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  1. I haven’t posted on the forum in ages soo here we go! Post more on Instagram now @TE986 https://www.instagram.com/te986/ I’ll start it off with a few of my videos.. Just made this video of the 911r we built a few years ago the build thread is on PFA somewhere. Here’s another video I made of a club run we just did to Armidale. And finally some sound clips, make sure the volume is up for these!
  2. Hi mate I’m interested in the full exhaust. Sending you a private message now.
  3. Shop is tagged in the Instagram posts above European Autosports and i cant share the price as it was at mates rates for me.
  4. Haven’t posted on here for awhile... Mainly on Instagram now as @te986 and had this done awhile ago after selling my old Cayman S exhaust... Had a this system custom made at a local mates shop other than the mufflers that are made by Fabspeed. Custom stainless steel 1’3/4 headers and 2.5’ X-pipe with 200CEL high flow cats
  5. SOLD!
  6. Don’t know to be honest they do fit 911sc are carrera 3.2s and i think 944 if that helps
  7. Hi Rel, Sorry but id rather sell the set. Let me know if you’re still interested
  8. Porsche supplies spacers from the factory on their newer models... regardless you wont need spacers if you install these wheels on a pre 964 model the fill the guards perfect
  9. Bump need this exhaust gone gents! going to help fund the 996s exhaust
  10. Bumping this one back up for sale... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/wheels-tyres-rims/porsche-911-cup-1-17-wheels/1172959511
  11. Itll fit a 987.2 but youll need to have one of the mid pipes shortened

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