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    If it is that one in the picture, Presley's buy, restore and sell classic cars of all sorts, have you tried calling them? I did sell them an Alfa a couple years back and they were good to deal with back then.
  2. Am I alone in thinking circa $400k for a 997.2 is crack pipe dreams?
  3. That is how its done! Love his work!
  4. I frankly don't care if the car doesn't sell... I love this remark, because it is 100% bullshit... you know how we all know that? We leave our cars in the garage and don't post a car sales ad when that is truly the case... it is really hard to believe I know.
  5. Seems that way, until the horse eventually bolts...
  6. Amazing car! And very rare... I did see one this colour a week or two back, might have been you? Cronulla/Caringbah area
  7. Good question, I should have noted this, they are the new Connect* version, I think for all intents & purposes you will be happy with them, but I have found them to be sensitive to pressure and very sensitive to temp, but when you do get the heat into the compound they stick, but unlike an A050 which is in the zone from lap 1-2 I found its more like lap 3 & onwards for the Cup 2's On the alignment, and I know we've discussed it at great lengths, I never really did dial out the entry understeer until last Sunday, we changed sway-bars from M-M to Soft front, Hard rear... the car bites & turns in better now, so my confidence is restored, but the tyres we're done by then... I think that is pretty accurate assessment, good at both, not great at either. Found them to be very temp sensitive on track too! Yes, tread wear is 240! I'll probably go PS 4S next as road only tyres, good enough for Gordon Murray, good enough for a hack like me! 😛 Agree! No, you can definitely get the 235/40/18 fronts, that is what I am running.
  8. I’d probably go Cup 2 if there isn’t much $$ difference and you will go to the track. Yup, summed up nicely… in a perfect World Cup 2’s for the road setup, and perhaps the odd private day… then a spare set of wheels with A050’s for track! This is what I did previously and was the best solution, have your cake and eat it type of deal! 😎 I’ve used the Dunlop Race Maxx in the past they were quite good… but at the end of the day, a street tyre or hybrid will never stand up to an R! Yup! 👍 Well, to answer my own question… I responded in another thread on the data: Having just looked at my data logs from Sunday and the week prior, nothing in it on the straights, those min/max speeds are good… I was down speed and lateral acc on every turn by comparison to the week prior! Best sectors week prior were 1:46.2 vs 1:50.1 a huge gap!
  9. Had a shocker to be honest mate! It was a pretty slow day already, and a bit of traffic (as the inter-club tends to have), I seem to have reached the end of peak grip on the Michelin Cup 2’s, as on the day, I felt the grip levels just weren’t there (front end)… pretty sure I’ve cycled them out! Having just looked at my data logs from Sunday and the week prior, nothing in it on the straights, those min/max speeds are good… I was down speed and lateral acc on every turn by comparison to the week prior! Best sectors week prior were 1:46.2 vs 1:50.1 a huge gap! Great street tyre and all… but it’s back to A050’s for me!
  10. I thought I'd revisit this thread and post my feedback and questions here, although case use is different to the OP, there is already some good information and dialogue for the platform (996 GT3), so figured I'll keep it rolling. I fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's late last year for the 2022 sprint season, the original intent was to have my car in a drive there, drive home format, i.e. no swapping out for R-Comps at the track (which I have traditionally done). Thus far I have done 5 track days on them, 1 of those very wet, so I dont think it counts for the comments that are coming... On average, I'd run 4 sessions a day, max 8 min sessions, however I'll caveat this by noting within the 4, I have done 2 private events with longer session times** This past weekend, I noted the grip had faded, even once I could get the pressures dialled (30psi hot) and temp into them, they just felt off, like the lateral grip was no longer there, particularly in the front end... talking amongst my comrades between sessions, the general number that came back was 4~ track days before they fall off their peak, I would say they've done 20-25 + heat cycles now, the wear is pretty even (good alignment) and this seems to be consistent with other Cup 2 users on Rennlist. They've got a little amount of tread left, oddly more in the rear than the front (new for me on a 911) so I'll see them out on the road, but they've done their last track day, since I have 18" wheels, I have the choice of R-comps, so rather than refresh them, I will have A050's for the rest of the year now as I should have done in the first place! I'll be interested to dive through the data, and see lateral acc compared to the week prior... but in lap time alone I was way off! If you want a good road tyre that is excellent for the odd (read 1-2) track day a year, with the rest street driving, I can say these are the tyre you go for and $$ value would be okay, I know the guys with GT4's & 991+ GT3's don't really have a choice, so replace them as need be and I can see that would be costly... A050's grip till the belts hang out. Anyone else have similar (or different) experience?

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