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  1. They are a nice bike, looks good and got all the racks as well, I'm thinking of buying an early KTM 640 my brother in law has.
  2. @Unclethis sounds like an awesome trip, i know a couple of guys who have the 690 and were telling me they were disappointed with the fuel range, larger tanks were fitted then the ride became uncomfortable because of the way the wider tank pushed out their knees. These were earlier models so maybe a fix has been found.
  3. Contact @Caveron here, he will be more than happy to tell you all about, from what i gather he loved it.
  4. Spotted my first 992 Carrera S in the flesh last weekend. It's the owners first 911, not a bad way to start off 911 ownership, at the time it was a week old. I know the new model has come in for a bit of a lashing but i really like it.
  5. We are with Telstra and i can honestly say it has been a doddle so far, we had good adsl but now seems to be very consistent with the NBN. We have only had one problem with some techs working on the lines somewhere and they loosened some wires, it was fixed quick smart after Telstra quickly daiagnosed the problem, i have been with Telstra for years and i can't complain. Pricing is reasonable i think for the service i am getting but may be a little more exy than other providers, i would rather pay a little more for consistent service. I have heard a lot of horror stories and no doubt we will hear some on this thread.
  6. That is sooo nice and those wheels
  7. I did put some globes/bulbs whatever they are in but it didn't change anything, might have to try this type.
  8. Agreed the lights on these cars are horrendous, i have been thinking the same as you mate, a nice little led light bar tucked away at the front, good luck with the repairs @daveyoul
  9. Who really cares, does it go around corners any better than a standard 996?
  10. My first 944 had a mouse nest in the air box and 4 dead baby mice in the nest.
  11. I'm not fretting over any of this shit, i just drive mine and do normal maintenance.

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