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  1. TINGY996

    Newcastle C&C 24/2/19

    Short notice sorry but this Sunday, 15 Lindus St Wickham from about 9am @dobbo
  2. TINGY996

    Gosford kaput

    It will be cold up that way riding that horse to work in winter.
  3. TINGY996

    Gosford kaput

    Funny guy, oh wait, you did buy an old Jag and you do have that old red thing that doesn't run
  4. TINGY996

    The 996 search

    Now that everyone on here knows you are looking i am sure if one comes up that you like someone here can have a look for you. Be patient and also ready to pounce on the right car and maybe take an informed punt, i did and so far it has worked out for me, you will be very happy when you finally land one.
  5. TINGY996

    Gosford kaput

    I heard about this several weeks ago, someone i know purchased a racecar from their old buyer.
  6. TINGY996

    For Sale: 2003 Boxster

    Great color, congrats on the quick sale and the new edition. Don't worry we will be out on a drive soon @targa george
  7. TINGY996

    Electric Porsche

    Yawn, i know it's coming but i don't have to like it.
  8. TINGY996

    For Sale: 2003 Boxster

    Plenty of love for the Caveman, top bloke
  9. TINGY996

    For Sale: 2003 Boxster

    GLWS Dave, anyone who is looking for a great car won't go too far wrong with this, been on many runs with Dave and this is good value IMO.
  10. TINGY996

    944 sale price

    That's tidy, i really wonder if it's 33,xxx or 133,xxx or 233,xxx kms
  11. I tried to talk my son into buying this, i know his eyes lit up when i said that it was finally on the market, apparently his mate had done some work on it and was pretty impressed with it, unfortunately my son has some unfinished business with an 1100hp beast, it would look good in my garage.
  12. TINGY996

    All German Day Newcastle Sat 9 March 2019

    Put it on a trailer
  13. TINGY996

    Is it a sign

    Got to agree with the last 2 comments, collector grade cars will always sell, whilst the love for the front engined cars has grown i don't think this will be a flow on for all these cars yet.

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