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  1. I'm the same these days Lee. Any ride now must meet the following strict criteria: Must not involve more than 30 minutes of tedious riding before the fun bits Temperature must be between 16 and 24 degrees Must involve corners or at least a good tasty pie to make it all worthwhile Also doesn't help that I need to move the Camira to move the Torana to get the Commodore out after finding the keys to the Cortina of course and then trying not hit the boat while I'm at it, before I can even see the bike nowadays...….. “ Where have all the timeless and beautiful motorcycles gone? All the modern designs look like Transformer toys to me and just leave me cold. Yeah. yeah I know I sound like an old guy!
  2. Should never have sold mine. Missus told me not to but did I listen.....
  3. Nick, In my experience they sell at a higher price than what I would have achieved myself on Carsales that more than covers the consignment fees. Not having to deal with tyre kickers is the icing on the cake. However looking on Carsales last night for the first time in months surprised me how much the market has slowed, almost to a stop so potential sellers need to be realistic in expectations.
  4. They seem pretty serious about rationalisation and are selling their Chev plant in Thailand to Great Wall and have put their Indian plant up for sale. Ronny, It's not that hard to figure out which side of the car the steering wheel goes...……...😄
  5. Ah, Testastretta Ducatis, is there anything in this world more magnificent? Still miss mine whilst conveniently forgetting that I sold them because I was too fat and inflexible to fit . Bought my 749 just for track days. Might be small and cute but is easily the most obnoxious thing in the garage because it's loud and takes a lot of throttle blipping and restarts before it will even fast idle. Think of a 100 rattling dry clutches, it even annoys me! At least with the red car I can drive off immediately. But when it is finally reaches 85 degrees and is running perfectly, the noise it makes on overrun still makes me weak at the knees, bel suono! Can't image ever selling it.
  6. Missus said to me yesterday: "You know those cars that wake you up in the middle of the night because they are so loud that you just wish the driver would crash and die so you can go back to sleep? Your red car is that loud." GULP!😨
  7. Surely Ford must be wondering why they bother with an Australian outpost too? What compelling reason is there to have a vehicle design and development function here except they're already here?
  8. Coastr, The whole lot is going as they are getting out of RHD production all together worldwide and only leaving a couple hundred to do parts, servicing and recalls(!) for the next 10 years. I knew it was only a matter of time after the VF2 came to an end but gotta say I'm sad about it as I've certainly had more fun in Holden products over the years than any other brand.
  9. Yes, actually. Not one of the usual short guys that the Highway Patrol seem to attract......
  10. Hi Octane Coatings at Drummoyne came highly recommended so I used them to ceramic coat my headers to reduce radiant heat. They recommend their black on the outside and something else that I can't remember on the inside. The turn around was quick and the finish flawless. Got pulled today for breath, licence and logbook check. Cheeky copper said with a grin "Is it quieter on the inside ?"
  11. Sold two cars through CTS, both with a flat rate consignment fee. I would use them again. Suggest you give them a call and discuss.
  12. Not much happening as I haven't got around to refitting my newly ceramic coated headers so gratuitous photos will need to suffice. Still surprised I bought a red car....
  13. 225 is max for a 7 inch rim with 205 or 215 ideal. 245 is max for a 8 inch rim with 225 or 235 ideal
  14. Bridgestone RE003’s. Just wait another month and they should be on a 4 for the price of 3 deal.

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