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  1. TINGY996

    WTB Cayman S

    Looks like it may be reflected now
  2. I get most of my stuff from them now as it usually works out the same price as US these days and i get a Carramello Bear.
  3. @brian in buddinasometimes you can get it working by re-soldering if you want to try that, it may work until you get a new one.
  4. What he said, Fuch me, i didn't even mention that because i thought that would have been a given that you had checked it already!!
  5. Talk to @Caverhe had the new Boxster done recently, looks great.
  6. Well done, sounds interesting and post plenty of pics please, you might be surprised how many on here will be following, we love a project.
  7. Any idea what this car weighs @craiggt3rs I love the added flares on the guards, would this be road legal?
  8. I think it was rebuilt but by how much I'm not sure, i can assure you it gets "driven".
  9. A guy in Newcastle has a twin turbo 3.6 non Mezger in a Cayman track car.
  10. This is an easy fix, i used the shiny tape with the original globes and it was amazing. The difference really is night and day, see what i did there
  11. Checked sensors, you haven't bumped them or broken them? No spark at coil? Could be this then....
  12. This is a great place, met so many good people and have become solid friends with many on here. Also there would not be many other forums you would send your phone No to a total stranger to buy something or gain some information/look at a car for me. then have a 30min conversation with them. Thankyou Kerry for keeping this place alive. My journey started in 2013 after running into 2 random Porsche guys at a local car show and them saying to me, you gotta join the forum, i ran into one of those guys this morning randomly again while i was having a coffee. It also brings the whole Porsche community a lot closer in Australia, well done and hopefully many more years to come.
  13. Yep i would try this, you can't really do any damage with a clay bar.

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