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  1. Does that equate to your eagle has landed?
  2. I think you know my opinion!!! WTF are you doing???? (just in case you weren't sure what I was thinking)
  3. You ever bring that Esky down south - make sue you inform me okay!
  4. Had the same challenge with my 996, and I lived with it. I would start with a new switch rather than a motor and I would also ask the dealer at the next service
  5. AWESOME and Congratulations !!!
  6. Here you go --> https://www.jaycar.com.au/search?text=t10+wedge&CSRFToken=ac3f5fe7-4a54-479c-95d1-0e6000d0568f
  7. They say picks or it never happened...... Last weekend was the disassembly and this week the reverse. SuperPro bushes on the banana arms standard Porsche rubbers for the spring plates and sway-a-way turbo sized torsion bars. The Koni's were done the same time as the Front end.
  8. It's been over one year and I still miss looking at it, driving it and washing it !!
  9. I can't stop drooling over this car!!!!!
  10. Jeff, noticed the episode before last you did not put any plastic behind the door trim. I get it and am guessing placed for the completed look - please make sure you do

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