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  1. 😂 Remains to be seen... but one way or another, I’ll be glad to see the back of this election. The track is safer than the road for sure... as you mentioned, a film application in at least the critical areas will help to preserve it
  2. Theres a lot of truth in this... to try and draw a relative comparison, we buy houses... they are often the single most expensive thing we buy in our lifetime... yet, we have no problem raising a family in them, letting (ok finding out after the fact) kids draw on walls, watching in dismay as pets utilise the ‘amenities’, having friends over for dinner parties that sometimes get out of control.. you get the picture! You can’t track your house... otherwise by this logic, we would. 😂
  3. Buy a tiptronic Boxster then... you can thank me later!
  4. You already own it... 😉 I agree, if you’re going to track... get the CS package... it’s getting too damn hard and expensive to buy the OEM stuff, which let’s face it... bolts right in, looks the part and has no legal implications being OEM...
  5. The snow is melting from a different heat source there... yes it’s still humans causing it, just different 😜
  6. @wilson59 I just found when you’ve got something too nice, you end up being neurotic about it... I bought both my GT3’s as nice honest cars, however well exercised... I think what really helped is to go draw first blood ASAP, I got my 997 and literally run it at Rennsport a couple weeks later, I never looked back! Furthermore I remember meeting @Jason A there as he unloaded his RS... which by then had gotten to be quite valuable, if anything it was confirmation I’m not the only idiot 😂 I raced it until last year, and even then, I’d say 30% of the PCNSW sprint field is GT cars... it’s where they belong! Go make peace with car and your people I say... 😬
  7. Hmm I’ll need to see it! I only saw an early beta version on a cab... if it was close to RSR...... in which case they will politely tell the owner to get stuffed.... 😂
  8. @sleazius that is an RSR... I always thought it’d be cool to build a late model RSR for the road, it’s been done to death in air cooled but not in water cooled! I was so close to converting my old 996 into one...
  9. I would rather see production stop than watch the 911 go full EV... I am all on board with a hybrid variant though! Especially if they make it for outright performance like the 918
  10. So in my book, buy the cheap one, mod it, cut it up if you must, race it and enjoy the shit out of it... You peeled off right before brekky last weekend, but the discussion at the breakfast table was to maybe do this to mr lapis since its a worthless heap anyway...
  11. Wow.. seems very well priced, they look great in red too!
  12. Yes, if it were the holy trinity of S1, manual and Pasha trim... it’d be far more compelling. Because relatively speaking, it is a huge ask for what it is... it’s got nothing to do with the 3 numeric characters that define its model... I have no problem expressing my thoughts on the plethora of $100K+ SC’s and 3.2’s... they are f*cking dreaming. Shit, maybe we need to start using gender neutral terms around here when we talk about Porsche, in case we potentially offend other members .. 😂
  13. This is superb - https://classicthrottleshop.com/1980-porsche-928-cashmere-beige/ But $80k and automatic... Thoughts?
  14. If you wanted outright speed, you wouldn't look at Boxster... but I am not telling you anything you don't already know. FYI the early cars are 2.5L, the later (MY 2000+) are 2.7L (in base) its perfectly fine power... they have a nice linear power band/torque being a 6 pot, if anything I'd say you're not keeping the RPM up as much as you do in the 86.. its a momentum car, whatever engine is in it... and trust me, I have seen some well driven ones keep good pace in supersprints. As always its gotta have a good service history, being a cheap Porsche now, too many cheapskates have owned and neglected them, there is a saying "buy the owner" most will attest to this, and when you know you have a good owner, you just know. But good note on the tyres, I always look for cars that have correct or good brand tyres on them... non matched who flung dungs on the front, with bob jane outarounders on the back is usually a big red flag. Definitely make a personal inspection if the car is local, then follow it up with a PPI if you are going to go for it!
  15. For 986, buy the base car, its more rudimentary, which is the ethos of Porsche... We have a 2.5 Tiptronic (of all things)... believe me, on a country B road, you will not wish you were in another car! Even better when its a nice day and you can drop the top, and hear that 2.5 scream! I am at the point now, I prefer to take the Boxster on drives than the GT3... that should tell you something about how good of a car they are for the $$ As for IMS bearing, yes its always wise to do this, or if you're patient enough, find one that has had ALL the big $$ maintenance done including the IMS... that's exactly what I did. Good cars are out there, but there is plenty of junk! As for the S, I had looked at buying one early, thought is was ok, but really found that I gravitated to the early more simple car more...
  16. The leather covered fix back recaro was the standard issue seat in GT3. You could option the electric sports seats (as above) in a GT3, but not in combination with 003 M code 003 (Clubsport) added the same seat in nomex/perlon fabric and the other cs package items. Hence the term “touring” is not correct, they never officially made a GT3 touring until 991.2 Komfort is probably the better (but ironic) term.
  17. Looks familiar, and it’s Atlas grey NOT Agate... I don’t know how they got that wrong.
  18. Congrats, I love your enthusiasm for the car and have enjoyed your instagram posts about it... they're the kind of posts that actually have me stop scrolling to read! Kudos... the car should be so lucky to have you as the custodian.
  19. I recently needed to make room for renovation, so I just put my 997 GT3 into Kollector storehaus at Annandale, I bought 1 year for $250/pm so its safe (under 24h surveillance), out of the elements and under its dust cover on the trickle charge while I sort out garaging situation. This was the absolute best scenario in my book, I couldn't bring myself to leave any of them outside, covered or not. Talk to Rob at Kollector, he will sort you out.
  20. Why I left practically all the Porsche Facebook groups, including one of the more popular Australian ones, there’s just too many wankers for my liking. I find when members contribute here, they’re making a genuine contribution... we all don’t have to get along and agree, but in all my automotive forum years this is the best by far, whether we are doing socials or drives, or even just a coffee meet.. it’s always good genuine folks... I would wager a bet and say I’m the idiot in the room every time! 😜
  21. LOL 😂 Ah the fried egg fraternity... I love em all!
  22. Guess I should congratulate the buyer and pass on my condolences to @Mafia88 for selling it! So as I thought, the two in SA for sale were not compelling enough! This was truly the best on the market! Glad I'm keeping mine now.
  23. Yes, I am watching that market closely too! I like your thinking... and I have been really impressed with the 986 Boxster, I really think we could see a 981 PDK base car in our future.

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