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  1. Peter M

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Ha! I remember that conversation at a lookout on the South Coast. Greg's comments resonated with me too. Obviously I wasn't the only one surprised by his comment.
  2. Peter M

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Good work! Looking forward to our next drive.
  3. Good luck! I won't put the mockers on you but am excited myself!
  4. Wonderful news Stephen! A 996 I guess?
  5. Peter M

    987 engine issue from mechanic report

    Sorry, I don't know enough about Boxsters to give any useful advice but I would think you have a great price bargaining tool with that PPI. If you intend to replace the IMS bearing, you'd probably do the tensioner(s) and drop the engine out at the same time. Since the car is in the Hunter Valley, suggest you call my favourite Porsche mechanic, Simon at Autowerks in Wyong for advice. Otherwise keep looking as there appears plenty of choice and maybe even something closer to home! Good luck.
  6. Peter M

    987 engine issue from mechanic report

    "Short rattle on start up" is usually a lazy cam chain tensioner. Suggest you call your favourite Porsche mechanic for a chat.
  7. Peter M

    Removing caked on brake residue

    Converted my second 3.2 to RE003's because I was impressed with both the wet and dry grip on the first one. Readily available and inexpensive.
  8. Peter M

    Aircooled engine rebuild DIY guide

    Stu, Suggest you get a quote from Simon at Autowerks in Wyong. He is also happy if you supply the parts which gives you the opportunity to buy them in preparation when on special like at Design911 at the moment. Also spreads the costs so your wife will never know what the total cost was!
  9. Peter M

    Spotted Thread

    I know people that have tried but always leave empty handed as his prices are more than a little unrealistic. I used to drive past them twice a day for nearly 3 years and always think what a waste.
  10. Maybe because this option made them slower than the standard Carrera and Super Sport should actually been called Slightly Slower??
  11. Peter M

    lhd to rhd sc 1980.

    @Mike D'Silva I'd just send him a PM through the forum. Clutchmonkey is another elfer up your way who I would listen to as well.
  12. Peter M

    lhd to rhd sc 1980.

    Drop our very own Micky D'Silva a line and take him a nice bottle of rosato. He will give you sensible DIY advice.

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