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  1. And one would think for 44.5k a new leather shifter boot would be fitted.
  2. I may have it incorrect (using a phone) isn't that a later turbo front spoiler/bumper?.....tell his dreamn
  3. Hello Stepo, I totally recommend Adrian at Hartech. He has been outstanding with my 944. Some jobs have not been straight forward requiring patience and research and he delivered each time. And he is a nice bloke! Cheers Tim
  4. Cheers mate. Admiration and respect for both of yours. Lucky man!
  5. Unfortunately my 944 was thrashed and put away wet by many a previous owner, I would love to thank them all personally....So consequently everything perishable, all rubber and most plastics and moving parts - bearings etc needed replacing. I started at the front and worked back to the back. Complete front end and steering, engine (head upwards) all air/fuel and vacuum, complete brakes and lines, clean grounds all switches and connectors, replaced most bearings throughout, glass and paint. It is supposed to be the first 944 in Australia. It's a Jan 82 build. It will never be concourse, in fact it's a bit ghetto. I drive every day and it survived the recent PFA track day and more to come. It's easy to work on, a Haynes manual and the schematics are helpful. I have found the parts to be cheap, either online or genuine. Cheaper than bicycles. Currently: I purchased another dash board to repair the cracks and flock, then swap over so I can drive to work on Monday.... Cheers
  6. Hi Brian Its a long story....briefly... My 1982 944 came complete with a rusted out battery tray and inner guard, this was painted over with body sealer which didn't seal anything. So all of the factory underlay and carpets (including fuses/relays and loom) were underwater - perfect! So I had to strip out the whole interior and weld in new panels etc. And scrap the carpets and underlay. I used two rolls of insulation products: one with a sticky backing - this was a lamination of cellular foam and rubber, for sound deadening (quite similar to factory). I used this everywhere except on the trans tunnel. On the trans tunnel I used cellular foam with a silver reflective surface - this was the secret to the heat reduction. Both products are about 6 to 8 mm thick, and procured from an auto carpet supplier. I don't have a brand to follow up with other than Dynamat (Autobarn) - which I found a little thick at 12mm. Good Luck! Tim
  7. I can report it's nice on toast with fresh ground pepper and a drop or two of lemon
  8. I did exactly that - on the trans tunnel, firewall and floor and has made a massive difference. Driving daily in peak hour traffic in Melbourne without aircon used to be unbearable on a 35+ day.
  9. Mmm 40k + costs aud and going sideways past 911s at the next PFA track day.... http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/614649657/1990-porsche-944-turbo-se.html?utm_source=newsnow&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=trovitcars
  10. great pic KGB! My wife said (after the track day) 'Ok that's it for cars now'.......I'm thinking it's just the start!!
  11. Awesome Simon, thank you. So much fun and great reliving it through your vid!
  12. Thank you Kerry and Team! What a day out... totally brilliant in all regards. And thank you to the drivers, a great bunch of like minded folks all thoughtfully giving it some. so seriously is it too soon for the next big day out PFA style?
  13. Hi, I brought a 1-38 imperial socket as it was the best fit......I brought from an engineering company not Bunnings. It works brilliantly which is good when ones whole body weight is standing off it torqueing the nut down. i would be really happy to post it if anyone wants to borrow it. It doesn't fit too much.

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