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  1. Welcome Blake and I am sure you will enjoy your journey!
  2. Last of the air cooled with 3 pedals Looks tidy Better air-conditioning than a G body Possibly the interior colour is contributing to it's prolonged stay on CS?
  3. P-Kay

    New car day

    Congrats mate - Enjoy!
  4. Did the tribe truly have a voice? FWIW, me likey too I thought they were akready on.....When you say bonnet black are you meaning the whole thing or stripes like a Boss?
  5. Ahh...that would explain the avatar update - Congrats and enjoy. They're a great car!
  6. ^^^That's the mail from the panel shop and Porsche. Thanks again @9er
  7. It's a one year only thing being 72. The American's used it to fill petrol, hence Porsche discontinued the idea
  8. @9er Definitely was not taken that way. I am grateful for the keen eye and taking the time to inform. Thanks!
  9. ????? Meaning it should be flat? Please enlighten oh learnered one!

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