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  1. G5032

    1994 968

    Great car with some tasteful mods.. hope to see it in Melbourne soon!
  2. G5032

    968CS Refresh

    Great read really interested to see the final result...fantastic to see this one being restored back to how it should be!!
  3. Absolute awesome cars love mine..92 build Aussie delivered manual Black on black on Cup 2’s.....severely underrated
  4. We need more 968 activity!! is that the white recently sold at Shannon’s??
  5. Great tips! agree 1000% on the tires, a set of Potenza 003’s and a proper alignment/corner balance totally transformed my car.. has no idea about the clamp!! Checking ASAP!
  6. Excitement over a what looks like a very reasonably priced 3.2...I’m hoping there is nothing major wrong with it (they always need something) and Dave scoops up a bargain....makes for a welcome change over discussions about the state of the market i like seeing good Cars being bought and discussed on PFA...adds to the provenance for future buyers if we’ve all had our say and it passes the test!!
  7. He’s just seen the light and picked up a 968!!!
  8. “Save the Whales!!!” its a 3.2 stick a tail on it!
  9. A decent Aussie 87 Carrera would be roughly $80-$100k? Then factor in performance engine/gearbox rebuild suspension, interior back to bare metal paint your gettting pretty close to $200k I reckon...if not more thats does look like a beautiful build though....and of high quality

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