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  1. As you quite rightly said ... it's personal preference ... A 996 / 997 TT is one of my dream cars and one that I'd love to own ... but not instead of my SC ... for me it's either both or it'll have to wait .. but I think a lot of that has to do with me growing up in the era of impact bumper 911's .. I generally find that if you have a new Porsche and and old Porsche together, the new one will bring the WOW, look at that ... whereas the old one will bring more attention and also the conversation ... I personally don't care about the power or speed ... mine is only a weekender and the joy I get from just cruising around and going for Sunday drives is priceless ... I smile the entire time. I've had guys talk to me at lights, and servos wanting to have a chat, and thumbs up while driving ... it just adds to my enjoyment. Good luck with your "first world problems" dilemma .... whatever choice you make, it won't be wrong ... it'll just be right for you! ..
  2. I'd care ... mostly because I don't have a spare $60k to not care .. but that's just me. By the time the buyer is finished with it, it'll probably have another 40k's on it which takes it to 250k's ... it's a tip with higher k's than any other on the market ... it's gonna be really hard to move on from.
  3. That Humphrey B Bear tartan fabric is gold! ... Reminds me of @SteveF old 911 ... I loved it then and still do. I bought a 924T partly because of the Pasha interior it came from the factory with. What a great story and outcome ... I've bought a few cars sight unseen and I've always said that you are buying the owner as much as the car ... Now ... get in and drive!! (well, once the engine is back in) ...
  4. Ask and ye shall receive .. Happy reading... https://newsroom.porsche.com/fallback/en/products/porsche-classic-project-gold-vision-unique-piece-individualized-15877.html EDIT ... https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/po18/auction/lots/r0033-2018-porsche-911-turbo-classic-series-project-gold
  5. If yours was HK delivered, it won't be the "1 imported" on Bruce's list ... Those numbers in his first post relate to cars imported, sold and delivered new here in Australia ... I.e ... the 1 in 1987 sold new here ..
  6. I would rather know if that is him in his Sunday best guarding the Haro collection!! ...
  7. Totally agree ... although it does look like a fairly fresh build, so perhaps yet to be finished off?? ...
  8. Looks more like a new car showroom ...
  9. Happy to be corrected ... the numbers and dates I quoted above were found on Wikipedia so I have no idea if they are right ...
  10. My best guess is that is a "Turbo S" ... there were only 183 of them made and only in 1997.
  11. The quintessential Aussie attitude ... She'll be right mate!! ...
  12. Just general electrics anxiety?? ..

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