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  1. Peter M

    Gosford kaput

    Actually the Jag doesn't run either! 😊 https://gosfordclassiccars.com.au/vehicle/tatra-600-tatraplan-1950/
  2. Peter M

    Gosford kaput

    Been there once and quite enjoyed it but it was sham. Call your caryard a museum so you don't have to pay LCT. I guess it was only a matter of time before the ATO caught up with them. Maybe this is my chance to buy a Tatra!
  3. Peter M

    The right oil spec

    I notice Penrite HPR5 is on special at Supercheap for the next couple of weeks for 44 bucks for 6 litres.
  4. Peter M

    Home built Hot Rod

    Adjustable through a vernier arrangement of holes and one pin
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't waste your time with that video, Raby doesn't know why the bearing fails and makes up a bunch of voodoo BS to try and justify his self proclaimed "expertise". I did a critique in another thread on PFA when the video first came out. However thanks for the reminder of the video as it has the three bearing types lined up side by side at 15.44. The balls look the same size but the cage would be definitely lighter on the earlier version.
  6. The seller appears to be a well known 930 owning PFA'er from earlier times. Does anyone know why Porsche changed from the early dual row to the single row in the late 90's and does the early dual row use smaller balls than the later single row?
  7. Peter M

    Home built Hot Rod

    Since the cam timing is set after the cylinders are installed its not an issue.
  8. Peter M

    The right oil spec

    Correct. I'd run Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40. Meets all the important specs like A3/B4 plus A40, is relatively cheap and readily available from Repco and Supercheap.
  9. Peter M

    [WANTED] Carrera 3.0 tail with rubber

    Hugh, Suggest you contact Rory and see if he still has it.
  10. Peter M

    Home built Hot Rod

    Yes, which then effects the squish clearance which effects the effectiveness of the squish band which then has a significant effect on the chamber's susceptibility to detonation itself. It's better to get the squish clearance right via the deck height and then adjust the compression ratio by machining the piston dome if need be. Also we have been talking static compression which doesn't consider the effect of the valve timing. ie. If the value timing is really conservative it's possible the dynamic compression ratio will be close to the static but it's likely the cam Jeff will be using will have late intake closing so that will limit the actual compression the engine will see as the valve will be still open at the beginning of the compression stroke.
  11. Peter M

    Home built Hot Rod

    Not quite. Whilst the 964's and 993's may have been advertised as having 11.3:1 compression ratios, I understand they measure out at around 10.5:1 in reality. Also remember that they were also equipped with knock sensors as well.
  12. Not a cracker! They're a fickle crowd here. 😊 I assume you are the same Matt who is trying to sell it. Maybe others were shy in joining you in your covert self promotion?
  13. How does that work? A .2 engine in a .1? Wouldn't that be a lot of work since a .2 is direct injection for starters. More likely it's still a .1 engine, just a later large IMS bearing version.
  14. Peter M

    Is it a sign

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