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  1. I got invited on a PCNSW drive last Sunday and was very surprised by the amount of water cooled cars that were on the drive, 48 in fact. There were only 2 AC cars in attendance, one a 912 and a 993 tip. The 912 has me looking at cars again.
  2. Well i'm disgusted, they could have lined it with grease proof paper, cheapskates. You got a proper knife and fork, what's the problem?
  3. The best value sports car going, highly capable and best bang for buck 911 IMO, good luck with it and a great colour also. The excitement doesn't go away either and if it does it's time to move on to something else.
  4. Do the headlights seem rather bulbous on this model, or is it just me?
  5. Nope didn't get an alert, wow gotta be quick, that's an awesome buy.
  6. Well i certainly wouldn't pay that, merely pointing out that it was there mate. I don't follow the Boxster market so i really have no idea on values, overall it looked pretty good but had some paint cracking on the left rear bumper which looked like someone had reversed into something at a slow speed or something was pushed up against it and the plastic bumper got pushed in. For me this would be one of my bargaining points, couple of grand off easy.
  7. Check globes, connections, fuse....it's a fairly basic setup in there for those fog lights.
  8. NRMA Classic Collectible, Enthusiast.
  9. TINGY996

    Should I PPI?

    Standard should be fine if you are doing normal driving and even the odd track day, I always look around for my parts online but mostly i end up ordering from James at Autohaus, they have most common items in stock and always prompt delivery and you get a choccy bear with the delivery and i have found in the last 12 months that price is comparable to most other places.
  10. Folly is a good word, it confuses the young'ins, just like quinquagenarian, which is what you are
  11. Have you thought about going to '09 and getting the PDK, that would be the only auto i would buy and you are getting the upgraded engine as well. Or this for not that much more https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-Cayman-2010/SSE-AD-6109200/?Cr=25
  12. I was lucky enough to get a late call up to a drive on Friday, a couple of pics. Did i mention it was cold
  13. A couple of images from a drive last Sunday.

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