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  1. any of these suitable? Soundlabs Group: Stereo Speakers
  2. It appears I have also now reverted Member, despite auto renewal and payment each year on the "anniversary"
  3. if it has the factory bolt holes/threads you wont see them from engine bay, you will need to take off the rear parcel shelf and see if they are there.
  4. "Do you think buying a manual GTS 997 is risky? Given there are none (maybe 1 imported already) in Australia" There are Australian delivered manual 997GTS in Aus, my neighbour used to own one, which I have driven. He has since sold it...and yes, he regrets doing so.
  5. It is like a tetrus game...just keep practicing and it gets easier. I can fit grocery shopping for family of 5 in the 930 (provided I am only one in car).
  6. Same here, auto renewed on 8th Nov, but seem to be listed as Member still not FM?
  7. I just replaced mine with these..http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/RetroSound-R463N-Stereo-Speakers/RetroSound+4x6+Inch+Stereo+Speakers+R-463N They fitted perfectly and the sound quality seems good so far, but I am no audiophile.
  8. I just recently put one in my 930..the only "issue" that I came across was the "constant" and "ignition" power supply pins in the ISO harness/connector were reversed from the Blaupunkt one it replaced. It wasn't really a problem, as I checked the ISO harness pin locations before I installed it and switched them before connecting the Continental. So far I am very happy with it.
  9. hmmmm, does anyone want to buy a 930...I need some funds...
  10. Hmmm , I knew I should have washed it in case someone took a photo! Oh, what location is your work?
  11. Similar issues with my 930, not insured if left in drive overnight at home, only in the garage. However I can park it on the street overnight provided it is on a street more than 500metres from home address (multiple quotes all said similar things)!

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