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  1. Hey Jeff can you explain how having the extra lengthwise movement at the gearbox helps if the first part of the tailshaft is fixed in place by the centre bearing?
  2. Hi Russ, I cant get the pictures to load but would be keen for the 6 pin cdi if still available
  3. My two cents is that the linkage was setup wrong-I had the same problem on my PMO carbs when using the linkage plate from the CIS=when I removed it and shortened the linkage rod the transition was much better.
  4. Solid decklid with holes from previous wing, no rust. The bare metal in the last picture exposed when the wing was removed has been treated $700
  5. See pictures-in good useable condition, some bumps in the mesh from pop off valve. Pickup only in Eastwood Sydney
  6. Im jealous of your garage curtains. And the big brake conversion
  7. THere is a separate hole in the footwell that drains the condensate from the evaporator that you may be also able to use-it will have been blocked off if you had a RHD AC installation originally. In the last picture by OZ930 it is the non corrugated drain that is in the front of the left of the picture-you can see the drain better in the middle picture
  8. Hi Paul If you are going to replace the compressor with a Sanden 507 style one (similar to what Griffiths sell) and use the existing bracket for the York compressor you have you will need this adapter https://griffiths.com/product/porsche-911-kuehl-kwick-507-ac-comperssor-adapter-set/ (150USD plus postage) and a sanden 507 style compressor-plenty of these on ebay for less than 200 dollars if you search for sd-507 (read the fine print as most are gold or chrome plated!) Your original ac lines will probably have flare fittings rather than o ring fittings-and you will need a flare to o ring adapter such as https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MALE-O-RING-TO-MALE-FLARE-A-C-ADAPTER-FITTING-KIT-6-8-WITH-O-RINGS-4-pcs-/311776191115 or an ac shop to refit o ring fittings to your existing lines. I would advocate changing to Hychill rather than r134 if you do upgrade-you wont need new lines unless they are leaking and hychill is more efficient than r134 and locally available. Full disclosure-I have an active ad in the for sale forum for the lighter alloy compressor stand and a working compressor from a 3.2 carrera-you would just need the flare adapters , a new drier and charge to make this work for you. I just wanted to point out the other options first. Lukas
  9. I bought this badge off a forum member several years ago but it doesnt fit my custom grill. This is a custom 3.2 badge in the same font as those fitted to the early cars with mounting plate to fit the original plastic grill as fitted to 74-89 cars. Selling for the same it cost me-80 dollars plus postage (pickup in Eastwood) .
  10. Unfortunately after fitting carbs to my car (911sc) I have had to change my compressor bracket and compressor to fit. The first item is the alloy bracket with support and baseplate for a denso compressor as originally fitted to the 3.2 carrera. This fits the earlier cars with minor modification to the engine tin and is much lighter than the cast york compressor bracket. Im asking $200 The second item is the matching denso compressor from a 3.2 carrera-this worked great with my setup using Hychill in place of r134 but is compatible with either. $150. The photos show the setup prior to and after carb conversion .
  11. HI Tips I have a decklid with SC whale tail-silver in colour and in good condition. Im in Eastwood if you want to inspect. Let me know if you would prefer to remove the whale tail first Lukas
  12. Hey Jaffar-thats the evaporator box not the condensor!

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