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  1. Can't wait to give this a try. I have a stalk that I need to remove from a console and install into mine. Then off to the dealer to have it come alive.
  2. It's amazing how a few little cosmetic updates on an early Boxster makes the car look fresh out of the showroom (don't compare interior with modern cars). Congratulations on the purchase.
  3. Cleaning a car is so therapeutic. I shut the world off and let my OCD run wild without interruption from a nagging wife and children.
  4. My S doesn't have traction and I run 19 inch wheels and Falken FK452 tyres. It's quite tail happy but always controlled. It never kicks back and tries to kill you. The other day I thought there was something wrong with my car. I went around some familiar corners waiting for the tail to kick but nothing. I went to the servo this morning and pumped up the tyres to 38psi from 30psi and guess what, tail happiness is back.
  5. I have the DIY exhaust mod and run de-snorkeled so it's louder than stock. But yes Amanda, I agree, it could always be a bit louder
  6. I have the same rattle in my 986. Like Caver suggested, I used some felt tape and lined the sides of the rollbar where the wind deflector meets and rattles gone. Now that was the easy fix... I have so many other rattles and squeaks that I don't know where to start. I hate rattles too and unfortunately with a base stereo ie 2 tweeters in the dash, I can't even drown out the rattles with music.
  7. Thanks for the replies and compliments. I've had a few pictures taken by a photographer here in WA named Jackson Moore. 2 of my favs... Keeping the Lambo at bay
  8. How does one know for sure that the car is an authentic special edition and not a replica? I saw the ad as well and had the same thoughts as Amanda.
  9. I did my research before buying my 01S and budgeted the IMS upgrade as a purchase cost. Thankfully some oil on the RMS allowed me to scare the dealer to lower the price accordingly. The next day after purchasing, the car was booked in for the IMS upgrade. 3 other mates drive Boxsters and none of them have done the IMS upgrade and nothing has happened on their cars. I just wanted the comfort factor of having mine done.
  10. Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the right place for my first post. Mods, please move this if not correct. The Story When I was growing up, my father bought a 924 brand new. It was his pride and joy. We then moved from Malaysia to Australia and we sold up everything. He lost his job obviously and re-trained. In the meantime, we didn't have very much and we had to re-build as a family. 2 years ago my father had a pretty bad car accident and his bunky Camry was written off. He had a Jag S-Type which he didn't really drive a lot. I told him to sell the Jag and I'd buy him a Porsche to drive and keep as a toy for me and my young son to play with from time to time. After looking for a while I found a decent 2001 Boxster S. I bought it and gave it to my father to drive as his daily. He loves this as it reminds him of the days when he had his 924 (although quite different cars). I love it too as it's such a brilliant handling car. My son loves riding in it too. The boys of the family really enjoy the bonding time we have together that this car has brought us. Pics New shoes, tails, vinyl and tinting of ambers/windows Nose job I've got a photoshoot organised for the Boxster and my other car (Lexus ISF) tomorrow and will post up better pictures later. I'm not sure how long I'll keep the ISF as I've got a 996 TT itch that needs scratching. Part of the fun is the search.

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