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  1. Just to close this thread out. My service adviser requested my bank details, so Porsche Cars Australia has come to the party. We will see what type of reimbursement I will receive as the term covered was approximately 6 months. Either way, a good excuse to purchase a factory car cover I suspect having a good rapport with my service adviser along with my 'moaning' email was enough to have them plead my case with head office?
  2. Only driven home from the dealer yesterday and most of it was freeway. One thing I noticed was even in top gear, just a slight lean on the throttle and it just pulled away effortlessly. It just feels ready/light/eager to go. What a sound when you give it some beans! @symsy is correct in bodily fluids moving around. As far as handling, I can't comment as I am too scared right now. Maybe scared is the wrong word and I should say 'precious' instead. I think I already understand what @edgy means, as I have watched many videos on reviews and peoples reactions, but......until you experience it for yourself.....WOW
  3. Sadly yes mate. I have to go back down to two rather than three. That's okay, as a Boxster will fill that Cabrio hole in my life along with providing the cruizy attitude. What can I say, I knew it would provide the same feeling as the SC, but I didn't realise by what magnitude! As SkukWerks said to me, I have traded for a younger model and F ME....... Betty 2.0 ROCKS!!! Yes mate and thanks! I am grateful for the pep talks along the way!
  4. Well...I was not prepared to miss out this time! They say third time is the charm and I am quite chuffed
  5. Looking like a Carrera is kinda what their selling point is. I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to wear my wing on the outside - Loud and Proud
  6. 'reckon you've found a winner! Bunnings has some specific for house numbers for letterboxes/brick, therefore suitable for outside. I ended up using it for my bonnet badge for my daily and it sure is not going anywhere!
  7. Welcome aboard Matt - Great car and I am sure you will enjoy Oh....and we do like a pic or three around here of people's pride and joy!
  8. I hear you re cheap - if there actually is a 'real' product that fits better and most importantly properly, then that would definitely be preferred! Please keep us posted At least what you have for sale is a quality product. The fit and finish is top notch!
  9. This is all that I have found, but wanted to get some feedback before pulling the trigger https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284303879543?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  10. Hi there @Ntg, have you placed anything on your 997 seat bolsters for protection?
  11. @KGB Unfortunately my Drachma is worth less than your Ruble.....
  12. That's the case I have pleaded and it is now with head office

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