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  1. I am not sure if they can search by that data field, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them, it usually helps to have a VIN # if you know of one 'supposedly' delivered in that colour. Hit up Craig Adam, he's usually very generous with his time.
  2. Good, I hope we get 1st place soon...
  3. Have you asked Porsche Cars Australia?
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys, doesn’t make it any easier to sell, and either way, I’m ok if it stays or goes now, I can clearly make a case for both scenarios, but I promised myself I’d have a shot at moving on this year... so I’m rolling the dice and letting fate decide... one thing’s for sure, I doubt there will be many more opportunities to buy into this model at this pricing level without getting a “story” with the car. I don’t need anymore cars to garage, this one is going to storage next week as it is...
  5. You’re right, everyone wants a bargain... and I’m doubtful anyone is realistic enough to buy it and enjoy as is, even at that $$! They want your car for my money 😂
  6. The tangerine car in the photo is @Gavin (CliffToCoast) you'd have to make him a serious offer I'd imagine, its a rather cool, unique car. I kind of hope it doesn't sell, but I am putting it out to the market to decide.
  7. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2007/SSE-AD-5982398/?Cr=3 New listing.... 🤦‍♂️
  8. If it’s the one I’m thinking it is, very fast too
  9. It's an 01 Model Year thing from memory... not available on 2000 iirc
  10. There is certainly merits to a backdate, but if you are gonna buy one, I think its gotta be priced accordingly... I know of an awesome G50 3.2 that is currently not for sale but will be if you are seriously looking at one.
  11. That silver one is a little odd in its personalisation... best on the market? easy to say when you have no competition
  12. I agree Knowing Dutton's, they probably gave the owner $199.00 wholesale for it...
  13. Oh I hear you, my comments are purely are from an observatory perspective, I couldn't give 2 shits what they do to implement it, it doesn't affect me. And we know VAG are no stranger to being creative with numeracy.... #dieselgate
  14. I'd imagine this is largely valid... it would potentially be a substantial write down to their asset balance, yet the liability will remain the same, that is a potential big shift in the debt/equity position for Porsche financial services.
  15. That is pretty wicked! I would want to put original lights and bar on it though... looks like a full weld in cage too?
  16. Cool, and yes it certainly does!
  17. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a26531346/the-next-porsche-macan-will-be-fully-electric/?src=socialflowFBRAT
  18. Awesome! How long are you living in the states for?
  19. Interesting one... but if history is anything to go on, it'll be implemented in the most convoluted way. A retrospective scheme would be an accountants worse nightmare, and an immediate removal would pose all those ramifications listed in the article. However with the seemingly increasing socialists attitude amongst Australian's I'd imagine the general consensus is going to be "fuck em they can afford it".
  20. This is easily the single best 997 GT3 on the market currently, spec, km's, colour etc good luck with the sale!
  21. Love it! Quick on the draw, fire the shots, NO PPI... unreal! Looks like a good one, congrats
  22. Won’t be happening, I’m probably going to list it privately, but I need to get it back from SA first... it’s a long story.
  23. I would imagine the colour is the sticking point, you either love it or hate it... me, I like the look of it, but I would never own it!

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