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  1. At the recent Baskerville historic meeting during a practice session I was lucky enough to have an 8ltr CanAM McLaren M8 blast past me on the pit straight... my little BMW E30 shook from the thunderous noise of that thing and I then got to follow it under the bridge and through the esses... it then took off at warp speed up the hill.. the engine note barely rising as all that torque shoved it forward. I got the impression that the car stood still and the rear tyres just spun the planet underneath them. Being on track with that car was a spiritual experience. The 917/30 must have been insane!
  2. For me, the 917 is just about my all time favorite racing car. Perfect looks, and one of the greatest sounding engines of all time... My other top race cars would be... JPS Lotus 97T BMW M3 Group A Lotus 49 Williams FW14 McLaren MP4/8 Ferrari P4 Ferrari 512 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Alfa Romeo GTA GT40 Audi Quattro (yes its a rally car) Porsche 908 And Dick Johnsons Greens Tuff Mustang Plenty of others but the 917 has to be king of the hill.. mostly because of Steve McQueen and LeMans!
  3. Roger Tyson. BWA Automotive are good as well.
  4. It would have been here in Tas if I built it as a road car. I`m not sure about other states and LHD laws. Having said that, I always intended it to be a racing car, and built it as such.
  5. I was originally building this car for Group N. In Tassie it could run in Historic racing as an invited historic car even with the carbon panels (but accumulate no points in the championship). However, as the build progressed and the steel panels became more difficult to get, I was going to run it in Sports GT, as the car is legal to run in that series in its current form. It was also the intention to do some Tarmac rallying. The car is not log booked. The cage is fully 2018 legal though and was built under the guidance of a CAMS scrutineer. I think the price reflects that this car needs to be completed, as described. Happy to answer any questions about the car.
  6. Its a 1966 car, LHD. chassis 304060. The car is on the 901 register and still has its original engine (albeit rebuilt). Its about 90% finished as a race car. It needs a bit of wiring finished off, driveshafts, and brake pads. The rear calipers should probably have a kit put through them though (or upgraded to SC ones) Its got SC front suspension with RSR bushes, rebuilt SC calipers, bearings, new rotors etc. The brake lines are all brand new, the rear suspension has all been rebuilt. The engine is the original one from the car, but has been taken out to 2.4 (although the guy I bought it off says 2.5). I dont know who did the rebuild or how long ago, but can confirm its not been started as we`ve had the cam covers off and the bore scope down the plug holes. I dont know what cams it is running but it was setup as a race car. Original Green gauges are all functional. The Roll Cage is built to FIA specification (its beautiful). The car is eligible for FIA (European) Historic racing. I have all the original SWB suspension. The car has some interesting early parts, such as 356 style calipers (stored) and original Weber carbs with early throttle linkages (from 65 cars). Its been painted in 2 pack paint, and whilst its not a bad finish (I think its good!) it was always meant to be a race car when I painted it. It did have classic rust in the front pan and we replaced the rusted section but did not cut the front pan out (again, race car). The rest of the car is rust free. The sills had been repaired at some time and there is a layer of filler over them, however they are not rusty inside. I took the exterior of the car, and engine bay, back to bare metal before respraying it. The bootlid, front guards, bonnet, and front and rear bumper are high quality carbon fibre 911R replica`s. The rear guard has the 911S lip. The gearbox is a 911 unit and all I have done is replace the front seal. The car will need driveshafts, and probably 914 output shafts to work with that gearbox in a SWB car. Apart from the drive shafts the car is complete (minus interior, race car!). Its got an MSD ignition unit and aftermarket (quality) loom fitted but I have got all the old wiring loom. If you google Chassis 304060 you will find my thread on Pelican along with some other information on my car. It was originally Irish green, and in fact cars 304058 and 304065 still exist and were most likely built on the same day. I have been in touch with both owners. I`m selling it because hand on heart, I cant afford to race this car, and I know I wouldn't enjoy risking the car if I did. I`d love to keep it but I`d also like to see it move on to the next chapter in its life. In hindsight, I should have used a bolt in cage (much less $$$) and built a road/track car! Ive been racing an E30 BMW for the last couple of seasons and I`m having a ball in that for relatively (in 911 terms) low money. I`d want a solid offer over 70k to consider selling it.
