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  1. Sure was... torn what to do! But probably worth a chat with Gav!
  2. Sorry to hear it, as the saying goes, you gotta slay the pig to get the bacon... it is just really frustrating when sellers misrepresent what they have or are deluded about it... we've all been there! Big $$ up to a GT3... you can definitely secure a good 997.1 Manual S sub $100k, don't give up!
  3. Yup, I run this compound combo on the GT3 too... been through a few sets... the rears go first, every time! I picked up some 18" OZ wheels for my A050's I run 235/40 R18 front with a 295/35 R18 rear You can get away with running the 295/30 R18 on the back too, but because the 997 came with a 19, I am told the 35 is the better aspect ratio to run... your rolling diameters need to be in check, you can cause yourself ABS ice mode if the rolling dia is not consistent front to rear.
  4. General numbers: 997.1 CS - $180-220k 997.2 CS - $220-$260k theres exceptions on either end of the spectrum of course...
  5. I can honestly say he won't get a good 986 Boxster S for that money either... probably not even a base car with all preventative works done.
  6. I think that one at CTS has been around much longer than a year, I could be wrong, but they might of even had it since 2016? It is a killer spec though! CS + PCCB ... I think we will look back in 10-15 years and be a little pissy we didn't buy it... very low volume cars the 996 GT2
  7. I can tell you PCSS will be thorough, (useless information if this car works out for you via AH) however if you end up needing another car looked at, definitely consider them.. and never be shy to put it to PFA to go look at cars (I've done it many times for members). One thing I think you need to have clarified is what odometer unit of measure is, because I am of the understanding the total miles travelled will be exactly that, miles, not KM... although you can toggle the UoM in the digital readout/trip meter, this car you are looking at still has its MPH speedometer... and 74,000 miles = 118,000 kms (you earlier stated looking for sub 100k cars) Good luck with it!!
  8. They rarely go in front end first Anyway, what I can garner just from rego check: I googled that VIN, nothing came up for it but the ad, thats a good sign... just get the PPSR and VIN to PCA and you're good to keep going.
  9. Sound aside, I would of thought more people gravitate to it as a cheaper track day hack with tuning potential being an FI motor.... good to see Fitzy picked up what was being put down! ^^
  10. Sub $100k GT3's dried up in 2015... so if its the one quoted last page back, I'd say it is pretty damn close to the mark if it is 'as presents'... just run the usual checks PPSR, VIN with PCA and PPI.... I'd google the vin too, there has been a couple of silver ones go on off road excursions shall we say? I am in no way suggesting this car is one of those, but you'd really hate to find out it is when its too late!
  11. Maybe even more so.... I don't know how many red flags are needed sometimes!

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