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  1. Mine arrived Friday ! Had a quick look under the hood and promptly shut it gotta figure out how to get around the fuel pipe etc …
  2. I think with the steel bonnet on the T or 993 it's not going to be an issue, even the most ham fisted mechanic would get a little resistance and not force it down, you would think ... I've ordered 4, I'll let you know how they go 👍
  3. A day at the park, Sydney Motor Sport Park, couple of weeks ago
  4. Hi Gavin, I'd love a Macan but settled on the SQ5 with the 3.0 TFSI motor. It does everything we need just back from a couple of thousand K's north and west, tows beautifully and my understanding is its pretty much the same underpinnings as the Macan, the only option I'd probably stump for next time is the air suspension.
  5. Going back to what John said earlier, it's easy to forget just how hand built these cars were well in to the '80's. Whilst this whole vid is worth watching if you scroll through to about 12:30 it's pretty scary ... Factory tolerance is 3.5-4.0mm for gaps pre '73 not sure after that, HTH.
  6. If you've recently re charged or changed your hood shocks, and they are 'over' charged, these can twist the lid, particularly the engine lid.
  7. looks like the old 901 on steroids John, colour wise at least ...
  8. epilot

    WTB: Carrera MFI 2.7

    You're welcome, stunning car, good luck 👍
  9. epilot

    WTB: Carrera MFI 2.7

  10. Fantastic car !, I saw it at Autowerks on the Central Coast having some fettling done, looks very nice, congratulations !
  11. surprisingly no, it used to be a tax dodge in to NZ so there was all sorts of things imported to NI, in the container with the 2.4 was a 924 and I have seen photos of a C2 on NI as well.
  12. Norfolk plates and yes, I still have the car 😀
  13. thats my ex HK 2.4E being exported from Norfolk Island to NZ
  14. Engine option ? https://www.typ901.org/forum/forum/classified-ads/typ-901-porsche-cars-and-parts/172541-fs-2-0-s-spec-mfi-engine-fully-rebuilt

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