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  1. @TwoHeadsTas You got one in your parting-out boxter?
  2. Cigar reserved for Yellow Boxters only 😁
  3. I thought a Bratz doll - I think that's what they were called - either way - quite the form in my eyes
  4. ^^^ Oh my goodness.... Where's the stamp Niko?!
  5. In that case and provided memory serves....disconnecting the battery for at least 40 minutes may and I stress may resolve it Good luck!
  6. One approach: Buy one of those cheap code scanner tools that can read and clear air-bag codes. First scan to determine if there is anything else untoward and if it's just the air-bag, clear it and see if it comes back.
  7. ...suspect to the individual selling the car?
  8. Account settings to be precise
  9. This one....He says she should be wearing red leather instead
  10. Slow and steady wins the race....Was good to follow along your journey. Enjoy it buddy!

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