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  1. This is 100% truth. I pulled my listing so I can better represent the car given the current climate, so new photography, then back to the workshop to go over it with a fine tooth comb, then a PPI that I can hand to prospective buyers, of course done purely with objective eyes ... The only discussion the buyers should be having with me is $$$ then... and they are still welcome to get their own PPI, lets see if it works?
  2. Mate I’ve had a lot of that... basically people shopping outside their means, which you seem to invite trouble when you price the car sharply... I’m sure @NBTBRV8 could relate!
  3. Even on 997 GT3, people are sensitive to km’s... but I think this more or less comes from the bargain hunters that are not necessarily knowledgeable about the platform... I’ve had some good drama lessons via correspondence in the last few weeks. 🙃
  4. That is an on point assessment, Oli that shot the car does a lot of work in the sates, LA in particular, after we managed these perfect 'golden hour' captures, that was his words precisely... "it looks like I shot it in LA" The man knows how to run a campaign!! And I cannot fault Oli Coulthard's work, the kid is nothing short of amazing...
  5. The whole RS special sauce is that its greater than the sum of its parts! @Rachnath I am with you, and in midst of selling one, I agree they are currently undervalued for how good they are... but being close to a number of transactions, $200k is pretty much the average middle marker for bench mark pricing +/- 10% Anyhow, spent the day shooting yesterday, a little appetiser of what's to come for my PFA homies!
  6. lol See I am not cut from that cloth, me, I shoot straight... we get to the point and do business, most people don't grasp that concept...so its probably me that is special!
  7. Price of course... if you ask $180k they will say $150-160, if you say $150 they will say $130k and so forth... I started writing a rant, but figured its useless, because you all understand where I am coming from and you get it! Wait and see the re-list , I am with you on the price strategy too BTW. You're right about the no expense spared... I stopped adding up at the point that I could have bought a 996 Carrera
  8. Not well enough according to some... I swear I should walk around with a violin the shit I have been listening too!
  9. No mate, going to re-list in due course... I am finding it very difficult with interstate buyers, so I feel compelled to better present the car for them, which I am working on doing exactly that! A good dose of low ballers and opportunist as you'd imagine...
  10. Having had my Macan in the snow and eventually ice, I'd definitely just recommend keeping some chains handy... when it comes to ice, no tyre is good enough!
  11. Hi Mark, No it didn't sell yet, I decided to withdraw the ad and I am presently reconsidering my strategy. Sorry to hear about your shitty ordeal with the seller withdrawing on you in the 11th hour. cheers
  12. Turbo is a one trick pony... dont get me wrong, after every launch you will laugh like a school girl if you dont follow through!!! But to me its Jekyll & Hide in a GT car meets drag car kind of way... 991 GT3 defies physics... it does things that dont feel natural, especially with the RWS, so you do need to recalibrate.... even coming from earlier iterations of GT3, its different. I have not driven a GTS, but I imagine its the ultimate road going 911 of the lot... whatever Greg ( @GC9911 ) says on that, listen to him, he's lived with many iterations of the late cars inc GTS 991.1
  13. So I found out today that Ben Adam formerly service manager at PCA is now at Buik too! Definitely give that a look in that case. +1 for the Adelaide to Sydney Cannonball!!!
  14. Must have been a similar time from when they converted GT3's from 6 volt to 12 volt systems?

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