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  1. Looking good mate! I need to chase harder for a cup muffler & bar!
  2. That’s lovely mate, a very considered design… like a Boston Whaler for a guy that doesn’t hate his family! 😂 You’d have to be around a Realm 38 to get those kind of features in a Boston. GLWS!
  3. I agree! Porsche Turbo's seem to be an odd market, they always seem to run hot and cold... look at 993's for arguments sake & 930's!
  4. Again $199k being the asking, you just don’t know where the deal was done without the first hand information…but there is certainly support around $200k I just don’t see many examples being able to break it… you can buy the Dutton GT2 for $290k for arguments sake! 😂
  5. That is what happens when you think one sale defines the market, as you know it doesn't! The speed yellow 996.1 CS @ CTS was an exception with only 11,000kms... even the asking of $289k is just an ask, knowing them though, they probably got within $10-20k of that? I can see maybe breaking $200k for the silver GT3 non-cs if someone was coming in hot off the back off a good realestate sale... but $200k has to be a point of resistance.
  6. These two, are kind of my point with regards to the insurance policy threshold... not a lot under $65k these days in new car land, and those who've prudently insured their assets as they increase in value with time falling into this threshold... I've not read through my policies for any particular language about them disclosing your policy details for such purposes (unless it involves crime?) So chicken or egg... I guess this is how they get around their classic/historic rego issue of no stamp duty payable? Let's be honest, classic cars are great for doing laundry with... A GT1 ?
  7. Ok, no buying a boat over $100k gotcha! On a serious note, I find the insurance policy one most interesting…
  8. edgy

    Macan EV

    I've been doing some reading on Macan lately, and it seems like the Turbo is dropped for the next MY, plus a few people have told me its not possible to order one now either? Slim chance of getting a current MY built (if at all) too... It seems that the GTS will get a big lift in output and become the top of line I.C.E. Macan, it would seem Porsche is going to follow the Taycan naming monikers and likely make the 2023 Macan Turbo EV, the flagship car. Yes the next Macan Turbo probably won't be turbo...
  9. I reckon GT2's (both 996 & 997) are a relative bargain in the market mate... definitely worth considering should you wish to make a comeback tour to GT land...
  10. Take a look in this thread, recently asked by another member whom ended up ordering one I believe?
  11. The new 992 videos with CH & AP in the "GT Vault" probably helped too...
  12. I've had my eye on the 996 Carrera market quite a lot lately... a lot of dreamers, some real sellers though! Even so, it seems they're on the up, C2 Coupe Tiptronic circa $50k, C2 Manual Circa $60k is about the money +/- $10k depending on all the other key factors. I had $$ on this one last week, https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-porsche-911-carrera-996-auto/SSE-AD-7297358/?Cr=3 Good history on face value with all the big ticket items done like IMS, but it was proving difficult to get a PPI (and I am locked in) so we just agreed to go our seperate ways, nice guy the owner if anyone is QLD based looking for a C2 tipper.
  13. So if it goes for anywhere near that, what is an RS worth? Agree! BUT who's gonna be the one to call and inform him its not a touring, but a GT3 with komfort options 😛 I am contacted every other day about a 996 or 997 GT3 lately to see if I know of any off market opportunities... oh how the tides have turned!

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