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  1. Well, the G55 was going very nicely until it was pranged by the dealer when in for a warranty issue. They subsequently bought it, and I got a deal on a new Range Rover they had. The Range Rover is quite probably the best car Ive ever owned. I cannot fault it. How they can make a lump like it go the way it does, while using an average 9.5l/100km is beyond me. I got 7.8 on a trip to the farm at 120+. Amazing. I miss the theatre of the G55, but it just wasnt to be.
  2. Yes its my 911. I understand the sentiment that it lost another early 930. Whilst the previous owner of the car and I both agree that he must have been hallucinating at the time he commissioned the build, having bought the 930 from his father in law, neither of us could have imagined the heights that early 930's have risen to. Nonetheless, what he started and I have continued with is a marvellous car that has justified the excercise. You wont find another like it. Most of these 74 Carrera RS replicas are built on left hand drive shells, or shells that have been hurt. Not this one. It has the straightest shell and was in excellent condition when the build started, and could be reborn into a 930 if you had the bits, but honestly, its a much better car just the way it is. I'm waiting for the first "have you got the original motor and box" question, and the "just send me your bank account" scammer, whilst hoping it goes to a good home with someone who appreciates its performance and outstanding build quality. It would make a brilliant road car. I suspect it will end up overseas given the situation, but I hope not.
  3. Ossie Congratulations I hope you enjoy the car. I can assure you that all I wrote is correct. If you need the names of the previous owners, to check the accident history or otherwise, pm me and I will help you. My mechanic in WA serviced it for years, and hes available too. Its had a life, but sometimes those cars have a personality and it all works out. Looks like thats the case here.
  4. Ive got a complete Fabspeed header and exhaust system hanging on the shed wall. Twin muffler and outlets, with heater boxes. I like it, but have no use for it. If you would like to know more, please PM me.
  5. Might want to check the history pretty carefully. The vendor is a major crashed truck repairer. Might be nothing, but you never know.
  6. Mine isn't the only GT2 that met a ghastly end, that's why I made the offer to privately send the chassis number so I can be sure before commenting. I'm not going to say anymore regarding this car or post any photos but my offer to help a serious PFA'er stands.
  7. This looks like my old GT2. If anyone here is seriously going to buy it, then pm me the chassis number and Ill give you some information and photos that might help you decide. Ive also got the original books and keys. It crashes well.
  8. Ive had two diesel v10 Touaregs, run them both to 100,000. Zero issues. Averaged 12.5ltrs/100kms as I recall. Ive got a 2011 Cayenne S V8 petrol. 50,000kms. Zero issues. 11.8ltrs/100kms. I love them, but Id be wary of a lanky mileage early big engine Cayenne for electrical issues.
  9. Ha! No quad bikes but we do have a very useful Kawasaki Mule on the farm, and shortly a zombie apocalypse machine.
  10. So it seems. I expect to find a Kardashian under the back seat somewhere when I collect it tomorrow.
  11. I had a crack at updating the avatar only to find that photobucket will no longer let me access my account. Useless idiots wont respond to emails to get it fixed either so no photos from me. Ive sold both the RSCS and the Turbo off market. I think the market is overblown, and the offers were more than reasonable. Im not buying another 911 right now, although I did have a good crack at a 997 GT2 without success. Ill wait and see how it all unfolds. In the meantime im going to use the 74 RS in the Porsche Club series here, and the Perana is being set for tarmac rallies. As to what Ive bought? A fellow PFA'er sprung me on the other board. Its not a Porsche. If anyones really that interested in my car machinations, the site is found if you google AGOA. Theres not a lot of activity on it, just look under general discussion. I can promise you its pretty out there. When I test drove it, I realised I haven't laughed like that since my first 911, Kerrys 964RS. Anything that makes you laugh like this new thing is well worth having .
  12. Bit of thread drift going on here. Non turbos creeping in. Market keeps running hot. So hot there aren't any cars for sale. Two I know of changed hands recently, one being mine.
  13. Simonoz


    Norm We have to use carbys under the historic and targa rules. No choice given. Webers have become too difficult to repair, and life becomes easier with PMO's as they are new and once set up, run well without servicing. I would love to get away from carbys but cant if the car has to stay compliant. PMO's are very good, but they are still carbys with a lack of precision over EFI. Mind you, at 7,000 rpm with an open exhaust, they add to the mix somewhat.
  14. Been pondering this. It was entered in Targa Tasmania 2014 as a 1984 car. That lets you run at 1.17 x standard capacity. 1984 being the first year of the 3.2 engine (3164cc), even though the chassis is 1977. Fair enough, lots of us do it. I run as 1974 when my chassis is1976. So maximum allowed capacity is 3701cc. You can build one of these and get 400hp, but its a big number. Autohaus are clever, and with deep pockets the owner might let them try. You'll never get torque of 590, more like half that. Even in nm it doesn't work. I think the dynos enthusiastic, or its a typo. Wont matter, if its sold. Good car.

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