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  1. That might be his plan? 😂 I did it last year when selling... I took a break for a month or two, as I realised it was me who wasn’t ready to deal with it... once I got my head space sorted and better presented the ad, the car sold right away, it turns out the buyer was “watching it” and got FOMO once he thought it sold, so when it was re-listed he wasted no time getting the deal done. No marketing genius, but what’s that old cliche about timing? 😎
  2. My guess is; inundated by dick heads and already in two minds about selling it... Also, depending on your mental state at the time, you either laugh it off or pull your ad down when it gets all too much.
  3. 100% I have had some rather unsavoury experiences with a few well known P car businesses & personalities, and I arrived at the same conclusion as you, it’s just not worth dedicating any mental bandwidth to it, however if I am asked (and this is a small community) I have no hesitation giving a detailed explanation on my experience... usually it’s a deal breaker so I know enough people will vote with their wallets as a result, no need for me to actively sling shit to hurt their business, it happens in a more organic manner you may say! Glad to hear the car is good to go for rego, hopefully the gearbox, isn’t too much of a doozy than it already is.
  4. Whilst I keep my eyes glued to the GT cars, I am merely a casual observer of the other variants... I have watched the 997.1 Carrera S reasonably closely... 997.2 not so much. I am looking into a replacement car for the old man, as he’s going to step out of the Macan GTS and replace it with something of similar value, smaller, and more fun, but daily friendly too, and hopefully near the bottom of its depreciation curve... so I thought; 997.2 Carrera 2 “S” PDK, even better if we could get one with a warranty still, and whilst it is slim pickings... this one came up: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2009-porsche-911-carrera-s-997-series-ii-auto-my09/SSE-AD-6882918 Seems like the kind guy I’d buy a car from.. but I am not sure on the $$$ has anyone transacted one lately? It seems like most good 997.1 Carrera S 6 speed cars are right around $100k neat, 30% is a bit of a premium for the PDK & other updates.. although it’s not unpalatable... but for an extra $30k again your into 991.1 territory.
  5. Bookend that drive with an RS... you may even know where to get your hands on one?
  6. Just like a 996 GT3...my understanding is that by default the 968 Clubsport has the fix buckets, you had to option the reclining sports seats M codes 381 & 382 respectively. Not correct, you could add M Code 685 (rear seats) to the CS, and that automatically adds the 381 & 382 seats, for obvious reasons they wouldn't sell you a car with a back seat and fix back front seats... there is 13 Australian delivered CS with this option
  7. That is an absolute shame! 2 very special cars that would compliment the Australian Porsche landscape very well... Surely with cars so rare this is less of a factor when compared to say a UK 996 tiptronic cab?
  8. Glad to hear to this! Cant tell you how pissed off I am that I wasn't able to make the trip this time... stories of men going to war at the dinner table, the morning & day after is totally my zone! Those nights/days never produced the best lap times, but they were always the most fun. 😎 Please do get the social media concierge to expedite those images for maximum FOMO @hugh
  9. Bump for the new year, time to start clearing out some things... also have a mint pair of 996 GT3 Clubsport buckets in Person/Nomex and a 997 full cage that will be listed soon.
  10. The FOMO is real Doug! Dan the man says I’m not allowed and instead my RS will spend this weekend stashed in a friends garage while I bust my ass working... please do take lots of photos everyone, and just know I’m quietly burning 🔥 up here in corona central
  11. Good to hear, my good mate in the states was so happy with the road trips he'd done with me here in the Macan Turbo that he decided to look at Cayenne's, so he picked up a CPO'd 92A Diesel last year, we did a road trip from Kansas City to Lynchburg Tennessee hauling his big ass camper, that thing pulled like a freight train whilst keeping us 4 adults comfortable and returning good MPG... I did a shift too, I was impressed with that thing! So nice to know they go the distance (I expect no less) @Coastr The X5 is pretty damn tough yard stick to beat IMO, I loved my old E53 diesel.. its the yard stick for all other SUV's to me! I find Porsche running costs lower than BMW mind you..
  12. Did you really? Not the optimal vessel to sip cabernet out of, but given the extraordinary circumstances, I'll allow it
  13. Such a great looking example, and I love that colour... even the most fastidiously maintained cars will need $$ thrown at them when they have circa 2 decades on the board, life is full of unexpected surprises (i.e. kids 😂) the gearbox debacle will pail in comparison to smiles per mile once you're enjoying it Amanda! 😎
  14. I believe you're thinking of Ross's Silver 993 ex HK? If so, I was very close to buying that car, really nice example... even with the cheaper HK labour rates, it was obscene money back then, and I think he lucked out on buying the gearbox well from memory.

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