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  1. Okrasa Kid

    356 A Bonnet Wanted

    Looking for a solid straight 356 A bonnet for my Aussie delivered 1959 T2 356A PM me if you have one or know where one is located Cheers
  2. Okrasa Kid

    Butt Shot

    Gotta luv the butt cheeks!
  3. Okrasa Kid

    New 993

    RUF are offering their take on the 993 Turbo. Apparently they have 20 new body shells
  4. Okrasa Kid

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Not sure ............but that's where all the P cars (on carsales) he has are located.
  5. Okrasa Kid

    996 GT3 Purchase

    787 High St, Armadale
  6. The Kid says Mate I feel for you, that sucks. I haven't finished the resto on the HERETIC and recently some stoner in a Kombi backed into it! Its now back at Skunkwerks to get repaired. Stoner had no insurance and surprise surprise is skint!
  7. Okrasa Kid

    Porsche wins Le Mans 2018

    The Kid says This is more like it! Looks like Porsche should get cracking on the successor to the 918! AutoWeek HYPERCARS, SUPERCARS' CLASS TO REPLACE LMP1 AT LE MANS FOR 2020 Each manufacturer or constructor will build their own chassis for new class JUNE 15, 2018 The next generation of car that will fight for outright victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans will have the look of hypercars and super sportscars. A class to be introduced for the 2020-21 World Endurance Championship calls for purebred racing prototypes that manufacturers will be able to style after their road-going machinery. The idea is that car will look like "hypercars, supercars, luxury GTs or concept cars," according to Richard Mille, president of the FIA's endurance commission. Unlike the Daytona Prototype international machinery that races in the IMSA SportsCar Championship, each manufacturer or constructor will build their own chassis. The new cars will incorporate hybrid technology, although at a lower level of sophistication and power than in the current LMP1 class of the WEC. The cars will have less downforce and be heavier by 110 kilograms than the present generation of LMP1s, but an extra 200 bhp from their internal combustion engines means that they will achieve similar lap times to the current P1s. The target is for them to hit 3 minutes, 20 seconds in qualifying at Le Mans, which is five seconds slower than pole position for this weekend's race. The rule makers, the FIA and the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, will equate the performance of what could be a range of diverse-looking cars by setting maximum downforce and drag levels for the cars. This will also help to reduce costs to as little as 25 percent of current levels by limiting development costs. The introduction of active aerodynamics will also play a part in the cost reduction plan. It will enable the rule-makers to limit each manufacturer to one aerodynamic configuration for the six-hour WEC races and Le Mans. Manufacturers developing energy-retrieval technology, which will be limited to a front-axle kinetic system, will have to make it available to other marques and constructors. Each will have to supply a minimum number of teams, which has yet to be determined. FIA president Jean Todt said: "The new regulations are the result of hard work between members of the FIA, ACO, manufacturers and teams. This will provide endurance racing with a long-term, stable platform while continuing to offer a cost-effective stage to showcase future technologies." Six manufacturers have been actively involved in the rule-making process: Toyota, Ford, Aston Martin, Ferrari and McLaren. Porsche has been an observer in the process. The final rules should be drafted in time to be signed off before the end of the year.
  8. The Kid says.......... errrr quotes 1966 Towards the end of the 1965 model-year run going into 1966, the most obvious change Porsche made to the 912 was to paint all dashboards matte black as had always been done on the 911, but instead of 911’s teak wood dashboard strip, the 912 received a decorative a band of brushed aluminum. Other 356 vestiges that disappeared in 1966 included the fluted shift knob, which for 1966 was shaped like a round ball, and the gas tank door release pull, which for 1966 was identical to the trunk and rear deck lid release pulls. Sun visors, which had been entirely white in 1965, were now black on one side and white on the other. In the engine bay, air filters were changed to a more sensible and practical design. Midway through 1966, both the trunk VIN plate and the windshield fluid reservoir were moved towards the front of the car, and chrome plated brass 4-screw horn grills were replaced with a chrome plated pot metal 2-screw type. Options for 1966 were the same as they were for 1965, however the wood steering wheel offered in 1966 featured a steal hub and spokes, whereas the year previous they were made of aluminum.
  9. Okrasa Kid

    Melbourne Machine shops????

    The Kids says Try Elgin Cams............. Dimi's old skool with a wealth of knowledge Used their cams in a variety of applications. http://www.elgincams.com/
  10. Okrasa Kid

    912 Engine Case and Heads (356 C)

    Call Greg O'Keefe on 0419 356 000 he has a shed full of 356 / 912 bits. Greg has a number of cases (not sure what vintage or condition ) and a lot of cylinder heads ( again not sure of what vintage or condition) Worth a shot!
  11. Okrasa Kid

    1977 Carrera 3.0

    The Kid says Another gorgeous P car offering from Skiddy...........like all your rides. Unfortunately or fortunately I've just picked up another toy which deals the Kid out and at long last the HERETIC hits the road this weekend for its maiden test drive.......can't wait! Good luck with the sale!!!
  12. Okrasa Kid

    1955 Pre-A sold

    The Kid says.........................the Inquisitor is coming! The return of OLD SKOOL - Carbs, Camshaft (Singular NOT Plural), Points and Pushrods! and Drums f*cking big ones ..........no Nancy boy disc's or Girlie man ABS!
  13. Okrasa Kid

    1955 Pre-A sold

    The Kid say..........................Seconded!!!
  14. Okrasa Kid

    Advice Needed - 912 Engines

    The Kids says! Go to www.shastadesign.net Buy the book "The complete Porsche 912 guide" by Duane Spencer published by RPM Auto Books and all will be revealed! A little gold mine full off performance upgrades, maintenance and trouble shooting and forget forced induction on these motors. PM me ...................maybe able to help put you in the direction of a 912 motor The return of OLD SKOOL - Carbs, Camshaft (Singular NOT Plural), Points and Pushrods!
  15. Okrasa Kid

    lowest price flat 6 turbo in oz

    The Kids says The second and final iteration of the corvair coupe is a much prettier design and largely cured the cars suicidal handling tendencies By that time however Nader poisoned the car.....Pity They also made a wagon version.....fugly and commercials................ Greenbriars van a now a cool and reasonably priced alternative to the uber expensive VW splitty, also a pick up with a unique side loading gate.