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  1. Sean, You're probably right as the flat tappet design used in American V8's was probably the catalyst for all our interest in ZDDP nearly 40 years ago. But the flat tappet of a small block Chev with their gently spherical crowned followers and tapered lobes, necessary to make the followers turn in their bores to equalise and minimise wear, is different to an air cooled valvetrain with their sliding follower rocker arms. Not saying that ZDDP isn't essential in an old 911 or there isn't similarities in the valvetrain's lubrication demands, but they're not the same design.
  2. Interesting comments Mr Spyder. Why is Penrite HPR10 a better choice than Penrite 10 Tenths Racing 15w-50 for a street driven air cooled 911? "Multiple duty cycles and ring blow"? Both oils have essentially the same API and ACEA certifications and almost the same TBN (10.0 vs 9.8 respectively). What am I overlooking? HPR10 might be considered a bit light on in the ZDDP stakes while you can argue 10 Tenths is a bit over the top. (Zn 0.108% vs 0.168%. Does it matter? I don't think anyone could prove conclusively one way or the other.) What "fringe brands" are you referring to that have "high ZDDP" that would also be suitable? And why change every 6 months? It would be a rare air cooled nowadays that does mostly short commutes or more than 10,000km/year . I think you are right though, it's shouldn't really be that complicated and we should feel confident in making a choice at Repco/Supercheap/Autobarn. I think it gets complicated due to misinformation.
  3. RwGreeny, Why do you need a high zddp "rating" for an air cooled engine? Interested to hear your reasoning.
  4. That's a big assertion Frank. "Every independent" test shows it's the best? By what definition do you define the best anyway? I'm interested to hear your reasoning.
  5. Mike asked "Where did you put the hole in the cabin to run the ancillary harness to your ECU?" To the inside of the existing harness penetration so that the cable can be easily hidden under the carpet.
  6. Paul, Just be aware that you can get Dansk and M&K in various noise levels To play it safe with regard drone, most people seem to recommend single outlet Dansk, M&K or Monty, I don't think you can go wrong.
  7. "I made a plenum" has to be the PFA understatement of the year! Yes, I'm interested in the details too.
  8. They did a dyno run before the modifications. It gave 160whp on the same dyno that later gave 200 after the bolt on modifications. So a very reasonable gain of 40hp or about 34 Mainline whp so nothing to be scoffed at on these engines where every extra hp is not easy or cheap. That's not an easy or cheap route to more hp either! Unless you're thinking an LS Frankly a turbo is probably the only sensible option or better still trade in for something more modern.
  9. So is 200 Dynapack hub horsepower that impressive? It's probably only around 165 - 170 Mainline chassis dyno horsepower. Does look good though......
  10. Let me guess Wilso, you had a RD250LC as a L plater?
  11. Introduced in 2010 but still plenty of capacity for what Mike Brewer wants and plenty of tuners seem quite familiar with them. The Link ECU's seem to be a good and well regarded alternative at a slightly cheaper price.
  12. Mmmm, all nice looking but "How much, mister?" RASANT PRODUCTS INTAKE SYSTEM (IS-6) - INDIVIDUAL THROTTLE BODIES 964 $5,600.00 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Rasant Products Intake System (IS-6) – A complete plug-and-play system for the air cooled Porsche 911, which complements the Rasant Engine Management System, delivers enhanced engine performance and improved drivability. Available in 2 or 3 bolt cylinder head configurations. Featuring idle air control and resonant plenum options. This is a complete ITB (individual throttle bodies) kit for your Porsche 911. What’s included: 42mm inner throttle diameter 964 plenums (raw finish - alternatives available) Intake boots Valve housing T-shape for air filter Hose clamps Air filter 6 individual throttle bodies (raw finish - alternatives available) Throttle position sensor Fuel rails Air injection rails Idle air control valve Vacuum Reservoir Valve solenoid Air check valve Linkage system Intake gaskets Intake plastic spacers Plus STANDARD MOTEC M84 ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM $5,900.00 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Rasant Products is proud to present our engine management system with a Motec M84 ECU for your Porsche 911 build. It includes both EFI and coil-on-plug ignition. This Motec system includes dual lambda sensors for monitoring air fuel on both banks. The Rasant Products Engine Management Kit is truly complete. No need to construct your own wiring harness, purchase additional engine components, or settle for fuel injection alone. Without ignition control you're missing out on precious horsepower! What's included: -Motec M84 -Bosch Coil-on-plug Ignition Coils -Bosch High Impedance Fuel Injectors -Bosch Spark Plugs -Complete Fuel Line and Hose End Kit -Fuel Pressure Regulator -Complete Engine Wiring Harness -Bussmann Fuse/Relay Center -ECU/Fuse Center Bracket -Cam/Crank Sensors and Bracketry -GM 1 Bar Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor -GM Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor -100 PSI Stainless Steel Fuel Pressure Sensor -Dual O2 Sensor Kit -Miscellaneous Hardware $11,500USD or about $16K AUD Also need to add the cost/time of: Fitting Dyno tune If you want twin plugs, that's extra. A proper cam position sensor, that extra. Knock sensors? Upgrade to a M130 required. All adds up pretty quick! Nice products though!
  13. Rasant Products continue to impress. Whilst not a 3.2, this SC picks up 41 rwhp with a plenumed set of ITB's and no doubt a hand full more ignition advance:
  14. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-964-993-technical-forum/607107-best-exhaust-engine-upgrades-964-a.html Google "g pipe" Ask fellow PFA'ers: Mike D'Silva and Tit

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