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  1. Bumping this... it is going to be my summer project perhaps, but after getting everything else taken care of, time to build 'my space' Has anyone combined living space with the car space? My garage is on the lower level of my house and I'd love to combine these kind of elements into the space For me, it would be amazing to be able to have guests over, sit down and enjoy the view (car) and browse the wine collection at the same time, why not enjoy a pour and admire the exterior view that everyone else enjoys as you drive it! ๐Ÿ˜œ Basic concept is to be able to use the 2 car spaces as just that if needed, but have one spot flexible to allow the 'living/entertaining' space... one permanent spot for 'the car' Curious if anyone has done this?
  2. MX5 + South Circuit makes sense! That would be fun.. Personally, I'd hold off on the camber changes prior to GP circuit and see how you go with the LSD & A050 mediums, I definitely got the blistering like you when I ran A050 'soft' If it is not too late (and assuming you're not already doing it) a nice tyre wear management strategy that worked well for me was to have the tyres pre-scrubbed... they were more consistent and wore better, I found. PS - What are your sway bar settings? The Porsche/BMW Sprint is always a fun one...
  3. I am not such a fan of South Circuit... not in a big heavy late model 911 anyway. On the tyre wear, its interesting, as I was in the opposite boat, I started with aggressive camber settings but found ourselves dialling it out to approximately mid 2's which seemed optimal...
  4. It would have to be a yellow plate personal import to get full registration in any state, that is a federal level requirement... so it should be good to go to any Australian State & territory... although some states are more lenient than others with certain things, like full roll cages...
  5. As is yours! Hugh calls it "coming out" ... so I am out of the closet, but our rainbow flag only has two colours, Guards red & Riviera blue Thanks bud!
  6. Cmon Hugh, heโ€™s had a road car and a cup! The only natural progression is white/red or white/blue ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Will be interested to know how it went and if it was indeed not able to get full rego... its a bit of an odd position if so, but I can understand reasoning on his end for not going down the path. That is because they have two head to think with = more computing power than mainland, but expensive to go racing when you need to buy 2 helmet
  8. All the same symptoms as you had, particularly with steering inputs and low speeds (ie car parks) and sometimes taking off.. more specifically it is the centre diff in the transfer that causes this, the clutches in the centre diff I believe is what goes afoul they said... when a centre diff goes in an AWD car, it'll feel as though the drivetrain has "wind up" and then it unwinds giving you the hop/skip/shudder sensation. Yes, they fixed under warranty no questions asked, I simply contact my guy at PCSS service and explained it, he booked it in right away and ordered the new transfer case... it was a 1 day job... luckily we keep extending warranty. This has resolved the issue 100%
  9. So was it definitely not a yellow plate personal import? ie Rally Rego only?
  10. @Pork Chops Dads GTS just had exactly this, it was the transfer case... PCSS took care of right it away. His is a MY17 with 30,000 kms My car is a MY17 Turbo with double the miles, no problems... allegedly it is more common with lower mile cars that do predominantly around town commute?
  11. Pick up the phone... I mean what are we going to gossip or speculate about if you dont give us content?
  12. That 7.2 CS ticks all the boxes, and that is the kind of person you want to buy a car from by the sounds of it... but reading between the lines, I do not think he is fully committed to selling it.
  13. Triple black Clubsport with PCCB should fetch some kind of premium, its a solid/unique spec.. that 997 non CS is probably close to the mark now on pricing, but seems like people baulk at anything starting with 2
  14. I think its Rob's car indeed... the only one I believe in that spec!

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