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  1. Peter M


    Late last year I bought a set of 993SS billet cams from Dougherty. I'm reasonably certain they cost about $1700 AUD landed.
  2. Rory, If that tail is genuine, it is reasonably valuable. I think it is also the "correct" period for your '76 car. One of the early Turbo or C3.o boys will pipe up with the details, such as part numbers and actual date ranges. One may even make you an offer you can't refuse! Cheers
  3. Peter M

    FS: 964 Motronic ECU

    Motronic to Motec? I need to give you a call! GLWS BTW!😊
  4. Peter M

    Upgrades to 3.2 911

    Cos, Can I respectfully suggest you toddle off to your nearest tyre dealer and buy a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE003's in the same sizes. I've found these to transform the handling if the current tyres are not so good - which I'm confident is the case - and will make if feel much more neutral and predictable and as you want, stick. They are also very affordable. While it is up on the hoist with the suspension fully extended, have a look at top of one of the front struts, just below the dust cover to see if the outside or the inside of the strut housing is threaded. In '85 they changed from one type of gland nut to the other and you'll need to know when it comes to ordering replacement strut inserts if you find you need them. Also take note of the brand and colour of the strut. I run 30 and 36psi front and rear respectively. You most likely have 6 and 7 inch rims. That's actually OK and ideal for a street car. What's wrong with the brakes?
  5. Peter M

    Upgrades to 3.2 911

    Sorry, brand and type is what I should have asked! Oh, remind me about gland nuts when we get to strut inserts later.
  6. Peter M

    Upgrades to 3.2 911

    What tyres are you running and how old are they?
  7. Peter M

    Haltech ECU E11v2 help wanted

    Its just a RS232 cable.
  8. Peter M

    Haltech ECU E11v2 help wanted

    James, Have you tried plugging in yourself with the software available here: https://www.haltech.com/previous-products/ Oh, you need someone with an old pre 64 bit computer! 🙄
  9. Peter M

    Datsun 1600 Appreciation Thread

    Ditto or rather Datto Niko's comments. I only knew about his work on the Corvette which also involved a young body engineer called Tony Lapine who later when on to be famously known for his work on the 928, 924, 944, G series and the Pink Pig designs.
  10. Peter M


    Still running essentially standard Motronic so will be actually pulling some timing out (expecting about 8 degrees) when it finally goes to a new ECU and twin plug and will still net more power.
  11. You're right, the spoiler could have been designed by Salvador Dali! However, I disagree, I love the rest, including the narrowed wiper pivot points. Give me a NA 993 in Lapis blue and blue interior and I reckon that's pretty well perfect. See I'm not really a hater!😊
  12. Peter M


  13. I actually regret I didn't say "toadstool" as that's what I really think.😊 But you are right, each to their own and diversity makes the world interesting. So when can we get onto characterising the owners? That's when we really get to troll some people!
  14. Am I the only one here to think the turbo tail on the 993 Turbo is hideous and reminds me of a wilted mushroom and 993 NA's and both the earlier and later Turbo's are much better looking? In fact the tail end of the 993 NA's are perfectly sculptured. I know 993 Turbo's are sacrosanct but I think the 996 Turbo's look just right by comparison and have the other benefits Sam alludes to.