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  1. Nice work guys @Dalai, @Scott930 and of course @LeeM
  2. I've played it 5 times and it 'aint even my car.........oh maaaaaaan
  3. Love it when parcels arrive! Looks like my weekends ahead will be filled with one wire at a time
  4. Probably better you don't see it as it will definitely give you nightmares! The one you're looking at looks about right. Just don't forget to take a fridge magnet for sanity. Do you know if the car has been resprayed? If so, it's just a question of whether glass out. Rust will always be there in some form or another due to age and being driven. Especially if the car spent any time near the sea. Looking forward to the delivery story
  5. James' Petrol Blue - No? WTF have they done to the dash?!!!
  6. I think Tomo's got this page sorted!
  7. Noice! I see Mickey Thompson ET Street in your future
  8. Oh man!!!! That sounds freaken A W E S O M E What are you hoping/expecting down the quarter? 10s?
  9. G'day I had virtually the same problem in my 996. Several years ago, so I can't recall whether it was the down or the up, but yes, the micro switch was the fault and unfortunately you have to replace the complete door lock mechanism. James is a good operator and I have been buying from him for many years now
  10. It's also a Yeah...Nah from me too
  11. I do it as you mention and have a microfibre cloth where the cord goes over the bumper
  12. G'day Mike, This looks like a different supplier that Rapid Cables - If so, can you share where you purchased these from? Thanks in advance - Peter

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