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  1. If you add @michel to your repertoire of PFA dialect translations, your services would command premium.
  2. I was trying to work that out… it looks close, but I felt it may be capped @ 8800rpm? Gotta wait & see I guess! It sounds like it’s hurting… I like that, don’t know if I think it sounds good though? The wing is nicely integrated I have to say..
  3. On board looks amazing I think (at least in the press shots)
  4. Honestly mate, I completely lost the love of anything car related during lockdown... so I did nothing! I did print the dimensions off recently and got ready to do some measuring but with a bit of a rotation of cars presently in motion, it could skew my requirements? But probably not! I just have to pull my finger out... sorry I cant be more help!
  5. Sensibility coming out of Adelaide on this Sunday night! Must be all that new found freedom getting to Sydney’s head 😉
  6. Thanks, that supports what I’m trying to say, a low mile 996.1 in a unique colour, and no doubt exceptional condition. No I’m saying they have not done that! I’m probably the only idiot who thinks their car hasn’t doubled or tripled in value? I buy what I love… values I’m aware of, but they don’t form part of my buying equation.
  7. I know of a handful of transactions first hand. Believe me, as an owner… you’d think I want to blow it up, and yes, they’ve done well… but not that well… Just like I wish I can buy DRC wine on the cheap, I can’t sell 996 for the premiums suggested! if 996 RS traded in mid 300’s what do you think vanilla 996 GT3 is worth? high $200-$300k??
  8. Time to sell? At that ask… weeks to months! No better than the 996 tiptronic cab Carrera owners asking $80k + in my books… Having said that, it looks like a nice example with a good original spec and km’s that don’t put it in the exceptional category, if anything kms a bit high for a “collector”… I suspect if it were advertised $220-230k asking, it would sell pretty fast! Happy to be wrong, but they’re just not a nearly $300k car in this market… even mid 200’s is cheeky… now knowing where an RS has traded recently, I don’t think I’ll be wrong… and the sale of one super low mile car @ $289k asking doesn’t define the market.
  9. edgy


    GT4 is a car I'd love to get some seat time in, and I nearly ordered GTS 4.0 Cayman (slightly watered down gt4) at the start of 2020, but I didn't for obvious reasons lol... I was going to buy it as a daily, and that was based on a good mates feedback who had a GT4 as a DD... he reckons the hatch makes it mighty practical... not sure on the ride being palatable because that is totally subjective and will depend where your threshold is!
  10. Whilst I suspect you're right in a general sense, I feel this would be more relevant to the 991 & 981 market... I don't think many would cross shop early 997 with 991.1 or 991.2 ... most likely 992 & 991 get cross shopped.
  11. Oh man, the final paragraph in any AH ad is something else, definitely cringeworthy… you just know they had one hand on the keyboard, and their d*ck in other hand.
  12. That is the thinking! If my budget were $150-200k for a Carrera, you'd surely go the 991.1
  13. All this does is make the 997 look like the relative bargain that it currently is....
  14. Yup... these kind of cars are always difficult to value, essentially a road car that is as capable on the track as one with full rego, but the hassle & limitation's of rally rego puts it in the same basket as a trailer only full track car, yet its nowhere near as light or fast as a Cup.
  15. There is a significant premium for 997.2 at the moment, but I suspect if you got a good deal on selling your 3 pedal, you'd have little gap to a PDK car, or go like for like and pocket some change with a tiptronic? I think the big issue with 997.2 prices at the minute is that they're starting to overlap the lowest priced 991's As for the wife... I finally tied the knot earlier this year, so I am making hay while the sun shines you may say?

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