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  1. Nah, keep doing your due diligence as you are obviously smitten! I'd suggest you download the full service schedule for that model and check off to make sure everything is up to date. For example, has the brake fluid been changed as part of the major service? Are the tyres more than 6 years old? Also suggest you find a trusted "sensible adult" not emotionally involved to give you fearless advice. If you can't find one, maybe an independent PPI may be worth the cost. Also don't over think it either! 😁
  2. I've noticed it's a very common occurrence for these cars to have missed time based services due to their lack of use. It appears after the initial excitement has worn off they often get less and less use and spend more and more time in the garage. Throw in some flat batteries and they see even less use occurring. This also often results is other minor jobs being ignored as well. Be aware that the cost of putting right this deferred maintenance can be considerable so suggest you check everything works how it should. How much does missing time based servicing effects resale? I don't think there is an simple answer as it depends on so many other things as ultimately I think it comes to giving confidence to potential buyers that it has been looked after. If the car is pristine in all other aspects and the right price, grab it! If the owner's tardiness is reflected in other ways and the price isn't that keen, keep looking. Also consider how long you intend to keep it as that may change your thinking too. Good luck and take your time.
  3. Stephen The man you want is Keys4classics. He has a website and offers everything you need and can decode a key code from photographs of your old key and cut to a formula rather than duplicate your worn out one. I’ve used him a couple times for air cooled 911 keys and highly recommend him. Even managed to decode the locking wheel nut key. http://keys4classics.com/
  4. FYI - The weight of '61 hardtop Impala is around 1650kg depending on who you believe. So about the same as a VE Commodore.
  5. $39k plus 7% buyers premium plus say a grand to tidy up. Still good buying I think.
  6. Just had a new plate installed in my G50 3.2 with no issue. You would think the rattle would vary across the rev range in line with the level of torsional vibration at that rpm? Hopefully for Simon's sake it's not actually the clutch plate but something simple and cheaper to fix.
  7. At $18k with one day to go. I'd risk it.
  8. It always impressed me how well it when I followed you on drives and was sad to see it go. Tips, If it is in good condition and the price is right, just buy it and enjoy. So what if it's not the "tick a box" hipster car - pale grey coupe with phatts and stance, Prototipo, Outlaw stickers etc etc. It is not as though you'd lose money on it and don't underestimate how good they are. Peter Falk tells a story where he, Helmuth Bott and Paul Hensler loved their Sportos so much that Fuhrmann was worried the test team would neglect the development of manual gearboxes and clutchs. Good luck!
  9. 13 bolts hold the sump plate on so it wouldn't be difficult to have a poke about. Pulling a cam cover is an alternative and very valid checking place if you didn't want to shout the owner an oil change. Yes, that Skid Factory episode was interesting. 33,000km and so much sludge. Took me back to engine rebuilding in the late 70's and even the early eighties where it was normal to have a 1/4 inch of thick sludge over the interior. Another good reason to use modern ACEA accredited oils I reckon.
  10. Simon, Wouldn't you actually have 7's and 8's?
  11. Can't have the one you have rebuilt?
  12. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it too. Particularly surprising as I don't follow F1 at all and most of the drivers I had never heard of. Also made me realise again how unlikeable elite sports people are.
  13. Surprised it's being auctioned as a salvage. Would have thought $20k would have fixed it. It's already ready for a glass out respray!

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