM leads in series between the end of the disconnected cable and the + side of the battery. (Red MM lead on the battery post, black lead on the cable). With the ignition in the OFF position, your MM should be showing the discharge rate of xxx A or mA. 2) Its now time to remove each fuse and mark down any difference in mA showing on the MM. The frunk & interior lights should be removed or switched off. 3) Add up the discharge mA of each fuse and see what the total is. If what you say is correct (0.5A draw), the offending circuit should jump out convincingly. The difficult bit is tracking down the offending equipment on that circuit.... Hope this helps.

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