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  1. What is the solution for panel lift doors and parking lifts? Assuming you’ve got the ceiling height, is it fair to assume that you can just increase the length of the vertical tracks and push the horizontal runners closer to the ceiling in order to get the clearance?
  2. I am in the full livery or none at all camp! Your car though, do what you like... I know it'll be great whichever way you go.
  3. All the more reason to rock the sunroof delete! Rightfully so... the MB systems are fraught with danger in my experience. Macan has been solid, I plan on keeping it warrantied as long as I own it or can extend it... its cheap insurance at the end of the day.
  4. I'm at nearly 5 years of ownership on my 2016 [MY17] Turbo... couldn't recommend one more! Air suspension is a must have IMO, especially if you're going to tow with it (I tow with mine, so ordered it with factory hitch)... I am with you on the wheel diameter choice, I knew I would be doing lots of roads trips and some off-road work, so stuck with the 20" wheels (most turbo builds opt the 21's) I don't think going down to a 19' wheel is a bad move either, but the 20's are perfectly fine blend of comfort and performance. If buying used, I think its worth looking for the MY17 and up as they got the new PCM 4.0 and more standard equipment, also find one with warranty as that is super valuable if buying pre-owned. Common issues in my experience with the given vintage (both 3.0 & 3.6L) are: Timing case seals leak - there is a fix, dealer does this remedial under warranty Diff bushes - the wear prematurely (again warranty) Transfer case - more specifically centre diff can be an issue on low mile around town driven cars (my dad had one done on his GTS, as did another member here) Those are really the big ones ^ As for options, that is so personal.. but the big ones for me: Air Suspension, factory hitch, ventilated + heated seats Here is my love letter to the Porsche Macan!
  5. No worries... guess I could ship it to my good mate in NY and have him consolidate it with some regional 🍺 IPA’s 😉
  6. Good tip, I will look for that AMMO product... I am starting to notice the alcantara has succumb to my sweaty paws a bit.
  7. Been there before... lol!!! If you havent sold the cup 4.0's I'd be interested in them! I shouldn't have left them in my 997! That is looking shit hot @Jason A SY 996.1 looks so bloody good
  8. Chasing some good Friday views on views with Mr. blue
  9. Nope! It’s actually a “tribute” but a bloody cracking car, GT3 with displacement enlargement 😉
  10. edgy

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    It’s perfect! 👌🏼 congrats and enjoy the devaluation process of actually driving it! 😂
  11. I know right? And to think, I had them at the top of my trustworthy scale...
  12. I’m with @DJM it’s a bit dubious, unless you have the inside scoop it’s hard to validate a transaction value... A little bit like the real estate agents who come off a period of bumper sales in an area only to start marking subsequent properties as “sold, price withheld”

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