  7. Why cant Aldi just sponsor a front running car... in fact, why do I have to watch ads when literally every single second of a televised motorsport event shows a car, track, drivers and crew covered in ads...
  8. I`m not sure, maybe. Perhaps it was the refinement.
  9. Ok.. I own an 87 S4 928 Manual, Ive also owned an 81S auto, and even been for a ride in a 928 GTS 5 speed.... As far as I am aware, it is the early manual cars that have the "weird" gear change. Hopefully Bruce Buchanen will chime in and confirm or explain this. Porsche continually improved the 928 for many years. I like the gear change in my S4. Its not snick snick like a modern car, it is certainly a longer throw than a modern manual car is, but it feels lovely, I never miss gears, its beautifully weighted, and superbly positioned. I will say, that compared to the auto you need to plan when your overtakes a bit better, drop it back a gear (or two) and then bang in the power.. in the auto it you just mashed the pedal down and the car leaps forward like a coiled spring. Its easy to forget the colossal acceleration these cars are capable of. I dont always unleash it, sadly, but when I do its impressive, and sounds better than the auto as it maxes out through the gears, instead of just gaining revs and speed. My car has the harder sports suspension in it, and 18 inch rims. I sort of wish I kept the 17`s. The ride is a lot harsher than the S is on 16`s (obviously) and in some ways the S is also more relaxing car to drive on a long run. With the sports suspension, larger rims, and manual box the S4 isnt quite a GT car, and isnt quite a sports car... It is still bloody fantastic though. The GTS I rode in to be honest didnt feel that spectacular, maybe I was expecting more. The GTS is, however, one of the best looking cars ever made. The stance of a 928 is great to begin with, and the GTS with those big fat rear flared guards is near perfection. Sometimes I think about selling the S4, but then I look at it, drive it as its makers intended and wonder what could I buy that is german for that money? A flogged to death M3 probably. The 928 is a unique vehicle, its relatively rare, its beautiful, its fast, its comfortable, and unusually for an 80`s "supercar" you can fit a large amount of luggage in it. I dearly hope that dont go through a rise in value boom like the 911 did, I want to drive it and enjoy it.
  10. I dont have any figures to back this up, but when I swapped from Tazziemans 81S to my current 928 S4 manual, the later manual car was a LOT better on fuel. Now that I work just up the road, its even better still
  11. Ahhh that brings back memories. Best sounding and probably most powerful 81S in the country
  12. Ive carried extinguishers in my cars for years now, an excellent idea. Also, a towel, as per the best bit of advice from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  13. I need a set of striker plates, I have 66 ones but need the later version... they are SCARY expensive new. Where could I get some second hand ones?
  14. As far as I know the one I put into Tazziemans car around 2010 has run faultlessly. Roger is awesome to deal with so perhaps get in touch with him to find out if they have had any problems or recalls? The problem with the S4 seats is that they are just a little to skinny. Even when the early seats are totally cactus they are still pretty comfy.
  15. When ANF`s car was re-painted, they were going to do the wheels a charcoal grey color, but that didnt happen, so as far as I can recall they were left alone. When I owned Tazziemans beautiful blue 928, I had the Rhone alternator repaired 3 times till I gave up on it and tried to source a Bosch one from Australia. Even my friends that had trade accounts could not source one for less than $1000 here. I ended up getting one from Roger Tyson at 928`sRUS for roughly a third of that price, delivered. I now own an 87 S4 manual 928, and there are times when I definitely miss the earlier cars, and even the auto box. I also believe the seats are better in the early cars. Ive owned 2 sets of S4 seats and have been disappointed with both. You can fiddle around with the electrics and get them mostly right but they just dont have the luxurious feel of the early 928 seats. If I wasnt spending so much money on BMW and 911 racing cars I would definitely look at doing something with the S4 seats to get them a bit nicer. Having said that, you can see where Porsche put the development into the 928 in later years, they are an astonishingly good machine. And simply one of the best looking Porsche, and cars, ever built.

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