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  1. does anybody have any info on this --> https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1994-porsche-911-carrera-993-auto/OAG-AD-17525083/?Cr=15
  2. P-Kay

    Tyres now

    There is an approx 3 month wait as they are made to order. I think I am almost two months in - Maybe a Christmas present for me? Hopefully!! They look the same as the Dunlop Direzza (to me anyway) and I expect them to be a step up from the current RE003 Like you, my research showed good all rounder
  3. Agreed, however, I would still take both for a ride
  4. eBay, Master Parts, AutoHaus Hamilton, Pelican Parts...
  5. Best value for money I ever ever ever received!!!! Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes PFA crew. Cheers!
  6. I had the same thought with your Forum name Enjoy ans hopefully you'll get some sleep waiting.....
  7. They look like it My car is an SC , so it's a 915 and yes, same for both engine and gearbox
  8. I used SuperPro for both my engine and gearbox. As Chris mentioned above, it's just the removal of the old rubber. Reasonably straight forward really. You only need to cut the lip from the one side before pushing it through, quick clean, grease and put the two halves together! Can't really comment on NHV, as my car is a little angry, with harder rubber, noisy exhaust etc.
  9. there you go....I thought it was from a 964
  10. Pretty looking thing George! This is the 2nd car and you still have the SC for when the mood takes you?
  11. one of my favourites clean lines, clean car and shapely curves
  12. re rebuild - money shift? ims? speculations a plenty...lol But it does have the extended leather and it is manual PLUS an S = tasty

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