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  1. The white one was the up for sale at auction only a week ago .. obviously didn't sell, so back up. Don't know much / anything about the other one ..
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about your location .. an educated buyer won't let that be a hindrance .. We bought my son's 944 from Perth, sight unseen (apart from video call) and it was everything we expected. It really is a case of also buying the seller, not just the car. An enthusiast gets it ... GLWS ...
  3. A couple of bits to improve the look ... an original battery and windshield wiper motor cover .. not essential but it's the little details .. Also found some door cards in the UK but in the wrong colour .. can't be too picky with them as not a lot available so had them recoloured to black to match the rest of the interior. Came up fantastic and hard to pick from the original. The bottom half will be covered in Pasha material ... this will pretty much be the last job needed to finish the resto.
  4. These posts are from 2017 .. I don't think there is currently a regular C&C in Newcastle. Porsche Newcastle have semi-regular meets as do car clubs on the Newcastle Foreshore. There was a European meet only 2 weekends ago and Mercedes Club had their meet 4 - 6 weeks ago. Just keep an eye out on FB Porsche pages .. best source of information.
  5. YouTube is your friend here. There are plenty of posts on how to access the bonnet release cable. I don't think the wheel has to come off. I think the bumper has to. For next time and future runs, I do the following religiously ... as I'm nudging in the garage after a fun day of driving, I pop the bonnet and leave it open. I also leave the car unlocked in the garage. I've never needed these measures to save me, but hey, maybe one day they will.
  6. Maybe a bit of a long shot, but I had a strange electrical issue with Jr’s 944 and it frustrated me for weeks ... was also getting spark and fuel. Turned out to be a hairline crack inside the distributor cap and the spark was jumping. It was only visible with a hard look and a macro lens. I’d replaced the rotor but thought the cap was fine .. 😔
  7. Had the restored dash fitted and it now looks like new .. gotta love it! Also have had the old gearbox removed and the newly rebuilt gearbox fitted ... to say it's an improvement is an understatement! .. shifts like a new car again .. it even has the spring loaded change from 1st to 2nd .. never had that before. It's almost like I have to re-learn how to change gears again, it's soooo different. Rear carpet was supplied slightly wrong in the carpet set so that is has now been remade and sorted and I ended up getting some mats made out of the leftover carpet and got a red border stitched on just for something different .. Getting close to finishing it off .. just odds and bods to go now and still need to find door cards to replace my damaged ones ...
  8. Update ... So we were going to go on Thursday night but that didn't happen. Just out of it now and all I can say is ... WOW!! ... what a movie. Highly recommended as a nostalgia trip and a brilliantly made movie .. Will be going to see it again ..
  9. If all pans out, my son wants to take the wife and I tonight ... Can't wait!! ... 😁
  10. Thanks ... I'm really happy with it. I sent it to Melbourne and got it done there .. Cheers ...
  11. Progress update ... Sent a used dash away for refinishing. It started out brown and came back black .. looks absolutely brand new and it's going to look great once installed! Also sent away a pair of incredibly good condition sun visors .. also brown but these were re-coloured rather than reskinned .. Oh .. and I also found and bought a period correct accessory .. didn't want none of this modern tech .. 😅
  12. Yep .. $49,990. Sold very close to asking. I know it sold as I know the buyer.
  13. We made our 3 kids get their licence in a manual car .. we figured that if they pass their drivers test in a manual, then we can at least feel confident that they can "somewhat" drive ... The 2 boys still drive a manual (surprise, surprise) ...

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