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  1. That’s 2 suburbs from me if anyone wants it looked at 😉 I’ll even test drive it for you!
  2. Yes, the AD08 R is the right balance in my opinion, its often referred to as an S compound, and I don't like driving on the road with R compounds, they are too fucking noisy in a car that is already hard enough to hear yourself think in... in the last season I ran sprint events, I had PR tech do my track support, they would bring my wheels to each meeting and put them on the car, take them back off, clean and balance them upon return, all ready for the next event... it gave them a bit more life too, since Wakefield park is circa 400km return journey for me! Much more pleasant driving that distance on road tyres. If they made the AD08-R in the correct rear size for the 19" on the 997, I'd probably be buying them, alas they don't. Any thoughts on Trofeo R ?
  3. Honestly, on an 18" wheel... I still think the AD08 R by Yokohama is the best tyre for the money, for your intended use, the last set I bought for my 996 GT3 was about $1300~ for all four. Cups will be north of $2k
  4. Makes sense, so I guess the question is; is it worth spending up on Cup 2s or Trofeos for street tyres? My thoughts were to have the car cable of turning out solid laps in its full street trim (on the 19" wheels)... or do you think its best to just relinquish this concept, get a "good" road tyre and keep the $$ saved towards the A050's? I have not been disappointed with the A050's mind you, I love them, and actually had the current set pre-scrubbed by Gordon Leven motorsport... didn't improve times or grip, but by god were they consistent! The only time they'd go "off" was when the club decided on 15 minute sessions last year (Porsche vs BMW) at the GP circuit, and they were old by that point anyway.
  5. Bumping this older thread, as I have been talking recently about tyres. I have been running the Yoko A050's on an 18" wheel for a number of years now, but with the always improving tyre technology, I am wondering if anyone can comment on how these A050's would stack up to the latest Cup 2 or Trofeo R? I am going put some fresh rubber on the 19" street wheels of my 7.1, so I am curious if anyone knows just how close the comparison is, or if there is still a disparity? The local GT4 & 991 + crowd are running some impressive numbers these days, but I am not sure how much of this is attributed to aero and where applicable driver aids... so its hard to know if the tyres they run are a help or a hindrance (if they could get a 20" A050 for arguments sake)
  6. We've both always liked the Megane RS (and hot Peugeots actually) ... but its probably too biased toward the hot hatch, so we can never quite find the "fit" for it, also a new one is quite a big chunk more $$ than anything I had looked at! The Audi is gonna have to do it I honestly think if Hyundai makes the i30 N Performance hatch in a DCT, that is going to be "the" hot hatch to buy if you want to fly under the radar... not that it isn't already if you can live with the 3 pedal version.
  7. Where is the best source for Michelin Cup 2s in Sydney guys? I am needing to replace tyres and want to try a set of these, last time I was trying to even get quotes, I found it a little difficult. Cheers
  8. Correct, you need to buy one still within cover period! Only time will tell, my guess is, by then the 3rd party shops will get good at fixing them and the markets will adjust accordingly? Good point!
  9. I was back at my dealer this morning, I asked this question since they offer the 15 year extendable manufacturer warranty (supposedly on ALL Porsche cars currently in warranty). The 10 year engine warranty stands for the motor, even if you let the manufacturer warranty expire on the car, they cover that engine for the 10 years. In the case of the 15 years warranty, it is offered on the whole car (engine inclusive) however you need to keep the warranty active the entire time. I hope this makes sense? ^^ It's good incentive to roll the dice on 991.1's IMO
  10. I am going to do this once they become reasonable money... 991.1 RS then straight to the track to roll dice 🎲, just hope I don’t roll any ‘craps numbers’
  11. The 35 TFSI comes with the 1.4 Turbo making 110kw @ 6000 rpm and 250nm Tq @ 1500rpm, so its plenty for what we want it for... not the hot-rod I'd like in an ideal world, but I already have my hot-rod I guess? On the pricing, they are in my experience very open to negotiating.. don't be afraid to go hard on that! I forgot to mention, another kicker is we qualified for corporate service plan, which means 3 years of servicing at nil cost, we had this is in the past and it was great.. it somewhat helps the value proposition when it comes to ownership costs. It's always worth checking if you're employer is enrolled in that program (my fiancé was in this case). We already have a family bus
  12. Don @ DHM has been good to me, I live in Sydney, but have called on his services a few times... my old 996 GT3 was maintained by him (ex brissy car), and he had done some work on my old 968 Clubsport too. Based on my interactions/transactions with him, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him (and often do) to others.
  13. Well we finally buried the hatchet on this today, after me being bed ridden all week... we spent this afternoon assessing two other options, firstly the new Mazda 3, I earlier dismissed it due to cost and it’s powertrain, but after looking at some other more pricey options we felt it was a dis-service to ourselves to not drive one at least, and, well? It’s a lovely cabin, one of the nicer ones you’ll get into for a small car, and ride is pretty nice, but that motor and trans are just not up to the task for a circa $40k small car. We owned an Audi some years back, and really liked it, but being the A1, it was small... we ended up doing some homework and researching the A3 Sportback, as this is the correct size car for the job... we spent the balance of our afternoon there today, and felt that this car was the right overall package for us, nice style, subtle, sporty yet comfortable, good drivability since you get peak torque from 1500rpm (Mazda 3 is basically same peak torque at 4000rpm), fit & finish is nice as you expect and lots of good equipment inclusions in their A3 35 TFSI S-Line plus (even includes the virtual cockpit) but it was a bit pricey prior to discounting. We ended up negotiating very hard on that A3 S-Line, successfully. So looks like we’re back to having an Audi in the fold. For less than Mazda 3 Astina money, we’re very happy.
  14. For road, the Yokohama AD08-R is a great tyre for the $$$ I had those in the past on my 6 GT3.

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