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  1. Hi Philbee whos the bloke in Moorabin? looking at getting my 2 front seats done...difficult to match off the shelf as it’s a dark olive interior...
  2. Haha great summary...interesting to see that social media is generating more enquiry than Carsales....
  3. So up against this $250k 3.2 is the 968 clubsport listed at $125k now great value??
  4. 968’s theoretically can be compared to what the 993 was to the aircooled care....the last and best transaxle model...and actually built at the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen!!!! (944’s were built at the Audi plant)
  5. As a current owner of both a Carrera 3.2 and a standard 968 manual coupe...I can confidently say both are very different cars but at the same time still feel distinctly....old school Porsche!!! The biggest difference to me is that the 968 is much more user friendly at lower speeds, daily driving and more forgiving at the limit. The 968 makes me look like a decent driver in the twisties....the 3.2 on the other hand, feels like a old school muscle car in comparison, and much more rewarding at the limit ...if you get it right! The 968 is a very underrated car....6 speed manual, ABS, nicely weighted power steering (like a 964), variocam, 240hp...it’s a great overall package, and practical!! If I could only have one it would be the 3.2...cause it’s the classic Porsche I always dreamed about... If it was about value for money (disregard this $120k CS) and it was to be manual coupe, a 968 is hard to beat. Not many around which is also a bonus. And did I mention they look horn!!!!
  6. How many 968 manual coupes were delivered to Oz in total (non clubsport and clubsport??)
  7. This is a very sweet SC....done perfectly! good luck with the sale ....what’s next? Something Italian??
  8. Correct mate....I bought my 3.2 with the intention of having a weekend cruiser, and If I was ever in the position where I had to sell I would at least get my money back worst case $5-$10k in the red.... i bought it in 2013 and yes whilst it’s skyrocketed in value it wasn’t bought as an imvestement...so I have never been tempted to sell it
  9. Please don’t be a troll!! I hope it’s the real Jerry!!!
  10. One of the best vids I’ve seen from an enthusiast perspective...period! a lot of guys have jumped on the “look at me with my classic Porsche collection” bespoke YouTube vid, but this genuinely shows Hugh’s passion and sincererity in everything he does ...work, life and play....plus I have massive garage envy after seeing that set up!! Disclaimer: i don’t personally know the Bloke just mumble a quick gday when I bumped into him last at our local Indy...

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