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  1. All well and good, but how do you know if its well "looked after and isn't consuming oil" before you lay down really big $$$ for the privilege of buying. Suspension / exhaust / interiors wear in accordance with mileage and years no matter how well built the car was in 1996. A 25 year old service record does not reflect the true condition of the car - OK when you are spending sub $50k but you are on a wing and a prayer when you lay down large amounts of dollars for an image !! On reflection, $170K for a 180,000km car is all very well when we spend other peoples money, but I would still like to own a 993.
  2. I've used Design 911 in the UK for my spare parts, they take a week to get here and the pricing is cheaper than buying locally in Australia. BUT Don't go alternative (ie cheaper) pumps - use the Porsche coolant pump if you value quality and longevity.....
  3. I am not aware that any of the earlier Mezger motorsprt engined GT3's / cup cars had solid lifters.... My 996.2 has the hydraulic type and I assume the 997 variations were the same.
  4. Yes, I've seen them advertised on the Porsche Club website - I'll give them a call and see what they have to offer above and beyond OPC Brisbane. Many thanks for the heads up everyone !!
  5. But if the auctioneer has a lisp, is short tongued or just a Pommy accent, you wont know if you are getting $750 or $ 7.5 million for the car ......
  6. What did you have to do that cost $4 k on a GT3 @ under 30,000 km??
  7. According to Pistonheads, Paul Stephens who builds half million pound 964 replicas was the driver. Doesn't bode well for his Speedster replica, though he was "unharmed" after the rollover. Looks like the windscreen A frame support failed as well as the built in rollbar. I'm pleased I wasn't a passenger.....
  8. Is that a fair price ($175k) in today market - or a little over the top considering it's far from standard & looks like its been tracked...?
  9. That's just the kind of information I need - many thanks WOKA...
  10. Over the last 10 or 11 years, I have had OPC Brisbane look after my Porsche's, apart from having T&D Automotive replace my Boxster S IMS bearing back in 2010 (I think I was one of the first in Australia). Since then a lot has changed - Don Munro left T&D and I believe T&D have new owners too. There are other Porsche specific workshops that crop up, like Comet Automotive, Promotive and DHM (Don Munro), but I know nothing of their capabilities regarding servicing a GT3 - only what's on their websites and that doesn't mean they are any good . My 996 will soon be due for its 4 yearly Major Service so I'm looking for the best workshop / service provider in South East Qld. Its not just a service I require but also a couple of niggles I need ironing out like a cold start stumble on startup, so a good diagnostic capability is a must have. I'm not unhappy with OPC Brisbane, but I am open to alternative workshops. I'm on the Sunshine Coast and there is nobody here I would use in a fit !! From the Brisbane crew, who in your opinion is the best ???
  11. I well remember the Easter Superbike races at Mount Panorama the early '80's when Conrod Strait was just that - with a bloody big hump in the middle. Seeing the Z1000, Katana's GXR's and BMW 1000's suspension bottoming out & twisting the chassis as they landed was a sight to make you gasp and grab your nuts. I'm surprised Hansford / Doohan / Johnson / Phillis et al could sit astride those bikes 'cause their gonads were that big... Respect !!
  12. Looks like the roof has taken a copping too - I wonder if it was rolled? If it was, it was probably a writeoff in its day....
  13. Depending on when the car was imported from the UK, the salt laid down on the roads in the British winters can create havoc with the underside of the car. The galvanised body and rubberised underseal protects most of the actual steel panels, but items connected to the suspension, exhaust and ancilliary equipment can be severely compromised. Check header manifold bolts and exhaust hanger brackets for a quick reference point. You should not be paying Australian $ costs for an import either. I'm sure others more knowledgeable on here will give you a % discount for an imported car. You don't show where you are located, but a PPI (pre purchase inspection) by an indipendant workshop is a must, even if the car is still under the Porsche warranty.....
  14. The add says its a turbo diesel so that would account for the engine noise....
  15. That's a hell of a negative @ $115k...… but there again perhaps you can afford it. The dealer is the only winner here !!

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