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  1. TINGY944

    First look at the new Singer. Holy crap!

    RWB mate, Nakai-San must have helped them with that Probably would end up like this if you took it to the track. I got told by someone with firsthand info that the car had already been sent and there are other cars on standby to go over as well.
  2. TINGY944

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum, a mobile Porsche mech is probably a rare thing. I don't want to put a dampener on your introduction here Dave but if you are advertising your services maybe you should be upgrading the membership if it's not already in motion.
  3. TINGY944

    Brake rebuild price $350 Each?

    I got the fronts rebuilt on mine for $210 each by First Choice Automotive Parts, i think these guys may be national and specialize in brakes and clutches, i also got a 1yr warranty and no probs getting parts.
  4. TINGY944

    Hi new member from wollongong

    @GC9911 may be able to help you out with a mech and is a good guy to get involved with on the driving scene down that way as well as @Gavin (CliffToCoast). Enjoy your car mate and don't let a bodgy dealer spoil your experience, do your homework and if you are handy on the spanners, you may want to do some maintenance yourself.
  5. TINGY944

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Well done mate that was a fairly quick turnaround.
  6. TINGY944

    Nurburgring lap record smashed

    They can talk about it all they want, Porsche did it. Aston Martin haven't even got the car to do it yet, it's 2 years away, WTF!
  7. I'm doing an engine swap to the frunk
  8. TINGY944

    Boxster Bargains

    Oh yeah, let me in the queue
  9. Did AH leave them behind last time it was in?
  10. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1979-Porsche-911-SC-Manual/SSE-AD-5163871?id=SSE-AD-5163871 Anyone kicked the tryes on this or know any history?
  11. TINGY944

    944 sale price

    Great value......
  12. You know that everyone on here is looking for '91 year Porsche's now of any description
  13. TINGY944

    Nurburgring lap record smashed

    I have watched this a few times now and it is just incredible, the intimate knowledge that he would have to have of the track just to do that time. The acceleration is amazing, to see how quick it got to top speed on the straight, wow. I guess the world was saying the same as we are here when Bellof broke the record.
  14. To throw $300k on a Theon rather than $700k that a Singer costs makes sense for the "normal" person i suppose, if i was looking at a new 911 i would have to have a look at one of these for sure, next question is can we get them into Aus? I believe someone in Aus has sent a car over from Sydney to Singer.
  15. TINGY944

    Squirrelling away...

    My 2 cents is put the money you have saved towards a house before house prices become out of reach for younger people, you will never lose on a property these days.