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  1. TINGY944

    Beast of Turin concours award

    And they are out of stock!!!!! People got nothing better to spend money on?
  2. TINGY944

    Walter's view??

    With the used fuel rods from the nuclear reactors?
  3. TINGY944

    Walter's view??

    If it's real good on you Walter, he is saying what a lot of these car guys in the industry are probably thinking but are too scared to say it.
  4. You should have txt me mate and i would have told you all that
  5. TINGY944

    944 sale price

    Looks on par to me mate except for kms which as we know doesn't really matter if it's been looked after.
  6. TINGY944

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    A 88 and on 944 turbo will probably make a 968 CS look a bit sluggish.
  7. He could at least try and spell it correctly, that shits me....
  8. TINGY944

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Saw a rare beast today
  9. TINGY944

    The 996 Inspiration Gallery

    There doesn't seem to be many white 996's around, i am not a big fan of white but white makes these cars look very understated, i quite like it.
  10. The offer comment is also a bit like, hopefully someone will offer me more than i thought it was worth.
  11. No year, no price, no VIN? Makes it easy doesn't it.
  12. TINGY944

    First big road trip

    I did it in my Q5 a few months ago now, i found there was not a lot of traffic but it was in the cooler months as well, thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. TINGY944

    The 996 Inspiration Gallery

    Oh my, that is ridiculous.
  14. TINGY944

    Engine oil for 930?

    20W 50