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  1. Maybe that was the locals price mate? Kinda like when you go to Thailand.. there is the normal (tourist) price, and then there is "Thai price", I always negotiate with my local guy in tow whenever I am there.
  2. White high mile RS at Richmonds is up, asking $330k prices are heading the right way https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-porsche-911-gt3-rs-991-auto-my16/OAG-AD-16925017/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email I tried to, my brain hurt trying to navigate those waters of the 991 GT3 forums
  3. I am with you Jason, I’ve been around them long enough to see what seems like more than 14 996.1 non CS. Stewart aka 1st on here posted some stats on his insta (rhdporsche is the handle) that were not consistent with what I’ve seen on GT3 resources 997 numbers, he said that his numbers were recently obtained from PCA. They’re pretty consistent with the 996 data though... so I’m really not sure, could we be seeing import cars in the mix? ive long thought about starting a registry
  4. I ran across this on Insta a few weeks back... it is Olive Green, and it is a special order for the year model... absolutely adore it.
  5. I believe you're correct with regards to the "10 year engine warranty" , and certainly it seems to be more 'hype' about them being affected than actual cases, I think I've read about 1 or 2 on RL with engine problems. Granted, buying a CPO car or one with warranty will allow manufacturer warranty extension to 10 years total, so peace of mind really... of course, hope you never bloody need it.
  6. 003 is more common... I don't know if this data has been validated, but I believe the GT3 resource obtained the stats from PCA.
  7. That’s a lovely car, almost bought it myself back then! Nice to know it’s still around and in the PFA fold.. Yup, appears to be a non 003 GT3 with the cage added... dead give away is lack of cs M code and those Recaros in leather, as far as I know the Clubsport only ever offered those seats in Nomex/Perlon
  8. I don’t see this lending criteria changing anytime soon...I also don’t see the Sydney housing market improving anytime soon either... all very convenient for me really 😂 I must confess, the question was loaded... my punt is to wait for more depreciation then strike on an RS... it’ll be a 991.1 though, I figured I’ve always wanted an RS, and I want one to go to the race track with it... so it’s really convenient that these are the bastard child as I won’t need to give up huge money for it (hopefully) and as such won’t feel bad about tracking it. My timing is about late next year at this stage... I am hoping they hit mid 2’s (or lower) by then... I’ll still have 5 years of engine warranty to play with also... Good to know, I’ll try ask some questions about it when I talk to them next, which should be tomorrow as they have my 997 now, not that I’m ready to move on it (as above) but I always like to track my target species 😂 it’s part of the hunt! And who doesn’t love the hunt??
  9. Both these were in the lower end of the market and already dropped $10k in the last week https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2015/OAG-AD-16338654/?Cr=0 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2016/OAG-AD-16693956/?Cr=1 Where and when do you see RS pricing bottoming out?
  10. Sorry can't help there, I initially thought it was the Iris blue car that Rob Raymer had about 5-6 years back, alas it is not... it certainly is an attractive asking price.
  11. C'mon... didn't you read the comprehensive description?
  12. edgy

    The Wine Thread

    Speaking of Italians, we had this beauty on Saturday night, if you like your skin contact/Orange wines, this is one of the best I have had.
  13. We could only speculate on how long it’s been that way and why.. and with regard to UV exposure, I’d imagine it’s mostly garaged, and pigment selection for paints on modern cars you’d imagine they select them with good lightfastness
  14. I agree with this sentiment, I’d put it back to 100% original... it looks to be a nicely spec’d PDK Carrera S originally. I think the add ons make it much less desirable on face value (dare I say tacky), and quite honestly it just doesn’t look cohesive style wise.. the GT3 bar without the splitter looks odd, really odd...
  15. Very well priced! This will not last.. great car and owner. GLWS mate

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