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  1. Yes Lots Anybody who wants to part you with your coin Really all depends on how far you want to go. There was a post today in the CPA FB page with a GT3 engine by Corse Automotive & Motorsport
  2. ^^ OKAAAY Match the calipers - fine.....but that wheel cap???
  3. Appreciate your time responding - Cheers Unfortunately, I already agreed to purchase the bar from @9er I am not a fan of going back on my word, so If you are prepared to separate then I am definitely interested!
  4. BAA HAHAHAHA Well....by comparison...mighty close 🤣 At least from here it's more straight forward, as there is nothing left to throw/cut away!!!
  5. I was hoping one of you guys could assist or at least know where to direct me. I figured this was a less intrusive method versus spamming your inbox. Very grateful indeed 🙏
  6. Before I click the buy now buttons, I thought to ask here and tag the likely suspects that may be able to assist? @901er @9er @Oldskl60 Long list I am sure to still purchase, however the immediate items are: complete 1971 through 1973 glove box lid - Handle and lock preferable. I have no need for the metal trim although beggars can't choose I also understand it is the centre lock position versus off centre. through body sway bar. I note most of the mounting hardware is available (I refer to body and drop links joiners) Complete with drop links is my preference
  7. Negatory my friend - That is another long hood project. 911 T to be precise and '71 as well if memory serves. You'll see my roof previous page next to the remainder of the car - That's weird saying it like that
  8. Let's end the week with a progress shot
  9. My take on Lloyds (based on experience which ties in with everyone else) the cars must have unrealistic reserves on them and for whatever reason, they choose not to advertise/inform whether the reserve is met - until after the fact to try and squeeze out every last cent by playing the highest two/three bidders off each other. Guess it's a strategy that works for them - just leaves a sour taste for the enthusiast punters
  10. Yeah.........'cause that colour will not stand out - nor will the brup////brup////woosh either
  11. Thanks for all the 'kind' words To be fair, I did have the option of not going down this road and creating a hot-rod as realistically that is where the car was at. However, twofold: I was already balls deep in the longhood parts gathering journey and beyond the point of no return The hot-rod will be next and I want it to be a Targa that I personally will do I also felt this was the best approach given the options presented of how to proceed Cheers

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