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  1. @LeeMI thought you would have gone with "It's Victor! V-I-C-T-O-R. You tell Mike Victor was here and he's got wheels that are ready to run."
  2. Curious with your larger capacity - Sharkwerks or something else?
  3. I'm with you, the standard car is about 100mm too high in my opinion, well at least 75mm. My personal opinion is that coil overs are overkill for the road, but horses for courses I am also of the opinion that you will not regret swapping out the springs. Pics before and after please
  4. subtle Sir, but a point well made it has to be said!
  5. Consider shocks, (are you just chasing the look - or perhaps some extra corner carving) Depending on the intended use of the car, will determine the amount of lowering you 'need' and whether the extra spend is required. I'd be tempted to also change out the strut tops and look closely at the lower control arms. otherwise - enjoy
  6. Well at least some sort of variation as these pics look different again. Dare I say more in line with the PET? --> https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/PK997RSLIPKIT.html
  7. Opposite end of the colour scale - you'll find mine on Page 77 with similar battle scars
  8. Heart says A for the Aussie delivered, but will always have the stigma, therefore, I choose B
  9. The warranty can also be extended over the phone with your service department
  10. push on clips? --> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/165082331816?hash=item266fac7aa8:g:BYIAAOSwPLxg0l~B
  11. Does the 997 have the same helper spring as the 996? This is quite a common 'problem' with the 996, so maybe the same here?

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