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  1. I ended up with P7s due the front tyres being through to the canvas when I bought the car, and needed to get something quick to drive it back from Sydney. And that was 7 years ago in May!
  2. My tyres are coming up for 7 years old and the little bit of moisture on the roads this morning remided me they just might not be is their as new condition anymore! 7'' & 8'' Fuchs currently fitted with Pirelli P7 Front 205/55/16 - Rear 225/50/16 Have done close to 40k on these tyres and still plenty meat left on the bone, and would happily go again but cannot seem to find both sizes available? They have been good wearing and grippy enough for me, but now my suspention is refreshed (well almost) might as well compliment it with some new boots. Any recommendations, experiences etc. welcome. Cheers Mike
  3. the 1st one was VHT chassis paint - touch dry quicker but not as nice a finish as this (from Bunnings) but it did take a bit longer to cure.
  4. Thanks mate! BTW will drop your tools back during the week if you’re going to be around?
  5. Part one of suspention refresh competed! As usual with my bigger tasks a bit too much time spent cleaning and painting bits: I was going to use a bit of threaded rod to to push on the new bushes on but I didn’t want to remove the end caps so went with the ratchet stap method, which worked ok ish but was fiddly without a 2nd pair of hands. Sash clamp (Thanks again Mike D) was a bit easier to handle the job solo. Getting the ball joint nuts up to the required 250 FT. lbs was a bit of a stretch on my little bench vice so they were finished off on the car. All ready to get fitted. Went back on as easily as the came off....the grey bits on the control arm are actually the reflection off the ground. Set the TB adjuster caps at slightly south of middle (after much interweb research) adjusted them to the desired height first attempt without having to re-index them. After a decent run around the local roads to bed everything in, the improvment was noticible straight away! bumps were soaked up,steering was lighter and more precise.And that was without a needed wheel alignment. Not going to bother with that as I'm getting straight on to the rear (well soon ish). Front ride height now sitting at 24.75'' with the rear stiil at 25.5''' so sloping a little too much for now. Overall this was a pretty straightforward job, that with an already re-furbished pair of control arms could be done in a morning i reckon. To be continued..... P.S A few glamour shots of the SxC blonde taken by Calum Balinger of Car & Coffee fame. 911 Glamour Shots by Mike Smith, on Flickr
  6. Ended up painting the control arms, correct decision I think🙂 Had to change foorwear for this job Mr De'Silva🙄
  7. Those are actually Porsche safety shoes made from recycled control arm bushes🤨
  8. More to post just having some trouble with Flickr 🤬
  9. Job started, bit of a clean up in the working area before hand along with some pre-lube of the fasteners etc.. Everything came apart with no real problems, although some thermal assistance was required to get the ball joint nuts off ( Thanks to Mike DeSilva for loaning me the tools). Ball joints were pretty worn but not dangerously, the strut inserts had previously been replaced with KONI ones which were both quite weak and the LH one had been leaking oil. At first the rubber bushes did not appear to be too badly worn but once remove and compaired to the new ones it was quite evident they had past the use by date. This should be a small video. The rear bush was acctually more deformed that it looks in this pic. The Bilstiens slid into place perfectly. Correct tool to tighten gland nut (Mike D) Porsche part number but doubt they are the originals, no cracks or perishing that i could see but compared to the ER ones they were quite squishy😉 ER ones (on left) are two piece and easy to fit. Susp Control arm bush (Rear), very squishy.... Control arm bush (front) ER one on Left Rear control arm bush (lower) no marks that i could see to identify any brand? Had to stop work prematurely today (sick puppy) and now pondering on whether to clean up the control arms as they are bit more scruffier now I have them off the car....
  10. Parts arrived a couple of weeks ago and all going to plan I should be getting started on the front next week.
  11. Valid point Peter, and yes I had briefly as they were in my "Wish List" version of the suspention refresh😉 The new spring plates would have worked out around $850 Aud Landed cost, I already have the ER bushes from a previous half hearted plan to replace them as well as a spare set of spring plates i was going to get plated,replace the bushes and just swap over. If the cost to re - plate them is not viable then they will just get cleaned up the best they can.
  12. OEM for the sway bars and ER for everything else. Saw a guy on You Tube using 1mtr threaded rod (M12 I think) with some big washers and nuts to pull the front control arm rubbers on, does the same as the long clamp but from the inside not out. Mike D has sorted me out with some of the required and desired tools, plan is (like I ever have a plan) to do the front first and then the rear. May get the control arms powder-coated and was thinking of getting the rear spring plates re-zinc coated too. Any recommendations for powder-coating and zinc plating are welcome.
  13. Progress Update: Thank you all for sharing and after much much much consideration and interwebtime to investigate all the options, I've decided to stay standard (BORING I HEAR) yes but as i don't track the car and the budget just would not stretch to what i would have liked so i stuck with what I need. My other issue is time and had explored farming the work out (thanks to all I discusssed this with and who offered their service) but have reliased that have the enjoyment i have had out of the car was working on it too (ok not all the time) so it may take me a while but I'll get there. For those that are interested: Pelican Parts: All the Elephant Racing Bushes 911 design: Bilstiens, Ball Joints and some hardware. There were a few little extras added on the order but the suspension parts ended up around $2200 Aud landed cost. Question: does anyone know if you need the "Special" spanner to remove/refit the nut on the strut (Boge Struts) or can you make do with somthing else? Will try to update as work progresses.......
  14. I never said i knew how, just asking if you had thought of it🤣 However, if it was me i would probbly just call my brother in Scotland and ask him what was the best platform... Or.... post on Euro Porsche forums?

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