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  1. That's awesome, who believe that you could get an Audi cheaper than a Mazda, I'm thinking the A3 might be my next car, what engine did you get edgy?
  2. I remember a conversation where some other bloke said to go MOTEC!
  3. When you win a "prize" you have to just take what you get................
  4. I have a bit of sellers regret right now, my wife and i both agree that the 944 is a more comfortable ride than the 996. Great cars and i see the Sydney car sold fairly quick as well.
  5. As you may already know Pete the talk has kicked off for another Bendy weekender.
  6. So while you are talking exhaust, are you sick of it yet? Is it loud around 100kmh?
  7. If it's sold someone probably has just got themselves a bargain.
  8. I agree with Tips, you probably don't need a Rupes or 2 unless you have money to burn, i have a Mint kit from car care products and i have done several cars all with great results using Menzerna compounds. There are all sorts of compounds and polishers out there and i am sure you will fully equip yourself for a few hundred collars.
  9. May as well do the coolant overflow as well because this cannot be done without the engine being dropped slightly and tilted down on the left side as well. I will be doing mine soon as it has a tiny split in the joining seam.
  10. Oh no, do the water pump as well while your there, what's another $600 bucks, makes a cheap car start to look expensive.

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