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  1. I am in the planning stages for my new 9m x 7m garage. Originally I was going for a 4.6m eve height with a 15deg pitched roof so I could have a 9m x 3m wide mezzanine on one side. The builder has assured me it would get through council with some tweaking with hard space concerns. I measured up the height and it really is monolithic proportion wise so i have decided to come down to 3.6m eve height. The height of the mezzanine floor is now way smaller but I think the neighbors won't be as pissed and i won't lose as much sun in winter. So what brand hoist have people got and has there been any issues or problems with what you have?
  2. I never had a problem with my 996, must have been a good one. During covid the car was left for weeks between drives and never started sluggishly.
  3. Dentistry eh, well done, won't be long you will be able to buy whatever you want, my dentist's have a string of cars.
  4. Quite an ironic statement. This holds for now then you find a cheap car that you think is pretty good, old mate tells you how good it "was" under his ownership, you now buy it and after a couple of months the oil leaks start, the interior trim bits start breaking, the AC stops working so you need a new AC compressor, the AC controller stops as well, the balance shaft belt along with the timing belt needs doing and you may as well do the water pump while you have it opened up, oh, i forgot about the belly pan gasket. Ask me how i know all this Not trying to scare you but this is what can happen if you buy a car that someone has deferred maintenance on and you end up copping it. In my opinion the S2 is the pick of these cars unless you can afford a Turbo S. Do your research, save as much money as you can and buy the best car you can afford. Talk to as many mechanics as you can as well, always got plenty of information for you, maybe give Bruce Buchannan a call as there is nothing he doesn't know about these cars. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1990-porsche-944-s2-manual/SSE-AD-7148907/?Cr=2
  5. That's it Brian, it comes out as a whole unit and the frame is a bit flimsy so be careful. I am sure mine was repaired in the past because you could see where the fan speed controller was pulled apart and from memory some solder was re-done. It's a Hella unit and they are Hella expensive.
  6. Well that's a conversation for Thursday then
  7. I had a 944 that did exactly this, sometimes work, sometimes not. It was the AC control module fan speed switch that was the culprit in the end.
  8. Fantastic! This is great to hear Adrian, I would be happy to talk to you and over the phone would be great as there is too much information about it to be passed on through text. Congratulations on the purchase. I am free most of Thursday so send me a PM and we can have a phone chat.
  9. And most of Oz for that matter lol.
  10. Actually John, Ricky is in a low lying area where he is so i hope he and the family are ok, are you all good up on that hill mate?
  11. This is Dungog, we do many drives around this area.
  12. I've always wondered whether she would have made it in the V8 supercar series, she certainly had the skill, sad loss,
  13. More than likely Pete. I have just read through all these posts about driving/not driving our cars. Seriously, get out and drive them, enjoy these cars while you can it doesn't matter what it is and don't do what old mate has done who bought mine. I sold my 944T in late 2018 with 108932km on the clock, old mate has done a grand total of 405km and it now sits at 109337. I did 25000 very enjoyable kms in that car and 16500kms in my 996, would have easily done more but covid19 slowed me down last year. Don't be like Ray, get out and drive. No good standing around looking at it, if your doing that you may as well sell it IMO.

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