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  1. Run of out room in your Guarantee and Maintenance booklet to show servicing records? You're not alone and for me the prospect of paying a $125USD for another booklet wasn't that appealing. Many places like Autohaus just staple a couple of new pages that make up themselves into your book so they can continue to record services but the form they use reminds me of my old primary school reports. So with a bit of playing around in Excel, a sheet of A4 beige coloured paper that after printing can be cut in half to give the right size, gives me another 24 blank spaces. So at one service a year (< 10,000km), I'm fixed up to 2043! Being Excel allows most people to fiddle with the size and edit to their hearts content if they wish. Maintenance Record Porsche.xlsx
  2. If they are anything like the URO rear spring bushes I bought a few years ago, they will be woeful. I think I had to replace them within a few months. James subsequently supplied very satisfactory replacements at a good price.
  3. Ah, you're right Stephen, to wet is as bad as to dry. All the ones I've seen are far to dry from neglect and hadn't consider the possibility of over servicing in my response.
  4. The short shifter kit is a common modification on these but I'm not sure why as the standard change felt fine to me. https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Porsche-996-997-Carrera/42-TRANS-Installing_a_Short_Shift_Kit/42-TRANS-Installing_a_Short_Shift_Kit.htm If it bothers you, you can probable pick up a standard kit off eBay or the classified on PFA or Pelican. I shudder when I see a K&N too. Suggest you check to see how neglected the filter element is and then disconnect the duct from the throttle body to see how much dust and grit is on the inside. Good luck with your deliberations!
  5. That video reminded me that Grant's Grp 4 build was also an inspiration at the time. Based on a UK 3.2, the engine modifications are surprisingly modest I think compared to the rest of the car. I think that was deliberate to showcase what can be done with the standard engine without incurring to much cost as most 3.2 owners appear to be tight arses to the extreme when it comes to modifications: 3.4L piston and barrel set to run 10.3:1 compression ratio Remapped Motronic ECU set up to run on 98 RON fuel Custom cams Extrude honed manifold with larger throttle body Lightweight valve spring and retainers Complete rebuild right down to the crank with blueprinted assembly https://autohaushamilton.com.au/news/the-autohaus-hamilton-911sc-group-4 I've been interested to know what cam's he used but that's never been published from what I can see. Actually he's been pretty coy about the engine full stop! This video somewhat explains the commercial imperative behind the coyness:
  6. I would test this on a very small discrete area first before trying it on the stain: https://www.bunnings.com.au/clr-1l-calcium-lime-rust-remover_p4460670 Nah, that's not my style. I'll just go hell for leather on the stain! She be right!🙄
  7. Not a 3.2 but a favourite video that is well worth multiple views:
  8. Merv, I reckon save your money. Logical Reasoning: For a street driven, reasonably standard car the only time they get really hot is in bumper to bumper traffic on a hot day. In those situations the air scoop won't help anyway. Emotional Reasoning: My recollection is your car is far to nice to install something so naff looking. 😊
  9. Sam, Comments like that don't help me you know! 😊 Afforded a SC owner a drive of it yesterday after the monthly C'n C. He came back with a grin.
  10. Another cool engine build. Old but still worth a read. I wouldn't mind a ITB with common plenum setup too if I had some spare cash to lubricate my way (further) down the slippery slope! http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/553991-tale-one-insane-911-motor.html
  11. The 3 stud inlet stubs makes it look like its got 964 heads. Have the 3.2 head inlets been re-drilled?
  12. Nick, Don't sweat the numbers as the Yanks often quote Dynojet numbers which are very liberal and often then add 15% to the wheel reading to indicate a crank number. Very disheartening if you are wanting to compare a Mainline reading for example. At the end of that day, if it goes like a rocket, it is! Oh, you might find your torque figure is actually closer to 200ftlb rather that 680.... PS: Still think this is the best titled thread on PFA!
  13. Very cool! What is the black bar under the driver's seat used for?
  14. Merv, If you talking about "freeplay" in the mechanism, then "yes" it can be reduced by adjusting the linkage freeplay down near the transmission. If you are talking about initial engine response, ie the butterfly is already actually moving off the position stop, then "no" unless you dump the AFM and upgrade the ecu. In all cases always check the clamp on the air inlet elbow on the throttle body is not fouling the throttle arm and preventing WOT. You would be amazed how many 3.2's suffer from this.
  15. Can't say I've had to many Bultaco ownership fantasies, probably as a result of witnessing to many recalcitrant ones when I was young and impressionable. Nah, for me, the number one bike in the "I'd like to own but know will probably won't live up to expectations" category has to be: This one's been for sale for a fair while for around $10k and do admit to looking at the advert regularly. Then I realise I don't ride the Ducati I have now and how can I justify another! https://classicmotorcyclesales.com.au/bikes/moto-morini-500-excellent-condition-10213-miles/ All bevel drive Dukes probably fit in this category too. But one day I know need to take the plunge.....

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