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  1. That's why we always say, buy the seller... there is plenty of idiots out there!!
  2. Not at all... And WOW... that is quite the combo White + Red... that is Uber Rad, love it
  3. Ok folks, June is just around the corner so my personal schedule should be freeing up, allowing me to take care of a sale on our Boxster. Currently, the car is at PR Technology in Brookvale having some remedial works carried out to ensure its mechanically sound for the next owner. I am sure you could organise a PPI if its of interest to you while its there! With that said, I will update the ad with the details of works carried out and set an asking price, then it will also go to car sales (with more photos etc) most likely by the June long weekend, so any last calls within PFA now is the time whilst it's exclusive.
  4. Down to $289k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-porsche-911-gt3-rs-996-manual-my04/OAG-AD-18420757/?Cr=0 Interestingly, the white/red @ CTS is no longer listed, anyone here?
  5. Its fake news ๐Ÿ˜› Best one I know of is the PCNSW concourse winning example owned by @itsujack with 13,000 kms... its truly a museum piece!!
  6. Itโ€™s the @turboT teaser to the big campaign ahead!!! The man knows how to market a car, without a doubt!
  7. Bit of Boxster action this morning running both cars across town up north to PR Tech with my dad... I think he actually likes it? Gotta say; the older they get the more I like the look/styling itโ€™s very nicely proportioned design... plus dogs dick red interior is the way. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. Call it what you will.... Itโ€™s the RS60 attire of choice!
  9. @KGB - I can vouch for the ^^ car and seller, its a lovely example and as for the seller... well they dont shoot much straighter than Mr. Hughes!
  10. Side mufflers deleted... kept cats to keep it legal, although the stock road car cats take a caning and pop the 02 sensors in this config, so trying to find some cup headers & cats. I hope not... and yes they sure do!
  11. Makes sense for a road car, and don't mind me... I find joy in ruining the street-ability of my cars!
  12. My 7.1 is open all the time, because all that garage has been torn out... headers + centre muffler is all you need! ๐Ÿ˜Ž plus itโ€™s a good weight saving exercise
  13. +1 As long as you drive sensible in your neighbourhood, I find no ones really cares about the noise (unless their life is that empty) Ive got an idiot at the end of my street with a 488 that drives it maximum attack... So I look like an angel, muffler bypasses and all... ๐Ÿ˜‚
  14. Makes total sense... I went through the same thing, but I'd strongly advise that you avoid cheap un-cared for examples, as even some good early examples are in the 20+ year age bracket and not immune to things that come with age and use. You will spend the difference of the cheap to good example very quickly, thats if you don't shit an IMS bearing, which would effectively total the car. Typically with Porsches the ones to buy are the first year cars or the last of with all the fruit... I am coming at that from a desirability/collector viewpoint. To drive, it depends, the base car is very rudimentary and has that early Porsche ethos of basic, light, small capacity revvy motor ... the S gets more equipment and the 3.2 mill, so kind of like comparing a GT3 and a Turbo in a way. I was open to both cars, but settled on first year (1997) car (2.5 only) I found, owned by a fellow enthusiast it had all the big ticket maintenance done and was very honest with low km's for sensible $$$ It is a hoot to drive, and we've enjoyed lots of weekend drives with it, and its just as happy doing the daily grind since its the Tiptronic transmission... which, in itself sounds horrible coming from stick only background, but learning to drive the car is super rewarding when you figure out left foot braking and throttle blipping downshifts... it wears the daily + weekend hats very well! I am going to get active about selling that car in June if it's of interest to you, as I've got a house move on the horizon and 6 cars Been for sale for 2 years + I've found S pricing is all over the place, but condition & documentation is KING. Good examples are hard to come by... check the history & maintenance.

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