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  1. First sign to start digging a bit deeper has it been resprayed? why? Just cosmetic or because if crash damage.. no biggie just another clue to ththe puzzle, especially when so little details is available..
  2. And that’s exactly why if the local RTA’s decide to pull the club Reg scheme I won’t be surprised.....
  3. This absolutely shits me.... “Classic” Accord on club plates just cruising into work on a Monday morning..... I glared are him a few times in traffic ...I could just tell the bloke was doing it for the cheap rego.
  4. Who was the local trimmer Merv?
  5. I’m in the south east of Melbourne and I haven’t seen to many Yanks or Belgians sticking their hands up at house auctions in the hood....
  6. Please no racism intended and please remove if it comes across that way, but I’m not surprised it was a Chinese buyer... for some reason not worried about economic fallout from Coronavirus and happy to splurge on property hate to say but I think we’ll be seeing a big foreign take up of australian property and business in the near future...
  7. I think pre the current economic environment this would be gone by now (and probably listed higher than $85k)
  8. Have seen and heard this car a couple of times its a very clean example and probably the best sounding 3.2 I’ve heard...amazing sound, not sure of the exhaust set up
  9. G5032

    1994 968

    Great car with some tasteful mods.. hope to see it in Melbourne soon!
  10. G5032

    968CS Refresh

    Great read really interested to see the final result...fantastic to see this one being restored back to how it should be!!
  11. Absolute awesome cars love mine..92 build Aussie delivered manual Black on black on Cup 2’s.....severely underrated

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