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  1. Batman disagrees Black cars require more work to keep looking clean. For those enthusiasts who don't like detailing, but hate the look of a dirty car, black is a step too far. Hence why some people won't ever consider a black car. I love the look of a black car, and don't mind if it isn't perfectly clean, so I own one. Can't speak to the value proposition at the moment, with interest rates rising I'd be surprised if the prices don't drop over the next 12 months.
  2. Agree with this 1000%. I was only mildly interested in Singers until they developed that engine, and then the package they stuck it in. Much more value in a DLS than the classic IMO.
  3. Interesting. I really like the 991s, especially the .1 - the 992 on the other hand 🤮
  4. Not a huge Singer advocate but I wouldn't kick one out of my garage.
  5. Rob Dickinson (Singer head honcho) speaking with Top Gear: “We’ve kind of taken a pause with the Classic,” he added. And it’s not because the world is quickly draining its reserves of natural, unmodified 964s. “There are tens of thousands of 964s! And there’s plenty of ratty ones which we don’t feel too bad about reimagining.” Sounds more like they're keeping their options open to me.
  6. Hopefully you find someone. With housing coming off the boil it might become easier. Unfortunately a good portion of tradies fled NSW to QLD during Covid lockdowns so I know in my own business it is now much harder to get work done than it was 2 years ago. Best of luck finding someone.
  7. sleazius

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Where is your local dealer? $5k is normal. $10k might be the new normal. Last I was told Parra was only expecting 8 cars, and they cut their list at 30 people 18 months back.
  8. Contact Porsche Cars Australia - in writing generally yields better results. Supposedly their system does not easily allow them to differentiate model grades so you may have to ask nicely several times (someone would have to manually count them). Good luck - post anything you find out here 😉
  9. Ram Dealer: "never heard of anyone not claiming the $150k" ... my accountant different story. You think the ATO will side with old mate at the car yard? 🤣
  10. Interesting thing about the RAMs as I just bought one - to get it under the GVM limit for a standard license in Australia they had to down rate them from 5.3T GVM to 4.45T which means the payload on the 2500 diesel is below 1 Tonne, and therefore doesn't qualify for the ATOs definition of a work vehicle. So a 6.7L diesel truck engine with a 5.3T axle load rating as standard isn't a work vehicle for tax purposes . They also have only an 8T towing capacity in Australia on the same hardware that they allow 26T in the US. None of this stops people claiming them 100% up to the $150k limit, but you'd lose an audit unless you had a GVM conversion (completely unnecessary but necessary for road and tax rules) done by a 3rd party manufacturer. Totally bloody ridiculous but the RAMs are a good example of two market distortions working against each other.
  11. Unintended consequences and all that. One of my favourite market distortions from the past was this ripper: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Window_tax
  12. To be fair the LCT limit is ridiculous. Biggest case of bracket creep ever. I can't find it, but I'm pretty sure it was about $57k when it was introduced, and this was only indexed finally in 2012 after 12 years. Not including this year's crazy inflation the threshold should be $95k per the RBA calculator here: https://www.rba.gov.au/calculator/annualDecimal.html - which means the fuel efficient threshold should be $110k-ish. That of course is assuming that it should even exist in the first place.
  13. Same reason that most utes crash through the front door of ARB the second they're bought.
  14. Not sure if this has been posted before but it is a video I've watched a couple of times - always fun to watch CH and AP geek out over GT cars.
  15. Same - I use it at least 4 or 5 times per drive. Would not buy a modern GT3 without FAL.

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