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  1. Probably the same reason us Aussies say “Shazza” and “Dazza” and “Macca’s” etc .. just a lazy shortcut / nickname .. 😅
  2. It's good to see you know your cars place in the Porsche hierarchy .. 😏 Is that the club I put you in touch with?
  3. I spoke to Thomas there and the story goes that he wasn’t feeling well one day and didn’t come in to work. Thomas call him 2 days later to see how he was and he said he was still feeling under the weather. He passed away the next day. It took him 3 days from not feeling well. 😔
  4. Their site is in German but it’s not hard to navigate. Go to the “shop” tag to see stuff for sale, and anything can be copied and pasted into Google translate for english translation.
  5. Thanks for the kind words .. loved every minute of helping and was more than happy to do it .. Got the seats from Werk924 in Germany. As you can probably see by their name, they are 924 specialists.
  6. So the paint journey for the 924 Turbo is finished .. I bought her home today 😀 There is still the interior journey to start yet, which will consist of new seats from Germany and a new carpet set from Victoria. The wheels will get refurbed, then it's just odds and bods as time goes on .. Enjoy the final photos of the paint resto ending with the ceremonial fitting of the new emblem to compliment the new paint .. BTW .. it looks far far better in person that in the photos (And my crap camerawork doesn't help either)
  7. Most clubs will only want a Pink Slip, but others will want a Blue Slip .. Best to check with the club you will be a part of. In my experience, if a car has been registered in NSW before on full rego, most clubs will be fine with a pinky .. if it come from interstate (or O/S in your case) they might ask for a bluey just to have the car officially identified in NSW. Officially, a pink is all you need .. some people just like to complicate an already complicated system ..
  8. No need to worry there .. you don't, and you won’t! ...
  9. Judging by the way the post was written, I’d say the offer was for 911RS.
  10. Funny you should say that .. I reckon you could take any 12 month period over the past 6 years and your “no brainer” comment above would be completely relevant.
  11. I tried ... but I obviously don’t know how to block someone on this thread cause you’re still here .. 😏 Cheers! ...
  12. Thanks for the heads up .. I did quite a bit of research on the badges .. this is the right badge for my year. It is however an “updated” part number for my year. I think there is a SLIGHT difference between the original and this one, but it’s all you can get now. The only way to get the old part numbered one is to buy used. I did think about that but ultimately decided on a new one.
  13. Couple of detail pieces for the new paint ... gotta love parcel delivery day! New bonnet emblem and rear “Porsche” decal. Still a few more bits to arrive yet but patience is the order of the day ..

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