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  1. I definitely approve of both the car and interior safety features!
  2. You're entitled to your opinion......now I know why symsey stopped
  3. First pony up the $25!! Where's the moderator threatening removal of posts with the thought of a sale? @LeeM
  4. welcome aboard Pics or it didn't happen
  5. wallet getting lighter 🤣
  6. Try St George Tyres. I purchased my last set from them (Nitto's actually) but will be buying my next set of Michi's from them again. Competitive pricing!! http://www.stgeorgetyres.com.au/
  7. That's all the convincing I need! Cheers
  8. Yeah, one of the first things I did to mine way back when. Just wondering whether the step for the wevo is worth while Ta!
  9. What's the feel compared to the stock? Did you have the stock shifter or a factory short shift?

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