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  1. Yep! Says as much in the conditions --> https://www.porschemelbourne.com.au/Warranty-Extension
  2. ^^^Not surprised as I have no doubt!! --> "Restoration cost well exceeds the advertised price. "
  3. P-Kay


    Good day out at a hill climb
  4. New panels in all four corners were one of the first purchase.....Epic journey indeed! They'll be posted as soon as I receive/take them ......Huh? If you are asking Skunkwerks, then yes
  5. Cheers guys! @Niko @JonoF
  6. This has been a loooong time coming and to be honest, I was starting to feel like I had an imaginary friend..... It's going to get much worse before it gets any better! All cleaned with past sins visible and thankfully there is more '71 coupe than initially thought. Next step it gets bolted to the rack to ensure square before surgery commences! Watch this space...
  7. I've watched a couple of youtube videos and it appears to be an additional board to the PCM plus a module of sorts. If memory serves, there was an Australian shop. You would imagine a high-end audio shop would/could perform this for you if you are not handy. Sorry can't help with the cost side.
  8. Won't find a better detailed example....--> https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-carrera-4s-997-manual-awd-my08/SSE-AD-5906297/?Cr=2
  9. Hi all, Perhaps I am making this up, but I recall either seeing or reading a method to restore the red boot catch where they are discoloured/faded from the years of our harsh sun. Searching only yields how to open the boot when the battery is dead. Can anyone assist? Thank you in advance PK
  10. Sorry for bombarding you buddy - Thanks!
  11. P-Kay

    My Porsche 928

    Any progress is positive! You must be chomping at the bit being this close now?!
  12. Can't you buy exhaust flexi-pipe? Granted not the factory accordion look, but something to consider

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