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  1. I just street drive on A050s now and don't drive my car in the wet, maybe more a commentary on how much I actually drive my car on the street than how appropriate the tyre is though. For anyone with appropriate sized wheels, there exists a more street-oriented Advan A052 tyre which uses a similar compound to A050 with a more road-friendly tread pattern that is quieter and works better in the wet (looks similar(ish) to the tread pattern on a Cup 2 tyre).
  2. I use Racechrono and a QStarz 10Hz GPS, you can export the data to various analysis software packages and then overlay video but I haven't bothered...probably why I'm still so slow. On the plus side the phone shows split times at various tracks so if you fumble a section you don't have to waste brakes and tyres completing the whole lap at pace.
  3. Very neat driving and good times! You can go the inside ripple strip at Honda to cut some distance. Keen to try this at the next outing so long as it's not raining I guess!
  4. I run Hankook RS3s as a daily tyre on my 911, though the current updated tyre is the RS4, which I have my 200SX. Similar to AD08Rs you need some heat in them to get the going then they're pretty close to a semi slick. Softer sidewall and 200 UTQG rating makes them more of a street tyre though. If you don't occasionally track your car probably no point and the aforementioned PS4S would be fine, or even the V105s and you'll get longer life as a bonus.
  5. There are lots of track days at PI every year; PIARC, WRX Club, AROCA, Maserati Club, MSCA to name a few. You can run at any one of those days as an associate so long as you have a CAMS license.
  6. Mine gets pretty hammered, almost 2000kms last weekend and still covered in bugs and grime. Happy to get out and drive.
  7. Hi @Barks, it was a hydro-dip that was done at On The Run Motorsports in Clayton (VIC). It wasn't particularly cheap but at least you get to retain the OEM part. [December] After the lat Winton day I took the car back for a pressure test on the cooling system and found a leak, nothing serious; faulty hose-clamp. Was looking for a way to give it a proper stress test so a few friends and I decided to do the drive to Tailem Bend and check out the new circuit at one of the open days that utilises the International Layout. Wasn't really able to full-send because there was a huge gap in the various car speeds in my session, but managed a 2.17 with a bit of traffic, which I think is about 5 seconds off the pace. Great track though, planning the next trip up already. So all up, about 1,800kms and lots of heat into the car with no issues. Hopefully that's the end of that for the next little while.
  8. I'll be along to a couple in 2019 ? A bit of hiatus over the Winter given that the weather is crap and my other passion is snow sports. Took the opportunity to refresh the centre console which has gotten scratched and just a bit manky over time. Hydro dip in a dry carbon finish... [Nugget Nationals at Winton 21/10] Didn't get much of a drive as the car spat out one of its coolant fittings in the morning warm-up session. Coming out of the T5 sweeper the rear end broke loose. Managed to gather it up by T7 and limped her into the pits. Initially I thought it was a tyre or suspension issue but then saw smoke pouring out of the back + coolant low indicator and immediately suspected fitting failure. Couldn't see much so organized for a tow. I had my S15 up as well so the day wasn't a total write-off...go 90s Japanese turbo cars! [The next week] Fortunately for me a new race mechanic has opened up next to where I work so got the car back to his shop, he pulled out a few bits and pieces and sure enough one of the fittings had come off. Either a poor amount of adhesive had been initially applied to the fitting or it had simply corroded away over time (the darker parts on the fitting is adhesive). Dropped the oil and there is no indication of water in oil (nor indication of overheating from instruments at the track) so fairly sure I got away without lifting the head lifting. Had the fitting machined and reattached with some Wurth adhesive and then had all six lines pinned as per the guides on rennlist forums. Overall a relatively painless exercise, though you have to drop the power steering fluid to reach one of the lines and there's a demon bolt in there somewhere which is apparently a massive pain to access and remove. [Track for days @ Winton 03/11] Was back at Winton over the long weekend to make sure the car was OK. After almost driving off the track a few times whilst trying to continuously check instruments in the first couple of sessions I was finally satisfied that everything would hold together and started to work on the driving aspect again. The car was feeling pretty skatey by that time of day and having driven the S15 on a softer setup I figured that the car's overall setup is too stiff for Winton (and possibly my skill level), so I backed the swaybars off and found a much happier place, but still way off my PB lap, finishing the day on a 1:34.0, but just happy to be able to drive home this time around. Something that is quite unique to the 911 is that as the day progresses the rear tyres will go off faster than the fronts and the car will start to oversteer more, whereas with a front engined car the opposite happens and you get more understeer across the day. I think keeping this in mind and having a morning setup for the suspension and an afternoon setup might be a good proposition for the next track day, just got to work out whether it's a swaybar change or (more likely) three or four clicks on the suspension.
