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  1. You know....there are plenty of these around, so you have to ask yourself, does the car have a good history/owner? Does it tick EVERY box for you? Is the price too good to pass up? Is the current engine healthy and strong? If the price is right, then drive it like you stole it and then drive it a bit harder
  2. P-Kay

    Check Your P

    Good man and GREAT news !!
  3. P-Kay

    Buying a 986

    ........AND it has the hotness look factor
  4. P-Kay

    PFA members 3 National Class Wins at HH

    Well deserved I am sure - Nice work @9fan
  5. P-Kay

    I've gone mid engine :D

    I'll show the boss (swmbo) and get back to you if it is to proceed
  6. P-Kay

    I've gone mid engine :D

    Chasing? $$
  7. P-Kay

    Boxster Bargains

    Lapis and zero fuchs driving
  8. P-Kay

    SWB 911 rubbers for sale

    Que the term - Johhny on the spot ?
  9. P-Kay

    Garage Find

    That's one sweet ride!!!
  10. P-Kay

    Rescuing a Klassic

    Sadly, originally a Coupe - ?
  11. Listening to I @Ozvino car I had an Akropasm!!!!
  12. P-Kay

    Rescuing a Klassic

    Thanks @Coastr, Yep hopes are high and faith is strong. Don't worry the Ford started life in my hands not much better than this one, so I know it will be a pretty little girl
  13. P-Kay

    Rescuing a Klassic

    So, the brief has been defined and all the nasty cancer and convertible abomination will be removed and light yellow goodness will be restored. Many hours will be involved to achieve the above and the bank balance will emulate the post GFC stock market. Oh well, the longest journey starts with one footstep....
  14. P-Kay

    Electrical Issue

    ^ +1 Ctek