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  1. edgy

    Garage Find

    You definitely have a fundamental issue preventing that photo shoot! Nice place to enjoy such a car!
  2. edgy

    Garage Find

    Sweet find! This is in the states by the looks of?
  3. Personally, I think is pretty good buying considering it is under factory warranty, Porsche approved and the stamp duty is included, puts it at $220-225 + ORC. Which is where I think most those 7.2's would probably transact, you've only gotta look back 12 or so months back and they were nudging the high 200's almost 300 some sellers were 'asking'. I think there is a few factors at play, as to why it hasn't sold: Choice - consumers are spoilt for it at the moment; GT4, 991.1, 991.2, 997.1, 997.2, 996.2 ... ALL but the 991.2 is available to buy around the similar ask ^^ Manual Transmission - You can now buy a 991.2 with a 6MT - I doubt this is a high factor in terms of marketplace competitiveness as the 991.2 is nearly double the money, but maybe more of a factor that negates the "last of the manuals" sentiment 991.1 price overlap - the 991.1 is a GREAT option, and is dropping in price, it has to be taking down the 7.2 (and the rest) with it to some extent... Retention - I think a lot of the owners who wanted a Mezger era GT3 already have them and are holding onto them Economic - The financial reasons already mentioned for sure
  4. Love that interior! All business
  5. Yup, Mum has had MB's for as long as I can recall in recent history, the dealer servicing is very pricey! cheers
  6. 7.1 Pumpkin 🎃 Sold or removed from sale.
  7. Tyres, brakes, oils.. standard shit really! 👍 100,000 will take about 15 years at the current rate, so I think we’re good! Macan does all the long haul. Seems like there is a hand full of lower mileage examples for reasonable money, options always good when looking. Cheers
  8. Good info @Bibbs thank you, I had a quick read on that, and seems to be the case for all m271. Apparently fixed for post 2012 cars? I can live with the low rent interior 😂 it’ll only get dog hair in it anyway. Cheers
  9. Maybe I should rephrase that question: Aside from the obvious difference in output, are there any inherit issues with the SC 1.8L over the later Turbo? It’ll go 4km round trip 5 days a week and park under a Norfolk pine when it’s not at the station, hence my thoughts on not spending up for the later 250... so performance is not really a deal breaker or in the equation, we’d be talking 63 if it was 😬... (really that’s what I want)
  10. How are the W204's going lads? Is the earlier (i.e. 2008-2010) C200 Kompressor ok? Going to replace our daily grind shortly, and much research leads me to the W204 being a good candidate. Since it is going to be a mooring minder & station/local shops car, I don't tend to see the value on spending up for the later C250. cheers
  11. edgy

    Wanted 996 GT3 car cover

    The new genuine indoor cover is about $500 new from Porsche, it sounds like a bit of coin, but its a lovely cover, very good quality and not like you are putting anything cheap under it... I believe there is simply with or without aero option.
  12. I’ve been a bad owner too, but I am heading out for a final super sprint this year next weekend... I’m back home for the foreseeable future so we need to catch up, do a drive or at least go drink some fancy juice 🥤 mate. 👍
  13. Those are type 1’s they are no big deal. Type 2 and above are mechanical over revs Owner may have just added it for asthetics, cos let’s face it, it just looks cool and is functional.. the fact it’s colour coded white is a tell tale sign of that imo. I had my one caged with the electric sports seats for a while as it took some time to find OEM buckets, it works, but it is possible to put the seats back so far they’ll foul on the cage. It’s abuse!
  14. That’s a unicorn 🦄 spec right there, the only one I’ve seen close or better is @itsujack 991.2 touring, man that thing has all the fruit.
  15. I don’t think it is an aftermarket cage. I just checked my one and the cross over looks the same... I admit I did think it was something like a BBi or GMG aftermarket initially. I don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about. Its just not your 1 owner never tracked or modified example. clean DME over rev report apparently... so that should be a good assurance. I know I’ve added a ton of type 1’s on the track 😂 but the type 2 and over is the ones to avoid. also, I don’t think a car that has been tracked is a bad thing, mechanically these cars are usually in top shape, as most guys maintain on an open cheque book basis... they actually tend to suffer from lack of use, RMS is common on cars that don’t get run. The down side to a track car is the cosmetics definitely suffer when you do lots of track work. Front splitter is definitely consumable... keep them in stock, and make sure you look and smile at the passers by as you scrape it leaving a driveway... it’s always entertaining to see people’s reactions. 😬