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  1. It's not an interest only loan for the car, it's an interest only loan on the home that the car ended up being purchased with. The bank refuses to refinance and the repayments go up 30-40% overnight. Suddenly old mate has to deleverage and quickly to get those payments down. I've got a serious case of Deja Vu. Is this 2008 all over again? Yes it is, only this time we've got no powder to stave it off in the form of rate cuts. That can that we kicked down the road, guess what, can't kick it any further. <warning may upset some readers> Boomers, your time is up, head for the exit boys, before it becomes a stampede. Gen X and Gen Y aren't buying your inflated assets, and neither are the banks anymore. Who exactly are you going to sell to when you can't sell to each other?
  2. Bank not rolling the interest only loan? There will be more of this yet, it's just getting started.
  3. The NSW government give up $270M in fines a year? I don't think so. Now if the black box lets you speed, but sends the information back to the RMS when you break the speed limit automatically generating a fine.... that I'd believe.
  4. sleazius

    Gosford kaput

    Same. Price was 20% above market too.
  5. Do some rennlist research - there are more than one or two that have lunched the engine - however you are right, its nowhere near as bad as the GT3.
  6. Long as banks keep not lending money, the floor is probably $200k. Is that likely? No. But stranger things have happened. Banks are currently rejecting 40% of loan applications, opposed to 5% in 2017.
  7. Originally it was so the Federal Government would have sea access.
  8. That Miami or Riviera? Miami often photos like Riv in full sun. Looks good either way.
  9. Would love to but unfortunately he’d never sell anything. He is 81 though so you never know what might happen.
  10. Very nice! Mercs, a few - I'd have to go to the last photos I took to see what hes got. The collection is so huge you only remember the highlights after a while (also its been about 9 years since I had a decent look). I honestly get too distracted by his ww2 military vehicles and personnel carriers to notice much else. Hes got an SLS I know that much.

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