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  1. That sure is one way to kick start the heart in the morning!! Now....the truth comes out why you purchased a RS Keep up the good work my man
  2. @Orlando Help please Sir
  3. I guess it is up to you? I would hate to be in a position where you believe you have done everything 'by the book' only to be told 'sorry'.
  4. not too sure about that....you may ant to read the fine print
  5. purring like a kitten - nice one!
  6. It was deemed a 'safe' colour by the dealers. Also, considering that is what the people saw, that is what they sadly ordered.
  7. The slippery slope has been approached.....
  8. Mine has a similar setup and I 'reckon my car handles pretty well!
  9. P-Kay

    Reborn 76 911S

    Now the real fun begins!
  10. The water pump is the only area for concern and you are doing the 'other common' item, so really, the only other area to determine if worthy, is the coolant plastic tank
  11. Stamp @Niko That's just right on so many levels!!!

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