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  1. You were already a bonafide badass in my books... 🤘🏻
  2. I reckon the side muffler delete is THE best setup for these cars, it gives you the sound of a Cup, removes a bunch of weight and those side mufflers that sit behind the back tyres really put out some heat, definitely not great for track... I think its worth the potential risks involved (popping the centre muffler & blowing O2 sensors) I've only popped one of the o2 sensors in 3+ years... Cup headers/cats is meant to remedy that, and I'll bet RS has better cats than the pleb spec GT3 too. Now you know we need pics mate...
  3. I am with you Hugh, I have approached all play things with a different mind set to the daily drivers. For us, as long as we're getting the value out of the big spend on a daily drive, we can justify taking a bath on depreciation for one car... and whilst we keep looking to replace our 2003 Corolla which is the shopping cart, frankly I can't see any new cars worth buying to replace it (its guilt free, low cost motoring)...that is, until I saw that new 2019 Mazda 3, I'm glad you mentioned it too... That looks like a great daily drive with all the mod-cons and driver aids you could ask for, with what seems to be a pretty high level of finish for a white goods car. OP, I'm of the mindset, if you are going to buy new or late model daily, that has got to be a long term play i.e. 10 years... amortise the capital and running cost over the "lifecycle" and ask yourself if its worth the $$ spent... for all intents and purposes, I would be of the mindset that the asset is worth nil at the end of life, if you can stomach that, then proceed by all means... but I really don't think its a reasonable expectation to buy volume cars and expect strong resale! All cars mentioned so far are volume cars relatively speaking. Sure you can buy late models at the bottom of their depreciation curve, the capital outlay is lower, but the ongoing cost is usually greater than that of a car inside a warranty period and fixed maintenance schedule too... it's almost reasonable to say that you give up your debt/equity position for cash flow, the same goes inverse.
  4. Don't want to stray too off topic, but just on the FM thing, I find there really isn't an effective (if at all) alert that your FM has expired... most don't have a problem with paying it, and as with most of us, I am sure we post from the shitter on a mobile phone that doesn't display that user data in the mobile display format.
  5. I am with everyone else on this, that is super low km's, so I can't see the problem, the things that are typically done on time basis are usually rubber if you want to lump it into one category, belts, hoses, tyres etc can perish with time, and if you check the owner manuals, they usually stipulate tyres to be replaced on time basis too (4-6 years depending on the model) so check the date codes on those, the belts and hoses will usually just be a visual inspection item, whilst I do not agree with it, these modern ones are usually "filled for life" with regards to the coolant... its absurd I know, but they almost want you to wait till there is a problem. The fact is after the 8 years and service history etc if they will still offer it as a Porsche CPO car (that should come with a manufacturer warranty) this will reflect well long term, and the warranty should cover any potential items that could cause issues from lack of use (i.e. the rear main seal can leak when they are not run often) Good luck and let us know how it gets on for you
  6. Perfectly timed post, as I just decided to remove my 7 GT3 sale listing last night... it stays!
  7. “I don’t know where to start on price because I can’t find another one like it” Shit, I wonder why that is... 🤦🏼‍♂️
  8. Macan Turbo, amazing tow truck... just get yourself used to short range 😂 it’s lucky if a tank gets you 400 km’s
  9. All still on the market too.. and mr red just dropped asking to $205k Ive had no interest in mine even at $25k under the next lowest priced example, it’s definitely a buyers market! If nothing transpired in the next 2 weeks, I will remove my one from the market, it’s already been mothballed....
  10. Just know that I am revelling in the fact that karma is a real thing....
  11. You bought one with radiators is my guess...
  12. I am on the spectrum when it comes to cars... well probably in general. This was a nations cup car at first point of its life from memory, could 722 reference this?
  13. Looks like the former Warwick Morris car, it was listed late last year privately.
  14. After everything I've been through with it lately, I decided to just put it into hibernation... 👋

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