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  1. Peter M

    Electrical Issue

    I would buy one of these from this supplier and just leave it plugged in between drives https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CTEK-MXS-5-0-12V-5AMP-SMART-BATTERY-CHARGER-4WD-CAR-CARAVAN-BOAT-MARINE-BIKE-AGM/292098236763?epid=2173987512&hash=item440269615b:g:UJEAAOSwrORbi4DH:rk:13:pf:0 Probably bought 5 or 6 Cteks from him in 5 and 0.8amp sizes over that last 6 years with no complaints. May have to drill out the eyelets to fit your battery clamps but that's no biggy.
  2. Peter M

    996 does the top end

    I fortuitously found a copy of this magazine on a table of "give aways" a few nights ago. Consequently I provide for your reading pleasure: (If you click on the image it should open in Imgur and allow you to enlarge to a comfortable reading size.)
  3. @3legs Your waterbottle is lovely.
  4. Closest I ever got: But I was 12 at the time and didn't know any better!
  5. Peter M


    Sounds and looks good Mike! Mine's running but is still in storage 300km away waiting for my tuner to work some magic. It's been off the road since February so to say I'm looking forward to driving it again is a bit of an understatement.
  6. The two drains on the K head are pretty big and low in the head so you wouldn't think so. http://www.k100-forum.com/viewimage.forum?u=https%3A%2F%2Fi.servimg.com%2Fu%2Ff41%2F16%2F41%2F77%2F81%2Fimg_2211.jpg
  7. Ah, I've been thinking the smoke from start up comes from oil settling in the bores and the rings not coping for the first couple of revolutions until there is combustion pressure to hold them in close contact with the bores. If the issue was oil running down the valve stems, surely normal (ie vertically configured) engines would smoke more on start up than our horizontal ones?
  8. But Steve wouldn't the cam boxes drain completely into the sump so having the crank left or right wouldn't effect how lubricated the valvetrain would be on start up? I've never seen inside a K motor so I have to ask!
  9. Always found that amazing that they didn't think of that when they designed them. "Han's, let's put the crank on the LHS so that it doesn't smoke after it's been left on the side stand." I guess there must be a good reason for why they did it that way but I can't think what it would be. Does anyone know?
  10. OMG! Was that originally a K75 or K100? Is there drive to the 3rd wheel?
  11. Lee, I bought a set of FCR41's for mine but realised it's a bit to good and rare (only 22 delivered to OZ) to start chopping up so am planning to eventually buy a plain '97 SS that whilst nearly has all the good stuff of the FE, low mileage ones can be picked up for around $7k. A set of FCR's, a SL/FE seat unit and set of later SS1000DS wheels, swing arm and forks would make a very nice bike.
  12. Ha ha, I can relate to having a list of things to attend to and only managed to get to the "It now should run and start reliably" point a week before that photo was taken! Hopefully next run on the Oxley will be this Friday. But I gotta say I like yellow Ducati's best!
  13. The bikes have been a bit quiet lately so here is my Final Edition 900 on the Oxley a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Peter M

    Where to buy 6Spd Transaxel Oil in AU?

    This recent post by Bill V and reading the product data sheet for Mobil PTX ties it all together nicely: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/10194614-post18.html http://konetex.ee/failid/galerii_pildid/MOBILUBE PTX 75W90.pdf (Not the latest but it was easy to link!) Since PTX and S5 are a pain to purchase and Delvac doesn't give perfect cold shifts, I'm going to use Motul 300 75w-90 gear oil too that I can buy locally at a reasonable cost! Thanks guys!
  15. Peter M

    Passing of Bob Jane

    Not Bob but seeing the Thunderdome now is interesting: https://www.facebook.com/76306599704...4798497205111/