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  1. And doesn't have a sensitive ego like some of them and is happy to admit when he stuffs up. The 3.2 inlet gaskets in the SC thread is an example. Otherwise good sensible advice always.
  2. I think there are many ways to approach this, depending on what you perceive the risks to be. Find out why it was parked up and not driven in the first place. This may save some grief. Was it because of a fuel leak? Electrical short? Failed brakes? No oil pressure? Snake under the seat? Buy a new battery as you may as well do that now when it is convenient to replace rather next week when it is likely isn't. Just be a bit circumspect with the brakes. I'm sure they will work but just keep an eye out for a seized or dragging brake caliper. As for the engine, you would expect the contents of the oil tank would have drained back through the oil pump by now and the engine sump now chockers (but well lubricated!) and consequently very smoky on start up. If the car has been parked on a steep slope, rear down, just be a alert to hydraulic lock of the rear cylinders. Many will suggest temporarily unplugging the DME and building oil pressure before running the engine but I can't see the point of this unless you also temporarily remove the spark plugs as well. I ask myself what does all this really achieve anyway? If the tank only has a quarter or even half full of old fuel, it will be easier just to add 20 litres or so fresh fuel rather than replace the old first. However let's not overthink this, I reckon add some new fuel, install a new battery, push it outside and I bet it will start in about 10 seconds and run fine. Fast idle or drive gently to get the engine hot and replace the oil and filter as normal. Good luck!
  3. Always had good work and advice from Simon and Sarah at Autowerks at Wyong: German Auto Werks
  4. Bruce, Bunning's have a range of of self adhesive foam products that I find handy for remaking seals and vibration pads like Whites 50 x 5mm x 1m Adhesive Rubber Foam - Bunnings Australia . The softer stuff is in the door seals section and the firmer stuff is in with floor protection.
  5. Kul, You will quickly learn that there is no value is asking oil questions on a forum. The best way is to work it out yourself through 3 easy steps: 1) Check the Driver's Manual For your car it will recommend a number of viscosities depending if you commonly drive the car above or below -25 degrees C. For Australia's ambient temperatures it is likely SAE 0W-40, 5W-40 and 5W-50 viscosities will be recommended. It will also likely recommend suitable ACEA or API oil classifications. However it is most likely for your car it will just say to use "Porsche Approved" oil. 2) Check the Latest Porsche Technical Bulletin Porsche frequently issue updates to their oil recommendations for their cars to make the most of continuing improving oil technology (or to correct previously poor oil recommendations!) If you Google "Porsche Recommended Engine Oil For Model Year 1984 and Newer Porsche Vehicles" you should be able to locate the most current issue. It will likely simply recommend their "A40" Porsche approved oil. If you had a "classic" 996 it would likely simply recommend 5W-50 Porsche Classic Motor Oil for Group 1 countries of which Australia belongs. 3) Visit Your Favourite Local Car Parts Provider Identify the oils on the shelves that have the required approvals/viscosities specified above and select the one that appeals the most. For your car this is likely to be Shell Ultra 5w-40, Mobil 5W-50 and Mobil 0W-40 (which was actually the factory fill oil) as these are the most commonly available oils here with "A40" approval.
  6. Brian, Does the compressor still feel smooth when you turn it over by hand? (You have to hold the front plate to turn the compressor over otherwise you are just freewheeling the pulley.) If it does feel fine, it's most likely the front seal simply needs to be replaced. Is the back of the pulley wet with oil? If you are willing to give this a go, this is reasonably straight forward and would take about about 2 hours and about $25 in seals from eBay and about $50 of Denso oil. Youtube has many DIY videos to assist. Just check you put the front seal in the right way. Ask me how I know that.... If you really need to replace it, again eBay is as good a place to start as any. The cheapest replacement will be achieved if you buy a compressor with a Denso 10P15E base unit and swap over your existing manifold and pulley/clutch unit so it fits your car. Or just buy one set up for your particular car!
  7. Love not war. We simply seek the facts. If you PM your address, I'll post you a bracket today.
  8. Jack, How do you get vent temperatures of 0 or less and not have the evaporator freeze up and block airflow? How comfortable is that for the occupants with air of frostbite temperatures being jetted at them at strong but meager volumes? Unless you have installed additional vents to provide the desperately needed extra air volume of course.
  9. Me: "I bought a bike today" Her: "Ducati?" Me: "No" Her: "Oh...." in a surprisingly concerned tone. Me: "A Katana" Her: "Oh, you shouldn't have sold your last one." The two surprises for me is she remembered what a Katana was and my great regret of 25 years ago!
  10. I've never thought to look at the Trading Post for Porsche parts!
  11. Gavin, From my observations and experience, usually "rebuilt" means "reseal" when it comes to 993's in the mileage range of say 80,000 to 200,000km so Phil's mate really needs to see the invoice to see what was done before possibly jumping at shadows. A good degrease, coupla seals, some new gaskets, a set of cam chain tensioners, new ignition leads, a new distributor belt and caps and they're ready for another decade of poncing around. Phil I think with 993's the only really special points to look at besides the usual checks are windscreen aperture rust, door stay mounts, the HVAC controller, the front underside isn't too damaged from parking against wheel stops and that bloody evaporator has been replaced.
  12. or the Turbo brakes! Lucky I don't need either! 😁
  13. Yes, its the standard body. That's Ok they go faster and weigh less! Happy to help.

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