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  1. At the risk of being a pain...……………….can I have David's number also?
  2. The Kid says I have returned from the Frozen North and will attend!
  3. The Kid say's Are you running a straight through "Penne" exhaust Stew? Word on the street is the sound is delicious!
  4. The Kid says Great soundtracks.................Car & Music! Where was it shot................ WA?.............Down South?
  5. The Kid says 95, 993 C2S cars were delivered in 97. Apparently 10% were manuals............seven or eight I am lead to believe. Good luck and and be prepared to pay a premium I brought a C2S tipper.................loved the car hated the box Subsequently converted to a manual, and I love it!! BUT finding an Aussie 6 speed box and ancillaries is like finding the thylacine
  6. Nardi Steering Wheel ND Classic Wood/Polished 390 mm Flawless in as brand new condition. Made from the finest real Italian Mahogany wood and high grade polished aircraft quality aluminium spokes and centre The Nardi signature is engraved in the spoke. This wheel comes with Nardi Personal Steering Wheel classic Porsche horn button. This wheel currently retails in Australia for $699 (excluding postage) Price $425 Please note - Installs with a Nardi steering wheel adapter [hub] which is not included in this sale. Steering wheel adapters [hubs] are readily available in Australia for various marques and models. PM for more pics
  7. Installed belts in the HERETIC..........................not that they would be any use in an accident!!!!!!
  8. Looking for a solid straight 356 A bonnet for my Aussie delivered 1959 T2 356A PM me if you have one or know where one is located Cheers
  9. Okrasa Kid

    New 993

    RUF are offering their take on the 993 Turbo. Apparently they have 20 new body shells
  10. Not sure ............but that's where all the P cars (on carsales) he has are located.
  11. The Kid says Mate I feel for you, that sucks. I haven't finished the resto on the HERETIC and recently some stoner in a Kombi backed into it! Its now back at Skunkwerks to get repaired. Stoner had no insurance and surprise surprise is skint!

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