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  1. That's what makes me think it is the same one, it was also a MY12 and from memory $189k. kms seem about the same too. It wasn't online for more than a couple of days. I assume he noticed the white one was listed and pulled it. Especially given the price differential between them.
  2. That's probably the non-writeoff one I saw listed for a few days at the same time as the white one. Can't afford to be too choosey if you're after one given how few entered the country. Supposedly only 3 x MY12 manuals too.
  3. I browse high end real estate for fun, every so often you'll see a car in the garage that you like. Hit up the RE agent to ask you to get in contact with the owner. I've never bought this way, but I've definitely had a few convos with owners and have my name down if they decide to sell. Here is one I spotted the other week (I didn't hit up the agent in this case): https://www.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-nsw-terrigal-132821130 .... this is the garage:
  4. I thought the R8 was a wannabe Lambo? (For the record I want a R8 before anyone gets offended).
  5. I’m referring to the 991.1 RS. We’ve already got 991.2 GT3s below 300, there is no reason these are above 300 bar the badge. The 991.2 is a better car as a long term proposition. Given the market that is coming, 200k is not out of the question, which for the record is where I see 991.2 GT3s falling to (or below) over the next 2 years unless there is a miracle vaccine developed sooner.
  6. Yeah, I noticed it dropped today. Paint the calipers black, fixed. I personally think we'll see a sub 300 car within the month.
  7. Yeah, the more interesting thing to me is how they're all lining up at 300k. Two weeks ago there was one car within $20k of that, and the rest were 40-60k above it. We've seen the first owner blink, now just to see if it will be a stampede or not. I don't think there will be too much movement in the classic segment just yet, it will take a lot longer for those cars to drop. I think that particular Murci was run past me as well, but it was about 6 months earlier than I was ready for at the time. Yellow is always a win in my book - firstly I love it, but secondly it is usually cheaper because there is a large segment of buyers who hate it.
  8. Not sure where to put this one, mods please move if in the wrong spot. I know there are a few members who keep their eye on Lambos, and this current market is starting to make things interesting. @edgy Its a 4, but that is a chunk under 300k now... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-lamborghini-huracan-lp610-4-auto-awd-my15/SSE-AD-5589992/?Cr=0 Also there are a stack of cars lining up at or just above 300k. Could be interesting in a few weeks.
  9. That is probably the dealers trying to sell something (991 GT3). Cash crunch incoming.
  10. No worries - I'm a member of a bunch of forums, and the rest of them auto-renew your membership annually, which was why I asked.
  11. Did these use to auto-renew? I'm all for supporting forums as I can't stand facebook. Thanks for the post as it has made me realise that my FM has lapsed.
  12. Selling I always keep to the deal. Like Symsy, even if I'm losing I still throw in a detail and a tank of 98. Pay it forward. Buying for me is more nuanced, and I've had to pull out of more than one deal for various reasons in the past so I try not to judge other people for their foibles when it comes to selling as a result. I know for a lot of people it is hard to say 'no' when there is a wad of cash in their face.
  13. SME average margin is sub 10% - for the average SME to achieve this they'd have to be either gone or on the way out the door (I know high margin exceptions apply). Then compound that with 'compared to revenue last year' - and I think you'd find the vast majority of businesses that would be viable long term wouldn't qualify anyway. By the sounds of it this is designed for a total lock down of the economy (or near total), which must be coming based on how they've defined access to this package.
  14. So my reading of the 'job-keeper' rules are that pretty much the only way to get it is if you've already gone under, or are going under and haven't grown your business in the previous 12 months. Cars will probably still tank.

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