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  1. The guru on this subject would be @Buchanan Automotive Hopefully they can chime in and set you right ... 😀
  2. There isn't an issue per say .... it's just that most buyers are after a coupe and then "settle" for a Targa or convertible. The coupe roof adds rigidity to the chassis so is better for the track and spirited weekend drives ... There is nothing wrong with any of the models ... all the others are saying is to wait and buy the one you really want ..
  3. Porsche themselves only started wide body options with the M491 in 1985 so these guards, front and rear, are definitely aftermarket added .. Couldn't tell you steel or fibreglass but semi-easily reversible ..
  4. Seems like a great buy to me ... it has had work on the front and rear guards as they are flared, but that doesn't seem like a reason to avoid it .. 🤔
  5. So it has quite obviously been run through their Porsche quality control section and their professional assessors have written their review .. 😳
  6. It has a speedo swap from a 930 so it could possibly be a UK?? import ... it does however look to be a factory RHD ..
  7. Dreamr

    Should I PPI?

    To keep an eye on the condition of the bearing .... If it starts to let go, it will show up in follow up tests. Then you can take preventative measures before it's too late ..
  8. Dreamr


    It's hard to believe that people are still losing their cars to guys like this .. My rule is simple .... cash or cleared funds in my account and you can have the keys. This includes waiting 3 days for a bank cheque to clear (unless I am in the bank with you seeing them issue the cheque) ... if that doesn't suit then there are other cars to buy ...
  9. Hard to ask / pay premium price with those unknowns ... I think it'd need further investigations by a more specialised party to determine "what, where, how, etc" so a more informed decision can be made ... At least if you go into it with eyes wide open there are no surprises to take away the purchase euphoria ...
  10. As Kerry Packer once famously said after being criticised for not paying a lot of taxes .... "If anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax they want their head read. As a government I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be paying extra" ...
  11. Can you please tell my wife!! ...
  12. We used to live on a main road that had 1000's of cars every day. To make some extra money for O/S holidays, we started selling Pocket mini bikes .. they were a huge craze. We were selling them like hotcakes until one day the Department of Fair Trading paid us a visit after a complaint from a local motorcycle dealer (that didn't sell them) made a complaint. As we weren't a car / motorbike dealer, it was illegal. We still had approx. 25 left, so the question I asked him was this ... can I give them away? Of course you can, I can't stop you doing that, he says. So, off I trot to my computer and make up a little note for people to sign ... you see, every pocket bike came with a very basic tool kit. So when people came to buy a bike I had to tell them that I'm not allowed to sell you one ... but if you buy a toolkit for $399, I will throw in the bike for free ... Needless to say, I managed to "give away" the rest of them .. and had people sign for that. All things like the stupid rules and regulations do is encourage people to find alternative ways ...
  13. Do sellers actually believe the shit they write, or do they just hope that buyers will? Only 26,000 k's .... on a non original speedo from a 911 Turbo https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-1978/SSE-AD-6159162?Cr=0
  14. Not if the oil cooler piping was forward dated with the rest of it .. 😢

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