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  1. Hey Jaffar-thats the evaporator box not the condensor!
  2. Hi Nevdog Have you checked whether your current distributor is still OK? Shaft wear with timing wander, worn vacuum units, frozen or sloppy advance springs are all likely If your distributor is original and you have a high mileage motor. I had my SC distributor rebuilt by performance ignition in Melbourne after finding some shaft wear-Peter is the porsche guru there. It was recalibrated to have an earlier onset spring advance curve (I had 964 cams). The difference was enormous and probably the best bang for buck spend that I have done. Lukas Hi Nevdog just saw your other dizzy post. An adjustable timing light (80 dollars on ebay) and some earmuffs will help you work out what kind of advance you are getting across the rev range. You can also get an idea about timing wander that may indicate a need for dizzy rebuild.
  3. Well done! Can you post some pictures of the compressor bracket? If you have a smugglers box (I presume an LHD conversion) can you create an air path between the cabin and the front hood? As Peter mentioned you ideally want to recirculate cooled cabin air back through the evaporator. It would mean that you may end up cooling under your trunk as well though! Lukas
  4. Hi Nevdog A couple of comments/tips from someone who has been down the same route. When I bought my car like yours it was an SC that had previously had AC but was missing quite a few bits and pieces. Maybe you can tell us what bits you do have to see what else you may need. I can see you have the original ac bracket-do you also have the evaporator box/fan assembly in thefront passenger footwell and the front condensor/fan assembly? How about the fan and temp controls? With regard to the compressor and bracket there are a couple of options. One of the things that will limit the use of existing components is whether they have O ring or flange fittings (flange fittings were used up until the 3.2 carrera from memory). Not a deal breaker as you can have custom hoses made with a mix of flange and o rings. You may find the Sanden Sd5h14 a bit too big-from memory it is the newer version of the Sanden 508. The current guides suggest to use either a Sanden sd507 (or one of the cheaper copies-there are chrome plated ones on ebay for less than 200 dollars) or an SD5h11 with the right fittings. If you do want to go with the one you have I would suggest trial fitting it with the belt lined up to see if its going to fit-you may need to grind down the alloy 'shelf' on the rearward intake runner on the right side. Griffith air do sell a bracket that bolts onto the bracket you have to fit one of the sanden style compressors (https://griffiths.com/product/porsche-911-kuehl-kwick-507-ac-comperssor-adapter-set/). This can be used with any of the sanden or sanden copies. The griffiths site has a lot of useful info. Another option that I know will fit is to use a carrera 3.2 compressor and the alloy stand that it fits. This has o ring fittings and needs a bit of modification to the tinwork around the back of the engine but the stand is lighter than the one you have. Griffith recommends this compressor for the 3.2 and later cars-they are meant to be quieter. My SC has exactly this combo-it fitted with grinding back of the intake runner as mentioned. Let us know how you get on. My system uses standard porsche bits with a 'procooler' in the left front footwell and the 3.2 compressor. I filled the system with Hychill-an LPG based refrigerant that is more efficient than R134. The car stays cool on very hot days unless you park it in the sun and sit in traffic without getting much airflow over the front and rear condensors. Ive just fitted carbs to my car-and unfortunately the 3.2 compressor no longer fits. I am looking at going back to the older compressor bracket with one of the sanden options as mentioned above. So I may have a compressor and bracket for sale shortly that may work for you if the existing bits you have dont. Lukas
  5. There was one on ebay recently-asking only 19500! Crazy!
  6. well done Nick! looking forward to a sunday morning targa down the Old Pacific Highway!
  7. Hi Rob Im really keen if they are still available-have left a voicemail on your phone Lukas (0418266330)
  8. fitted a wevo race shifter to my 915 box. Hopefully no more snagging reverse when shifting into fourth at turn one of SMP..
  9. Hi James Where are you located? Im interested in the 964 cams Lukas
  10. +1 for Hychill I have an 81sc with a 'standard system' with the exception of Hychill, a 3.2 compressor, barrier hoses and a Rennaire pro cooler. It works ok 90% of the time unless the car has been sitting in the sun on a really hot day-in which case it takes forever to cool down. The rennaire cooler is meant to be the same as adding another condensor-I really don't know it it makes a difference. For an occasional daily use car its a reasonable system for me. Another wheel well system is is the one from Allzim http://www.allzim.com/store/911-912-parts/porsche-911-930-912e-74-89/heating-and-air-conditioning/air-conditioning-upgrades/. If I had my time again I would probably go with that and ditch the decklid condenser-which runs the engine a lot hotter as it preheats the 'cooling air' for the main engine fan. Hychill is much more efficient than R134 and similar to R12 (which is what the system was designed for). Lukas
  11. looks awesome Nick-it looks so good you may not want to track it... looks awesome Nick-it looks so good you may not want to track it... looks awesome Nick-it looks so good you may not want to track it.. looks awesome Nick-it looks so good you may not want to track it..
  12. +1 for Hychill. I have an 81 SC with the standard air con setup with the exception of a 3.2 compressor, barrier hoses and a Rennaire 'pro cooler'. The AC works fine 90% of the time as long as the car hasn't been sitting in the sun on a 40 deg plus day. Hychill is much more efficient than R134 and will improve the efficiency of what is a a compromised system in the 911. Cant say whether the Rennaire pro cooler adds much-its meant to be the same as adding another condensor to the system. I think upgrading the condensors to a more modern type probably adds some extra efficiency. The deck lid condensor will does make the engine run hotter. The other options to improve the efficiency of the system is to fit a condensor in the rear wheel well-in the style of the 964. Kits are available from Griffith and ALLZIM (see http://www.allzim.com/store/911-912-parts/porsche-911-930-912e-74-89/heating-and-air-conditioning/air-conditioning-upgrades/). If i had my time again i would probably do the latter and ditch the deckled condensor. Lukas
  13. Right first time Stew its a Tatra 600 from the Gosford Classic car museum-incredible place for those who can easily get there.. Happy Xmas to all Lukas

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