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  1. That makes Humphrey B Bear look tame .... Love it!!
  2. You were one of the easiest and most accomodating seller’s I’ve ever bought from ... would do it again in a heartbeat (after the ASIO check, of course) ..
  3. I bought a car from the above dude and got an ASIO check as well ... you never know these shady characters .. Oh ... and also did a PPSR .. 🤣
  4. It is very daunting and have been on both ends recently ... I know I'm a good guy, but the buyer of my SC put all the funds in my account (a lot of $$$) and then waited a week to pick it up ... I guess he bought the seller as well! .. 😅 When we bought the 944 from Perth (we're in Sydney) we had video calls with him and the car, he also took us inside the house to go through the paperwork. I also got him to send a copy of the rego papers "for the revs check". Everything matched up and the vibe I got from him was that it was ok to buy sight unseen. Besides ... if things went wrong, it was my son's money, not mine ... so I was ok! ... 🤣
  5. That looks like a cracker! ... congrats. Is it Basalt or Jet Black ? .. mine is Jet and is the sexiest thing on 4 wheels! Enjoy ...
  6. Not wanting to bring up horrific nightmares for you, but I’ve been reading the 996 thread from the start, and a lot of your 996 chronicles are there in print for all to see ... judging by what I’m reading, that's not the only one ..
  7. Speaking from experience, hey? ... it's happened to every one of us!! ... 😪
  8. Not taking away from any professional advice or suggestions, but a ton of us have bought cars sight unseen over the internet and also seen cars and bought without a PPI ... and I’m sure that over 50% of the above purchases would have been knocked back if they had of been inspected. I personally would have missed out on a couple of good cars had that “air of doubt” been planted in my over active thought process. When I bought my SC on ebay one night (yep, last minute click of the mouse) I had to have the brakes rebuilt, and new suspension on all corners. It came with 1 receipt for an air conditioning re-gas Yes, it needed a couple of maintenance items over my 6 years of ownership, but it was seriously one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. I have bought cars from Perth, rural Australia and just down the road, no PPI and / or sight unseen. Don't miss out due to fear. The trick is to buy the owner as much as the car. You can easily tell the ones that don’t care and the car is just another car. The decent ones are owned by enthusiasts that will talk all night about their “baby” and know every nut and bolt. Good luck in you search ... and remember ... regardless of what other people think ... a good deal is when both the buyer and the seller walk away happy.
  9. A lot have done it in non reflective ... the trick is to do it subtly enough so that it blends in and doesn't just look like it's stuck on vinyl (even though it is) .. one of the reasons I liked the above so much .. kind of a ghosting effect. The originals were imprinted from behind so were subtle enough ..
  10. Found this on a 996 Facebook page. They used a reflective tape and I absolutely love it .. nice and subtle. It’s a real throwback to the 993 .... but ... I can’t get into it at all when light gets on it at night. Thoughts??
  11. Pretty car! ... and in your neck of the woods @michel. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1969-porsche-911-e-manual/OAG-AD-19151694?pageSource=details&id=OAG-AD-19151694
  12. Seems I stand corrected. Yes, I was talking about the Lorbek car, but I thought it was Lapis ... 😳
  13. I totally get it ... but still, must be nice feeling to at least have been approached.. 😀 On another note ... did anyone here end up with that Lapis Blue C4S that just sold?? ... would love to hear more about it if yes! ... that's been the only action for quite some time on these cars! Is everyone holding due to the fast pace excitement of 2 months ago? Thoughts?

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