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  1. Coolest engine ever to replace the old shitter Mezger in a 911: Also (3) F1-powered, road-legal Porsche 930 TAG Turbo by Lanzante: 1.5-litre V6 Turbo Sound! - YouTube I can't even think why you want to put a 3 cylinder radial in an aeroplane. Surely there is a good reason why no one of note has used that configuration since Bleriot in 1909? Before you say "Blackburn Thrush" it was only noteworthy for the name.
  2. More details here: Radial Motion – manufacturing light, powerful radial engines in South Australia However I can't figure out why you would want to put one in a car. The configuration is just all wrong for this application: The front and rear facing inlet and exhaust ports make for a long engine and poor packaging. Laughable ground clearance. Poor inlet and exhaust manifold packaging. Did you see how they squeezed the exhaust header on the upright cylinder of the Beetle install. Compromised breathing of the heads due to their low rpm aeronautic origin. Two valves per head even though the later versions of the engine are water cooled! No wonder it is limited to 100bhp per litre. Unnecessarily heavy due to the 3 cam drives and 3 separate cylinder castings and heads. Nah, for the same weight and effective length you could probably have one of these at half the cost and twice the hp: Media | Photography - JFC Racing or Atom V8-516b (h1v8.com). Even an LS engine would make more sense! (Radial Motion actual use the valves, conrods and pistons from the GM engine!.)
  3. Face off with large chicken at Moonbi
  4. Peter M

    Tassie Targa crash RIP

    Fishcop's comments about the long tentacles of this tragedy is true. The back of the Seymour car smacked a kerb the day before. What are the odds that this incident was caused by a mechanical failure? However, until the investigation is completed, this can only be speculation.
  5. Oh Phil, you'll never be a hipster with that attitude! 😁
  6. Most AC upgrade threads end when they attain an almost freezing vent temperature. Unfortunately this ignores the fact that comfort like a modern car requires vent temperatures of around 6 or 7 degrees C but lots of volume. Consequently I'm really interested is how you increase the airflow volume. I think you are on the right track using additional under dash vents.
  7. Shitbox 3.2 is missing the AC compressor so she has to, you know, dress down to keep cool
  8. I'd start off with the PET and identify what is needed. Some components are still available as genuine parts but are not cheap. The Design911 website is good for this. For the other parts I would keep an eye out on eBay and Pelican Forum - Parts for Sale for second hand genuine. You may be able to substitute in some generic components like speakers from say Jaycar or eBay as they tend to be reasonably standardised and look similar to the genuine items. I don't think this will be a quick or cheap exercise but agree well worth it as nothing destroys the interior of these cars like a disco look stereo.
  9. You haven't bought one of these cars have you? (3) Disgusting finds in £1,000 limos! 💩🤮😷 - YouTube
  10. Windex and microfibre cloth If it is really bad, steam and microfibre cloth
  11. Use of 997 or 991 Condenser in Rear Wheel Well While Kuele and others offer kits at great costs, this Finnish guy is installing a 991 condenser behind the rear left wheels of his 930 and SC Classic Retrofit AC on 930 and 911 SC - Pelican Parts Forums If I lived somewhere where I had to drive at low speed a wheel well condenser would be on my wish list. Since we only have 2 sets of traffic lights here, low speed AC performance isn’t a real concern….
  12. Rod, A 924 uses K Jetronic and a 964 uses L Jetronic so unlikely but get your point it could be fuel related. Byron, How frustrating would this be and even more difficult to trace! Next time it stops, I would first check you have spark by pulling a plug lead and have some one turn the engine over while almost grounding the lead. If you haven't a spark, that at least gives you the reason and where to start looking further but can't imagine what would cause that to fail intermittently. Next I would then check your fuel pump is working. If you jack the front of the car up, there is an inspection plate that can be removed and you should be able to feel the pump operating when the ignition is on. If it doesn't feel like its operating, I would then check the electrical connection to establish there is power to the pump. Whilst you have replaced the DME relay, I'd still check you can feel the relay is responding to the ignition being turned on and off. My money is on the fuel pump given the failure you describe and if the pump is still the original pump I would just replace anyway as they don't last forever, aren't that expensive, pretty easy to get at and this is much easier done in the comfort of your garage rather than on the side of the road. Good luck and report back what you find it to be please for our collective education.
  13. There is a guy there who did the resto on that particular bike for the local Dr owner and has many other old bikes that I've been encouraging to bring a "show and tell" item each week. Last week he bought a couple disassembled magnetos of various ages that I found interesting as you can see how things developed over the last century and can see the roots of the points and coil ignition that eventually came about. Today he bought in some early Triumph carburettors that didn't have venturis. I found that amazing as I've never seen that before and the fact that they ignored Bernoulli's principle which was derived about 150 years before! They also had two slides in series, the first to control air flow and the second to meter fuel. Again interesting as you can see the roots of the modern (Ha, before WWII!) carburettor. I admit they have softened my resolve that no worthwhile bikes were built before 1973!

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