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  1. Thought the same thing, however...is that a young Monica Bellucci?
  2. Because she is protecting the duco with her sleeve, I have to agree with you Pete 😆
  3. I think she may be worthy of a Cigar - Pun intended! Either way...thanks for the re-post. Great way to end the working day
  4. Not convinced stamp worthy...Tomo's effort on the other hand......even then...a stretch
  5. mate.....you just know you have to fabricate a stepped loom bracket....you've gone to all this trouble/time/effort, what's another bracket? Just make a cup of tea, a bit of background music with timelapse and hey-presto an episode.... You also won't kick yourself every time you look at it. Patience grasshopper
  6. Isn't it on the right hand side of the webpage?
  7. P-Kay

    My Porsche 928

    Oh what a feeling........
  8. ^^^ About the right level of attitude for me
  9. It's getting there......looking good

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