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  1. Couldn't agree more legs... When I was a whippersnapper, Robertson's Jam's logo was a Gollywog. My little sister had a gollywog doll, as did my wife and millions of little girls in every country that Robertson's products were sold. You could even send away for little enamel brooches of the famed doll. And everybody knew that the gollywog was Robertson's signature, with no ethnic connections attached. Not any more mate.... Looking at the Warren Brown cartoon above with the two fly blown farm cocky's standing with their hands in their strides, I wonder how long it will be before farmers start complaining about being called an indecent sexist name ???? I bloody well hope not - but then they've more sense than that😈
  2. Yes - any deviation from stock will void the warranty and Porsche will not extend the the cars warranty even if you pay the extra.
  3. That's some of the finest engineering on a car I've ever seen - and that's just the bits you can see. Richard Tuthill is world renowned for his rallying successes. Imagine what the internal engine / gearbox / drivetrain / suspension specs are like..... So us water cooled owners were correct all along 'cos this 964 has a water cooled air cooled engine πŸ€‘
  4. Just received copy #6 - really interesting reading re new spare parts availability for the early F type cars.
  5. Surely that 290K is the driveaway price which includes the inflated Victorian taxation @ nearly 10% ??? Or does it?
  6. Yes there are 5 previous copies, although I have not yet received my 6th yet.
  7. Good to hear all went well, Motul products have been promoting motorsports for years and I really rate their products highly - even if they are French ....😝
  8. The magnificent, detailed piccies of the car certainly enhance the pricing - not....
  9. That's a nice picture of you Steve, but didn't know you were a man of the cloth , you look like a younger vicar than I thought - how many years ago was that picture taken....😎
  10. Those poor, poor buttons - someone should fit a strain gauge to them just to see how close they are to parting....😨
  11. How can the OP disconnect the battery when he cannot get into the car? All he can access is the engine compartment thro' the emergency cable. It sounds like the lock mechanism is turning with the key - which is another problem altogether as the remote key fob will not work until the door lock is physically "unlocked". A locksmith should be able to open the car lock but I think it probably requires replacing....
  12. Bugger me - you young snot rags are barely wet behind the ears - makes me feel like I belong to the Pre Cambrian era... I'm 74 next month but seeing as I don't own a GT3 anymore, it doesn't count - recently got a GT4 for wrinklies like me. And you know what - I don't give a monkeys toss what people think about me with my PSE on and the Sport button switched to big blips on the down change. Age isn't everything to do withdriving - some of these 50 year old geriatrics should get a life instead of dawdling around at sub 50km/hr in their Prius - while I've got a license I'll drive a GT car until I get really old...πŸ˜›
  13. Yes you are both correct - these new style alternator controlled ECU's are really complex compared to the older & simpler charging systems. By all accounts, these new systems are to reduce alternator "drag" on the engine while charging (especially in heavy stop / start traffic) which reduces load and increases fuel economy. I drove for about an hour yesterday and the indicated voltage went down from 14.4v to 14.2v on the meter. I also had a plug in voltmeter (plugs into the cigarette lighter) and my old Fluke meter and they all registered the same state of voltage. Another interesting puzzle is the GT4 has a SPORT button which gives you a throttle blip on gear down change and lowers the coolant & oil temps by electrically opening the thermostat fully. This SPORT button also increase the alternator charging voltage by +/- 1 volt for some reason nobody can explain but it shows on the voltmeter - except mine doesn't.... Go figure! Next step is to plug my Durametric in and see if I can change the charge rate or battery profile.
  14. Thanks guys - yes I understand re the "new battery" syndrome that the ECU governs the charge rate via the alternator, but I have replaced the original Exide wet cell battery with another of the same make / type and not a AGM. My GT4 does not have a stop / start facility. What's confusing me is that I am not getting any reduction in voltage while driving and the battery is fully charged - the charge rate stays constant @ 14.3v continual and does not drop. The original battery was over 5 years old and I thought that as the ECU was seeing and old battery with some sulfating and was adjusting the voltage "up" accordingly. These new charging systems used to be so simple..... Redracn - an interesting take on the Ctek possibly upsetting the charge tracking. What does your 991 charge voltage look like after startup and running?
  15. For those of you who have a 981 GT4, can anyone give me your running battery charge voltage indicated on the Multi Function Display screen. I've just fitted a new battery (the old one was the original fitted in Sept 2015) but I'm still getting a charging voltage of 14.3 volts (with engine running) which seems a little high to me. This voltage does not drop even after an hours run time. The new battery is fully charged (on the C-tec for 24 hours) and static voltage indicates 12.8v - so fully charged. Any help much appreciated.

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