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  1. Cruised past you on penni-link just after you left the BP and gave you a toot but you didn’t notice ?
  2. Great car in excellent condition. I drove it briefly once and was left thinking if it was my first Porsche I’d still have it now. If anyone is considering a Boxster you need to have a look at this ?
  3. Called in last week with the 991 and had a chat with JB. They did a great job on the car and as previously mentioned not a bad coffee either I probably drive past 4-6 other car wash places to get there but its worth it.
  4. Unbelievable Firstone your poor munchkin. Hope your other pooch is ok too.
  5. Missed out on breakfast at Duttons and a looksee at PCM yesterday as “other stuff” got in the way. So when I woke at 6 this morning I didn’t hesitate. Jumped in the car and went for a run thru them there Hills. No one around, only two cyclists for the whole trip. Poached eggs @ Fraggas Cafe and an easy run back down the Black Spur home. Life is good ?
  6. DD = C250 coupe I did ask if you were there to introduce myself but the young lad booking ppl in said you weren't Not sure what you look like but was it possible you were down the end of the line in the finishing area?
  7. Stopped in today with Mrs B’s DD all good I have to say ?? my local at the Burvale has changed ownership and turned to shite so I was happy to give this a go
  8. way too much going on for this simpleton but lots o' fun ?
  9. Sold it.... But then I bought this IMG_9470 by Ian Bayfield, on Flickr They have certainly gotten fat over the years (but hey who hasn't) Compared to a 993 C4 IMG_9473 by Ian Bayfield, on Flickr
  10. trying to work it all out, photo bucket is stuffed apparently so i'm off to Flickr i think?
  11. buggered if I know what it does just yet. will find out tomorrow

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