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  1. Hey Steve, The buyer came from Carsales ... was doing his twice daily check in the afternoon and there it was .. The colour change didn't come into play for him ... wasn't a factor or issue at all.
  2. You obviously recognise talent when you see it .. and yep! he called .. 😆 Was too hard to organise a courier to deliver the cash last night so had to break form ... I don’t think we can be friends anymore ....
  3. Just an update for those interested ... I took a deposit earlier this evening and it should be going sometime this week. I’ll keep you posted .. 😁
  4. Not 100% sure yet ... the wife wants something “a bit more modern” than this old thing .. not sure if I’m actually parting with the right thing ... 🤔 Thanks James ... some of the procedes will be going towards the 924T 😃. I had a closer look athe the rims the other day and there are hints of the Bamboo paint underneath the black paint on the petals ... so it seems they may have been colour coded when new ...
  5. You better have meant it in a nice way!! ... 🤔 Thanks for the positive words .. 😀 Thanks mate ... just trying to keep it real. I'm just a genuine seller looking for a genuine buyer ..
  6. Ask @SteveF ... He recently had his wheels sorted by a mobile dude on his BMW and was more than happy with the results. I’m sure he’ll chime in soon ...
  7. So I take it that your response to that question is going to be "0"? ... 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Good to know ... thinking of selling mine .. 😀 What I have noticed though is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of quality stock coming up for sale ... and if it is quality, it's priced up there ...
  9. That a good question ... not sure if things are selling .. but the asking prices haven't come down. So either they are selling or the owners don't care about reducing the prices .. Either way, I don't think Covid has had the doom and gloom crash that many have been hoping for.
  10. I’ve been watching the air-cooled market. There isn’t any sign of a decrease in prices ... if anything they’re holding steady and owners are actually asking more ...
  11. My '81 was optioned with leather ..
  12. I've been having a love affair with mine for the past few years ... it puts the biggest smile on my face every time I drive it. It's hard to believe these cars are from the early 80's. Enjoy! ... 😀

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