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  1. edgy

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    Most say the 924 is cheaper to own and maintain because of the Audi/VW motor and some other mechanical parts interchange. In my experience with a 924, if it’s mechanically sound, and well maintained they do not cost much to own at all. Service parts are cheap, i know this because I have bought pretty much every consumable there is, as I had to recommission my one after a decade of storage, we replaced practically everything rubber (hoses), rebuilt the entire brake system, new tyres, timing belt, water pump etc the list goes on! It wasn’t too bad at all. Just keep in mind they’re getting a little long in the tooth, but keeping it moving is usually the best thing for it rather than storing it away.
  2. edgy


    Yeah its a tough one.. Its in the same market space as a cup, but won't be as good as a cup on the track... not a road car either! I say it could be a good arbitrage opportunity for flipping to a LHD market... the only fundamental flaw in my logic is that the car is being sold at Lloyds.
  3. I am sure there is a blockchain millionaire millennial out there that wants it... or didn't know they wanted it.
  4. Another 7.1 at AH, this time in Yellow! https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-2008/OAG-AD-16311104/?Cr=7
  5. edgy

    the New 992 911!

    Funny, I showed them to my significant other last night, that is exactly what she said= beetle! I am sure they'll make it palatable by the time we see a production car... but I'm hardly excited based on the "spy shots" ...
  6. It wouldn’t as it was made in RHD thats my read on it, the 918 however would be fine, never RHD and less than 1000 made of the “Model”
  7. edgy

    the New 992 911!

    The whole point of the 911 is evolution, changing "the basic silhouette" would mean a new model. I'd welcome a new variant, but lets face it (and using the past as a reference) a 928 aint a 911, 2 totally different cars... better if they live together in harmony, buy one or the other or both if you can.
  8. edgy

    the New 992 911!

    It doesn't look right! From the side profile also, its not a nice clean continuos line through the rest of the car, this line (ok for simple speak lets call it the seam, where the bar meets the metalwork) at the rear is off to the front, it is at eyebrow height (top of the arch) at the rear, then a few inches lower than the eyebrow of the guard at the front, and appears to run through the rim. Although not perfect on the 991 its better, or at least gives the impression of a more continuos line. Similar to the 991 on the 997, the line appears to run about the eyebrow height of the wheel Dead perfect on the longhood! I think the other genius (or pupose) of the front bar seam being where it is in the prior models, is you are somewhat losing the seam, by placing it through the shortest path. It is also nice that the hood (bonnet/frunk lid) is shorter on the prior cars, it finishes higher than the lowest point of the headlamp. Ie New one is a "long hood" I'm sure someone with more design savvy can correct my shitty translation... I will agree to disagree...
  9. edgy

    the New 992 911!

    this was mentioned just yesterday in another thread, about on the 996/7 & 991 where the bar meets the guard around the headlamp ( I think its fine btw).. now the question is answered, this looks shocking to me that one big line.
  10. Until the 991 they never put mesh in the GT3’s either (do they actually put it on the 991? I don’t know)! I heard an explanation once that the reason they were not fitted is leaves would gather and block the airflow to the radiators, but that seems to be on the contrary! The most concerning item I’ve picked up in those vents is a pair of wire strippers on the track ... 😂 some people shouldnt be allowed near cars and tools in the same room. Anyway, I am sure I could nitpick every porsche ever built for flaws, but I’ll just keep the rose coloured shades on and keep flogging them, you tend to forget about that crap when you’ve got it on the limit ... 😈
  11. They have no reason to complain, that is way better than living on 2 min noodles... I mean, you even put cheese in their sandwiches, how decadent!
  12. Sure, this 76 would be a good car for someone, at the right price.. I do think its cool, but you know how the market is! Seldom do you hear the typical buyer say " oh you've put a late model motor in it, I'll pay more for it" which in other circles is a good thing. Yeah I dont get it either Honestly, I am pretty jaded by the AC market.. yeah they're cool but when you compare it to modern examples for the $$$ its a hard conversation to have, especially if you can only chose one. Don't get me wrong, great cars still command strong prices and move fast, but so many sellers have not accepted the market correction or the fact the car they are selling is just not what most people want i.e. the plethora of 80's cabs asking north of $80k...
  13. It’s cool yes, but a good deal? As an engine swapped 76, I really don’t think so... if you waited for a 3.2 that doesn’t have an owner deluded about what it’s worth, you could buy a solid example for a only little more than the asking on that yellow one; ie the import 3.2 that Simon recently sold, that was a well sorted car by PR tech, ticked all the boxes. I’m talking early 3.2 not G50
  14. Sweet, I thought I'd seen it on RL... good resource for GT cars it is! Makes perfect sense, to do this! Get shopping for that 991.1 Clubsport Doug!! 😛
  15. I really think this is cool... not sure what it says about me, but hey... here you go https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1998/OAG-AD-16177923/?Cr=12