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  1. My recollection is that the Australian delivered '84 and '85 MY were 170kW (231hp), reducing to 152kW (207hp) with the reduction of compression ratio and ignition advance and the addition of a exhaust catalyst due to the move to 91RON unleaded in 1986 but this increased to 160kW (217) on later models when 95RON became available here and they could run more advance. But I can't find a reference source to indicate when the ECU changed on the lower compression catalysed 930.26 engines to allow this jump from 152 to 160kW to occur. Any 3.2 nerds out there to confirm? As for the performance change between the 231 and the 207hp cars, Porsche publicised a increase in 0 to 100kph time from 6.1 to 6.5 seconds. Although when Modern Motor tested an 3.2 against a 944 turbo in August 1986, the 207hp car ran 6.23 seconds against the Turbo's 6.32!
  2. A whole thread on mine: My Carrera 3.2 - Page 10 - Tribute, Track, or Hot Rod - PFA (porscheforum.com.au) Yes, opening the engine lid on a M491 makes me think of THAT scene in the Crying Game! https://www.ign.com/videos/2011/07/15/the-crying-game-that-scene
  3. Yes, if you pulled off all the naff Porsche stickers! Also rather random lot of modifications don't you think? Why would you spend big bucks on aftermarket RSR style heads and Pauter rockers and then leave the rest standard? Unless you really hate the standard hydraulic followers! I guess each to their own. Could be made really nice without much effort and love to have it in my garage.
  4. Yes: 911 | M&K Exhaust (mkexhaust.com)
  5. Wangan, From my experience I would suggest you keep the standard headers as they perform very well, replace the small muffler with either a straight through pipe or sports cat (for the post '86 cars) and install either a Monty or M&K 1 in/1 out main muffler. Just be a bit wary of the 2 out mufflers as they often suffer drone problems.
  6. I'm in a similar situation. I know there are legal means and exemptions available but I've decided to cool my heels as I don't want to be responsible for an infection that could have been avoided if I just "did without" for a few more weeks or even months. The news that a work colleague's sister died unexpectedly from long Covid last night further confirmed my stance. As for safe payment, there was a good thread on this last year that would be worth a search.
  7. That sounds good, I should be out of excuses by then! I need to pick my game up, I've only driven my car 1,200km in the last year. Not good enough!
  8. Well I did SFA to my car today so it is no closer to being driveable so I have to catch you and Paul next time. If you do happen to be running late and have an early lunch in Walcha, probably recommend Cafe Graze for a Tuesday visit, I can manage that! 0436 four22 102 Not all bad, @OZ930 was inspired to finally finish his 4 month project to fit new numberplates on his!
  9. It's interesting to also see what else he is selling atm. Bit like having a peek into someone's backyard! What has been sold also answers a question I posed earlier about the car. (99) Porsche 911 Carrera Club Sport review; is this the best driving classic 911? - YouTube Harry at his most gushiest. There is nothing that special about the CS that couldn't be implemented on a std 3.2 so it must purely be the rarity factor
  10. Under your nose rminc! Trunk Carpet Set for Porsche 911 77-85 | '84-'89 | 911 | Porsche | Lakewell
  11. Jezus Rickie, you don't mess around! I'll have to get back to you on Sunday as I need to reassemble my car this weekend! Where are you having lunch? Walcha and then back down TBW? @sus911
  12. Oh, the frunk! Your question makes better sense to me now. The 84’s had felt as standard and sliver knit as the option. Lakewell sell these two carpet sets as a stand alone kits.
  13. rmic, They're actually a key lockable nut, currently part number 99336105700 at about 80 bucks USD each. I found they're a pain so have replaced mine with plain nuts. If you're still keen I would suggest keeping an eye out on eBay or Pelican For Sale forum. As for black velour carpet, isn't that just Sliverknit? Lakewell seem to be the pick: Interior carpet set Porsche 911 '84-'89 | '84-'89 | 911 | Porsche | Lakewell I'm currently installing a set in my 3.2. Nicely made but should be at around $1300 delivered!
  14. Does present well but: Stupid low No AC No heat Why would they replace both front wishbones? Why no photos of underside of floorpan and tank area? Clamp on intake elbow would likely prevent WOT. Why not clean up the engine too? Looks like its been stored in salt water Recent paint? Would need to check if 4, 5, 7 and 8 are related by a common cause. Ultimately opinion would be dependent on actual sale price.
  15. Phil, I had O'Brien replace the screen on my first 3.2 using a non genuine screen and the existing seal. No problem, they did a neat job too. Sorry, this doesn't help your decision making!

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