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  1. Mine is connected directly to the clamps. Has been for months. I also have similar to the above photo but mine has the “traffic light” system built in. I tend to connect the harness in first then plug it in ...
  2. Dreamr

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    +1 .. definitely reflection of phone. 😀
  3. You were gonna do all that, weren’t you?? ... 😎
  4. He deserved that! ... shooting his mouth off and all. 😅
  5. Yep .. fine to leave plugged in all the time .. just don't forget to disconnect it when you go for a drive! .. 😅 In terms of the eyelets ... just snip them off and crimp on some new ones. Done.
  6. Same thing was said about the air-cooled porsche all those years ago .. Is it overpriced ... or becoming more appreciated?? ...🤔
  7. Must’ve seen your posts on the convertible .. not $56k any more .. 😅
  8. But a 996.2 and a 997 C4S are apples and oranges .. completely different. A 996 C4S can be had for $10k more.
  9. Not a very well known fact ... but if you scroll down to the bottom of a dealers ad, it actually lists the dealer name. If the name is not there, then their D/L number is .. and it's not hard to Google that ... 😀
  10. It’s only a misdemeanour... punishment not too severe. Total ribbing and disbelief from those that you tell or somehow stumble upon the truth. As with any crime you commit .. deny, deny, deny.
  11. Making room for another 924 Turbo?? ... GLWS ...

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