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  1. It’s difficult to say, they’ll only become cheap if supply is flooded and they don’t find buyers is my general thinking? Being an old car now, I cannot imagine many, if any owners have them financed? I’d of thought the newer high dollar stuff with finance contracts are the ones with the target on their back? It is after all in that case a discretional outgoing payment vs an asset on your balance sheet
  2. 1 of 77 and 1 of 2 in the country... that is when you appreciate guys like Rusty, its nice to see such rare specimens on our shores, even better when they take them out to share with the public....
  3. This is a question I have been unsuccessful in finding the answer to also, its been driving me mad! My 996 had it, my 986 has it, my 2007 GT3 doesn't... it is in the books as stated, but fro memory so did the 996/986
  4. Did the same last friday, went off shore to chase the Mahi whilst they are still hanging around, bagged a good catch saw no other humans and we're eating good... its a win My mate out gunned me though for fish of the day... bastard!
  5. Don’t lie... it’s like carbon offsetting, you buy black to offset the yellow And the world is better of for it, keep doing good work! “Bahama Mustard”
  6. you’ll be waiting a while to kick him in the shins.... also @sleazius owns a black P car too... kinda like you 😜
  7. $675k fucking hell... 😂 Knowing roughly what $$ was paid for a friend and fellow PFA members UK RHD one in the peak of the market (2016) this is absurd premium for the "aussie delivery" status IMO...
  8. Mine took the Turbo today as I had shit everywhere working in the yard and it was the easiest car to get out... Her tonight; “yeah, that thing needs more power” 😂 what have I created 🤭
  9. Nice one @deano now the fun begins!! Yell out if you have any questions on configuration... a few of us have agonised over it, pulled the trigger and lived with our builds! I’m all about the smart build... it’s too easy to get carried away with options!
  10. I’d love to own another at the right price... this is not the right price IMO
  11. Ha! I should’ve put a bit more context on that post, I meant at the circa $100k ~ I reckon the SQ5 is hard to beat... you can always negotiate hard at Audi has been my experience with them! Maybe it’s just me, but daily driving the Turbo 3.6, you really notice the lack or torque... it’s not just me, even my better half noticed it. But hey, you do you!! If you are happy with the 4cyl and it works for you, don’t let some idiot on a forum influence your substantial purchase... truth be told if I wasn’t such a petrol head/red neck that needs to tow... the 4 banger will be adequate! The platform itself is robust and my near 4 years of ownership since new have been fantastic! One of the best all round cars (if not the best) I have ever had the joy of owning. That was important to me, having sufficient tyre sidewall! That’s why I opted for 20’s on my macan... I could’ve gone the 19’s but the 20’s has been the best balance of practicality & aesthetic... and it’s been places most landcruisers won’t ever
  12. Indeed, and in that case... my $$ would go to the Macan, and for a little extra, the smart $$$ has got to be the Macan GTS... but I guess that will come down to whether the standard equipment inclusions are of value to you, I will take a low option build on a higher grade than an excessively optioned base or S Every time I go for a service and they hand me 4cyl loan car, its usually loaded with 21's, panoramic roof etc... my god do I cringe! I mean pano roof alone is 5% of the price of the vehicle then the 21's is more again... IMO If I were budget conscious and still wanted a great SUV in that size, I'd go bust nuts at Audi and get an SQ5...

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