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  1. I've been watching the market for GT3s for almost 20 years, CS is always worth more than touring. There is nothing to argue about this point, its fact. I'm not saying its right, I'm not saying I agree with it, it is just the way it is. I too don't believe these things are an investment, however it is clear that other people do think so and they vote with their wallets. Hence yanks calling them investment spec. Personally I don't give a stuff what people prefer, as long as it floats your boat then good luck to you! @edgy wouldn't it make more sense to buy a cup car at that point?
  2. Its about $US950M more than what I've got!
  3. What the yanks call investment spec vs non-investment spec. CS is more desirable for the long term hold. Its a big disparity though given the dealer.
  4. Save a bit more money and get something better. Aussies for better or worse are km phobic when it comes to cars. You'll find it very difficult to sell because of the 300k+ kms at any price.
  5. Depends on the car. Its unusual for an owner to slash 20% off the price in a few phone calls (but not unheard of), it really depends on the seller and how motivated they are to move the car. Contrary to popular opinion it isn't easy to move a car over $100k in price, and you get totally reamed on a trade of one of these things. It is common for someone who needs to move on, to accept $5k or $10k over trade. You also have to factor market conditions into the equation as well, and how long the car has been sitting. Having said that the right car will be much harder to negotiate on. So for your example if that 4S was a 2S with a manual gearbox, and the right other fruit, you'd find the seller much more reluctant to move on price. The closer to the ideal spec, the harder it is to do a deal that everyone is happy with.
  6. Jerry is a billionaire so I don't think coin is a huge concern - although recently (last couple of years) hes been offloading P cars so it may not be of interest.
  7. I'd be surprised if it is less than 30m. I would have thought over 30m based on; 1. One of a kind 2. Built by Ferdinand 3. Owned by Ferry 4. So rarely traded There are going to be some very fat wallets battling it out to add that to the stable.
  8. New engine is about $90k. Not saying that is what we have here but due diligence is necessary.
  9. Anyone got Aussie 991.1 GT3 RS delivery numbers? There would have been more of those than normal GT3 surely. 90% of which appear to be LO.
  10. Yeah he did mate, I've got nothing but good things to say. Not sure why it lifted but its about a 20 cent piece size. He said at the time if there were any issues to bring it back at any time. I'll take a photo and post it here later but honestly that doesn't annoy me. Its the little things that you can't avoid. Thankfully I'm not pedantic about the car so I can live with it, but I still notice it every time I jump in the car. Its like doing your own renos, you still notice that one run of paint in the corner that noone else sees. Bummer - I'm going to make more of an effort to come along to drive days and social stuff so I'm sure you'll see the car at some point. My youngest is now 1 so its a bit easier on the wife to go AWOL for a full day
  11. I'm going to post some close ups of my car and the places it annoys me tonight as I need to make at least an attempt to wash it for this drive tomorrow. I've also got a spot where it has lifted on the air intakes that I've been too lazy to take back to castle hill to address.
  12. I'm planning on picking up a Cadbury RS despite my engine reservations when the arse falls out of them. The next buy is a 981 boxster though. I'm getting thin on top so it seems like the right move
  13. No harm in asking as long as you aren't bothered if it sells. Think he missed the 2017 bus though. A lot of the 'investment 911' owners haven't got the memo though. (Apologies if you're on the forum, but its the truth).
  14. I've got Xpel Ultimate on my GT3. Can't complain about what it says its going to do. Like with all films though, if you're super fussy you're never going to be happy with them. You can tell there is film on the car at the margins - worst is the doors where it meets the window on the bottom edge. People looking at your car never notice it, but you will, every time you drive it. So you've got to weigh up 'am I more worried about paint chips, or the fact that I can tell this film isn't perfect?'. I'm not a fussy car guy, so for me its perfect. For the guys who have to wash their car every time they take it out, and fuss over their wheels with a toothbrush, forget it, you'll never be happy with it. Oh price wise it was around $5000 installed (might have been $5500) in Sydney. There was a long wait to get it done too.
  15. Wasn't too hard to push them over $400k either. The black one has approximately $30k in options on it for those that are interested.

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