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  1. This one would have been in the 370-375k mark drive away provided the ad is accurate. Its my car's twin, just with less options. Seems like a decent price.
  2. I need to build another garage. The want is high.
  3. Red is a total trigger colour. As much as I like it in photos I know I'd be more angry driving a car with a red interior in traffic. Someone less spectrumy can deal with that 🤣
  4. This photo is the closest to how this colour looks in real life that I've seen.
  5. That dent I got in the back of my 997 from some moron in a car park I still haven’t sorted for this reason. The car was insured through Youi with choice of repairer. Good luck though trying to claim on it. All they say is the scope of works is excessive and you need to take it somewhere else. I could take them to court I spose but it isn’t worth my time.
  6. Totally, I fell into that during the GFC. Grow that wealth. Now I don't give a shit and am happy to just live my life. If I can bag a couple of deals on my dream cars, I'm in like Flynn.
  7. Older cars won't be that impacted regardless of what happens. Its the lease-bros that will be feeling it.
  8. I hate green and I'm on the fence with that interior - but it gives it some pop when you consider the business silver exterior. If the market wasn't on the brink of falling out the arse I'd be picking up the phone and making an offer. edit: alternatively I'd be hiring @smit2100 as my interior conversion consultant
  9. Depends on the use case. Track pig stripper all the way. That said, the reality is the majority of cars are spec’d with nothing because Porsche charges drug money for options. Contrary to popular belief the vast majority of P cars are bought with credit.

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