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  1. bumble

    Is it a sign

    To me, it's simply a sign that someone wanted the very best of a particular model for a collection. Let's face it, cars like that rarely hit the market and to a serious collector $74K is chump change. I doubt it will ever be driven. The last para poses an interesting question. I have both phonedials and Fuchs. Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I think I prefer the look of phonedials on a 944T!
  2. Very impressive - that torque 'curve' is fantastic. The Porsche club uses a 32% loss factor to convert dyno RWP to crankshaft power which by my reckoning would give you close to 280hp at the crank. The same calculation would give your Toyota 86 close to 200hp. Well done... Correction - missed the 168.9 curve. Make that an even 300hp!
  3. bumble

    Battery Help

    If you don't have one already, get a new multi-stage charger (SCA ones are fine) and you might be surprised at what can be resurrected. Of course it could have a shorted cell in which case you're hosed. VARTA are pretty good for about $300 and will last a very long time. I recently resurrected mine from dead flat. Doubt you'd get one from SCA though. My experience with local batteries has not been good. YMMV...
  4. bumble

    Where to buy 944 parts

    OK - so basically impossible to calculate with any accuracy on OS 2nd hand purchases...
  5. bumble

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Since when was GST assessable on used goods?
  6. https://performancedevelopments.com/neils-deals/ Scroll down...
  7. Eeww! Viable - possibly. Blasphemous - absolutely.
  8. I have a '65 engine case. Numbers are: 901/01 3727 Engine number *903815* Had a thrown rod sometime in its past, but was professionally repaired (they're built like a brick dunny) and I drove it for quite a while without a problem before removing it to be replaced with a 2L mag-case engine to meet regs. Even the bearing shells appear unworn. Spigots bored to 97mm but can be sleeved back - http://forums.pelicanparts.com/911-engine-rebuilding-forum/343680-henry-supertec-spigot-adapter.html These cases (particularly the very early ones) are now much sought after by the historic racing crowd and the hot-rodders.. I've had a number of enquires from the US, UK and Germany but thought I'd see if there is any interest here first. Have no idea what it's worth (if anything). PM me if interested. Mark
  9. Ah yes, the minefield of life. No specific advice, but a few observations: 1. It can be highly advantageous to find a partner and form a stable relationship - the synergies are worth gold if it's right. If you're already in one, so much the better. A bad one however... 2. Real estate is highly tax advantaged in this country - especially your primary residence. 'Nuff said. 3. Cars will make you poor. Ask me how I know ?Sometimes you get lucky, but it's rare. Some can even make money, but they tend to be grafting East End barrow boys from the school of Arthur Daly. However, if they are your passion, try not to make it all consuming. This is a prime example of do as I say, not do as I do. 4. It helps to get financially literate. Here is a link to a free site run by a friend of mine - Graham Hand. It has information and opinion from some of the finest financial minds in the country. It does not purport to offer advice but if you can absorb much of the info under the Investing Topics section, it will at least fine tune your BS detector. https://cuffelinks.com.au/ Good luck.
  10. Indeed. Japan is a bit of an enigma to me. An RHD country where many prefer to order LHD cars. Go figure!. Would be interesting to know what the rules and regs surrounding this are. And I haven't seen many 944s sans sunroof either. Anyway, it's good enough to put the work in to make it concours quality I think. Zyclam quite rare but a bastard to keep clean. (Interestingly, the Zyclam one that was for sale here a while back lives just down the road from me - owned by the local garage owner). Little in the way of a history file. Belts etc. done in 2013 but little mileage since. In NZ a car needs a comprehensive inspection (Warrant OF Fitness similar to a UK MOT I guess) every 6 months and mileage is on the public record (and whether it passed or failed) so it's more difficult to fudge a car's history than here. The Turbo, whilst original, was just at the point where unless saved by someone, could easily have tipped over into the shitter category. I have spent quite a bit bringing it up to snuff. Major things like belts/water pump, engine mounts, AC (AWOL condenser!), heating system, some instruments not working etc. A number of cosmetic things like light lenses, broken plastic bits in the cabin and so on. It had quite an extensive history file from both UK and NZ. No sign of rust and no apparent accident damage other than some minor dings which I've had repaired. I still have a long list of annoying things to fix - most here know the drill! Car now feels tight and strong and I'm happy to take it to 6K on occasion.
  11. Just back from several days driving in Otago NZ. Some of the best driving ever. Latched onto the tail of a 996 Turbo and a newish 991 on a PCNZ club run. The 944T went surprisingly well and did not disgrace itself in any way. The red 944T is an original high-spec '86 model UK delivered but in NZ since 1990. AC, black interior, sports leather seats sunroof etc with 150K on the clock. Intention is to run the asbestos gauntlet and bring over to OZ at some point. The other is a 1990 S2, Zyclam, linen interior. Japan delivered RHD, no sunroof. One NZ owner for 15yrs who got ill and can't drive it anymore. 130K on the clock and very tight.
  12. bumble

    Electrical Issue

    Mine can easily go 3-4 weeks without running and not have battery issues - but that wasn't always the case. Bruce spent quite a while isolating various electron munchers and also installed a new generation door unlocker/engine immobiliser. Brian, I now (for the last two years) leave mine on a trickle whenever I know it won't be run for some time. No issues so far, although unless you want a long expletive laden rant, Bruce might not be the one to ask ?
  13. bumble

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    For many reasons, DAB+ has been a huge disappointment in Australia, not least of which is that the music stations here broadcast such pathetically low bit rates. On that basis alone, I don't see any necessity to include it in my list of 'must haves' for a head unit. Check out http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/c/Continental-Car-Radio/ selection of Continental units. For me, the CD7416-UB OR is preferred because my other half insists on carting around a bunch of those round silver things with a hole in the middle ?
  14. bumble

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    I have looked at the Continental previously from www.soundlabs.com.au. They based in the Southern Highlands. They also do Blaupunkt Toronto and Becker (even a refurbed Cassette player ?) and their prices seem ok... I'll wait for the release of the Bremen and see what Oz prices look like.
  15. bumble

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    Came across this on Ferdinand - https://www.ferdinandmagazine.com/updated-blaupunkt-bremen-sqr46-coming-2018 Been looking for a while for something 'appropriate' and this looks like the go. Hopefully will be available by the end of the year...

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