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  1. I wouldn't be judging your pricing by Redbooks values ... they say an Air cooled 911 is still $50k ... 😅 It's a gen 2 which is good. Totally eliminates the IMS issues which the 996 was plagued with along with the 997 gen 1 (although not as bad as the 996). Can't really speak for pricing as I don't really follow the 997 market but I'm sure others more knowledgeable will chime in ..
  2. Not discounting your theory on colour but even the interior colour looks wrong .. taken at sunset so not helping, but filter on the camera perhaps, distorting true colours??
  3. I didn't take it personally in any way .. and I never felt it was directed towards me ... we can still be friends!! (lucky you) .. I am on a few different pages of cars and the consensus is always the same .. why don't people drive their cars .. why own them if they are just going to sit in the garage? .. it just amazes me that so many people worry about what others choose to do with their things. It like the spare parts scene ... everyone has a perceived value on parts and when someone advertises it more than they think it's worth, the barage begins ... it's simple .. don't buy it! ...
  4. That's one perspective ... and I encourage you to enjoy. There are other perspectives ... I bought mine as an investment. I enjoy looking at it in the garage, I enjoy driving it on occasion and I will enjoy keeping the value intact as it is part of my superannuation ... I don't drive it in the wet, and I don't want the road grime. I worry about the other idiots in the wet. Yet I still enjoy my car as much as all of you ... it may be a different enjoyment that others but it works for me. Drive it or don't drive it .. I don't worry about what others are doing with and how they use their cars, and it amazes me that thete are some out there that care about what I do with mine ..
  5. Depends what side of the 996 fence you're sitting on ... If you're buying ... then hope and pray they fall. If your selling or you own one ... then hope and pray for another air cooled scenario ... 😎
  6. There will be no surprising her with dipped anything! She's trying to recreate the look of a GT3RS ... I said .. let's just buy the real thing .. No go for me ... so no go for her! .. 😅
  7. The wife wanted to plastidip the wheels red as well ... had to rain on her parade with that one! .. 😅
  8. A lot can happen in 2 days ... just say'n!! ..
  9. I shouldn't be laughing at that comment, but can't help myself! ... 🤣🤣🤣
  10. I think you’re trying to make me dizzy! ... 😅 Appreciate your help and suggestion, but it’s not supposed to be that hard. From the research I’ve done (admittedly it’s not really working though) its supposed to be a lot easier. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of a cooling system being bled this way! ... 😅 Thanks Sean ... I’ll try and get hold of a radiator pressure tester and follow this .. Much appreciated to all that have commented. Its reassuring to know that there are other enthusiasts out there willing to help when needed ... 😀 Ronny ....
  11. You’re what we call a “Complete Service History Poser” ... Oooooh ... look at me! I need a 2nd book to show off all my service stamps ... how many books do you need?? ... only 1? .. 😤😤
  12. Well ... that is good news! 😀 I want to hear the story of CTS having mega interest, then raising the price .. and not informing you what they were up to ... and now it's not even listed for sale anymore ... So many questions and so little answers ..
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but I don't believe that is a possible solution. It's supposed to be a relatively easy operation .. raise the front of the car so the air pocket travels to the highest point .. turn on the heat so that the water has full circulation through the top and bottom of the radiator ... run till coolant comes out of bleed hole by itself, signalling that full flow is happening and air bubble is gone .. Thanks Pete .. I will try the bottom radiator hose squeeze method next time .. I can't get to the thermostat but I've read about some that drill a small hole in the rim of it to aid in air removal .. Thanks for the suggestions .. this issue is widely documented in the 944 world. It happens when an air pocket forms in the bottom side of the cooling system and gets stuck. The overheating occurs because fluid isn't in every nook and cranny that it's supposed to be in and bypasses areas that need cooling but aren't. It needs to be "burped" ... I've done a ton of research and theoretically it should just work the way I've described. I've heard that some systems just happen and others, like mine, are a PITA ... no idea why the difference.

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