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  1. Engine option ? https://www.typ901.org/forum/forum/classified-ads/typ-901-porsche-cars-and-parts/172541-fs-2-0-s-spec-mfi-engine-fully-rebuilt
  2. budget version... piece of black perspex and then some small self tappers into the perspex
  3. Ash, For me the appeal of a hot rod is in the detail, particularly an early narrow long hood like yours. Perhaps the additional power could be addressed by a nice centre 2 out sport muffler, I wouldn't be putting aside the MFI motor. Externally, remove the deco trim from the bumpers and tape them and add side decals. Remove the centre caps, fit 205/60 section tyres and a slight lowering, if the budget allowed some 7R rears but they are shockingly expensive. Done.
  4. lazy 1000k's loop Newcastle to Newcastle via Waterfall Way and the Oxley. in good company
  5. Seat inlays in ‘dress Mackenzie beige’ , Mackenzie tartans are generally blue and yellow or beige and blue, that is going to be one wild interior 😳
  6. Damien the black anodising is easily removed as suggested above and then it’s just a matter of having them polished and re anodised. the alternative is to find a set that will still need some work, probably about $1k for core bits and about another $750 for polishing and re anodising, they are hard to come by particularly the front door frames and are fragile and crack at the B pillar if the polisher is not careful so you need to be sure of what you are buying. HTH
  7. Hi Damien call Simon Greenwood at Autowerks in Wyong
  8. ian cant argue with the route north, would say that some of the roads around Gresford, Bingulburra and Dungog are either outstanding or more patched potholes than road. i wouldn't miss Waterfall Way and the Oxley Hwy between Walcha and Wauchope this route would take you back south covering them both, the Oxley has had a huge amount of work done on it and it is exceptional https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/-33.5591076,150.8372502/-27.6674414,152.7373199/@-32.5816215,151.626602,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m24!4m23!1m20!3m4!1m2!1d151.1639037!2d-32.5689816!3s0x6b0cb022a6e0dc2d:0x27e7a3293a83a86f!3m4!1m2!1d151.9564916!2d-32.0038344!3s0x6b74fc75607b143b:0x34122be2f288f92d!3m4!1m2!1d151.1170334!2d-29.9190252!3s0x6ba1ef0d3552dc11:0x130609b474502190!3m4!1m2!1d152.3580815!2d-28.3394746!3s0x6b976bf5974fe7e7:0x60219893c6f543e0!1m0!3e0?hl=en then once you are at Broke you can decide to head back down the Putty Road or go via Kulnura HTH
  9. i like looking for the suggested speed signs as they approach corners and then checking out the speedo 😳
  10. i agree with Hugh but roughly if you are running a fully maintained novated lease work on $100/ $10000 of vehicle cost nett per fortnight for 15,000k's novating is an expensive way to own a car with somebody else’s money but may work for you financially and there are age limits to what you can novate HTH
  11. hydro blasting and Gibbs Oil to preserve or ceramic coat Mark Motshagen in the US does beautiful work mots356@yahoo.com about $400 USD he ceramic coats
  12. price adjustment http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/2008-porsche-gt3/
  13. epilot


    Looks beautiful Matt

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