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  1. Not having a go, but here goes .. So .. 31 years old, 7 speeding fines + 1 and now a 996 Turbo. In their eyes, you are a risky bet. Your age is a big factor with this type of car, and your driving history tells them that potentially, they're staring down the barrel of a $150k accident payout for the premium of, say $3k Some insurers will not take on the "risk" whe others will charge a hefty premium for past indiscretions. I guess this is part of the incentive not to speed. BTW .. no judgement here. I'm sure most of us have something or another.
  2. Completely different parts ..
  3. Yes it is Brian. The last one I know of for sale is $1,400 used for the 924T. I believe the 944 ones are readily available which makes it a really hard pill to swallow for those that need one. The 944 sensor is much longer than the 924T one.
  4. I saw this as well on Facebook and was only telling someone about it last night. I'm lucky, or unlucky enough, depending which way you look at it, that I have a Series 1 so this doesn't affect me, but what great news for Series 2 owners. This part has been the weakest link and downfall for many S2 Turbos. Thanks for sharing!
  5. So .. just going through the photos, yes, the M491 option / 930 Turbo is wider than that. Regarding the black stone guards, both the standard width car and the wide body can and do have them.
  6. Plenty of us have bought "sight unseen" from interstate. Yes, it's a scary thought but there are plenty of guys that can eyeball on your behalf, and video calls and phones to verify with mechanics, etc. Coincidently, we bought my son's '82 model from Perth sight unseen, and had it shipped to NSW. Granted, it was fully restored and has a invoice file as thick as an old Yellow Pages, but as with any purchase .. buy the owner as much as the car. If they are not knowledgeable or passionate about it, move on.
  7. So if he just posted it as "a cool car for sale" (which we've all done many many times over the years) and conveniently forgot to mention that it's his mates car, then it wouldn't have even been a thing?? Just ask'n ...
  8. It's not feasible to think that every other car is rising in value, except the humble 944. Everything "old" has gone up in price. So regardless of where the market was 5 years ago or 12 months ago, or even 2 months ago, things have changed. I have also struggled to believe the rise in them, but it's my old fashioned thinking that is off, not the actual price. I have also started to think that with 944's, the whole pre face-lift thing isn't such a thing any more. There was a time when a pre '85 model was seen as a waste of time and money .. now it's a case of just get one .. any one.
  9. Dreamr

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    The 997.1 does have the IMS issue, although it is FAR LESS common for it to explode. In the 997 though, if you want to change it for peace of mind, you can only get to it by dismantling the engine. In the 996 it is accessible behind the gearbox so can be done with new clutch if wanted.
  10. That one looked the goods and had all the work done. If it actually sold, it was a great buy at that price! ..
  11. Now I feel like I missed out .. they never contacted me! .. 😡 What were they buying / selling??

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