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  1. And to think i passed on one of these back in 2013, looked the same as that..................idiot
  2. Yep i know of 1 that recently sold in QLD for a low price, non runner but still cheap for a turbo.
  3. TINGY996

    My Gundo Hack

    I had looked at a couple of different ways these pipes were done and i decided for ease of manufacture this might be a better way, on the side of the pipe rather than inside and in between the pipes, i actually had a straight piece when old mate said he had these and hadn't used them so i grabbed them.
  4. TINGY996

    My Gundo Hack

    Yep i think it's ok and a cheap outcome compared to aftermarket pipes/mufflers, I'm really loving the noise over 5000 rpm
  5. TINGY996

    My Gundo Hack

    I finished the exhaust and after doing a 3 day road trip i can say i am pleased with the result, it's not exactly what i thought it would be and i am happy to say it's not droney sitting at freeway speed. It's only when you lean on the loud pedal that it gets more of a bark to the exhaust and up over 4000rpm the flat 6 sound is very pronounced. I ended up using tube with a 42mm id because i got them given to me, not that i was afraid to spend some money but i was happy to take a donation My son helped me with the mod and we were allowed to borrow a brand new plasma cutter from where he works to try out, it has a built in air compressor so no outside tank is needed, it's a Chinese jobbie and i thought it worked very well compared to some i have used in the past. The holes were cleaned up with a tungsten rotary burr on a die grinder after the holes were cut to make the holes a bit bigger and keep a smooth finish. It's a finicky job getting the tube to shape and some of the welding was a bit tricky to get into some areas, this is the finished job. In the end i had to take off the rear bumper just to get a bit more room to work, it wasn't an overly hard job but getting the mufflers off is very time consuming. Shaping the tube to fit as snug as possible is also very time consuming, this makes it easier to weld though so your not filling big gaps with too much weld. I also used a MIG welder as we could not get a TIG unit.
  6. First big outing in the "modern" 996, last minute decision to drive to Kiama yesterday, I'm really glad the A/C works well, it was around 39°c in western Sydney when i came through, unfortunately down the freeway but will head up to Kangaroo Valley today so some twisties will be had.
  7. Once you make up your mind like i did, it's easy, i thought my 944 was a forever car. I know the air cooled thing is a little different though.
  8. TINGY996

    My Gundo Hack

    I looked at an aftermarket bypass valve today when i picked up the pipe i needed, not so dumb Warren and cheaper than Porsche.
  9. That's a nice car by the looks and was on my list when i was looking, i seem to have some sort of built in aversion to buying these cars from dealers, sorry to any dealers on here. Although in saying that the dealers seem to have more realistic prices right now compared to some of these cars which i think are over priced IMO.
  10. You won't be disappointed when you find one believe me.
  11. Due diligence can turn up some odd things, so can PPI's, like ridiculous prices to repair stuff. I have got my last 4 cars with no PPI, i did heaps of research before i even started looking and spoke to mechanics about what to look for. I am by no means a mechanic but i think it helps if you have an enquiring mind sometimes. I'm not saying don't get a PPI but in all the cars i have got i have been able to have a look at the car and speak to the owner. I have been lucky so far and i knew what i was in for on each occasion as far as what repairs would have to be done after purchase. I think they are up 10-15k, or all the cheaper cars have disappeared some time ago.
  12. TINGY996

    My Gundo Hack

    I was going for 1.75" if i can get it, hopefully he has some off cuts for me and i will do the fab stuff myself and get the gurus to do a nice Tig weld for me
  13. TINGY996

    My Gundo Hack

    I started this job today so i thought i would share this for anyone who is interested. I know there is probably plenty of reading on this on other sites so sorry if i bore anybody. So i may have cocked this up a bit by not taking off the rear bar but i managed to get the mufflers out anyway. It's really not as easy as people say, the nuts are really hard to get to as i am sure these were assembled to the engine at the factory. It is a PITA to get to and while i was laying under the rear my 3/8 drive socket slipped off the nut, fell on to the headers then fell between the pipes and onto my lip and broke my front tooth, i am not a pretty man and now i am even uglier. It is very time consuming undoing the 3 bolts holding the bracket that attaches the muffler to the body, i also had to cut the 55mm pipe clamp bolts because these were cooked on. I managed to find another one at a wreckers here in outer Newcastle that have some 996's and Boxster's which worked out well for me, i am going there tomorrow to have a look at what parts they have so if anyone is on the lookout for anything let me know. I will remove the rear bar tomorrow i think just to give me some more room to work, in hindsight it should have been done first up. Tomorrow i take a visit to my Son's mate who has a car modification/tuning business to pinch some stainless tube and hopefully get it all Tig welded. I also had a crack at one of the exhaust tips as they were really stained, it came up pretty well i think, i might get the heavy duty polisher out and give it a go.
  14. I thought Boxster's would be a bit ho-hum as well until early last year i did a track day with a couple of PFA'ers and i went out in the passenger seat with @Caver. Well didn't i get a surprise, the sound, the handling and i was only a passenger. 2 months on we did a weekend away in Lithgow and another forum member threw me the keys to an '05 Boxster S manual, now this went like stink and also planted the seed for me to move on to a more modern car. I was Looking at Cayman's and could not quite get what i wanted, started looking at PDK Boxster's and found a 1 owner very close to me but my heart wasn't in it, i'm not a convertible guy. Then i found the 996 and i am very happy as i am sure all the Boxster owners are

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