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  1. I guess it equates to how much your time is worth ... If you have a $50k car, premium and entry fee will cost you $6k ... then calculate the "cost" of lead time wait etc .. obviously double that cost for $100k Gumtree, carsales and ebay have a wide audience and realistically, you only need 1 buyer. Personally, I'm more than happy to put up with that kind of crap for $6k ...
  2. We all have the "pick up" picture ... I took them of my son when he got his first and second car as well ... That photo of your son in the car ... my grandson is exactly the same .. Enjoy your new car ... You'll be turning around to look over your shoulder at it whenever you park and walk away .. don't be embarrassed .. we all do it!! ...
  3. Dreamr

    Should I PPI?

    I spoke to "Stew" last night and said ... that Tips bloke is organising an SMT on PFA on SUN and you should come along. The more the merrier. He said ... I would have loved to but the idiot can't even get my name right ... he doesn't deserve to have me on his run so I'm not coming .. he was going to report you to Admin but I'm your friend and I talked him out of it ... (full disclosure ... the above conversation didn't really happen ... I just like getting you back for all of the Bamboo jibes) ...
  4. I have to agree ... that colour does nothing to enhance the shape ... Some colours just work with some cars and some colours just don't ... this one don't..
  5. You are on a Porsche forum ..... of course its a good decision!! It's like walking into a church and asking the priest ... is it a good idea to convert to Christianity?? Welcome to the world of Porsche!!
  6. Didn't he tell you? ... plane leaves in the morning ...
  7. I've bought 4 cars sight unseen and haven't even come close to having so much drama ... Keep life simple ... Keep looking.
  8. It's all smoke and mirrors mate ... A bit of polish here, a dab of wax there ... add a spray of tyre shine and .... voila! Still needs a new paint job though .. Have to admit, it does feel nice to be in it when it looks this nice ...
  9. Scrubs up alright doesn't she!! ...
  10. I had my 924T there and Tingy in his 996 was there as well ... Here's a photo of me arriving ...
  11. Hmmmm ... Picky and a bad influence ... I don't know how you get through life mate ... Good luck with the search ... keep us posted .. 😎
  12. Blocked fuel injector?? While you are eliminating things, you should remove them and check / unblock them ....
  13. Theoretically, yes ... but in a lot of cases people just throw their hands up in the air, move the car and bits and forget about it. Happens a lot where not insured or the value of the items aren't considered big $$$. Remember, 30 - 40 years ago you couldn't give away an old Porsche .. 😢
  14. I would have thought that it would be too difficult to prove it was stolen, unless a police report was filed and able to be found. What's not to say it was sold? ... I'm not inferring that's the case but you couldn't just identify something and say "give it back" ... I'm not thinking too many 356 owners are going to be checking their gearboxes ...
  15. Congrats on the purchase! .. yours is a series 2 ... I have a series 1 in red ... 😍 See if you can find out from the previous owner when the timing belt was last done. It is only a $20 part but will destroy the engine if it snaps. I just had my belt, water pump and rollers replaced and its the best piece of mind I could buy. I remember him saying that it has been rebuilt but rubber perishes with age, not just use. It really should be done sooner rather than later if needed. I would also look at replacing the "Mercedes" fuel distributor with a "Porsche" one ... they could be compatible but it's a place to start. There are a number of other things to check as well but If you need to get it looked at for the rough idle, you'll need to find someone that knows and understands CIS fuel injection systems. They are dinosaur technology ... That's not saying one can't learn about it, but they are specialised. I honestly can't remember what parts needed changing as it was too long ago but there wouldn't be anything that can't be found. At the end of the day, you have an Aussie delivered matching numbers example. Rare car and a TON of fun to drive when running right ... they have increased in popularity and price over the last few years so you really can't go wrong ... if I had of been in the market for one, I'd have jumped on it ... Hit me up if you need any more information ... there are also a lot of other 924T owners on here that will chip in with info if you need it ...

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