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  1. I know right! ... but at the end of the day he's an adult and able to make his own decisions. I can only but give my opinion ...😪
  2. Thanks Lee ... I'll call him tomorrow but as I can't get down there any time soon (Thanks Coronavirus!) I thought an unbiased opinion first would help. There is one area of concern I have so if you get a chance, let me know as I'd like to have a chat with you first ... Cheers, Ronny .....
  3. Hi All, Jr is thinking about a 944 and has seen one for sale in Keswick S.A. I have added the link below. Does anyone know this car? Is anyone close to Keswick that could look at it for us? ... Much appreciated for any information and help .... 🙂 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/keswick/cars-vans-utes/porsche-944/1235934032
  4. It was a genuine 924 turbo ... it was green. I don't know if it was an Aussie car or not but there was 1 tell-tale sign that it could be and another that said maybe not (although it may have been an addition that I've not seen before on an Aussie car) ...
  5. I'm going to a C&C tomorrow with the 924T and I've organised for another red one to come along as well .. mine is a series 1 and his is a series 2 ... I can't remember any show that I've been to that has had even 1 924T let alone 2 ...
  6. Just my .02c worth ... I have enough issues letting people I know drive my cars ... they aren't overly expensive ones but if someone does something to it either by accident or by being a d**khead, I know it will be an expensive fix. There is no way I'd enter into something like this. I am fully versed in how people treat hire cars and this really wouldn't be much different ... "It's not mine, so who cares" ...
  7. Apparently the buyer walked into the showroom and fell in love with it .. I've always said that a good deal is when both the buyer and the seller walk away happy ... so be it!
  8. I heard that it was sold before it hit the internet ... it was only advertised for advertising sake. The $$$ amount has been rumored to be $40k ...
  9. I never noticed the gear lever ... yep! It looks really weird! .. 🤔 It says in the spiel that it was delivered in Sept '81 so not an overly early S2 ...
  10. It appears that Porsche used the 901 part number from 1963 - 1994 ... over 2 x badge styles .. see my post above.
  11. Don't know if this helps, but hey ... it won't hurt ...
  12. Great service to offer and I take my hat off to you for doing so ... it's always good to see someone giving back to "the community" to offer what many can't achieve ...
  13. They are going to have them converted by specialist shops like what HSV did to their cars ... but it won't be GM themselves ...
  14. Apparently LHD accounts for 75% of production and RHD only 25% ... not worth the research and development ...

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