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  1. Great tyre, just soft compound
  2. Tasty indeed. Very nice stance and would turn heads I am sure! Although for my money, I would want all original everything available at that sort of coin - Just me
  3. ...and sports seats if my eyes do not deceive me
  4. I suspect - Does not appeal to many aka narrower audience
  5. Previous software version of the forum is not compatible with the new. These were originally likes and the new version interprets them opposite. All good
  6. P-Kay

    Should I PPI?

    Carby cleaner down the fuel tank? 🤣
  7. James at either AutoHause or MasterParts
  8. Very first application yes Niko, very similar, it's the subsequent applications that I can't seem to fathom the effectiveness, but I am very intrigued. How does spritzing it on sparsely and then pressure washing it off have any affect? I was watching a clip on someone demonstrating the method and when I saw the maintenance steps, I thought WTF? HOW?!!
  9. P-Kay

    1980 SC trim items

    I was of the understanding that the OEM visors were 964? I was also of the impression that they were also NLA? Am I misinformed?
  10. Good day to burn some fossil fuel in an orchestral style

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