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  1. Road trip? @itsujack @turboT @Robert930 @Hughesy @Tips @jakroo @JonoF @Blue964 @OBRUT
  2. I recall seeing it! I thought that guy is my hero...
  3. Yeah but no one's built a flachbau, wide body "speedster" yet have they?
  4. That is Warwick Morris’ GT3, it’s the record setter that’s ruined many men/cars/marriages trying to beat that SMP lap time! No ones done it yet 😂
  5. I agree, and I keep saying it, the 996 GT3 is a bargain! And yup, always emphasis on correct cars! You can forgo a bit of condition, cars get wear & tear when used, but the car has to be honest & correct.
  6. edgy

    986 Boxster option/s "P60"

    I'm ready for the onslaught of hairdressing comments... my best mate picked it up for me, told me its a really nice girls car...
  7. Back on topic, yes on the Green one @symsy love the RS in that colour... I'd be torn between that and a pumpkin! Biased opinion I know, but I think the 997.1 RS is THE best looking of all GT3 RS
  8. I think you need to put things in context, the Agate Clubsport has quite high km's and has been tracked, so I don't think its fair to say ALL equivalently specced 991.1 should be similar money. This example is just an exception more or less, so I still think a low mile car will bring mid 200's (for now)... What you have, is a realistic owner, who has priced it accordingly, and knowing him, if the enquiries are all the low balling types offering silly money, the car will just go to trade in as its only being moved to make way for a Gen 2 car. It is a really nice example, well cared for mechanically and cosmetically, so if you want one for a song, and most importantly, one to drive, this is it! A gentleman owner for sure.
  9. Good tips on the IMS bearing lads! Yes @odetastuikyrose-us this is a good buying for $30,000 as long as the intermediate muffler shaft bearing (IMSB) is changed, even better if it has intermediate muffler solution. Can you confirmation if this bearing is fixed? If it hasn’t been changed, you cannot imagination the problems and repair bills.
  10. Mods please leave open.. I’m going to make some popcorn 🍿
  11. Yup, know the car... good car and owner! Was tempted... @DJM this is the one to buy mate, it’s the car we discussed
  12. I kinda keep an eye on that market, I am guessing its like the sub $20k Boxster market, its full of cheapskate owners who think they are sitting on gold? I kinda don't blame them if its the case... every time I get home and walk in the front door, all I see is a cup car and that nice dual axle Nevco, then there is that 912 engagement ring on her finger... where do i stop? Oh thats right there is still the Macan Turbo in remodelling to go...
  13. I think so too, and the last Mezger road car... I personally think the 997 is the next best looking 911 to a long hood, the proportions are just right.
  14. edgy

    986 Boxster option/s "P60"

    No stress, totally understandable. Cool, I am with you there, its nowhere in the M codes list, so I think its definitely a PCA internal option code.. I was quite surprised to find that out about it.

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