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  1. Hardly bragging mate, it's just a little cheap collection. Most of that lot are matchbox, the 2 Earl Bamber cars are new. I used to buy 1/18 cars all the time but have scaled back my collection, still have a couple of Aussie muscle cars, one extremely sought after Greens Tuff Falcon. A bit of Moffat as well.
  2. It goes this way doesn't it, socks and sandals is Volvo driving school teacher, socks and thongs is just plain bogan.
  3. I usually do 8-14.000kms a year in my Porsche's, i do a bit of travelling with my wife and some big trips with the good folk from this awesome forum
  4. Yearly, oil is cheap, re-builds are not.
  5. Very surprising results with the intake mods, a bit disappointing if you have spent some coin on those items.
  6. Don't panic, these are still available, problem solved Lee https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/porsche/911/996-series/under-35000/
  7. Umm.....freeway Don't pick on me i was pushed for time.....
  8. Drove to Sydney today, the roads are so quiet i had a nice trip in the 996, good to stretch it's legs a bit.
  9. The 996 has a great engine note when you change it from standard.

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