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  1. Story on Pro Cyclist Taylor Phinney and his dad... and how is dad ended up with a nice 911
  2. Firstly, Big thanks to Kerry for setting this up for us. To kick things off, firstly i'm very sad to have sold my 84 911. And being sad is not a nice way to live. However what makes me happier is seeing other people's Porsches and illustrating them. So, for any PFA member i'll do a deal - a framed print at the price of unframed (saving of $250). Keen to have your car illustrated and framed? Visit: http://1-of-1.com.au/start/ to enter your details and start the process Simply put 'PFA' in the 'How did you hear about us' section. Note: Not inc Shipping, valid until 27/11/2015 (get one for xmas) Attached is an example, plus check out: http://1-of-1.com.au/previous-artworks/ We can be happy together. Cheers, Steve
  3. I couldn't have been happier at Cavaco, and yes I've been to Autohaus too - big thumbs up for David and Carlos @ Cavaco motors. Passionate and there's no BS
  4. Cavaco's in Gelbe, best place in the world if you like a good old school mechanic shop with the best honest service. No marketing BS, just real genuine expert service.
  5. Thats true, what I am happy about is that its gone to a good home, much like the number plates
  6. Please stop saying how good it is, you are making me miss it even more.....
  7. CTS is 10% with 1k fee. They were hopeless when i was enquiring, basically they didn't really care (my experience)
  8. PS: If anyone here is keen to buy my NSW NINE11 number plates, feel free to PM me an offer.
  9. I'm in talks with a few people, didn't want to go through the hassle of CarSales, however if nothing happens I'll stick it on at the end of the month. Still needs insurance however!
  10. Wow, CTS has sold the G Series Targa they had in a week, listed at $90,000
  11. I had a similar experience just last week - they were fantastic. Sent in some photos, two days later they increased the amount insurred by a further 20k.
  12. 1985 Carrera at CTS.... anyone know the price? http://www.classicthrottleshop.com/modernclassic5.html

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