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  1. Probably a few kilos lighter and maybe smaller wheels probably makes them feel a bit more spritely too!
  2. James, What's the difference between the a C3.o and a SC engine? I would have thought the later big port, higher compression SC engine would be better than a C3.o engine. EDIT; It's the 2kg lighter crank from the 2.7's that make the C3.o feel revvier isn't it!
  3. GMH pleaded with him as well and gave him so many "second chances" to come to his senses. They certainly didn't want to sack him as he generated good income and priceless goodwill amongst the fans. Bill Tuckey's book on Peter (and John Harvey) is well worth a read.
  4. Nissan 370Z lights for those wondering about doing something similar to their P cars.
  5. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who was impressed with what he achieved. https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/articles/single-seaters/f1/obituary-ron-tauranac-1925-2020 https://au.motorsport.com/f1/news/ron-tauranac-designer-brabham-death/4837841/
  6. A fair bit of rounding up going on here cafe_racer! For the average air cooled owner doing about 2,500km a year, it won't get to 300,000 until 2039! It does present well and I agree it will be interesting to see how it fairs in the market.
  7. Interesting discussion on intake losses in a 964 and dyno comparisons by Colin at Nine Meister: https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/758620-dyno-runs-stock-airbox-lid-versus-fabspeed-cup-airbox-lid.html
  8. I think you would be having too much fun or being arrested to care. Absolutely epic build. RUF wheels with widebody is one of my favourite looks Interesting to see water/methanol injection. It's surprising it isn't used more frequently as it avoids the expense and inconvenience of running E85.
  9. Terry, Are you talking about the ball joint socket? There are some posts on Pelican and Youtube where you can make one with a cheap socket and a hose clamp. I'm happy to borrow it off you after you've made one!😊
  10. Not really, just too much time wasted on PFA! The position of the door mirrors is also a common give away for converted cars.
  11. Twin window switches on the LH door suggests a LHD conversion. Very tidy though and not that expensive that you wouldn't think twice about a modern EFI and turbo conversion. And a slant nose! How cool would that be!
  12. Bloody hell Lee, I KNOW I'm right, I expected to hear some spirited debate not just agreement! 😊 I was also expecting a rehash of the eternal and unanswerable question: "Which is the better driver's car, the SC or the 3.2?"!
  13. Really? I guess you can say it has a more "analogue" feel as the shift feel and effort is much more variable than a G50. Does that make it a more "drivers car"? I don't think so. There is a good reason why Porsche moved to the G50 and that no one uses the ancient 915 propriety synchromesh system any more. I don't miss a 915 when a G50 is just so nice to use, consistent, lighter action and quicker shift. I'm not saying not to buy a 915 car or that I will never own a 915 car again, just don't let the "visceral" crowd of wankers fool you into a falsehood. Buy the best G model you can find and afford, irrespective of the gearbox type and it will make you happy. I seems to me the 996TT has to be the best bang for the $ in the entire 911 range at the moment?

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