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  1. Am I correct in saying it has Sport suspension and limited slip diff on the options list and a good colour.
  2. No but i got taken on a magic carpet ride with CRO the last couple of days
  3. I guess we better fill the roof with solar panels to help with the power bills.
  4. Proper air compressor with plumbing to work bench, oxy/propane as well plumbed to a dedicated work area. This is on my wish list as well hopefully in the coming months.
  5. 2 please Geoff. @red clubbie PM me your bank details or however you want to do payment.
  6. TINGY

    996.1 parts

    Sorry mate, been busier than a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad, your welcome to it and I have done nothing to it so far although I don't think there is much wrong with it.
  7. Brian in my limited experience welding aluminium alloys, nightmare is one word that springs to mind. It is a slightly porous material and would have "soaked" up oils and contaminants which won't help the bonding process, my 2 cents worth is buy a new one.
  8. With full respect to you Rod, that price is ridiculous. Agreed a rare thing but.....
  9. Tell 'im 'es dreamin', FFS, is he smoking dope or what $50k, BWAHAHAHA
  10. This may the one I have seen at St Ives cars n coffee several years ago, everyone was drooling over this car.
  11. Geez Lee, it really does sound like you are well and truly over it after reading your comments. Now you have to read back those comments to yourself and probably action on it. Variety is the spice of life and lots of flavors of Porsche to try. I get it though as I am going through being torn about selling mine, I'm not over it though as I am selling for other reasons. Don't want to sell because you know what you have and you may not get another the same. Venturing in to another buy and getting the car set the way you like it can be problematic sometimes as well.

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