  9. Yeah reading a few different posts seems everyone just goes the JB Weld...
  10. Circa 52xxx kms. I have done about ten track events in the car and the previous owner used it more or less exclusively as a track car, though I'm not sure what the intended use of the original owner was, but I would suggest that this car has done some proper track kms. I'm going to go with pinning with the motor in place, there is no obvious leaking on any of the other hoses and the one that blew is relatively accessible. The only issue currently is what adhesive to use as the version of loctite that is recommended on Rennlist is apparently unavailable in Oz. Will make a post with what was done plus costs once it's all done.
  11. Well this is awkward. I talked to a couple of workshops about getting the coolant lines fixed and they all pretty much said not to worry about it. It was plenty worrying coming out of turn 6 at Winton on Sunday. Fortunately I'd swapped out to distilled water + water wetter and it was still session 1 so wasn't at 10/10ths (Still doing moderate 1:35.xx lap time though). Managed to gather it up without hitting anything. Getting everything pinned now. Not very much glue holding these things in from the look of it.
  12. Well your lines are really nice and you're rotating the car nicely too...always more time between turns six and nine, just depends on your risk appetite...I pussyfoot around that complex too, haha.
  13. I originally ordered Zeta 3 FIAs but there was some concern about the shoulder wings hitting the door card so I decided to play safe with the Vios, the Zeta 3s would have probably cleared but only juuuuuust. [EXE @ Winton June Track weekend] So finally the car is all setup. Clutch feeling sweet and the front swaybar notched up one step harder in an effort to balance the car. The weather is also perfect; chilly morning peaking in the mid 20s by the afternoon and after months of disappointing setup it all finally comes together. Slowly, slowly I picked up the pace and finally started wailing on the car and it felt better than ever right on the limit. The push-understeer at mid entry is pretty much tuned out and there's nothing but grip to the point I'm not pushing the car hard enough. At the end of the weekend a consistent string of 1:33s with a PB of 1:33.3 puts it back on track. Theoretical PB according the natsoft is around the mid 1.32s so there's something to aim for. The important thing is that the car finally feels sorted and I can start building on things from here, a little tweak of the front dampers in either direction should fine tune things further but for now it's just drive it to find the limits again.
  14. [May 2018] So I ended up taking the car down to Cascone Autosports as Nick and I both agreed that the clutch issues were probably master or slave cylinder related and I decided to change both, basically something that should have been done with the clutch and flywheel when everything was out at PCM. Anyway after the changeover everything felt great again, positive feel with good pressure. Had a bit of time before the next event so decided to tidy up some elements of the car; after a decade of wear the original vinyl paint protector things were starting to look a bit manky. One of my mates does wrapping and paint protection stuff so I got him to change the vinyl out to something apparently fancier and also do a ceramic coat paint protection something something...car looks shiny in any case. As mentioned before my car was originally delivered as a touring spec but the previous owners had some racier stuff installed, however the Velo driver's seat was a bit on the large side, the action on the rail wasn't brilliant and it didn't have provision for the seat-belt buckle so I swapped both seats out for some Bride Vios III Japan FIA. They fit me much better and the aforementioned issues fixed with a rail suited to 986/987/996/997. The suede material is quite nice to sit in and carbon backs add some bling. Finally, sent my track wheel off to Wheel Solutions to get fixed after going sideways into the turn 3 outside ripple strip at Winton.
  15. If you're lazy like me and wait a month to clean the crap off your car it's a bit harder, but you still don't need anything too harsh.

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