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  1. As opposed to the extensive list of colour options for 996 GT3RS?
  2. Toby also rebuilt my 930 gearbox...wish I had done earlier!
  3. you can get the idea from this video, obviousy different carpet, but clips in same way to looks like normal "factory" press studs.. Carbone - How To Fit A Trunk Mat In Porsche 911? - YouTube
  4. they are press studs on blower motor cover (or whatever that is called) and along inside each side of "side wall" for side pieces of carpet
  5. if it helps at all, this is the same as my 86 turbo. How is the quality of the seat covers? and are they "easy" to fit?
  6. Well, it's not a pic, but didn't know where else to put it. Pretty impressive drone work! Electric cars may be interesting/fun after all....
  7. Does the metal/steel mounting pad that you need to put in/on the phone cover affect wireless phone charging at all?
  8. Haha, well, 1 was technically in a "side" street...
  9. Correct, my next door neighbour had one, a "silver" type colour (cant remember exact colour name). At one stage their were 2 white PDK and his manual all in same street...just 1 x white PDK left, others have since been sold.
  10. any of these suitable? Soundlabs Group: Stereo Speakers
  11. It appears I have also now reverted Member, despite auto renewal and payment each year on the "anniversary"
  12. if it has the factory bolt holes/threads you wont see them from engine bay, you will need to take off the rear parcel shelf and see if they are there.
  13. "Do you think buying a manual GTS 997 is risky? Given there are none (maybe 1 imported already) in Australia" There are Australian delivered manual 997GTS in Aus, my neighbour used to own one, which I have driven. He has since sold it...and yes, he regrets doing so.

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