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  1. I spotted a black over tan Boxster in Mudgee with lots of hail damage on Monday afternoon, anyone here? I am wondering if this was the one for sale down the NSW south coast last year i think it was.
  2. Your going to love it, i have the same year, awesome cars.
  3. I know of 2 guys who had their ops before xmas and were dry within days, 1 had the robot and the other had a manual job. Another guy i know had an op 10 days ago not sure how he is doing at the moment.
  4. Yes agreed that Fitzgerald's cars would sell for a pretty good price, going off the price of the last one that sold i wouldn't have thought that it would drag up the price of an M030 CS that much, i guess we will see.
  5. It probably is a good honest car and that's great, but in mine and a few others opinions here (not that it means anything) it is still over priced. It's in the Fitzgerald's cars territory price wise don't you think? I personally think that a M030 Turbo S 944 would run rings around a 968CS any day of the week but that's been discussed before.
  6. I was lucky enough to meet the owner of that $52k manual car on a drive last year, he is a car nut and all his cars are A1, i asked why he put a new clutch in and his answer was, why not, that car needs nothing and i don't understand why it hasn't sold. Maybe all the work he has done has put people off it, can't understand why that would be a reason to buy it for me, price is up the top end for sure but no work needed. I don't think Mik is advertising mate merely pointing out what is for sale And you would be very brave to pay the ask IMO.
  7. Is it? FFS these cars were cheaper than a standard 968 back in the day. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-Porsche-968-Manual/SSE-AD-5299785 This has got to be worth more coin then surely.
  8. Come on all you tyre kickers buy a car to give us something to talk about.
  9. Geeez listen to that thing pinging off the rev limiter, that is quick.
  10. I could never do that to a car even if i didn't own it, that's the biggest WTF i have ever seen.
  11. Yeah but find something that handled as well straight out of the box
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    Probably negotiating an upgrade right now.

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