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  1. I recall asking you about the RS wing on that car. It looked like a nice example. So that kinda reinforces my thoughts that the 7.1 pricing barometer is at $180k +/- $20k for a private sale. Of course there is always exceptions. SO Cup cars look like the better deal right now. 😜
  2. Love the BRIDE seats, use to rock a Zeta 2 back in the day... it was so comfortable for a fix back.
  3. I’m surprised it’s taken 2 pages but hell, here I’ll just go on and say it! I would; -go to wreckers -buy different colour panels -bolt them on -add outlaw stickers = profit $$$
  4. edgy

    Running a GT3 out of warranty

    I’m late to the party but if you get a good example, maintain and treat it right, it’ll let you play dirty as often as you like. Just don’t forget who’s boss... Shit it, sounds a lot like this other relationship I have.
  5. Looks nice, was that for sale recently though? Looks familiar!
  6. It’s a funny argument when we talk about “the last analog”. I often see the 997 referenced as “the one with the nannies” but what does it have over the 996? Traction Comtrol/ESC PASM turn off the traction control and you’re differentiator is the PASM, which in my experience is counter productive to “helping the car” go faster on the track, (out of the box anyway). Put simply, what makes the 997 a better road car than the 996 makes it not as good on the track, I believe the PASM is better in the generation 2 car as it has 3 axis input from the accelerometer. I guess the bottom line is that it’s “assumed” that it’s easier to get a faster lap time from a 997 because of its “electronics” over the 996. In my experience this is just not true. A better road car because of it? Sure
  7. It works, twice that I’m aware of... Once on me, once on my old man! 🤣 both went in for diesel...
  8. edgy

    968 CS

    I sold a black CS about this time last year. Is it an Australian delivery and non sunroof? If it’s what you’re saying it is + the above, I wouldn’t be selling it for less that $85-90k they are rare, especially M030/220 So no reason you can’t ask above 100 based on this
  9. If I’m not mistaken, you ended up with the pumpkin that was in Raymer’s shop the same time my Lapis was there (early 16) given there’s a $150k premium to go from the pleb GT3 to the RS... is it worth it objectively? It seems hard to quantify on paper, is the experience really on another level? I agree, it’s IMO the best looking RS... whilst the 7.2 is cool and looks cool, I feel the 7.1’s design has a little more restrain and is more resolved.
  10. edgy

    Which Porsche GT car?

    I agree, that’s why I ended jumping on a pair of new 996 Recaros for my 997... they’re great for the more voluptuous types. 🤣 Improvise, adapt, overcome... or email Carnewal and buy the cage & seats 😉
  11. edgy

    Which Porsche GT car?

    I’d say Cup like @James P has already said, but for the same reasons a race car on a trailer isn’t ideal right now for me, is probably similar reasons for you. In terms of road cars, I like the 991 GT3, they are fast and you don’t need to drop a bunch of cash into getting it fast like you may with a 996 or 997. Just set it up right with good tyres, and learn to drive it, it would be my 1st port of call if you can spend that $$$ However the 991 is still deprecating, that may or may not bother you. The 996 & 997’s are sound buying at the moment and I don’t think we’ll see much shift +/- in the current prices, actually I think the 996’s are too cheap. You can get them as fast as the new stuff, but it takes some development and some $$$ The GT4’s can be as fast as all the above in the right hands! Just check your local Porsche club (or nsw) sprint results on Natsoft. I like the GT4, but I’m not in love with it like a 911...
  12. Anyone done business on an RS lately, particularly a 7.1? They seem to be cooling off, I remember when these cars were early 200's... I feel stupid for not buying one back then! (dont we all) This has been on the market for a while, with that lovely 7.2 RS @ sub 400k on here... it begs the question as to what a transaction value is on these... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2007/SSE-AD-4643444/?Cr=0
  13. $1.5m usd... yeah, nah... but someone will drink the Kool Aid
  14. Don’t forget the bundy rum mud flaps in that case, oh and the RM Williams sticker for the back window.
  15. I don't know the answers, but two issues I see with Singer is; 1) IF you use an Aussie delivered car, it no longer has global market appeal, its limited market is Australia and other RHD nations only really. 2) The more prolific Singer is, surely this cannot be good for values in long term? Needless to say if you're a Singer client, you are generally not worried about any of the above as its probably a small % of your net worth anyway.