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  1. Excellent! PM your number and I’ll give you a call.
  2. While not directly related to Porsche (same family though) i'm in need of a Air Bag light re-set on my Audi A3 ( had the door card of and turned ingnition of DOH!) Anyone able to assisst? Cheers Mike
  3. Surprised this has not sold yet! It appears to be a well presented and sorted example of 911 SC and its Red ( i wanted a Red one) the asking price related to pics IMO is realistic and just wondering is this an indication of the market cool down? Too much $$$ for a Targa or is it the tan interior? the later would be easier to fix. GLWTS
  4. 8 years on.... I like that bit😉 which Bilstiens did you use? Polybronze.. how would you describe the difference from those to the previous rubber bushes? Already done the Turbo Tie rods but hadn’t considered the strut brace, good point as relatively inexpensive and easy to fit and remove too.
  5. Coming up for 6 years since I hooked up with my SXC blonde and now she (should cars be gender neutral now?) is like many 41 year olds, getting a bit saggy and spongy while moving around. Current setup ( or how I bought the car ) is Green (HD I Think) Bilstiens on the rear and Boge Struts on the front but not known if they have had the inserts replaced, the rear shocks had stickers on them indicating they had been rebuilt/refurbished at some time. I have already purchaced the Elephant racing spring plate rubbers and was intending using the same on the front, along with replace ball joints as one has a torn rubber dust cover and replace the strut top,sway bar and trailing arm bushing as a matter of course. The LF strut has a slight weep and the gap on the spring plate outer cover (the indicator to how worn they are apparently) is suggesting the time is near. Just looking to hear what people have done and experienced with their own suspension (don't need theory have the web for that) and not looking to track the car but want better than stock and aiming for a compromise between comfort and performance. Questions: What did you use and why? Was it better or worse? What problems did you encounter? What Tips can you share? Replace and or upgrade torsion bars? Anything else you can think of? Cheers Mike https://www.instagram.com/p/BtVZNzOHTJ3/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1xhneq18qmlpq
  6. Meant to post this a while ago but was away with work. Item arrvied as described, posted promptly and well packed and very happy with my purchase😎 Cheers Mike
  7. What you have done to the doors already (tape and plastic) would normally be enough but the belt and braces approach can't hurt. I replaced my door cards with MDF over the original masonite ones that had been water damaged over the years (both materials are not known as water friendly) anyway, I bought a spray can of clear sealer (multi purpose) from Bunnings and gave the cards a couple of coats and so far so good. In my experiance the only reason door cards get water damaged is when the door membrane (Tape & plastic) is torn or not sealed properly. Or as BIB said, sell it and cut your losses now 😎
  8. What "good seal" are you looking for? is the gear shifter the short or standard type? Cheers Mike
  9. Bugger! I do feel for you and I'm sure most have us have been in a similar situation, trying to get the job done and get back on the road then BAM! The thread strips, lose the springy thingy, can't find the tool you need, something breaks etc. In most cases things can be repaired and from what I see from your pics, the manifold would be too. I've had alloy castings repaired before, and while more of a complex repair than yours would be it was done through necessity as a replacement was not available. I would take into consideration that the time and cost may not be viable or practical over a replacement? Also, before you refit either the repaired or replacement one, you need to find out what went wrong so you don't get the same again. I would tend to agree with the other comments regarding the possible mis-alignment/fit of the manifold as it was being tightened? Have you tried contacting Russ (Moderator on here) he may have some leads to a used one, even try giving Craig (parts dept) at Brisbane Porsche, if there is one in the country they can get most stuff in overnight. Also try Hamiltons and BWA Auto, I do tend to get most of my stuff from O/S but I always try local first, it might just be worth the call? Good luck and hope you get back on the road before 2018. Cheers Mike
  10. Thanks again Peter for sharing your knowledge and experiences, anorak tendencies or not they can be quite helpful. I actually stumbled across the P clamps at my local Auto Parts store ( the old fashioned kind), the stuff that he has is pretty amazing for the tiny shop that it is. I was in there looking for blind grommets and saw he had a good range of sizes. I think I might be able to get around getting new grommets by wrapping some closed cell foam around the grommet area, a theory at this stage as work as stalled due to work, holidays and family. Picked up some new copper flange washers this arvo, $37 for 10 was a bit of a surprise! https://www.flickr.com/gp/152710446@N03/r48s00 To be continued in 2018
  11. Picked up the A/C hoses, drier and TX valve today, long story but a third party had been the hold up along with a bit of mis-communication. Still in front with the altogether but the hoses ended up costing a bit more. The hose is thinner than the original ( Which I was aware of) so I'll need to get some smaller clamps the fix the to the body and find something to pack them out where the go through the body grommets. https://www.flickr.com/photos/152710446@N03/shares/6cU3Ed I just need to get the copper sealing washers and I'm ready to start fitting it all back together, but as I only have this weekend left to work on the car, it will not be finished until January now. https://www.flickr.com/gp/152710446@N03/1s66yq To be continued.......

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