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  1. Hi l am chasing some gears for my Porsche 915 transmission, they have to be genuine Porsche not aftermarket (Albins or any other brands) as I am having problems with excessive noise from my 4th and 5th Albins gears even though they are the latest generation☹️ Gears need are New🤣 or excellent used matching sets? 1 x 4th 27:25 1 x 5th 29:21 Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Cheers Michael
  2. Porsche 911/930 IROC wide body rear bar Porsche 911/930 IROC wide body rear bar, fibreglass “new” never fittedMade by Mike Tankard in VictoriaPaid $750 sell $600
  3. Hi Mike, cheers I will give you a call tomorrow 😀 Kind Regards Michael
  4. Hi Fucher, was wondering if you had any luck finding a engine mount console as I’m also chasing one? Any leads or surplus too needs? Also I am looking for an engine stand to suit a Porsche 911 motor? Cheers Michael
  5. Hi Les, the TB15 are all sold sorry. I have a set of new rear TB5 285/40 R15 that could be available cheers Michael
  6. Or you could move to the ACT I think they complement my car quite well thank you very much😀
  7. Hi Slow Car, I was just wondering if you have an update on fitting 50mm PMO’s ? would be very interested in what the results were? cheers Michael
  8. Would also be interested in any feed back on this question as I currently run Michelin TB5 15x9 and 15x11 with no comparison . One thing I will comment on is the TB5 work real well in my opinion.
  9. Hi Slowcar, have you run your 46mm PMO back to back with your 50mm PMO on the same motor if so was there an improvement? interested as I have considered going bigger cheers
  10. Hi Brett, yes front and rear tyres are still available regards Michael
  11. Yes I was wondering the same thing, quite a different profile one would think?
  12. New price, would like the room in my garage! $800
  13. 1989 Porsche 911 Ruf 350km speedometer great condition was fully operational when removed from my car $850
  14. Yes not ideal but works next size up the front profile ended up higher than the rear?

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